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B70384 Nursing essay

University: Bloomsbury Institute London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2339
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: B70384
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Analyse how nurses helps in coping up with patients and provide effective treatment.
  • What is the importance of record keeping and documentation in the medical ward? Explain.
  • Provide an information based on the role of nursing that is associated with the case study that they meeting their standard or the code of practice or not.
Answer :
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Nursing is defined as the profession which help to assume that they have responsibility for the care in the continuous manner for the sick, the injured and for the disabled patient (Wilson et. al., 2016). As per this, the nursing is also defined as the core responsible for the encouraging of health of the individual, families and communities in the medical and community setting. In this, the role of registered nurses has their primary core which show that they are advocate and care for the individual support them through the health and illness (Ali et. al., 2021). They also support the patient with their health and wellbeing of the patient. In this, they also monitor the patient and record their sign and symptoms. Moreover, they are also focus on medication and treatment which help patient in order to take care and support from the registered nurse. In this report, the major of discussion is based on role of nursing which is related with standard of midwifery and nurses. In this, the Registered Nurse Practice Standards 2016 have enlisted in order to justify the role of registered nurse with contrast to case study. The discussion is based on the role of nursing that is associated with the case study that they meeting their standard or the code of practice or not. The standard provides proper code of conduct and practice for the completion of report with contrast with case study (Beagan 2019).


While starting and configure the case study with the criteria, it is important to know the background and detail of the Toby who work as registered nurse. In this, he is currently working in the medical ward in order to pursue and provide the care to the patient (Strouse et. al., 2016). There is some coping factor which is based on the rostered towards the morning shift. However, Toby is basically completed his first five-night shift which is based on yesterday morning and is back on the afternoon shift today which is on Saturday. He is also disappointed that they cannot join their group for the cycling group in the context of evening (Borrott et. al., 2016).

As per this, the Toby is arrived 15 minute prior to the shift which is based on starting. He also realises that they are in work with the nurse in charge which is based on the other factor which help to meet the shift on compulsion. Moreover, Toby sometime could not meet the role of nursing due the error and changing is shifting. While taking the contrast of case study, there is a key point where Toby did not reach at their role when a patient is handover to the Toby from the emergency department, in this, the patient is diagnosing with the Pneumonia. The information which is based on the department from the emergency have their own febrile and hypertensive on the aspect of arrival to the medical wards. In this, they require IVAB and chest X-ray (Brunton & Cook 2018).Need assignment help? Talk to our experts!

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Moreover, Toby also realise that he had not provided Mrs Jones her IVAB which is clear indication which used to show that the he is not completing and achieving their job role as nurse. With this, there are some standard which is useful for the nursing practice. In this, it is based on the nursing and midwifery board which is follow by practice care and registered nurse (Spector et. al., 2018). However, the standard 1 regulate that thinks critically and analyse the nursing practice which provide an aspect to understand the practice which is effective for the nurses and midwifery. The second standard also indicate that they must engage in therapeutic and professional relationship. In this, Toby forget for the Mrs Jones in which he used to provide IVAB. Moreover, the third standard used to provide knowledge which used to maintain the capability for the practice and this is drive by Toby by completing task and with supporting to the patient in all the way by which they get comfortability. As per this, the standard 4 provide some relevant assessment which is based on nursing and provide comprehensively conduct assessment for the patient and for the Toby too. In this, the fifth standard elaborate that nurse have their must care plan while in case of Mrs Jones if Toby have their own plan to taking of patient then he carefully handled the situation and provide effective care (Gardner et. al., 2016).

The standard 6 educate to nurse about their safe practice which is provided to the patient and take care to them (Shah et. al., (2021). In this, they have responsive quality nursing practice is also provided. With contrast to the case study, Toby follow this all standard then he is creating proper quality of care and quality of health to their patient. This is also important task for the nurse that they must convey the positive outcome to patient which create motivation for the responsive recovery and the standard seven is completely based on the evaluation outcome to inform nursing practice (Glynn et. al., 2017).

In this, there are few recommendations which play effective role in the development of attitude, which include utilisation of technology and teamwork skill which help to support the registered nurse (Hoyt et. al., 2018). There is an elaboration which is related with the registered nurse for the undertaking of shift in the different pattern. Moreover, the recommendation is to do the work always with a good intention. This create effective teamwork within team in which they communicate and interact with each other for the patient support and care. Because, the good intention towards the work play vital role within community and wards for the support of patient. Using technological equipment such recording of medication and necessary thing have better intention to deliver the information from the one shift to other nurse to know the patient detail and they follow further care as according to the data which is feed by previous nurse (Portolés et. al., 2019). This is also show some aspect of coordination and teamwork within the team. In this, the other recommended aspect as per the analysis of case study is that Toby and other nurses represent their professional well, this help to conduct effective sense of treatment for the patient include Mrs. Jones who is from emergency wards. The code of conduct and practice have their own basic pattern which is focus on the better outcome for towards the patient care. In this, the professional aspect which is represented by nurse usually develop use of communication and coordination for making the nursing care plan. In this, nursing professional value follow the set of standard which have positive outcome for the patient wellness and this also develop resilience and wellbeing (Hunter et. al., 2018).Want essay help.Take experts help.

The last recommendation in this is based on that nurse must be honest and work as leader. This is helpful approach for the Toby to understand the need and requirement and as according to this, he can talk and ask for the support when he required (Pika et. al., 2021). After the analysis of case study, it is evaluated that the Toby have issue with their shift and he is getting frustrated in such cases he must be honest and share their thought to senior. Due to the inadequate role and responsibilities, he could not provide quality of care to the patient in case study for the patient who is from emergency department. By taking the primary role of a nurse he is able to deliver quality of health in both the issue which mentioned above. For the proper care and support Toby must follow nurse and midwifery standard (McAllister & Flynn 2016).

In the aspect of case study, it is difficult to make transformation from student to registered nurse. As per this, the resilience and wellbeing is factor which is must associated with nurse. In this, work life balance is also an additional factor which is occupy by nurse for the smooth process of personal and professional life. In order to balance the work life, it is important to knowledge about the time management (Perhar et. al., 2017). The skill and knowledge of time management play vital role in which they can construct their own path for the personal and professional life. They set their own time table which is based on work and life and create the pathway as according to this. Toby must plan their time table and activities as according to their shift which cannot frustrate and cope stress that render their resilience and wellbeing. It may also impact Toby for their working and providing care to patient in effective way. The time management allow the Toby to maintain their dignity of work and create equilibrium with work. As per this, the time management allow the Toby and other to follow the basic standard of working as per pursuing the job role and balancing the life (McCrory 2019).

Improving the work satisfaction is also important in this to manage the stress and frustration which is usually arise during imbalance which is created between work and life. In the contrast with the case study, Toby usually cope with stress and frustration when he is getting changing in their shift where he could not join their group for the cycling which may also affect the working of patient care and their support (Pearson et. al., 2020). In this, the proper care and support is usually provided by nurses when they have positive environment and they handle the stress with the ability of work life balance which enhance their wellbeing and resilience (Owczarzack, Broskowski & Stumpf, 2016).

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As per the above discussion, it is analysing that the nurses are usually help to cope with patient and provide effective treatment. Moreover, they are usually focus on the standard and key role playing which may create supportive factor for the patient and nurse to manage the patient complexities. The record keeping and documentation is valuable in the medical ward because it helps to provide support for the other nurse when they used to change their shift, it also used to provide compliance towards the patient health and safety. Moreover, it is also important for the nurses to balance their work life in order to reduce the stress and frustration. You can get the answer: NUR 501 Nursing Theories and Models

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