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B74044 Professional Standards Of Practice And Behaviour For Nurses Midwives And Nursing Associates

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2380
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: B74044 
  • Downloads: 835
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Discuss about the professional approach which should be taken according to the given scenario.
  • Provide appropriate professional behavior of the nursing staff which are supported by ethical principles, policies, legislation and guidelines.
  • Develop an effective professional nursing practice which should be performed by nursing staff for delivering of care services to the service user.
Answer :


Professional standard refers to a description of the competent level of care which are provided by nursing staff through their process. These are effective and allowed to reflect on achievable and desired level of performance which nurses actual perform and can be compared more effectively for delivering health care services to patient through providing their services. Code contains the professional standard related with registered nurse or midwives and nursing associate that they must uphold some quality delivery of services that are related with delivering patient related care and services and other aspect from health professionals. This should be perform everyday and should be register through maintaining record. In this essay, there is a discussion about the summary of issues within scenario. There is also discussion about professionalism and ethical principle which should be followed for better service delivery. There is also discussion about lack of role models within scenario along with team working. There is also some role of nurses which should be raise and escalating concerns. This also include the reporting of incidents related with safeguarding and safe administration of medication. It also includes self-awareness, cultural competence and others for delivering effective care services to patient or service user (Yin, (2020)).


In this scenario, it has been observed that when and Rita as a nursing staff who take care of the word and working together randomly with Ben. It has been observed by Ben that Rita is performing unethical practices and creating risk of life for the patient. Unsafe practices is performing by Rita where she is administering Lorazepam 1 gram tablet to the service user. When asked to stop this type of behaviour then influence Ben by saying that this medication will prescribed soon. This scenario expect that there is unethical practices performed by the Rita which also create risk of patient's health and safety. It also create safeguarding issues with involved to the service user and need to perform ethical practices within ward. Ben have the responsibility to raise the concern and report it to the manager or any senior authority but due to getting wrong in eyes of Rita and other staff member he get confused about reporting. Ben also discussed with another healthcare professional regarding the issue and behavior of Rita where he decided to inform this incident for protecting and following the ethical principle within care wards (Ehrlich, (2020)). So, when reported this incident to the senior manager about disclosing the wrong and unethical practices of Rita and following the safe conduct by reporting this to the hospital manager. This can help to take an appropriate step towards such type of unethical practices which can create life-threatening for the service user.


According to this scenario, there is need to ensure that there should be ethical principles should be followed within word for delivering quality service to the service user. In this, there should be following of some professional approach that should take in consideration about the ethical guidelines which can provide the instruction about how to take care of service user by delivering mental healthcare services more effectively. In this type of situation, there is need to report the concern when there is any type of risk for services about safety and health issues. When such type of issues has been observed that there is a need to report effectively with immediate impact that can help service used to get better health resources and protect them from any type of health concern (Rouleau & et. al., (2019)). In this step of similar situation, there is a need to apply the professional approach by following the ethical guideline and delivering proper care services. As recently qualified staff nurse after observing such type of scenario where any nursing staff is performing wrong practices that can create a risk for health and safety of service user. In such scenario, there is need to take the concern to the senior authority and should report this through the following all the guideline and policy of the organization.

Ethical principle

There are some of the ethical principle which nursing staff should follow and can include beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy and Justice where informed consent, confidentiality and truth-telling are the principle of autonomy. Nursing staff should adhere the ethical principle where justice is the fairness and nursing staff should take consideration and distribute care for every patient equally. There should not be any type of discrimination and difference in providing care to any service user. Beneficence shares doing good and right thing for the patient according to the scenario. This ethical principle is highly effective and when need to take care of the patient and Rita should also perform their ethical principles according to organization policy and requirement (Khan & et. al., (2020)). Here, Ben need to raise the consent about the Rita's activity and report to the senior manager that can help to protect patient or service user from malpractice. Non maleficence refers to do no harm and should include harm as intentional or unintentional. Here, Rita unintentionally doing harm to the patient or service user where it need to make her aware more effectively through creating concern to the senior manager that should take care about this. Autonomy is the self determination which of hold the nursing staff and in need them to perform ethical and good practices along with better values and belief. This can influence an increased patient to make their decision and get better healthcare services within ward (Tampi & et. al., (2018)).Need assignment help?Take Experts help!

Lack of role model in the scenario

As a newly join nursing staff, there is lack of role model in the scenario where they need to get interact with Rita more effectively with her good service practices. But due to unethical and unsafe practices within ward create the difficulty to team working delivery in care services to the mental health patient or service user. There is lack of role model in this scenario, where Ben should work with good nursing staff who should practice ethical and should deliver better care to their service user. Rita is not good at her work and creating unethical issues and performing not effective practices for the service user. This can create difficulty for Ben to learn anything for delivering better services to the service user (Kang & et. al., (2018)).

Role of the nurse in raising and escalating concern

When there is any type of unethical concern or practices which are implemented within the case of the care service. There is role and responsibility of nursing staff to raise the concern and escalating this to their senior authorities. There is need to report such type of unethical practices raise concern through reporting and documenting it. This can help to reduce the risk of health and safety of service user. There is a role of nursing staff, when there is any type of unethical event arises for observation of unsafe practices by the nursing staff or any other professional or service user. Then in such case, there is need to raise the concern that can provide better safety to the service user which can help to avoid the risk of any health and safety concern. This can be effective and nurse should take this in consideration to follow their role for better practices (Faggioni & et. al., (2021)).

Incident reporting and safeguarding

Ben need to report the incident of unethical practices and aggressive nature of Rita to the senior authority or senior manager which can done by following organizational policy and guidelines. This can help to raise the concern and report the incident about the safeguarding of the service user. Nursing staff should implement the policy and guidelines to report the concern. Safeguarding can help service user from by protecting them from unethical practices or delivery of services. In this, Ben need to take care that Rita and should stop the unethical practices which is providing medication that are not prescribed. This should be reported to the senior manager to to ensure about the safety of service user. This can be effective and should be reported in concern of safeguarding of service user (Yang & et. al., (2020)).Take essay help!

Safe administration of medicine

Nursing staff have the role to share the prescribed medication to the service user. There should not be the administration of any medication which are not prescribed. This can create the risk of health and safety concern for the service user which can lead to risk of life. Here, role of the nursing staff is to administer the only medicine which has been prescribed. Nursing staff have the role to provide medication to the service user which has been prescribed by any healthcare professional, senior nursing staff or their physician. In this, nursing staff have the role to help service user to administrator in their medication on time with proper dose. They should also ensure that there is not any type of medication provided to the service user that are not in the prescription. This is for service user safety concern that can help to avoid the risk of decline health and for better and improved health (Koumoullis & et. al.

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