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Unit 41 - Marketing Analysis - ST Patrick's College London

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


This report is about a case study to implement digital marketing strategies, to enhance the services of CB shoes Ltd., that deals in men, women and kid's shoes, this is a one stop destination for a family to purchase shoes, along with a website it is also running a store which is offering well-known brands like Timberland and UGG with some low brands that are renowned for trendy fashion style. This report is preparing with a purpose to establish new strategies for that can boost the digital marketing with a profit margin (Elsalamony, 2014).

Main Body

Social media engagement

CB Shoes Ltd., has a store front with twenty employees, who are serving good, but it has a website that is supplying all kinds of footwear, but there is a scope to enhance the accessibility and user experience regarding their competitor, the CEO Anita told that what are the new competition in the market, how their competitors are leading, they have such digital marketing strategies that are giving them a pleasure to increase user engagement. There are two giants in the contest by whom it is analysing its state in social media, that how well it is performing on the social media platform, to keep the use busy on its websites who are redirecting its webpage through social media website advertisements.

Adidas and Nike it was consistently watching their growth and planning and efforts what they have put in become successful seller. The CB Shoes are promoting their sneakers on Facebook, reddit, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogger, pocket, etc., that is fruitful, because these websites are improving the visits on a website, there are 15407 users on Facebook, and also increased the session timings that a visitor spending time on a webpage, there are some users on the website who are bouncing from the website, the reason may be that they do not belongs to the region in which the services are available.

There are some changes in users that is decreased from 72.63 to 69.29 through Facebook, reedit increased the user’s percentage from 6895.45 to 7740 and so on, and there are some changes also noticed sessions, the highest session was 17312 through Facebook that has been altered to 1.32 minutes from 69.29 among 15407 users. It is on page SEO that brings the user through hitting like and share the posted advertisements on various social media websites (Granot, Alejandro and Russell, 2014). Below are the statistics of its adversaries, that are redirecting through social media platforms, and that becomes the base of CB Shoes.

Textual analysis of social media

According to Anita quantity is only a part of the picture, she meant to say that no matter how many visitors are coming to the site, what matters is how long they stay on each webpage and they really have some cost of that, in order to purchase the products, that is the quality of work, that make the user busy (FanLau and Zhao, 2015). So she pursued with textual analytics to know the insights to produce the quality, textual analysis refers to the positive, negative and neutral reactions that are gathered in bulk to measure the performance, but this is not enough the users are post some comments regarding a particular product. The first thing which attracts the user is, content about a product, that must be written with effective manner, and a good content describes the best so that there is no challenge for that, content is focus to capture the target market, and that is the most challenging way that get the target audience, to stay on top trends (Härdle and Simar, 2012). One more thing makes a content better, that it should be analysed that what kind of article would work or what not, a blog should have a unique identity that have the ability to inspire readers with an ultimate ideas and thoughts (McDaniel and Gates, 2013).

The content must consist of keywords, automatically summarized posts, themes, etc., that must be unique and capable to catch visitors. The sentiment analysis is a very well-known and documented feature of text analysis, and it’s very useful to establish customer sentiment towards a specific brand and product which can be positive, negative and neutral, the customer can comment whether to like or dislike a product. It is able to dive in a vast pool of public opinions about a brand that is to analyse the trends or insights, that helps the marketers to understand their strength and weaknesses of the campaigns and voice of their customers. The textual marketing resultant in organic and direct search that is because of quality of the text. That's why organic search appears to be successful as it juicy to catch the attention of 411915 users whereas direct search is 93320 visitors (Malhotra and Malhotra, 2012).

Data interpretation:

Social network

Change % Users

Change % Sessions

Change % Avg. pageviews per session

Change % Avg. session length (min)


















































Accoding the above collected data about Social Engagement, it has been determine that out of all social sites maximum number of people get information from Reddit with total of 6895.45. While some of them are get information from Instagram with 2500. Facebooks is also so effective as total number of people are more reliable to trust on it. All the social sites are equally important for taking data into account. Linkedin is associated with minimum of 166.67. Rest of them are showing negative results for the company.

From the above data, it has been seen that total revenue collected from the use of social media. The people can get connected and make ecommerce conversion rate with 0.35 and 0.23 respectively from facebook. The transaction costs and earning will be more becauae people are searching more over facebook as compare to other social media sites (Hinkelmann, 2011).

Keyword performance: On the basis of the above information which is collected from numerious customers those are searching online to get valuble data about CB shoes. Just one click of keyword Ugg boots total number of cites opened at the time is about 41000. At the same time total incremental value is about 50365 during the same time. All other keywards are also so effectively used for searching specific detail information about CB Shoes.

Channel grouping



Transaction revenue

Ecommerce conversion rate

Organic Search










Paid Search






























From the above trend line information which is based on channel grouping. The maximum transaction revenues is collected from organic search in total amount of 432244.21 during the session timing of 563958. This particular results are taken from ecommerce conversion rate of 1.27. with the help of referral channel they are able earn total of 115210. Such kind of outcomes are gathered from total sessions search of 39309. The future projection which is done through using a trend line which is going in negative in coming time (Morgan, 2012).

Leading page performance:

From the above line chart, it has been determining that total pages open in accordance to searching of CB shoes official website. They are able to get total transaction revenue as 251687.3 out of 175942 session spent on internet. This particular results are collected with ecommerce conservation rate is 2.3. A line charts is mainly used to display specific changes over to indicate over the time as a series of data points are connected through using straight line segment on both axes. It is indicating relationship among leading page and collection of transaction costs.

Product performance analysis:

From the above charts which is being prepared by taken information about various products that are being produce by CB shoes during the period of time. LK8308 Sophia Strap Bar Shoes F Width in Black Patent is a product categories of Lelli Kelly. With this only they are able to earn total of revenue 11267.63. Rubber Young Gloss Wellingtons Up to Size UK 5 in Black segment of Hunter with total earning of 4895.25 (Hastings and Domegan, 2013).

According to the above information, it has been seen that total number of quantity in terms of total percentage. The total percentage of Lelli Kelly product is generating total earning of 8601.64. In terms of percentage they are able to incur total of 894.62 out of total 133725.71. From Hunter product they are able to earn total of revenue of 122599.12. Apart from this, other products are having not that much profit from the sale of all variety of products.

According to the above chart, it has been determining that London is the primary city which is having maximum number of product availability with transaction revenue of 137506. Manchester is another important location of CB shoes were maximum chances of getting more reliable outcomes for the company. Some other location which having very less availability of stock of Shoes.

Gender analysis:

According to the above chart, it has been seen that total number of female are more as compare to male. The age group pf 25-34 are having maximum outcomes with 94416. 35-44 age group female is 93541. In respect to total number of male total maximum users those are using information from CB shoes belongs to 35-44. The male associated with 25-34 categories are of 24551.

Audit analysis: On the basis of data collected for the purpose of auditing are related with devices those are uses for searching products of CB Shoes. Mobile, Desktop and tablet are some effective electronic devices that are uses by various uses such as female and male (Prasad and Holzinger, 2013).

Device category












From the above data, it has been analyse that total number of device uses by plenty of customers is mobile. The total revenue collected from this is about 514207. In case of desktop they are able to get 230910 with transaction cost of 3873. While by the help of Tablet they are only 155539.

Competitive analysis: There are various compitiors of CB shoes. All are engaged in delivering appropriate products to valuable customers.

From the above results, it has been found that ther are various types of compitiors such as Nike and addidas which is assocaited with same products. The results are indicating with total number of users are 100745. This will assist in increase their market positions in order to increse profitability position of an organisation.

Assess the state of CB Shoes from a strategic digital marketing perspective

According to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the Googles crawls the webpage according to their demand, as much as a webpage coming into the search that webpage will get rank on top of the search, there are some particular ways such as organic search, direct search, paid search, referral search, social and Email, organic search get 411915 users with a down fall rate from 16.84 to 12.44, bouncing rate noticed approximately 4% changes with fluctuating transactional revenue. In Google analytical tool the most visitors are coming from London, and having an effect of -15.84 percent users. There is a variety in statistics of landing page, somewhere the page views are rising and reducing the average number of visit. Keywords has the great possibility to search a product, in numerous website and it is major source to bring traffic to the website. To be very precise, the keywords, organic, direct, and paid search has a significance to bring the traffic to the website, with certain strategies, like it must have a killer content, and incomparable keywords, so that Panda and Penguin can easily determine the most isolated keywords to get a page in top most websites on Google (Dibb and Simkin, 2013).

Key findings on the behalf of case study

As per the case study and the statistics the CB shoes going on a good way as it is investing lot of amount of time and money for the paid searches, organic searches, direct and referral searches are offering a better result (Elsalamony, 2014,).


Although, digital marketing is helping to grow a business, that can be improve more through posting some infographics and advertisement of products, well written content, which must have suitable keywords with special keywords. On the basis of all the information collected about CB shoes, it has been seen that maximum number of users are searching for best products on the online mode. They need to make provide certain amount of discount and little more quality in their shoes so that maximum number of customers would be able to buy their product. At the same point of time, online suffering facilities will be relatively fast so that customers can with only click the website of the company can be open (Wierenga and et. al., 2012). The information about product specification mentioned over the online is needed to be correct in case customer book order through using online facilities. There must be transparency which will increase the attention of customers toward the products offered by CB shoes.


As it is asked in the case that it should focus on the kid's wear, then there is no need to take a close look on kid's wear, because they footwear are the kinds that everyone wants. So a variety and quality is important for the customers along with fashionable styles, and there is one more reason behind it is that only kid's wear make it limited and that's not good at all for a business. It should be centric on website sells, because if it pursues the store sells then it is not able to raise the profit, so it would be better to continue the website sells (Granot, Alejandro and Russell, 2014).


The above report of CB Shoes Ltd., studies about to increase its sells through digital marketing that relies on various factor and SEO, to generate traffic, in each part it examines the assorted ways to enhance the sales. By the help of proper analysis, company would be liable to increase maximum revenue as well as customer’s base through offering wide range of products to them. By doing so they are able to increase their future aims and objectives in more quick time.


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