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Unit 2: Marketing Essentials-Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management

University: University of Portsmouth

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
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Marketing is an important function incorporated by business organisation in which they promote their goods and services and induce consumers to buy them. It is a broad concept that involve buyer and seller interaction in market place. On the other hand, there are huge activities that are performed in this that involve producing, manufacturing of ultimate goods so that it can be delivered too final customers. All these functions are carried out by marketing manager of any company in adequate manner so that aims and objectives can be fulfilled. The company which is selected in this report is Cadbury, a confectionery brand and is famous for its chocolates all over the world. The report will highlight the role and responsibilities played by the marketing manager as well as importance of marketing mix aspect which play a vital role in the company. On the other hand, the organisation have to lay down marketing plans in order to market their products in effective and efficient manner.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

Marketing is a dynamic process that include interrelated various type of functions and roles that main focus is to satisfy the final demands and requirements of the final customers in the market place. Their only ultimate aim is to maintain healthy relationship with their consumers so that they could be hold for longer period of time. It is the responsibility of marketing manager to examine all the present conditions that is prevailing in the current market place and take decision according to it (Baker and et. al., 2016). Similarly, marketing manager of Cadbury have to carry out the important functions so that marketing process can be carried in effective manner and vision and mission can be attained. There are some key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions that is played in Cadbury are as follows:

  • Research and development function: R&D department is consider building block of Cadbury s they share significant role in marketing functions as they continuously study the factors that are present in outside environment and take decision accordingly. There are number of elements that affect the organisation in several ways hence, these have to consider while carrying out the while work process. It is the duty of this department to furnish roper and correct information to marketing department so that they could steps while considering all these in proper format.
  • Promotional Function: Promotional is an essential process in which company make efforts to promote their products and services in order to induce customers to purchase goods. Every orgsnaition aims to increase their sales so that final mission and vision could be accomplished. There are number of ways that are available in the business environment through which promotional functions can be done. Cadbury have proper system that is set to promote their products through social and print media.
  • Marketing Information System (MIS): It is a important procedure in which full attention is made on the consumer’s behavior so that proper decision could be taken place by the management system (Bastable, 2016). This is a crucial function in marketing process as it involve collection of important information about the conditions that are taking place in market place and then inculcate into their department. Cadbury also adopt this system so that proper examination of environment could be performed in adequate way so that their objectives of creating sustainable image in customer’s mind can be achieved.
  • Planning Function: Plans are initial step that involve sequence of steps and activities that has to be performed in order to reach final and ultimate stage. Marketing manager have to perform this function in proper format as all other activities are conducted in accordance to it rules. Hence, it provide the framework and base so that all function could be performed in proper way. For example, Cadbury have to introduce new products that is Nutties therefore manager have to create plans in accordance to it. Plans are prepared in order to provide frame work and base of all activities so that final and ultimate aims and objectives could be achieved. All this helps in reaching vision and mission that has been set by them.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to wider organizational context

Marketing involve number of interrelated activities that is conducted in order to satisfy the final needs and demands of the customers. Consumers are the most important resource for any of the company as because of them organisation produce goods and services so that they remain satisfied and happy. The main role and responsibility is with marketing manager as he is the one that carry out all the work process in effective manner and always work towards achieving goals and vision of the company, similarly, marketing manager of Cadbury have to perform all his task in conducive way and lead to establish sustainable image in customer’s minds.

There are number of department that are present in single business organisation and have different nature of work process that is conducted by them. All these division are interrelated with each other have coordinate to achieve set targets of the company in particular time period (Lane, 2016). Cadbury have proper organizational structure that allow every individual to follow specific roles and responsibilities so that final results can be reached. Certain roles and responsibilities of marketing in relation to other departments are discussed below:

Marketing and R&D department: research and development department always focuses on examining the marketing condition that is prevailing outside and then take decision for the company that is best suited for it. As Cadbury have to work in environment which is dynamic in nature and keeps on changing therefore, it is necessary for them to perform environmental scanning process so that all factors could be studied and correct steps must be taken. This helps the marketing department to function in accordance to the order that has been given by this department. It is very much necessary to work in coordination otherwise final results could not be accomplished. Marketing department is totally depended on R&D as they work in accordance o instructions that has been supplied by this department and helps them to reach final targets that has been set up the management of the company.

Marketing and human resource department: human resource department of any company deals with managing all employees and workers that are working in the company. Human resource manager play a vital role in this regard as he is responsible for managing all the workers in effective and efficient manner. he have to perform recruitment and selection program so that potential and skillful employees can be selected for the company who can align their personal objectives with organization’s aims and together work to reach final goals and aims. Marketing team is also been selected by the HR manager according to some criteria that has been set by them. Cadbury have proper system of selection so that strong team could be built (Berkowitz, 2016). There are specific skills and knowledge that must be present in individual so that they can be prove to be effective resource for the company. Employees and workers are the most important asset of any business organisation as they are the ones who carry work process and allow the organisation to reach ultimate path for which they exist. Hence, human resource department play a crucial role in Cadbury as there are large amount of employees that are working there and have to be properly managed in order to take best of their efforts. Several training and development programs are also been conducted in frequent times in order to enhance the present skills and knowledge of the employees that they could work with high efficient and productivity (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014).

Marketing and Finance department: Every business organisation require sufficient amount of funds in order to carry out day to day business activities, hence funds are needed in every area and activity. Finance manager have to provide proper attention to manage the funds in efficient way so that it must be allocated in correct place. Similarly, marketing department also require huge amount of funds to carry out several activities like promotional, communication, delivery and many others. Therefore, it is very much necessary that both the departments work in proper coordination so that there is no problems that can raise while carrying out work process. It is very much essential that all finance must be allocated in key areas so that they could yield high results in the form of profits and significant outcomes. Both these departments are consider backbone of the business organisation and hence, have to be proper worked otherwise there are number of negative consequences that could take place and lead to improper growth.

Marketing department and production: Production Section of any of the business organisation deals in producing products and services in accordance to the demands and needs of the company. Marketing department provide number of requirements that is prevailing in the market place and instruct them to produce such goods and services (Karasar and Öztürk, 2014). Hence, production department works with the instructions and information that has been furnished by marketing section and helps them to acheive goals and targets in set period of time.

Marketing department and customer services: Every company perform after sales revives to their customers in order to remove their complaints and grievances that may arise while utilizing the products or goods of the company. Cadbury have proper set system of handling customer’s complaints and any other issues and they them to solve in proper manner so that potential client remain happy and could stay for longer period of time. It has been observed that customers stay for longer period of time with that company which handle them with care either by supplying them high quality products or which listens to their problems (Hoffman and Turley, 2015). Therefore, it is the vital role of marketing department to carefully examine all the issues that is prevailing with the people and guide this department so that they can take proper steps to remove such issues. Otherwise it can pose a hinder to the growth and image of the company which is a negative aspect and their ultimate goals could be accomplished in proper tome period.

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P3 Comparison between two organization by applying marketing mix for accomplish objectives

Business is such whose main aim is of attaining goals and objectives for which that need to be get presented in market. Several tools and techniques which is available in the business environment and this is very much needed concept which is somewhere adopted by the company that does help them to carry out their marketing process in effective and efficient manner too. Marketing mix is such which does help firm to work according to their collected information and this is such which helps them to make a proper decision for the company. It is such that mainly involve different 7p’s of marketing mix and moreover each and every element has some features and characteristics adopted by entity (Brychkov and et. al., 2017).

Basically, CADBURY is that which is merely mostly consumed Brand by customer. Even though the firm does enjoy the market share they have in the worldwide context. Therefore, the core strength of company is that they have managed everything in better manner and thus also has retained their customer too. Normally the Cadbury is that brand whose image is effective in market can customer is having a mindset that they will only by those product whose market image is better in market.

Cadbury do include the marketing mix element in their decision and strategies so that they can perform in proper manner, even though Cadbury is having an cut throat competition with Nestle whose market share is like Cadbury but not equal to it.

Marketing mix of Cadbury as:





Cadbury is having an process of its different things which is provided to the ultimate customers are known as product. It is a tangible form product and it is such which do meet the customer needs and wants in better manner in consideration of money. There is a depth in the products of Cadbury and they manage it in proper manner and such thing helps them to attain the aims and objectives of company.

Nestle is such that has considered as the major competitor of Cadbury as they also has an long depth of their product and there products are also of high quality as well.


This is something which the customers pay to the company for the product they are consuming. Basically, the factors which are affecting such concept is such as different company whose economic system is not good which needs to define the value system of money. Even though company do set their prices according to the country as well. Moreover product are also available at right places which can be consumed in right way too.

Nestle product are not expensive too and they are easily affordable in market. It is there that the company is having an great competition in market and having an great competition in market. So it is there that they even cannot charge high prices because of high prices as well.


This is something over which they will market mix is such that define the target customer and such thing will concentrate on work process too. Cadbury is that which also sure that there product is available at every shop or not.

Nestle is having a great image and also share a great thing. Nestle is having an great pitfall that there products are not available at every store in market in better manner.


It is such which do create the awareness in the minds of customer with availability of product and it is such which generate the demand too. If the company is having a better promotion technique that they did not need to have another techniques to sell their product in market. Hence, the Cadbury is having a great market share.

As of Cadbury they did not promote their product as Cadbury do the company just only enjoy the market share they have and provide quality products and services to customer in better way too (Mueller and et. al., 2015).


It is that which involve the customer and the employees who are working in the organization. Moreover, management of firm is that which needs to satisfy the needs of employees which do help in attainment of company in right way too. As they are responsible for producing final product and services to target people.

Basically in Nestle there are number of employees are working and it became needed to satisfy the needs and wants of customer and they are one who sell their product and services to direct customer as well. Moreover, customer are considered as the needed part of company which does help firm to attain their objectives in great manner.


It is that which do involve the thing in sequence of task which needs to be followed by the business while producing the products in better way. This is having an wider context which do involve the distribution channel and this is also adopted by the entity to supply the goods to their people who are present in market.

Nestle is such company who needs to use various machineries which does help in producing the quality product and services in effective manner. Various collections of cocoa seeds, fragmentation, winnowing which is being classified into two or more process. Nestle is having their own style process and product, and it also create the proper image in the customer mind as they are being awarded with process system and the it is being carried out in right context.

Physical Evidence

It is such which do look for the having an different name, logo and sign as symbol of every company which make customer that make easy for the customer that make number of competitors that are present in market. Cadbury is having a various symbol which is among the audience and it is such with number of options as well.

Nestle is having a unique and having a creation of presence in market. They usually construct there different logos at various places in different coffee. It is such which does help in attracting the large number of people in effective way.


P4 Evaluation of basic marketing plan

Marketing plans is an important process which is developed by marketing manager of every business organisation in which all sequence of activities are laid down that which function has to be carried out in which time period and so on (Cabrera and Williams, 2014). Similarly, Cadbury have to draft proper marketing plans before entering into the market place in order to run some activities in effective way. These action swill help them to establish their sustainable image for longer period of time. It carry some set steps that has to be formulated in efficient way, it is described below:

Introduction of the company: Cadbury is a well-known brand in confectionery area and have market share in large part of the world. It was firstly found out by John Cadbury in 1824 year and is under the full control of Mondelez International. It is among the second largest brand and have significant amount of market share.

Mission statement of Cadbury: “Cadbury means a quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure our promise”.

Vision statement of Cadbury: “Working together to create brand people love”

Cadbury have set objectives and aims that are described below:

  • To deliver diverse variety of chocolates to the consumers that are present in market place.
  • Continue improvements in the quality of chocolates that are present in the market place.
  • To construct larger number of stores in the market area in order to increase their share at significant level.
  • Satisfying customers through providing them high quality products so that they remain happy and contented.

SWOT analysis of the company is illustrated below: Company conduct SWOT analysis in order to examine all the factors that are present in business environment. These elements many hinder or foster the growth of the company hence, it is very much necessary to perform this function in proper manner. It helps in analyzing strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the company and could take the correct actions in time.

Strength Weakness

Nike acknowledges to being a pioneer in the Sports Apparel industry for a long time. This was made a believability since it was advertise pioneer in this manner achieved key destinations of the general business before the contenders came in. The thing in like manner has a varying general framework that incorporates a couple of assistants that are all around made. This associates in moving items wherever finished the world and getting constructive reactions of individuals. The association is centred around campaigns, progressions and sponsorships. All these are critical in broadening the brand and making care of customers in an effective way.

The significant shortcoming of the firm is that the costs required with items are superior to different items which are being offered in business sectors. This may influence the achievement of item development and makes low proficient position of the brand. Being an exclusive business in like manner obstructs the wellsprings of capital open, which is to a great degree essential for general expansion. The thing is also losing its motivation in view of progressing prosperity discusses included. Having benefits that are initiated on old examples moreover act like a weakness since it disappoints future prospects. This occasion gives contenders, for instance, Adidas with their Products a front line.

Opportunities Threats

Increase in interest in sports activities around the world has created various kind of opportunities for Nike. The company can capture emerging markets like India and China for their footwear and apparel business. The company should focus on building a brand image that will enable it to grow and reach out to customers in an effective way.

The current competition in the sector is quite high and thus it is inevitable that company might loose market share going forward if it will not focus on improving its production system and at the same time reducing the cost of operations of the company. It shall also focus on spending necessary funds for Research and development so that competitiveness can be gained at the market place.

Target Market: It is very much important to figure out the focused group of people of the company as it will help them to plan and carry out all work process to satisfy their needs and demands. Cadbury have small children to whom they produce products as they love chocolates very much. Therefore it is very much necessary to select particular group of people in the market place and make efforts to satisfy their requirements in effective and efficient manner (Griffitts, 2016).

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures








Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance






As per the above marketing budget it has identified that Cadbury investing 45000 in the first years and they getting available balance as 25400 at the year ending. In next years they generating less profit margin in the respect of their investment as 2nd year profit is 17100 over 35100 investment. In 3rd year, firm get 13000 profit over 29200 investment due to maximum expenses. In 4th year, profit of firm has been 17000 over 38000 and in 5th year 12600 over 30300GBP investment which is considered a ideal profit margin for firm.

Monitoring and controlling step: this is consider last stage in market plan in which manager have to evaluate the success of marketing plans whether it is yielding correct results and outcomes for the company. It also help them to compare actual performance with the standard actions and find out any deviations if it is present to take necessary steps to remove it. Apart from it, there are certain tools and techniques adopted by the company to perform evaluation function in the company. Cadbury have set system through which proper evaluation and monitoring procedure can be conducted which is essential to gain final objectives and results (Hoeffler, Herzenstein, and Ginzburg, 2015).


From the above prepared report it has been concluded that marketing is an essential function that is performed in every business orgsnaition and is consider building block for the company. It involve number of interrelated activities that has to be performed in parallel to each other. The report have highlighted the case of Cadbury which is a well-established brand in confectionery. Marketing manager play a vital role in this section as he have number of roles and responsibilities that has t be fulfilled by him. On the other marketing department shares conducive relation with other departments too that are present in single business orgsnaition that are finance, production, human resource and many others. Manager also develops marketing plans that is a framework which is designed to formulate number of sequence of activities that has to be carried in order to induce potential customers in the market place to purchase the products and services of the company. Hence, it is an important component that has to be prepared with proper attentions so that final and ultimate aims could be accomplished in effective and efficient manner. Thus, marketing is a broad concept that involve number of aspects that has to be conducted..


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