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Search Engine Marketing-Bloomsbury Institute London

University: Bloomsbury Institute London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3090
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LSBM200
  • Downloads: 827
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Explain the technology, tools and techniques utilised in the changing digital marketing environment that impact on customers including the drivers of consumers’ online behaviour.
  • Plan, implement and control a digital marketing campaign making use of different frameworks, tools and techniques current in the industry, with the aid of simulation software, and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Search engine marketing is the marketing of business by paid advertisements. Evaluate the digital landscape and elaborate how it differs from traditional marketing management.
  • As search engine marketing promotion of organisation using paid advertisements, so Identify and evaluate the legal and ethical issues surrounding the capture, storage and use of customer data in a digital marketing context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Bloomsbury Institute London


The technological era has brought drastic changes in way of marketing and advertising products. It has enabled providing wide range of software and applications that can be used in internet. For example - digital marketing tool is used to advertise products and services. In recent times, many businesses are focusing on e marketing. this has allowed them to use social sites, SEO, etc. to attract new customers (Voigt, Buliga and Michl, 2017). SEO is a new technique which enable business to increase traffic on website by conducting organic search. This has saved time and cost of business. Similarly, search engine marketing is another technique used in which business grow and expand in market in effective way. It is a form of internet marketing where website is promoted through various ways. Moreover, SEM is useful in improving brad image of business and gain competitive advantage. The two SEM ads are popular that is Google and Bing ads. Basically, businesses hire third parties to do online marketing. it is essential for business to increase its online presence so that target audience is attracted. For that digital marketing is used where social sites and many other methods are used. Through it, higher revenue is generated and customer base is increased.

This report will describe about how simbound simulation works. In that many things will be discussed that is keyword search, KPI, e mail marketing, etc. Also, it will be explained about different factors that impact on algorithms and how AI and automation is supported. (Choudhari and Bhalla, 2015)

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Discussion of topic

SEM is a technique of doing marketing through internet and promotion of website to increase its visibility. The technique allows business to pay or bid for keywords that users are able to look for. The ads are offered for particular products and services where advertiser give their ads alongside results of queries asked. The ads give are know as pay per click. Furthermore, format of ad differs from one another. Similarly, there are product listing ads that highly attract user to view important info once. There is a great difference between SEO and SEM. SEO is generally free where SEM is paid form of marketing. In SEM a certain amount of fees is paid to Google for showing ads in it.

It has been analysed that SEM is different from other digital marketing tools. Here, an example can be taken as SEM and Google adwords. It is evaluated that in adwords ads ae displayed at a website or webpage. so, when a user clicks on ad then only advertiser is charged for it. So, there is no charge of displaying ads on website. but on other side, in SEM for displaying ad feed is charged by advertiser even when someone does not click on it. However, both techniques are used to generate traffic on website and a cost efficient way of doing marketing (Holstein, 2018). For instance- Facebook and Amazon uses SEM to display ads on websites.

How SEM work

First of all, IT infrastructure is to be set up for SEM. Then, target audience is identified and marketing campaign is decided and then accordingly goals and objectives are set up. So, on basis of audience, campaign name, keywords, marketing process, website, etc. are framed. This enable in finding out KPI of SEM and then results are evaluated.

Then, experiments are done with ads. This gives clear overview of what type of ads can be used and how it will be effective for SEM. Beside that, process is also identified in it to target the audience. Afterwards content is developed of ads which are to be displayed. The content also depends on target audience and their behaviour. However, with marketing trends content is changed as well. Once, a campaign starts the SEM is refined to find out change in website visibility.

SEM are algorithms that is used to generate relevant results for each search and provide information. Basically, the ads are displayed at top or side of page to attract visibility and obtain organic outcomes. An example is that a customer search for a product through keyword. So, many ads will appear for that keyword (Heinze and et.al., 2016 ). Thus, list of ads appears on it according to its visibility.

Benefits of SEM

It has been identified that there are many advantages of using SEM. They are defined below :-

Generate brand awareness

SEM helps in generating brand awareness by promoting ads on several websites. The ads is helpful in targeting specific audience. They are able to view it by clicking on it. however, it becomes easy to advertise website in various platforms. Beside this, it is far easy to use SEM as compared to social media platforms. High product search results in high ranking of website in Google.

Increase in revenue

SEM is method through which high revenue is generated quickly. When a customer clicks on it, the fee is paid to advertiser. In this way, businesses promote their ads on various website and profit is raised in less time.

Attract audience at right time

SEM enables in attracting the minds of audience at right time. this means when customer looks for products, they usually use keywords for it. So, by displaying ad at right time it becomes easy to target those audience. Moreover, by keywords it becomes easy to involve people with it.

Easy implementation

This is another benefit of SEM as it is easy to implement and configure it. here, SEM can be set up in few hours and the results can be evaluated easily. Along with it, changes can be done on basis of ad hoc. Thus, keywords, content, etc. can be changed quickly.

Easy to measure

The outcomes of SEM is evaluated and tracked easily. So, it gives insight on how much people have been attracted through it. Furthermore, on basis of results changes are made in content or keywords. (Zia and Rao, 2019)

Factors affect SEM algorithms

It is important to make appropriate algorithms in SEM so that advertising is done properly. On basis of algo, keywords are identified and then marketing is done. However, there are some factors that impact on those algo. They are as follows :-

Quality content

In SEM the main focus is on content that helps in attracting customers. thus, content has to be relevant and specific so that it creates a positive impact on people mind. Along with it. if content is changed like thesis help then it is difficult for business to get positive response from clients.

Meta info

In SEM there is some crucial info that is added by business. Here, that info remains confidential and is visible only to SEM companies that is Google and Bing. Therefore, it that info is changed then it creates issues in processing of search engine ads. Beside this, it can also lead to blocking of ads on website. It is done by either Google or Bing when meta info is changed or not include basic requirement. (Heath and et.al., 2015)

Duplicate pages

In an ad there are many types of pages that is displayed. So, it becomes easy to identify authentic page. In SEM algo there are various duplicate pages that affect the SEM. This reduces relevancy of ads and it impact on search ranking of particular search engine.

Thus, SEM algo is affected by these factors which can reduce relevancy of ads.

Currently, Artificial intelligence is concept that can apply into various areas of human daily life such as investment, education and health. It has been successfully implemented in the real life and many peoples are obtaining the reliability and their requirement data on internet through Search engine optimization. It is the most efficient technique that will perform marketing survey and associated with Artificial Intelligence, automation to increase performance. AI has an ability to easily analyses data according to requirement of SEO. On the other hand, it also located the anomalies in search engine strategy to fix all problems. It mainly allows the SEO to beats its competitors even Automation can beat google Rank brain techniques. The technique or method analyze keyword against search to know about the generated results or outcome (Jeziorski and Moorthy, 2017)

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In most of cases, Search engine technique and practices enabling site to get more traffic because it can be done by increasing key words. For making a great content which require for implementing factor of online success and it possible due to AI, automation, SEO that engaged with the people through interactive website, blogs, blogs and videos. At that time, AI uses in SEO for increasing efficiency and performance of online presence in search engine. In most of cases, AI and automation can be used in SEO as analytics that easily construct and examine pattern of entire website visitor's interaction. The insights with Acritical intelligence yield a list of future engagement behavior and apply action to the users.

AI and automation are considered the alternative method that continuously evolving machine design and classified into different categories on the basis of customer demand. In Future, AI and automation will be significantly enhance the technique of SEO because of their keyword phrases that implement automation idea for improving entire processes.

Artificial Intelligence and automation will be improved the effectiveness of Search engine optimization technique in organization. (Holstein, 2018).

  • It is increasing the significance of SEO optimization in terms of visual content management.
  • It also emphasis on the overall content for managing relevance, quality and focus.
  •  AI and automation will build a strong link within SEO by using selective approach.
  • It also optimized the voice search, mobile activities in proper manner.

AI and automation use in SEO for providing real time services in global marketplace. It can be utilized the digital marketing for collecting the data or information on advertisement, decide the proper relevancy of content. It perceives consumer segments for cross selling and other type or campaign for evaluating emotional value of client. Thus, it will increase the effects on their targeted market. On the other hand, it also builds a trust-based search engine algorithm that easily exploit network behavior of users. Polidoxa developed with the principles in terms of intelligence to achieve collection of social networks and accelerate in link coming from different pages. Sometimes, it mainly depends upon on the network activity and information relevancy decided by network users.


Simbound is a simulation game which enable in providing an experience of online or digital marketing. It is used by businesses and students to get real life experience of how online marketing is done and providing relevant info about it. Furthermore, the game gives virtual overview of how keywords are used, what decision is to be taken, etc. Basically, in real market condition Simbound works and makes things easy to attain goals and objectives. However, in game all relevant online marketing concepts are implemented such as SEO, PPC, adword etc. so, it gives an overview of all these things (Stephen, 2016). Moreover, the game is cloud based simulation in which online marketing tools are used. The students are able to learn that how to take decision without any risk in market. Apart from it, student is able to analyse market situation and then take decision. So, they get to know the effectiveness of decision taken and evaluate that to what extent it was beneficial or not. Here, market conditions included in simulation is somewhat similar to real world market. The methods that are used in the learning process that is offered to student is consist of virtual market that allow the learner to take decision as per the market condition in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their decision in particular condition. This is a virtual game that provide the opportunity to the students to earn digital marketing process like search engine optimization and search engine marketing to improve the marketing and promotional efficiency of company. There are different virtual games are available in this platform which are associated to different topics which are related to marketing strategy, product positioning, pricing strategy and consumer behavior. The marketing process used in specific industry are focused in this tool to provide virtual situations that are similar to the current market scenario. This thing provides least or no risk to the student so they can easily use this test to check the effectiveness of their decision that are related to the digital marketing (Lee, Lui, and Chau, 2019).

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However, there are many features of simulation game which support student in learning e marketing. in this they can set strategies, identify consume behaviour, market condition, etc. hence, on basis of given market scenario the changes are made in strategy, marketing process, etc. and effective decision is taken. The game is played either individual or in groups. Usually, main aim of game is to improve decision making of consumer if there if change in market scenario. It is a platform to analyse and evaluate online marketing with business. It allows students to critically think and evaluate that how particular decision is relevant to change in market situation.


  • By using the simulation game, we got to know that how marketing strategies are changed if market condition varies. also, it was learned that what activities are related to online marketing and how it impacts on business growth (Ullah and et.al., 2018). The software allowed to learn what type of decision is to be taken if there is change in market condition. Alongside, what strategies have to be formed, what target audience are to be marketed, etc. the student also learned different skills and techniques such as content writing, decision making skills, critical thinking, etc. it also enabled in gaining knowledge about what type of decisions are suitable and how it can be used in coping up with market situation. For example, by understanding PPC it gave overview about how it works, how consumer behave, when there is rise in PPC, etc. by analysing that, it enable in tracking PPC and compare results with goals. It also was easy to learn the difference between home and landing page. Here, how customer switch between landing and home page. Furthermore, what things must be changed in both or what decision is to be taken to improve pages. By interpreting page score changes are made accordingly.
  • Here, it is shown to create a new campaign that will include keyword and themes. Moreover, students learned that how new campaign is created and target audience is targeted. Beside this, knowledge was gained that how keywords are changed according to market situation and what type of new keywords are to be used. In addition to it, simulation helps in understanding how to track a campaigns status, pause or remove it, also how name of campaign is changed, etc. (Durica and Svabova, 2015) the simulation game also showed that what type of tests can be applied. It includes A/B test through which cost of two ad is compared. In addition to it, what type of keyword is to be added to reduce cost of ad. However, students learned that how competition tab can be used to compare report and graphs of top teams with their campaign.
  • The game also gave experience about market scenarios and what are the drivers that affect SEM. Also, what type of decision is to be taken to deal or manage market scenario. However, game provided various tactics and strategies that are to be taken. here, many things are to be analysed to obtain outcomes. the main thing considered are target audience, key words, cost, consumer behaviour, traffic, etc. students also learned the way why it is necessary to analyse outcomes and change decision. Hence, taking effective decisions is only way of advertising through e marketing. SEM is effective tool of providing ads to generate traffic on website. By taking correct decision business can effectively initiative many campaigns and improve search ranking of website (Codina and et.al., 2016). therefore, these learning will allow student to face real business problems in marketing and take correct decision. However, trends were also discovered and on basis of that decision were taken. Then, KPI were used to evaluate marketing campaign.


It can be summarised that SEM is a tool through which e marketing is done. It provides useful data and info from the market. the simbound simulation game is which enable in providing an experience of online or digital marketing. It is used by businesses and students to get real life experience of how online marketing is done and providing relevant info about it. Furthermore, the game gives virtual overview of how keywords are used, what decision is to be taken, etc. Basically, in real market condition Simbound works and makes things easy to attain goals and objectives. However, in game all relevant online marketing concepts are implemented such as SEO, PPC, adword etc.

There are some recommendations as well that can be followed by business :-

  • They can other techniques as well like SEO, e mail marketing, etc. this will enable in attracting more customers and generating traffic on website. business can take help of expert in taking decisions.
  • Another recommendation is business can monitor and track SEM with help of AI. They can use Google analytics for it. this technique will support in comparing and analysing outcomes.
  • However, in SEM strategic plans can be developed by forecasting market conditions. So, on basis of it, customer feedback can be taken.
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