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Role of Marketing in Travelodge

University: Imperial College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : Travelodge


The hospitality industry plays a very vital role in the economy, especially in the United Kingdom. The present report will discuss the role of marketing with its interrelation among functional units of Travelodge hotel. This report will signify various marketing concepts for accomplishing marketing objectives by developing a marketing plan.

1. Explaining key roles and responsibilities of marketing function within Travelodge

The major roles of marketing with context of marketing environment is defined as specific process of execution and planning of different marketing concepts. The marketing concept are engaged in promotion, pricing, sales, distribution etc. with direct compliments of target audience of Travelodge are stated below:

Role and responsibilities

Execution in Travelodge

Market strategies

The initial objective of marketing is depicted for developing marketing strategies and planning for business of Travelodge. The manager of business entity has requirement of recognising target consumers and products to their services and product according to this. Its development has brought balance among various organizational objectives along with various market opportunities. In this organization, radio had vital part in its marketing strategy and sales and price is key for its success. Its main objective to be favourite hotel for value in UK as it offers unbeatable value in business travel and leisure (French, 2018).

Marketing information system

The MIS has given information on basis of factors like implementation, planning, product and controlling various marketing strategies of Travelodge. MIS has depicted information on basis of logistics on real time aspect which helps in distribution network in effective manner in Travelodge.

Marketing research

It is referred as major function of marketing as it consists of particular knowledge about product, consumers and prices for communicating best services and product of Travelodge in market. This organization gives meeting points for business meetings as this hotel is situated in key business locations which makes easy access from each part of country. Travelodge has made sure about involving good restaurant facilities or are close to restaurants of first class.

Market segmentation

In the modern era of globalisation, there is presence of volatile market as Travelodge has need of accurate segmentation given on basis of marketing. It provides hotel accommodation along with two major market segments such as business customers and families. Generally, family seeks various leisure breaks as business customer seeks hotel accommodation and close to hubs of business activity and convenient for meeting locations.

2. Discussing roles and responsibilities of marketing related to wide organizational context

Marketing functions are enclosed with different functions such as distribution system, advertising and finance etc. but generally these activities are considered in process of marketing. The specific elements of marketing functions are stated below:

  • Research: In Travelodge or any business entity, market research plays very crucial role especially in hospitality industry. This is replicated as very important and with its absence, business in near to impossible. It helps in attaining valuable information on basis of factors related to business process. It does not involve each information but information related to finance, raw materials, logistics and resources as other prospects of business could be attained via research only. Hence, it is replicated as crucial function of marketing in Travelodge (Sipe and Testa, 2018).
  • Planning: After completing different procedure of strategy and next key function of marketing is referred as planning process. The marketing department of Travelodge has huge involvement of predicting sales figure, financial planning, communication, along with several other business factors. As its department of planning has optimises appropriate timeline for planning major strengths of Travelodge to accomplish its objectives of success.
  • Strategy: After gathering all data and information via research, it is processed for judging possible weakness and strength among different business operations. This data which is processed for allowing to make idea for strategies which must be optimised in Travelodge. It would be giving valuable guidance for competing with market and to succeed in context of market environment.

Hence, marketing functions of Travelodge are directly interlinked with several other units. It could be elaborated with instance of finance department linked with marketing department especially in Hospitality sector. The responsibilities of marketing has need of economic resources for planning, research, evaluation and research of marketing strategies and planning in Travelodge, given through organization’s finance department. In the similar aspect, there is need of human resources with context of HR department, economic help through finance department and logistics with distribution network etc. so, it could be evaluated that marketing roles and responsibilities are interrelated to other functional unit.

3. Analysing role and responsibilities of marketing on basis of marketing environment

Marketing environment is replicated as combination of internal and external factors along with forces which impact the ability of Travelodge for establishing relationship and to serve its customers (Megeirhi and et.al., 2018). The internal environment comprises owners, machines, workers etc. The external environment is classified in two components such as macro and micro. The environmental task or micro is specific to its business but external as well. It comprises factors with involvement of distributing, producing and to promote its offerings. The broad or macro environment comprises high societal forces which directly impacts whole society. This broad environment is formed through six components such as economic, technological, physical, social culture and political legal environment. Its role and responsibilities related to marketing environment are stated below:

1. It helps in understanding behaviour of customer: There is presence of huge existing competition in hospitality industry with too much noise as it creates difficulty for customers for selecting right services and goods. It is vital for Travelodge for recognising and identifying need of its customers. Marketing environment is important for assisting customers, on basis about decisions while products purchasing. In the similar aspect, culture is considered as remarkable influence about behaviour with large dependent social class and income.

2. It helps for assisting understanding on its competitors: Each category and niche has presence of various products whew its each feature is considered as USP with specific group. The most effective aspect is to fight competition by giving better and advanced products at affordable cost in Travelodge. Its main USP is that one of the budgeted hotel in UK with best services. Its services are satisfactory through which loyalty could be gained by consumers of its brand. Hence, Travelodge as hospitality organization is identified with trustworthy users and marketing environment must be monitored along with its rivals.

3. Making prompt decisions: The marketing environment is fundamental as it enables for capitalizing for facing various challenging scenarios. Due to presence of various marketing factors, Travelodge has possibility for strategizing and ways to be adopted when it faces various drawbacks. Monitoring and consonant study of marketing environment helps in enabling Travelodge to avoid losses. In the similar aspect, marketing environment is valuable feature to Travelodge due to sensitizing its performance because of alteration in marketing environment (Kim, Zhen and Arendt, 2018).

4. Analysing significance of interrelationship among different marketing units in Travelodge

Travelodge is constituted of various array of sub industries which are stated below:

Food and beverage: It is replicated as most important unit in this organization. People are always demanding food where they go. Especially in different country people prefer hotels with cuisines of good taste. Hence, catering and food are essential for hospitality and starts from food production and at the end representation of food with storage and cooking step in it. Food management starts with its production as Travelodge serves organic food and apart from transportation, food, storage and production are contributed as specific division. In the similar aspect, generally people consume food which is represented in appropriate format and ease to reach which helps in improving hospitality experience. In the similar context, it also provides beverages in list of food and catering services.

Lodging accommodation: It features gamut from budgeted hotels to campgrounds and resort. Accommodation is referred as huge sector which ranging from breakfast enterprises and bed for various other facilities which are offering services of lodging in Travelodge. In the similar aspect, customer service is directly indispensable for giving services of accommodation alomh with efficiency, world class amenities, integrating comfort with its foundation. For example, customers are offered privacy with exclusive services for cutting in niche. Travelodge has presence of three things along with requirement of customer, during travel and most vital is accommodation and rest two are transportation and food. The main reason of this fact was started because of lodging and special emphasis on improving experience of lodging to travel around world (Prebensen, Chen and Uysal, 2018).

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Hence, it could be evaluated that Travelodge provides three kinds of services for hotel and accommodation which are Lodging, Resorts and suites for creating interrelationship between different marketing units.

5. Critical analysis different element of marketing function for interrelating with functional units

Marketing function within Travelodge with absence of isolation with significance of marketing and connection for permeating different functions. Further, considering marketing interaction along with production, research and development, IT, customer services and human resources. Each function within Travelodge must point its customer for being customer oriented by answering specific queries. There are various functions with interrelating with marketing are:

Research and development: It is engine within Travelodge for generating innovative ideas and innovation for creating new services and products. This process helps in delivering new products for innovating it on continual aspect. Its outcome through purposeful search of new opportunities through different situations. On the contrary, R&D is driven through concept of marketing. The requirements of potential consumers must be central for innovative research for developing order for delivering products for satisfying need of consumer. The practical R&D is considered for central research facilities related to Travelodge in various countries especially in UK. The process of manufacturing must be directly developed and researched on basis of different aspects of marketing mix.

Productions: With context of research and development, there are various functions of operations, logistics and production within hospitality industry to work in cooperation in department of marketing. It has presence of various operations which consist of different activities like transportation, lodging and accommodation. In this similar aspect, logistics is related to production to retail or consumer in efficient and effective aspect. In the present scenario, logistics comprises trains, planes, buses and lorries along with technology with implication of tracking real time. However, marketers has requirement of selling services and products especially in hospitality industry which are in trend such as budgeted hotel. The scenario which is not workable where marketers does not attempt for raising sales of service which could not be supplied easily. Perhaps, Travelodge has various facilities which are avoided through marketing campaigns (Davis, Band et.al., 2018).

6. Comparing methods for role and responsibilities with application of marketing mix to accomplish objectives


Company 1

Travelodge Hotel

Company 2



It helps in providing services such as facilities of wedding and Banquet, meetings, lounges, restaurant services, swimming pools, retail facilities and special event services. Its core product is rooms of hotel and customer stay in specific duration. There is explanation about peripheral services along with additional services and products. Travelodge is improving its facilities for attracting new customers (Wang, Tsai and Tang, 2018).

McDonald has presence of product mix which consist of especially beverage and food products. There is presence of different product line such as:

Salads, burgers, chicken and fish, deserts and shakes, breakfast and McCafe. These products are directly designed in customised aspect with application of apps, special discounts and adverts with regular differences in name of product along with some special content.


Price identification helps in setting activities and processes which are employed for coming with price for specific product. For arriving proper price, it is very important for considering profit margin. It also includes price consideration of relative products which belongs to same category. On the contrary, price administration refers to process of basic prices to special commodities which are dependent on geographic location of each factors. Travelodge hotel provides different products at particular price range with location dependency. The prices of Travelodge are in budget which are fir to its targeted consumers for upholding its service’s quality. The hotel charges valet parking fees, pet fee are categorised.

Organizations use various range of techniques of pricing to sell their products. In this order, cost plus pricing, going rate, loss leader and price discrimination are popular techniques. The overall objective for every restaurant of McDonald for giving food at specific competitive value drive price for particular customers. Prices have slight different McDonald’s restaurant on basis of numerous factors. While setting prices of restaurants with methodology based on demand as it does not prescribe price to franchises for setting own price structure according to their local market.


Place is considered as where goods and services could be purchases and mode where products are distributed and kept convenient to the consumers. Travelodge’s products are directly availed in right place, right quality and quantity. The cost of storage, inventory and distribution are kept at level which is acceptable (Viglia, Pelloia and Buhalis, 2018).

It is other name of distribution, as its startegis are mode where organisations receives products to its consumers. With context of McDonald which has various distribution strategies in many countries. It also provides home delivery in many countries but unavailability in various countries as well. There are McDonald’s restaurant which offers 24x7 hour service. It is replicated as example of intensive distribution which makes availability of product via sale of each possible distribution channel.


Travelodge has displayed its service on its database. The displayed features are accurately and fully described with quality of offered services. It has made easier for seeking attention to enable its consumers for determining where products could be obtained. The hotel’s internal stakeholders are aware about attributes and values about offered products.

In the present scenario, advertisements of McDonald’s are most notable in its tactics of promotion. It uses magazines, television, newspapers and media outlet to communicate it with its consumers. It also uses various techniques of sales promotion as well.


The extent of Travelodge hotel has directly offer after sales service which good method of adding value about offering of companies. It has provided competitive edge over its competitors as it is important for observing on regular aspect.

In UK approx. 97000 people are employed in Mc Donalds and owned are operated through local business women and men. The main aim is to concern about issue of both employees and customers.

Physical evidence

Travelodge hotel has facebook page along with twitter account. These social network platforms is replicated as huge advantage (Soelberg, Lindberg and Jensen, 2018).

In this element, it is physical environment visitors and experience of customer. It directly impacts functions of McDonalds with impression of customer to restaurant as well.


Travelodge hotel has developed reservation system and online booking for saving time and money of customers for accomplishing customer satisfaction.

Process is replicated as set of activities are performed for attaining something. McDonald’s undertakes numerous activities for delivering products to its customers (Aktas, 2018).

7. Providing marketing plan for Travelodge to accomplish marketing objectives


The marketing plan is prepared on basis of Travelodge which is growing organization in United Kingdom as it provides services of accommodation to business segment people and tourists. Its main objective is to create awareness of Travelodge for laying special emphasis on digital communication media.

STP Analysis

Segmentation: Travelodge helps in giving accommodation and services of restaurant and as outcome, market could be segmented into leisure and business class consumers.

Targeting: The services offered through Travelodge with specific objective for satisfying both leisure and business class consumers. As a outcome, demographic profile of consumers for requirements with target to its premium customers which observes good service at reasonable service.

Positioning: Travelodge has to promote best quality provider of restaurant services and accommodation to Travellers from UK. With context of positioning as best provider of accommodation and quality services to business and leisure class customers, it is possible for attaining high growth and success for attracting more customers. It would be performing through digital medium like Facebook, Internet marketing, twitter etc. for covering intended targeted audience. Get the best online oxford assignment help at the best price.

Marketing mix




  • Core products are restaurant and accommodation services
  • Business class people must be given Wi-Fi service and internet facility with meeting and conferencing room
  • Basic leisure class must be given network connectivity, television, internet services.
  • USB charging points
  • more choice of lighting,
  • full length mirror
  • ironing board and hairdryer


  • Premium pricing policy so luxurious group could be easily targeted for availing its services.


  • Consideration of establishing more properties in UK as it must enter in various tie ups with global tourism and travel consultancy service providers.
  • Gives huge exposure


  • Internet marketing
  • Strategies such as discount offers on first booking
  • Advertising through digital consist of social and programmatic
  • Direct marketing


  • Hiring of professional service providers
  • Best chefs with good experience

Physical Evidence

  • Application of innovative and advanced technological equipment
  • Providing good ambience to customers


  • Providing best quality services to its final consumers
  • Allowance of service personnel for satisfying query of consumer
  • Best technological process

SWOT Analysis


  • Leading position in budgeted hotels in UK
  • Entering in premium class


  • Presence in UK but not recognized global aspect.


  • To attain high market share
  • Involved in different strategies and communication practices


  • Increment in level of competition across whole industry

Porter Five Forces

Bargaining power of buyers

  • High in industry
  • Undertake various strategies for retaining customers

Bargaining power of suppliers

  • Lower in industry
  • Availability of large number of suppliers

Threats to substitute

  • Lower in industry
  • Due to accommodation and dinning services are necessary

Rivalry among existing firms

  • Significantly higher
  • Consideration of additional strategies

Threat of New entrant

  • Lower in industry



Budgeted Amount

Promotional tools (newspaper, magazines)













From the above report it could be concluded that Travelodge hotel plays very important role in hospitality industry. It has articulated functions of marketing and presence of positive interrelation among different functional unit of Travelodge. It could be summarised that elements of marketing are very important for accomplishing its objectives.

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