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Role and Responsibilities of Marketing Related to Wider Organisation


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Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing is considered as an essential tool that plays a crucial role in an organisation. It helps them in understanding market area where any company wants to launch their business in order to gain effective results. Company that is taken in the assignment is McDonald which is big organisation throughout the world (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). Through this report, researcher will get to know about principles of marketing so as to develop a basic marketing plan so firm can apply marketing mix for achieving appropriate results. Other than this, different kind of theories and framework are also included in order to have a better understanding. Along with this, 7Ps are also included in this report for achieving business objectives.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing function of McDonald

Marketing is an effective tool that is used by companies in order to get into reach with maximum number of people. It enable organisation in expanding its business in a better manner as a result it will increase its sales and profitability. Process of marketing includes designing, creating, producing, selling and buying of raw materials and goods. Entire activity will help company in grabbing attention of maximum number of people towards organisation. Thus, most of the company determine marketing tools and appropriate techniques so as to enhance their sale and generating more revenues for the betterment of organisation (Baker, 2014). Further to manage the entire procedure it is essential that company have proper management system as it will help them in operating its business in a systematic manner.

Therefore, manufacturing goods according to the choices and preferences of customers will assist them in delivering adequate and proper products to its end consumes. Other than this, there are various environmental factor that can have positive and negative impact on business operations. This includes technological, economical, social, demographical and political aspects and all these must be looked for making appropriate decision.

Functions of marketing

Strategy: For sustaining a better position it is essential that company undertakes different strategies through which they can make good plan of action. McDonald has made effective strategies that can be used for achieving their set goals and objectives in speculated time frame. Thus, marketing department majorly focuses on designing suitable plan by using favourable tools and techniques so as to accomplish the set targets in an effective manner.

Research: This is an important task that is to be performed by any company before they launch their product in new market area. It helps company in identifying targeted customers, along with current trends that are present in the market area so that they can manufacture goods accordingly. Firm gather information with the help of tools an technologies and also through surveys. Therefore, all the details that are collected helps company in attaining objectives. Thus, McDonald before launching their products they go through market area for evaluating the targeted places form where they can get maximum benefits in return.

Product development: Research helps an organisation in developing product in a better manner as it enables company in knowing the needs and wants of customers. As a result through this company can make right decision regarding development and of new products or doing modification in the existing one (Batt, 2013). Performance of sales can be evaluated by this and company can fill up the gaps that can act as a barrier in business operations.

Communication: It is prime responsibility of marketing manager that they use appropriate tools and technologies for communicating with different departments in an organisation. According to current market scenario, company can now adopt various mediums for spreading information to its clients regrading products which McDonald is going to launch. It includes social media, e-mail marketing, advertisement, promotional tools and many more. Other than this, firm undertakes different channels for communicating and these are posting blogs, making official websites, leaflets etc.,

Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function:

For McDonald, department of marketing are playing an important role in creating awareness regarding their products in the minds of customers. For this, they are considering various kinds of tools and technologies in order to be in touch with maximum number of people. Thus, managers of this company majorly focus and work for providing effective services and facilities to its end customers so as to generate appropriate amount of funds and revenues in given time frame. Survey, planning for new products, increasing sales, profit etc., are different functions that are being performed by department of marketing. Some of the departments that can be linked with marketing department are given below:

Finance: For conducting the process of marketing, finance plays an important role. Thus, it is important that company have ample amount of money for executing plans in a better manner. Department of finance basically prepares a budget plan that can be used for taking appropriate action in order to increase their business operations. In terms of McDonald they are taking help of this department for using funds in an appropriate manner for getting suitable outcomes.

Channels of distribution: In order to reach to maximum number of people and potential customers company must adopt appropriate mediums through which they can improve its sales. In context with McDonald they are using effective distribution channel so as to deliver excellent quality products to its end customers. As company are operating its business globally so they doesn't face any kind of problem in distribution channel.

Pricing strategies: It is an important factor that company must keep in mind before fixing price for their commodities. They should consider mind set of people in order to identify what cost they can agree to pay for purchasing their products. Pricing strategy majorly depends upon income level of people in particular nation (Chinn, 2017). McDonald their main product which they are selling are burger with complimentary food items i.e. Coke, French-fries, ice-cream and products that are providing are reasonable at cost which is affordable by people.

Promotional tools: Basic promotional tools that company use are advertisement in Televisions, newspapers, magazine and many more. These are included by companies in order to create awareness amongst customers at national and international level. In terms of McDonald, they are using different kinds of promotional tools for providing relevant information regarding schemes offers to its consumers.

Management of products and services: Prime role of management is to maintain a balance between demand and supply so that wastage of products can be minimise. As this will enable them in using resources in a proper manner according to the requirement of products that are being produced. In context with McDonald, manager are identifying the demands and needs of customers so that they can make excellent products for their end customers.

P2 Role and responsibilities of marketing related to wider organisation and McDonald

In order to increase sales it is important that marketing department perform their activity in a better manner. This will help company in increasing their brand image in front of customers so they can must make appropriate strategies through which they can fulfil demands and needs of customers. It is an important factor which will help them in attaining set targets and goals in speculated period of time as a result it will give competitive advancement to company. So, there are various functions that are performed by department one of the main function is to help management in making appropriate strategies and plan of action so that firm can give tough fights to rival companies. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, main aim of department of marketing is to make optimum utilisation of resources that are available to them so that they can manufacture goods that can stand as a best in quality in front of customers. For this, they determine market segmentation, promotional tools, advertisement and many more.

Marketing department of McDonald, is focussing on identifying demand and needs of customers, along with this, they are analysing different market situations, environmental factor, taste and preferences of consumers (Desai, 2013). Thus, it will help them in producing goods and delivering them to targeted market area so as to fulfil desired needs and wants. R&D department of McDonald is helping them in evaluating new tools and technologies through which they can produce goods that can stand in front of customers. Further company can do experiment with different flavours in order to get the best which can be delivered to its end customers. Their main food items which they serve to its customers are burgers(Veg and Non-Veg), along with this French-fries, coke, ice-tea etc.,

Some of the roles and responsibilities that are performed by marketing department of McDonald are given below:

Marketing research: For analysing a particular market area this plays an important role in doing so. Through this company collects information regarding customers choices and preferences, current trends that are present in the market area, rival competitors along with environmental factors, for making effective decision making so as to sustain in the market area for a longer period of time. This help them in giving excellent quality goods and services according to the choice and preferences of customers. Therefore, sauces that are made by McDonald are adding flavours in their food items.

Transportation: It assist companies in delivering products to its customers right on time. McDonald has adopted different kinds of distribution channel, methods and technologies for the same. Company has also started home delivery service which is helping them in delivering products Just In Time strategies so as to minimise cost price or expenses which can be eliminate the extra price of product and services.

Qualitative goods and services: For every company it is essential that they formulate some strategies in order to sustain and get a better position at market area. Along with this, they must also make plan of action for performing the task in a systematic manner. McDonald is serving excellent quality of food products to its customers that are superior in quality that is the reason why they are globally famous. Company has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) system so as to achieve their set targets and objectives right on time.

Risk assessment factor: In every company risk or uncertainties comes that can have an affect on business operations in a negative and positive manner. It is important that company look out to all these as so that they can evaluate solutions before it act as a barrier in business operations. As a result it will help them in enhancing their profitability and productivity in given period of time. In context with McDonald they always consider various kind of factors which can hinder in the activity of manufacturing goods in a better manner.

Product development: It is crucial that company introduce product on a regular basis after a particular interval of time (Diana, 2017). But they must also consider the quality of raw material company is using while producing the same. Taste and preferences must be considered by company so that appropriate products can be delivered. While manufacturing goods a product goes through a process, what makes a difference is ingredients that are used by them for a particular commodity.

Human resource: This is determined as a backbone for every company as they are the one who conduct recruitment and selection process for hiring eligible candidates for their organisation. Along with this, they provide training programmes to existing and new employees so as to improve skills and knowledge they acquire. Thus, HR manager of McDonald is are performing their activity in maintaining a better relationship between employees. They are helping workers in upgrading their abilities and capabilities for the services that are provided by them to its different customers. Thus, by upgrading their skills customers will be able to promote products by adding innovative and creativity in the same.

Customer relationship: In order tosustain in the market for a longer period of time it is important that company is producing goods according to the needs and wants of customers. As a result it will help them in maintaining a better relation with customers. For attracting more and more people they are giving best quality food items to its customers.


P3 Ways in which McDonald apply marketing mix for achieving business objectives

According to the current market area, there are various kinds of tools and technologies are there which company can optimise in order to promote their activities in a better manner. Marketing mix is considered as one of the best marketing tool that constitutes different components like products, price, place and promotions. Further it can be classified into 4Ps or 7Ps according to the requirements of any products for getting an effective results. It will assist them in gaining competitive advancement from other rival companies.

McDonald is using marketing mix tool for adopting and making appropriate strategies so as to run their business in an effective manner. Therefore, a comparison between McDonald and Burger King are mentioned below so as to understand the strategies both the companies have adopted for increasing their sales and profitability of company are given below:

Marketing mix tools


Burger King


Products is the item which is offered by the company for selling purpose. It can be in the form of an item or service which represents the company. McDonald's mainly deals with foods & beverages products and became a renown brand in fast food industry in international market (Durand and Barlow, 2012). The Parental restaurant was started with McDonald brothers, they only serves French fries, hot dogs, milkshakes, cheeseburgers etc. but with the passing decades they have expanded their products and started offering Breakfast items, soft drinks, desserts, fast foods as per the requirements & preferences of the local tastes & religions. McDonald's believes that earning ratio of their profits will vary according to the places, so they concentrates more on customer preferences and working on to satisfying their customers.

Burger King is one of the rival company of McDonald as they deliver same products. Along with this, they are selling food items like hamburgers with a combination of numerous flavours. Further, they are making modification in their menu cards for grabbing attention of maximum number of people.


The value of the amount which is paid to purchase the product is referred as price. Prices of the product varies from product to product. It depends on quality as well as quantity of the products. McDonald's offers diversified products so the prices are different. Pricing involves lots of strategies for the vast range of products to satisfy the need of customers & also for proves profit for the company (Forrester, 2010). McDonald can not take risk of attracting their customers by reducing prices which mark negative perception on customers, they might think that company have reduced their quality. So pricing of the products must be affordable but not too much reasonable which can place question mark on McDonald's name.

Company is adopting various pricing strategies that they can implement for increasing their sales and profitability. For this they are keeping an eyes on the strategies that are adopted by rival companies. Along with this, they are taking feedbacks in order to understand prices they are agree to pay for food items which they are giving.


Places are spaces which are occupied by people. It is the area or surrounding where the companies open there outlets or runs there business. McDonald's have approx 3600 restaurants in more than 110 countries worldwide. It usually captures the crowed places where people visits frequently like malls, Markets, Highways etc. McDonald aims to map their footprint all over market places. They are working covering urban as well as rural areas.

Like McDonald, Burger king has also expanded their business all around the world. They have ample number of outlets in various places from where customers can buy products according to their choice and preferences.


Promotion is the way by which the organization attracts there customer to buy there products. McDonald usually spends its huge amount in the promotional activities & advertisement which involves T.V ads, newspaper ads, Sponsor in Award functions. McDonald's majorly focuses on children for this they prefer to give small gifts to customers with there meals which attracts them & they influence them to visit again.

There are same promotional activities that companies can be adopted by firms for promoting their activities in different spheres and areas as well. As a result it will assist them in expanding their business in an effective manner.


People includes customers and employees. McDonald is highly focused on the customer satisfaction related to the price & product but they never ignore its employees who works for them. It has decided their dress code for its employees and emphasis on behaviour of the employee must be customer friendly. It is the responsibility of the store manager to satisfy the employees as well as the customers who visits the restaurants.

For increasing sales and profitability it is customers who are responsible. So, it is crucial that company manufacture goods according to the choices and preferences of consumers. They have a separate food items for children, youngsters and old people as well.

Physical evidences

Physical evidence is the appearance of the organization. Physical appearance of the McDonald's represents its hygiene level, quality of the products, infrastructure, services & transparency of process. McDonald's interior presence is youth oriented worldwide . As it is the family restaurant smoking is prohibited inside the outlet. The website of the McDonald's is also user friendly with the strong impact (Gummesson, 2011)

Here employees plays a crucial role as they are the one who provide with food items that are needed by its customers. For attracting more and more customers they are regulating Brochures, pamphlets and others stuffs as well.


Process is basically the activities which are used to serve and deliver the product to the customer. Process of McDonald's is also improving day by day with changing methods of preparing food, different packaging patterns and way of distribution. They follow transparency process in food making and are transparent for its customers. McDonald works on adapting new technologies to convert there process into automated. This company is famous for providing quick services in outlets & fast home delivery service.

For making burgers they are using same sort of manufacturing process which McDonald is using. But as compared to McDonald their sales is less.


P4 Evaluation of basic marketing plan of McDonald

In this current market, new technologies are helping them in creating different planning and strategies and for this, they are using various kinds of tools and technologies in order to upgrade their business operations. Further company for making appropriate plan of action they are considering mission, vision, targets, budgets, aims and objectives as well. For gaining proper growth it is essential that they make targets for a shorter period of time so that it can be achieved right on time. As a result it will keep morale of employees boosted for other task as well. Various kinds of stages are explained below that are required for making and formulating such kind of plans

Vision of McDonald: Company's vision is to give effective services to its customers so that they can win loyalty of customers for a longer period of time (Jones and Rowley, 2011). For providing effective results all members are working as a team so as to achieve a common goal.

Mission of McDonald: Mission of McDonald is to give superior quality products to its customers. For this they are providing food items with with different flavours and with the purpose of sustaining loyalty of customers for a longer period of time.

Objectives of McDonald: It is considered as a blueprint if company wants to get into a better position at market area. They are making a framework which they can follow in order to enhance their performance in business operations. Some of the objectives that are adopted by McDonald are given below in order to understand it in a better manner.

  • McDonald is running its business with the purpose of giving superior quality of products to its customers so that they can gradually come into superior position in the filed of food and beverages.
  • To become one of the largest brand of food outlets around the world.
  • In order to pull attention of maximum number of people, along with grabbing opportunities that are available in the market area.

SWOT analysis of McDonald:

This helps company in knowing their strengths and weaknesses so that they can have an ideas about on which field they have to work for better growth. Along with this, SWOT analysis helps company in analysing both internal and external factors which can have an impact on business operations.



  • McDonald's has made some changes in products that they are serving for example: coffee, smoothies, Angus burgers and many more (Mitchell, 2012).
  • As company is big so, they have managed to remain in the market during their recession period as well.
  • In every single country they have expanded their business as a result they are able to generate a large amount of money from different sources.
  • Mainly their chains are largely established in United States so they are facing potential cultural challenges.
  • Decline in market shares is the reason of decrease in market value.
  • Weak product development is also considered as weaknesses.



  • They are having a great chance of expanding their business in those place where they have not explored yet.
  • For increasing their sales they are making innovations in their menu cards and in dishes as well.
  • Government of most of the countries are targeting these companies for having a control over access consumption of food items by children.
  • Increase in competition in the same field in which McDonald's are working.

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Key Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Functions - McDonald's

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures








Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance






PEST Analysis

Political: This is an important concept that must be considered by most of the companies. In context with McDonald's they determining all the rules and regulations that are regulated by regulatory bodies of United Kingdom. Other than this, laws and legislation that to be followed in order to run the business in an effective manner is determine in this.

Economic: Sudden change in policies and regulations can have a negative impact on company's performance as they have to make changes in business operations. So, it is essential that company have Plan B if Plan A fails.

Social: This includes areas where company wants to launch their business. After analysing environment company will get to know about nature and behaviour of individuals. As a result it will help them in manufacturing goods according to the needs and wants of customers.

Technological: This factor is linked with use of new and innovative tools and techniques by which products can be delivered to customers. McDonald's are using innovative tools in order to promote their products at market areas.

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From the above report, it has been evaluated that if company implements marketings process in a proper manner than firm can gain maximum profits out of that. Therefore, for making an effective strategies it is crucial that enterprise uses tools and technologies that are present in market area so that it can help them in attracting a large number of people. Other than this, various kinds of roles and responsibility is also explained that are performed by different departments. Further these tools can be used by management in order to formulate effective strategies so as to make appropriate decisions. As a result it will help them in manufacturing goods and products in a better manner and according to needs and wants of customers.


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