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Marketing Plan of Travelodge

University: Royal College of Art

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Table of Content

  2. LO1
Organization Selected : Travelodge


Marketing is a concept that is related to promotion, advertisement, creation, and delivery of products to the customers. Marking essentials include different market segments, identification of customers' wants, marking channels, etc. Travelodge will form part of this study in order to explain various functions roles and responsibilities of marketing essentials in hospitality services. This study will explain about various roles and responsibilities of marketing functions and their interrelatedness with other functions performed in Travelodge. Furthermore, this study will involve different elements of the marketing mix which assist businesses in achieving their overall business objective. Moreover, this study will consider a marketing plan of Travelodge to achieve its marketing objectives.


P 1 The key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function within Travelodge

Hospitality organisation – Hospitality organisation include different sector's which provide customers with different product and services. This organisation include restaurants, Hotels, Theme parks, lodging, airline services, ship cruise etc (Babor and et.al., 2017). Hospitality organisation have more emphasis on customer satisfaction by their offered service. They provide luxurious experience to make their customer happy.

Brief description of activities of your chosen hospitality organisation, and location:

Travelodge works in hotel and hospitality service. It's headquarter is situated in United Kingdom. It provides super deluxe room, group booking facility, free Wi-Fi, bar cafe, spa, saloon service etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

How is it executed in the selected organisation

Market Research- Research is a purposeful, continues and systematic, time bound process which provide desired information. Research can be done for explore new market and opportunities, describe existing market or casual research to find answer for variation in routine work.

Travelodge conducts market research for identifying the area of improvement. They take help of travel agencies to find out trends and competitiveness, demanded facilities etc (Boso, Cadogan and Story, 2017). Explore opportunists to cover potential customer into existing customer, research for better customer satisfaction and innovation adoption In hotel. For example –they offer discount to new customers, provide cab service from airport to hotel etc.

Promote products and services– Marketing functions revolves around promoting are the effort an organisation put in to give information about their product and services. Promotion include direct selling, advertisement through print media , social media , word to mouth sale etc.

Travelodge promote their hotel on social media, companies own website, tie-ups with specialist agencies, local shops and restaurants, travel agencies' relation offer more services than competitors, sponsors event, etc.

Ensure customer satisfaction- customer satisfaction works with efforts make to meet customer expectation and satisfaction level. Customer satisfaction is utter most function and responsibility of marketing because high chances of customer switch. Customer Satisfaction has many dimension like repressiveness, price, psychological satisfaction, empathetically behaviour of organisation etc.

Travelodge makes serious effort in customer relation as proper communication, feedback, follow up calls, provide virtual experiences of rooms, speedy service, keep promises, they provide support to customers by listening to customers complaint and provide them with solutions. They also adopt customer satisfaction measure by conduct email survey, app rating, feedback etc. The reviews are further utilised to improve the service delivery.

Improve Brand image and the competitiveness- Marketing department is responsible to improve brand image by making innovation, providing the best service, blogging, social monitoring. It is the responsibility of marketing manager to provide good quality services and keep eye on rivals is also marketing manager’s responsibility.

Travelodge try to improve brand image by increasing their higher rating on various platform such as video clips and image on website etc. Travelodge is making efforts in order to increase its brand image by providing its customers with different discounted packages and also providing them with good quality services.

P 2 Roles and Responsibilities of marketing function in relation to wider organisational context.

Roles and Responsibilities of marketing in relation to wider organisational context



How do they relate to each other and to the marketing environment

1. Market Research

Market research provide assistance to organisation in identifying various opportunities and threat which have its influence on the working environment of the organisation. Opportunities assist in increasing the market share of the firm. It supports the firm in finding the strength and weaknesses of its competitors.

The role and responsibility of marketing assist the firm in identifying various uncertainties about the market environment such as changes in customer behaviours. It also assists the company in identifying strength and weakness of the competitors , It also provides help to Travelodge in identifying various environmental changes occurring the market.

2. Product development

It is the responsibility of marketing function to provide its employees with various information which support them in improving the existing product and also helps in development of new product. Marketing supports the development team in identifying product which are developed in the market , so to have knowledge about the products of competitors(Herciu and Ogrean, 2017).

Marketing assist in development of a product by identifying different customers demands which have a great influence on the product marketing. Marketing provide support to Travelodge in promoting a new product in the market. It provides assistance by identifying different environmental factors such as technology changes, government policies etc. Which affect the development of a product.

3. Communication

It is the responsibility of marketing function to communicate about new product and services to their customers by using different promotional tools such as advertising on television, increasing social media presence etc.

Communication assist in building a strong relationship with the outsiders which helps in getting information about different changes occurring the environment that have its influence on the working of Travelodge.

Analyse the significance of interrelatedness between marketing and other functional units within Travelodge

Relationship between Marketing and Human Resource Management: Human resource management perform various functions of marketing which helps them in getting qualified personnel’s for the company. Employees are the internal customers of the Travelodge so in order to attract people to work for the firm, human resource manager perform various functions such as promoting the company in front of their employees in order to motivate them to work for the company. Marketing strategies are modified with the change in customer demand and there are modifications required with the change in employee’s expectation (Boyland and Harris, 2017). Human resource manager in order to satisfy its employees expectation provide its employees with better training and pay scale on the basis of their skills.

Relationship between marketing and Finance: Marketing and finance both are required by Travelodge in order to achieve the organisational objective. Finance is related to profits, costs , financial performance at the end of the year etc. marketing is related with different sales activities which are needed to sale the product to customers. Marketing tools such as advertising and publicity assist the firm in selling the product to customers(Monitoring and Controlling Marketing, 2007) . The demand of the product is reduced due to poor advertisement and promotion of the product due to which sale decrease and thus there is reduction in the profit margins.

Analyse the key elements of marketing functions and their interrelatedness with other functional units of Travelodge

Promotion and Sales: Promotion is required to aware the customers about the organisational product and services. There are various Promotional tools which are used to attract customers for purchasing the products of the Travelodge. These tools include advertising of the product in newspaper, television magazines etc. which attract customers towards the brand. Purchasing habits of the customer is based on promotion of that product. Promotion helps in increasing the sales and also supports in achieving the overall objective of the organisation.

Price and food and beverages: There is a strong relationship between price and food and beverages product because customers prefer those products which are good quality and price is also reasonable. Price of the product is marked on the basis of its quality and benefits which it provides to customers (Taneja and Toombs, 2014). If Product price is not determined according to the product benefits it can reduce the demand of the product which leads to decrease in the market share of the Travelodge.

Product and human Resource Management: Product is an item which is manufactured by the company in order to satisfy customer wants. Product includes goods and services which are offered to customers to satisfy their desire (Mallek and Alipour, 2016). Human resource management formulate various strategies to provide its employees with training and knowledge which helps in determining the market demand that is required for development of the product. Human resource manager provide different skills and knowledge to the employees, so that it is beneficial for Travelodge in product manufacturing.

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Function in Travelodge

Person and front desk services: Person as a marketing mix function involve qualified personnel’s for achieving the organisational objective. Front desk services are provided by the employees of the Travelodge which requires high skills and knowledge for dealing with the customers (Song, Seo and Xina, 2016). This function provide assistance to Travelodge in providing their customers with different services.

LO 2

P 3 Compare the ways in which different hospitality organisation apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

Compare the ways in which different Hospitality apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

Elements of (7 Ps)

Company 1


Company 2



McDonald is involved in food and beverages industry. It provides its customer with different product line such as burgers, fries, chicken and various snakes and desserts. It provides customers with variety of options such as Egg muffins, Hamburger etc. McDonald in order to attract more customers towards the brand ensure that product are designed according to the customer taste and preferences.

Travelodge is involved in a hotel business. It includes services which consists of meeting, wedding, banquet facilities, restaurant and lounges, food and beverages etc. core products for Travelodge involve different hotel rooms consist of deluxe, super deluxe etc. It also provides various online reservation facilities which brings ease in customer travel.


Price of the product is decided by estimating the demand of the product in the market. Product which are designed in McDonald have implemented different pricing strategy which have benefited the firm and customers (Santos, 2017). McDonald product price is based on different factors such as location of the store, customer behaviour etc.

It adopts value pricing policy in order to maintain its repo with high quality products and services. Travelodge provides its customers with four star and five star services which attract customers towards the hotel.


Place for distribution of product is the way through which customers are provided with the delivery of product. McDonald use different distribution channels in order to provide its customer with the delivery. McDonald have different stores which are located in different countries and are attracting more customers from around the globe. McDonald have adopted franchising strategy to distribute its products worldwide also provide home delivery of their products to customers and also they have started online ordering through which customer have an opportunity to order the food online.

Travelodge provide its services in different regions of the globe. Travelodge in order to increase its market share is establishing its branches over the regions. It also involved in choosing those places for working which will attract more customers, so that their overall objective is achieved. Travelodge have adopted extensive strategy in order to achieve market penetration.


Promotion is a tool through which customers get the knowledge of products details. McDonald is using different promotional tools such as advertising of product in newspaper, magazines, television etc. so that customers are aware of the product which are distributed in the market.

Travelodge is involved in making different promotional strategies in order to inform its customers about different services which are being offered by hotel. It uses different tools such as social media posting etc. which helps in informing customers about various discounted packages on hotel rooms etc.


People include both customers and employees of the organisation. Employees and customers plays an important part when formulating various marketing strategies which assist in achieving various business objective of McDonald. McDonald ensures that the employees are provided with benefits for their best performance otherwise they may frustrate customers that leads to reduce in customer.

Travelodge ensure that both customers and employees are happy with the services which are being offered by them. Workers play a major role in the success of Travelodge because their hard work through which they satisfy customers is the most important thing to do.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence include elements of the physical environment visitor and customer experience (O'Leary, 2017). McDonald ensures that the interior are properly maintained in order to attract customers to the store also it ensures that proper cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the store. This assist McDonald in increasing their customer and also support in increasing their overall profitability of the firm.

Travelodge in order to attract more customers have designed the interior in such a way which assist them in increasing their customer. Travelodge offer facilities such as deluxe and super deluxe room, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi.


Process consists of set of activities which are performed in order to achieve the overall objective of the organisation. McDonald involve various activities through which it delivers their product to customers(The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning model, 2018). McDonald food processing is transparent that is the whole process is visible to customers.

Travelodge offer different services which satisfy the desire of the customers. Customers are provided with services such as online booking, through which they can book the rooms and enjoy the facilities easily.

Internet marketing:- Travelodge in order to attract more customers is involved in internet marketing through which it connects with different people to make them aware about their services and products which are being offered by them. Internet marketing include different types of marketing such as social media marketing, blogging etc. For example, Travelodge in order to increase its online presence is engaged in performing its various activities through social media and it is also involved in performing activities such as online booking of rooms etc. These tactics assist in achieving the organisational objective of Travelodge by increasing their customer base through internet marketing.

Branding :- This tactic of marketing focus on the Brand image which include the company logo and tag line which assist the organisation in increasing their customers by providing them with good quality products. Branding supports the organisation in promoting the product and services which are being offered by the company. For example, Travelodge is a big company which have a good brand image in the customer mind .This assist Travelodge in marketing their product and services. are you worried about programming assignment writing service in the UK from professional writers? Contact us.


From the above study, it has concluded about various roles and responsibilities of marketing functions which have assisted the organization in performing various activities for achieving the business objective. Furthermore, this study has provided different marketing planning process which helps in achieving the marketing objectives of the organization. Moreover, it has explained the strategic planning process of Travelodge which supports them in increasing their profitability.

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