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Marketing Principles and Techniques - The Cornish Bakehouse


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Organization Selected : The Cornish Bakehouse


Marketing department plays an important role in promoting a business and mission of an organisation. Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationship and satisfy all requirements and need of customer (French and Russell-Bennett, 2015). This report is based on CORNISH BAKE HOUSE small sector company which is basically located in the United Kingdom. Further, report will cover plan of advertising campaigns, develop e-mail marketing programs and create promotional content for company’s website as well as write press releases or product publications such as product leaflets. Moreover, it will cover e- marketing which is an act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.


1.1 Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business activity. It is all about accomplish and create customer, generate income and guide them a future course of small sector enterprise. Marketing cannot be done without a marketing team (Graber and et.al., 2016). In this context, marketing department is the way to interpret availability of commodity, service ideas and brand to across world. It provides services that the purpose of focus on gap between public requirement and product that are available in market. This is one of the most important parts to improve current market share.

On the other hand, marketing department plays various diverse activities that are as follows:

  • Product management: Marketing department focuses on small sector’s external environment. In addition, many factors of an organisation is stand for what they did, how small sector act in market. All such factor is most important at the time of management of overall organisation.
  • Product marketing and promotional factors: Marketing department is based on different factors that help to improve the marketing mix (Hinkel, 2015). This is to be help in all sector of business whether it will be small or big organisation that are up to date.

1.2 Identify the customers with a tool of market segmentation.

The segmentation refers to split of target market in small parts or markets that are definable, actionable and accessible for the management of an organisation. In other words, it is a special process of classification of market in different categories that are helpful for any company and its products. The segmentation of market depends on several elements like income, lifestyle and occupation of its target customers (Lees-Marshment, 2014). This is an essential technique that is useful to understand customer preferences so that company will be able to produce that type of product or service. It has four types that are given as below:

  • Behavioural Segmentation – It divides the whole market according to buying behaviour and decision making of its target customers. It is influenced by the consumption of products, lifestyle and purchase by clients. It is useful for CORNISH BAKE HOUSE in its marketing and it attracts more customers.
  • Geographic Segmentation – It is based on the geographical boundaries and creates several target consumer groups (Mayer, Borges and Simske, 2018). For this company, the management attracts its target customers and understand their requirements, interests and preferences then accomplish all these things.
  • Demographic Segmentation – It sorts the target market in small market that influenced by these type of elements like family size, education, nationality etc. It is one of the simplest forms of segmentation because it uses in attracting target audience.
  • Psycho-Graphic Segmentation – It uses the psychological aspects of target customer's behaviour and divides markets according to their lifestyle, opinions, values and interests. For this company, it is too much useful to attract more customers.

1.3 The marketing mix.

Marketing mix is refers as the promotional tool and sale the outputs of an organisation which are produced by it and it is a set of some operations or tactics. In marketing mix, there are some variables known as 7 P's of it. These are described as below:

  • Product – It refers to the physical goods that may be tangible or intangible in nature and a company produces product by raw materials then sell into its target market (Mayer, Borges and Simske, 2018). The company make bakery products for its target market.
  • Price – It is an important element of marketing mix which includes the perfect amount of a product or service for sale purpose. It denotes the actual value of a special output. CORNISH BAKE HOUSE fixes its output with a specific pricing strategy.
  • Place – It is refers to a particular geographical area where an organisation sale its services and products. In this context, the market place of this company is whole UK's market and it also uses internet for online selling.
  • Promotion – It leads to promote company's brand with increasing sales and it includes several elements like personal selling, direct marketing, maintain public relations and many more (Clements, 2015). This organisation uses many promotional activities in order to grow.
  • People – It is concerns as the number of persons that are connects with this company. It develops the habit of thinking in context of people who work outside and inside the organisation.
  • Physicalevidence – It is refers as an evidence or thing in which a company create products and sale it in its target market (Nowak and et.al., 2015).
  • Process – It is an essential element of marketing mix that denotes the services with strategy. It consists of all functions related to marketing.


2.1 Market analysis and research with aim.

Market Research – It is known as the critical process of collection and interprets the data about outputs, competitors and target market of company. An organisation uses these informations in order to expand its sales and attract more customers. Its main aim is understood consumer’s preferences and use this technique in the business activity of a particular company.

Market analysis – It is an assessment that shows the suitable market for a particular company. A company wants to re-evaluate the current market and expand its business activities. So, for this reason, it needs to analyse the current market (Serrat,2017). This organisation conducts its market analysis with its marketers and its main aim is to provide proper information about market relevance. In this context, CORNISH BAKE HOUSE conducts its target market analysis and uses it in their marketing department to increase turnover.

2.2 Market research techniques

In an organisation, thorough and accurate information about market research is a factor of successful business. It provides a detailed content about relevant market and potential customers. It has two types of techniques that are as follows:

Primary Research – It is conduct to achieve its main goal that is collect data from various tools and current sales (Shaw, 2016). All these informations are used to improve its services and products as well as functions of organisation. It is most common and valuable part of marketing research and for this reason it is also called field research. It has two important methods that are quantitative research and qualitative research. Some other methods are surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc. For this company survey and interview method is useful because it works at vast level.

Secondary research – Its main goal is to analyse the published data for identify customers and competitors with establishing benchmarks. In secondary market research, the information is takes into account from various sources for example magazines, newspapers, internet, government data etc.

2.3 Market analysis techniques and tools.

The marketers of CORNISH BAKE HOUSE can establish specific model for analyse the market tools and techniques. In this context, such SWOT analysis is as follows :


  • Great barrier for entry in such industry.
  • Highly visible website.
  • Few risks for start new products (French and Russell-Bennett, 2015).
  • Limited competitors in UK market.


  • Huge expenses for promotion.
  • High transportation cost.
  • Changeable customer's preferences.
  • Product differentiation.


  • Ability to develop new stores.
  • Continued expansion for online sales.
  • Create relation with potential customers.


  • Change rules that impact to the business.
  • Increasing insurance cost.
  • Increased raw material price.


3.1 Techniques uses in e- marketing of outputs.

The marketing can also conduct through internet. It is very easy and useful method for accomplish all goals and objectives. The major importance of this technology is, it provides a huge number of people who are using internet (Graber and et.al., 2016). There are many methods or techniques that can use by a company to promote their outputs through online, these are as below :

  • Email marketing – It is a traditional method of online marketing assignment help. It creates several contacts that helpful for this company to increase its online presence.
  • Press releases – This organisation also use an online press release method to grow its business. It can pick up by online publications.
  • Paid advertising – There are some advertisements that seen on the search engine and they are the best method of e-marketing that can use by this organisation's management in order to expand their outputs on internet.
  • Social networks – The CORNISH BAKE HOUSE also use this method because in the current scenario a huge amount of population are uses many social networking sites (Hinkel, 2015). A company can promote its products by using Facebook, snap chat, Instagram etc.

3.2 Methods to manage an online image of CORNISH BAKE HOUSE.

For every company management of their online image is most essential because any company can not accept the down fall of their sales or turnover. In this context, it is important for the CORNISH BACK HOUSE (Lees-Marshment, 2014). There are some methods, by using these methods a company can maintain its image :

  • Pay attention to feedbacks – The marketers must know about its feed-backers to maintain its brand image and expand their business.
  • Use digital channels – It is an essential method and management should use this as the tool of build and manage the online image.
  • Monitoring – In this technique the marketing manager should recognise its website daily and monitor all its reviews that given by many customers as well as subscribers (Mayer, Borges and Simske, 2018). It is noted that more than 90 percent of all search engine users only click the first page of results so that the marketers always set of results that should stand for the majority of online reputation.

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4.1 Research target market with using different market analysis techniques.

Management team use web presence in the right way that should be spread out among the company's related blogs, web sites and social media like Facebook, twitter, linked in and many more to making better image at online portal. There may be many feedbacks on every company's web sites and the management team should recognise them in the right way (Mayer, Borges and Simske, 2018). The CORNISH BACK HOUSE has many techniques like identify market trends, understand target consumers, analysis about the industry and many more. These activities' conduct and management knows about its target market segment.

4.2 Evaluating the findings of market research and analysis.

The management of CORNISH BACK HOUSE finds the results of market analysis and use it in their target market to understand customer preferences so that they expand their sales revenue. They also use data to accomplish their desired target and sustain in the bakery and food industry (Clements, 2015). In this context, the marketing research get all informations about its customers and competitors so that they make better product comparing to their competitors. It will expand the organisation's business and help in grow the operations in its target market segment.


Marketing is use for every business and make it success so that it would be a compulsory thing because it is make profitable to it. In this report, it can conclude that marketing diverse activities and its segmentation for attracts more customers. Furthermore, it described marketing mix for the CORNISH BACK HOUSE and various marketing tools, research, analysis all marketing aspects. Furthermore, it also stated the special technique of marketing research that used by company for determine its target market. Lastly, it concludes the major findings about target market so that the company will able to increase its sales in order to achieve maximum profits.


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French, J. and Russell-Bennett, R., 2015. A hierarchical model of social marketing.Journal of Social Marketing,5(2), pp.139-159.

Graber and et.al., 2016.Orthodontics-e-book: current principles and techniques. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Hinkel, E., 2015.Effective curriculum for teaching L2 writing: Principles and techniques. Routledge.

Lees-Marshment, J., 2014. Political marketing: Principles and applications. Routledge.

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