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Marketing Management - Auchan

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4350
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Provide a background of the organisation and provide market positioning and present a unique selling proposition.
  • Generate the internal and external audit of the Auchan company with the marketing attractiveness and provide the potential for market growth.
  • Auchan organization is a French multinational retail group. Explain marketing research skills through a systematic approach of searching collecting and analysing data.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Auchan


Marketing management is an organizational discipline that focuses on marketing orientation and techniques. It utilizes economic tools and competitive strategies to analyze the business environment, often conducting marketing research for market analysis. Auchan, a French multinational company founded in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez, operates in supermarkets and convenience stores. It is one of the largest retailers in countries like France, Spain, and China. Auchan owns Ceetrus, which manages shopping centers and hypermarket galleries, and Oney, which provides financial services such as consumer credit (Kotler, et al., 2018).

This report discusses marketing strategies and offers insights into marketing management. It examines Auchan's unique selling proposition and includes a marketing audit that identifies internal and external opportunities and threats affecting the company. Based on the marketing mix strategy, new products will be introduced to the market by analyzing these opportunities and threats.

Demonstrate skills in carrying out marketing audit and identifying opportunities and threats that will change the industry

There are various factors internal and external factors which will affect company. Marketing audit is done by company for analyzing business environment. So, company is conducting swot analysis and pest analysis which will examine internal and external environment (Keegan 2017).

PEST analysis

Political factors

Unstable political behaviour in country is affecting company. Political stability is must for every company to work in effective way. Trade barriers in company will affect company sales and productivity. As the company is retail company, company is buying good and products form various suppliers and because of trade barriers they are not able to buy products in low cost. Increase in tax is affecting company because it is minimizing the profits for company. There is major risk of invasion along with country can be made hostile as well. So, many companies are not investing in Malta and also not collaborating with any company in Malta (Shaw 2016).

Economic factors

There is change in macro economic conditions for country and so it will have negative impact on company. Foreign companies are not investing in companies because they have fear of losing their investment in Malta. Domestic organization are not welcoming foreign companies in domestic market. So, these factors are having impact on company and sales and also economy is not growing in effective way. Due to economic conditions interest rates are increased and so, domestic companies are only investing in market (Deepak and Jeyakumar 2019).

Social factors

Auchan has initiated youth foundation program which will promote good health and local products. Youth foundation program will result in increasing awareness regarding health of youth. Consumers trust in retail sector is important because customers are buying products of company. Company has to gain trust of consumers and company will gain trust of consumer by way of delivering good quality products. There are efforts made by company for eliminating risk and preventing social harm. Company has to be aware about the market and need of customers which will have effect on company performance.

Technological factors

Company is implementing blockchain technology for food traceability. Companies are using the latest technology which will increase sales and productivity. Orders are placed by companies and organization have to track these orders and for that companies are using the latest technology. In Malta there is introduction of register free stores. So, company is making their stores register free and expanding their business by way of opening stores in different areas. Due to this company will expand its business and achieve long term goals. By using these technologies company have gained high profits (Haider, and et.al., 2017).

SWOT analysis


Company is spreading in whole world across 12 countries. Company is operating in 12 countries which is increasing business. Organization is offering wide range of products and services which is attracting customers towards them. It has own labelled products and it has build strong brand image in market. It is delivering innovative and efficient products to customers which will satisfy customers. Products of company are changing according to the country and culture. So, company is delivering products according to customers. It is one of the biggest hyper markets which is operating with 260000 employees all over world (Chernev 2018).


Brand recall is difficult due to change in name of different stores. Company is operating in 12 countries so, company has changed their names in every country. So, company has not built brand image in market. Organization have not targeted premium segment of customers which will buy products. Premium level customers are neglected by company because there is huge market for company without premium. Global penetration is restricted and which can be compared to other leading stores in Malta. These all has decreased sales of company along with company performance in market.


Company can joint venture with companies which are outside country retailers. Foreign companies are not investing in country but company can joint venture with foreign companies which will increase business and business opportunities as well. There are international tie ups which will tap emerging economies which will increase business of company. International tie ups will bring new companies in market which will increase business on large scale (Olson, and et.al., 2018).


There are various threats which are faced by company and it will have negative impact on company sales. Company is facing controversy regarding labour policy in some countries. Organization is working in 12 different countries and all countries have different laws and regulation regarding labour. Labour policy is changing and company has to work in company as per country policy and company policy. There are restring laws for FDI investment in other countries. Company will face problems because company is not able to increase business and expand business. Increase in competition is threat for company because there are very strong competitors in market which are striving to be successful in market (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez 2018).

Porter five forces

Five forces of the porter is considered as a simple but at the same time powerful tool for the understanding the competitive behavior of the business environment. Mention below are he five forces that can makeup the competitive environment (Graham, 2016).

Power of the suppliers

Strong bargaining power of the suppliers ennobles the suppliers to sell their product at the higher rate while maintaining the low quality. It will directly impacted on the profit of the company while paying more regarding materials. Suppliers of the Auchan faces bargaining power where there are fewer suppliers but at the same time lots of buyers. Suppliers are the persons who can hold the scare resources (Shiu 2017).

Bargaining power of the buyers

They have the power to demand the products whose quality is higher while prices is lower from the industry as their bargaining is strong as compare to the others. Lower prices indicates the lower revenues, also the higher prices raises the cost of the production. These can be lowed profits regarding producers. Auchan has various independent consumers that provides have the high prices to enhance the profitability. It can be impacted by the purchasers that Auchan has, as well as how significant each and every consumer is. They also focus on how much cost takes to Auchan to search out the new consumers(Schatten,Ševa. and Tomičić,2016).

Rivalry among existing competitors

This force is considered as the major determinant about the profitability and competitive of an industry is, within this competitive industry various competitors can offer undifferentiated services and product that can reduces the attractiveness regarding market. When the large number of the competitors are (there) than the equal services and products they offer, lesser the power of firm. Oppositely when the power of the competitive is less and the firm has the higher power to charge the higher prices as well as accomplish higher profits as well as sales (Graham, 2016). It can be more intense when exist barriers are high as well as growth of the industry is negative and slow.

Power of suppliers

Strong bargaining power enables suppliers to sell their goods at the higher prices and at the same time low quality of the raw materials. It can directly impacts the profits of the buying organization as they have to pay more regarding materials. Supplier of Auchan has the more bargaining power when the suppliers are less but at the same time many buyers.

Threat regarding new entry

As per this force how easier or difficulty for the competitors to take entry within marketplace. (Markets) of Auchan attracts the new entrants as they able to erodes profitability, unless and until they have Durable and strong barriers regarding take entry (Schatten,Ševa. and Tomičić,2016).

Threats regarding substitution

When the close substitute products exist within the markets, there is always a likelihood the people to switch to the alternative products that posses high quality and low prices, in response to when the prices of the products are increases. It able to reduces both attractiveness and power of suppliers within the market (Graham, 2016).

Some opportunities and threats which will affect company performance and business environment as well. These opportunities can be grabbed by company for increasing sales and increasing productivity. Company is planning to launch new product and for that company has to overcome internal and external factors which will affect company performance. Marketing audits is conducted and in that audits internal and external factors are discussed which will affect company. Company is panning to prepare marketing plan which will analyse the market in more detail (Quelch 2017).

Marketing audit is conducted with comprehensiveness and in systematic way. In comprehensiveness marketing uses are identified and analysed. In systematic marketing sequential steps are used by company for collecting and analysing data based on company internal and external environment. Marketing audit is important because it will help company to identify opportunities and threats which be affect company performance in market. It will help company to analyse marketing activities in deeper way and analyse the steps how it is executed. The performance of audit is relied on function of management and decision which are related to marketing activities (Kotler, and et.al., 2017).


Demonstrate marketing research skills with systematic approach of searching collecting and interpretation data

Marketing research skill

Market research is done by way of searching, collecting data and interpretation data. These all will need research skills and which will accomplish the work given. Researcher will have ability to cope with fast work and complete the work on time. Accuracy will be maintained by employers and employees which are conducting research. Good communication skills will make employee work in effective way. Communication can be done in two types which are written and verbal communication. In written communication researcher will conduct market research and analyse what factors will have impact on company performance.

Employees also need to have good organization skills which will improve performance of company. Organization skills include planing of work and controlling the work in effective way. Employee must have ability to mange time, workload and resources. It will help employee to improve performance and mange the stress level. In case of business systems are not organized in effective way it will have negative effect on employee performance. Employees are not able to manage work and manage the resources which will schedule projects in effective way (Wood and Jobber 2016).

Employee which is conducting research must have strong attention and must able to notice patterns and statistics. Strong and attentive mind will have impact on employee performance along with it will reduce stress of employer. Employee must be able to notice patterns and statistics which will help them to improve performance and work in effective way. Market research will include the internal factors and external factors which will affect company image. So, individual must be able to manage work and must have positive behaviour which will improve performance of employee.

Role of marketing plan in marketing management

Marketing plan is including full process which will help company to analyse market environment. The process includes mission and vision objectives, situation analysis and then internal and external factors are evaluated. After these corporate strategy is prepared and then marketing strategy is prepared. Then it will include target market and then implementation and evaluation. These full process is conducted in systematic way which will analyse business environment. Marketing plan need to be implemented in effective way which will decide about marketing activities (Magalhães, and et.al., 2020).

Through effective marketing plan it will promote successful marketing operations. Planning helps company to coordinate with other activities which are running in an organization. It will be forcing management to work in effective way and in systematic way. Resources are not misused, and they are used in for identifying market opportunities. Marketing plan will help company to work in effective way and praise performance of employee. In the strengths are identified, weakness and threats are identified and opportunities are identified and grabbed. Effective planning will have low risk of failure while completing work.

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The main purpose of plan is to decide how will the products and services are going to be delivered to customers. In these most of the employees are focusing on the need of consumers and focusing on which consumers will buy products at large cost. Company is using various strategies which will help them to do that but these can be analysed by of marketing plan (Post 2019). Marketing plan is making sales easier along with that productivity is also in creased. Specific issues which will have negative impact on company are identified. Marketing plan will help company to identify issues and do work in effective way.

Strategies of marketing

Company is focusing on the marketing strategies which will help them to work in effective way. Most effective strategies of marketing is search engine marketing which can be used by company. In this company is preparing web page which will contain all the information regarding company and products. Customers will see company details and see features of products. It will also provide ratings and reviews of customers which have used this product. Customers can also pay by way of online banking and order products at home.

Company is using social media as marketing tools which will help company to improve image of company in effective way. Companies are placing their advertisements on social media which will help company to advertise about the products on social media along with features and prices. It can attract customers along with other people will be aware about the products and features of products. Organization can also attract customers by way of email marketing and content marketing. In these advertisements are placed on internet websites and via marketing is done by emails as well (Dib 2018).

Nowadays technology is increased and company is Increasing business by way of mobile application which will be made by company. It will attract customers and consumers can order products online by way of mobile application. In these customers have option of paying cash or paying via online banking. The products are delivered at home and without any charges. Technology has increased business of company along with productivity is increased as well.


Apply findings to create position of new unique selling proposition

Company is launching new product in market which will attract customers by its features. Company is launching new products like omni pork which will include pea, Shiitake and mushroom and rice. It will offer high quality of vegan and protein which will contain all amino acids. These proteins and amino acids are must for body and it is a hundred percent juicy and plant based product.

  • Vision: To provide better health to customer
  • Mission: To improve the purchasing power of consumers and improve quality of life.

Unique selling proposition

Unique selling proposition is marketing concept which will state about unique selling point of company. It is theory which will state about unique features of company (Deshpande, and et.al., 2017). Company is using the unique selling proposition for selling products in market and advertisement are also placed by following these unique selling proposition. USP is creating brand image of company in market. These approach is used by company when products need advertising for increasing sales. It will help customers to identify differences between brand and category along with it will help consumers to form positive attitude towards brand and company.

Unique selling proposition of Auchan is “ provide low price and large product selection for better quality of life”.

Marketing position

In marketing position company is analysing its position in market. Market positioning refers to the consumer perception and how consumers will establish image of company in their mind. Position of brand is related to the strategic process which will include marketing of brand or product. Company has created strong position in market which will require marketing initiatives. In repositioning brand of product will alter place of mind consumer. It will try to change consumers perception or brand which will affect consumers perception towards company (da Silva and Las Casas 2017).

STP analysis


Company is planning to launch new product in market which will attract customers. Market is segmented on basis of demographic, geographic and psycho graphic factors. In demographic market is divided on basis of age, gender and education. In geographic Market is segmented on basis of country, regional and city. Psycho graphic market is segmented on basis of personalty and risk aversion as well. Company is launching new product which will need to segment the market and work in effective way. Market segmented is middle class customers which will buy products for staying healthy.


In targeting target markets is analysed, as company is launching new product of omni pork which is healthy and will include proteins and amino acids. It will make person healthy for living better quality of life. Target market for these are young people which wants to stay healthy and stay fit. Young people want to consume more proteins which will help them to work in effective way. Old aged people also wants to stay healthy, and so they can also consume these products. People, not have to consume non veg products and can use types of products and gain proteins as well (Paley 2017).

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Company can position the products in supermarkets which will attract customers towards them. Products can be consumed at every age groups and people want to consume vegetarian products. Products can be placed on store and in on line store as well. People can buy the products form any place. Online selling is the latest trend which will attract customers towards company. So, company can sell products in online stores and in retail stores as well. Product need to be placed in right place which will decide the position of products in market. It will state market position and company position in market as well.

7 Ps of marketing


Product is omni pork which is consisted of protein, non GMO soy and shiitake along with all these will also include mushroom and rice. Products are offering high quality of proteins and essential amino acids which will help customers to stay fit. It is tender and a hundred percent plant based product. These products will attract customers and company sales and productivity will be increased. So, company will increase sales and distribute products in supermarkets for there customers will buy the products (Alzahrani, and et.al., 2017).


Place is where products are placed by company. Organization is selling products in market by way of stores and super market. Company itself is big retail organization and have own super market. These products will be sold at company super market. Place of company must be suitable for customers because consumers are visiting place and buying products. Places must be near customers so, they will visit store instantly. Company is also operating with online application and websites. So, these products can be sold online and which will attract customers in effective way. Mobile application will be used by company for increasing sales and delivering products at home.


Company has targeted Market which is middle class so, price of products is according to customers. Price is changing the behaviour of customers because price is major factor which will have effect on consumer decision. Price will include cost of ingredients and also profits ratio of company is included in price of products. As company is launching these products so, company has kept price of product average which can fit the budget of customers. In case of low prices and offer and discounts customers will buy products and try this product (Maldonado, and et.al., 2020).


As it is a new product it will need promotion because customers need to be aware about the product. In promotion advertisements are made relating to products along with special features of products. So, company can invest in promotion which will increase sales of company. Products are new for market so, trial products will be made and distributed among customers which will try these products and given their feed backs regarding products. Once customers are attracted towards products they will buy products even at high prices. Promotion can be done by company in social media websites as well.


Packaging of product is important because it is playing vital role in attracting customers. Packaging is attracting customers and packaging will include all features and retail regarding products. As it is food products company must see that packaging is proper otherwise it can harm health of consumers. Health of consumers will be affected by improper packaging so, packaging must be attractive as well as proper. Packaging must be done in that way, in which food is not spoiled after long period.


In positioning, position of company and products is analysed. Products must make position in consumer heart and mind. So, customers will buy products and it will increase sales of company. People must be aware about product and even if, some customers have negative reviews regarding products. So, company have to address reviews and improvise products according to customers which will attract customers. Consumer reviews and feed backs are deciding the position of company and product in market.


People which are buying products are customers, consumers preferences are changing, and they are attracted toward any type of new and innovative products. So, company can attract customers in easy way but company have to make initiatives for making these consumers loyal towards company. So, company is using sales and marketing strategies for attracting consumers. Most important company has to make product but according to customers demand and company must try that marketing of products is done among those customers which can buy products and which have need of products. Need assignment Help from expert writers.

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From the above report it has been concluded that marketing management is used by company for attracting customers. Company wants to increase sales and attract customers so, company is taking effective measures for attracting customers. Marketing of products is done by company by way of analysing internal and external market which factors can affect company. Report have included swot analysis, pest analysis and competitive forces model which have stated about the opportunities and threats which affecting company. So, company is taking effective measures which will for launching new product in market. Company is following seven p of marketing and also segmentation, targeting and positioning model is used by company for analysing market behaviour towards company. Company has increased sales by using the latest technology which have attracted customers like online ordering and home delivery as well. Organization is using unique selling proposition which will indicate unique features of company which will help them to build strong brand image in market. By using these marketing strategies company have increased sales and productivity as well. Report is providing knowledge regarding marketing management techniques and tools.

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