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Marketing Function in Hilton Hotel

University: Regent College London

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Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Marketing is very essential business activity. It plays very crucial role in the growth of an organization. Marketing is mainly concerned with providing high level of satisfactions to customers. It has focus on fulfilling the demand and satisfying the needs of consumers through exchange process. Marketing can be defined as the either art or science of exploring, developing and delivering value to clients. Promotional activities are important as it helps an organization in achievement of goals. It also supports business entity in increasing sales and profitability. An effective marketing plan is very much crucial for achieving desired results.

The present report has focus on identifying the key roles as well as responsibilities for the marketing function in Hilton Hotel. It also has focus on analyzing the significance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional department within an enterprise.

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LO1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function in Hilton Hotel

Marketing function has important role to play especially in service industry. There are various roles and responsibilities which are required to be performed by marketing department in an organization. Success and growth of company is totally dependent on the performance of marketing department. Marketing function plays crucial role in promoting the brand, products and services. The responsibility of marketing function is to support business entity in identifying the way for increasing sales profitability (Pike, 2015. The role and responsibility of marketing function in context of Hilton are:

Roles and responsibilities

The way these are executed in selected company

Market audit

It is considered to be as an important marketing function. Responsibility of marketing is to collect information about the needs and demands of customers in the market and provide the same to an enterprise. Marketing research is very crucial activity in in context of gaining knowledge about current marketing trends.


Main role of marketing function is to promote goods and services. Its responsibility is to generate brand awareness and inform the customers about products offered by an organization. Marketing department in Hilton hotel has adopted the unique strategies for promotion.

Public relations:

It is core marketing function. Role as well as responsibility of marketing function is to spreads information about the services offered by business entity.


Responsibility of marketing function is to assist an organization in increasing sales and profitability (Brychko and Domegan, 2017). It is duty of marketing function to support an enterprise in exploring growth opportunities in the market.

Distribution of services;

It is the important role of marketing function to make product or service available to customers. It is required by marketing manager in Hilton hotel to make an effective plan about the way services will be distributed to customers.

Analysing the way roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to wider organisational context.

Roles and responsibilities in context of wider organisational context are:

Formulation of plan for product development:This is an important marketing function. Role of marketing is to assist business entity in creation of an effective plan for product development. Role of marketing function is to assist operational department in developing the Products or services according to the customer. demand. With the support of marketing function Hilton hotel has develop services which has assisted firm in delivering high level of satisfaction to their clients.

Identifying customer needs: roles and responsibility of marketing department of Hilton hotel is to identify the needs and demands of customers. It is the duty of marketing department to collect and analyse information, on the basis of data support an enterprise in designing product or service.This marketing function help an organisation in delivering high level of satisfaction to client.

Planning:It is the duty of marketing department in Hilton Hotel to make an effective plan for promoting goods. Role of marketing functional unit is to identify suitable ways for ree3aching to customers and informing them about the services offered by company. Planning activity will assist an enterprise in delivering high value to customers (Saxton and Waters, 2014).

Branding; Role of marketing function is to support firm in making important decision related to branding. It helps business entity in generating brand awareness.

Customer support services: role and responsibility of marketing function is to provide pre sales services, technical support to customers. It supports business entity in gaining customer loyalty.

Analysing the roles and responsibilities of marketing in context of marketing environment

Development of marketing plan and strategy: It is the role of marketing manager is to make promotional plans considering the latest trends. Marketing manager in Hilton hotels required to formulate strategies by taking into consideration business objectives, availability of resources, changing marketing opportunities etc.

Market segmentation:As in present scenario, market is not homogenous, due to which it has become important for companies to divide customer group as well as market into small segments. Role and responsibility of marketing manager is to assist business entity in identifying the target customer group and suitable market for positioning services provided by Hilton hotel (Valentini, 2015.).

Dealing with competition: It is the duty of market to recognise the competitors and their responsibility is to analyse the strategies used by rivalries for attracting customers. Function of marketing manager in Hilton hotel is to develop an effective tactic as well a strategies based on the information collected by them.

The importance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional department within an enterprise

The interrelationship between the marketing department and other functional units has great importance in context of firm success and growth. An effective relationship between marketing and other functional department has assisted Hilton Hotel in accomplishing business objectives. Good coordination between marketing and other functional units has helped business entity in gaining competitive advantage in the market. It also has positive impact on the productivity as well as working efficiency of firm.

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Environmental Analysis

Interrelationship between marketing and other functional unit is also crucial for delivering high level of satisfaction to customers. An effective relationship between marketing and other functional department has assisted Hilton hotel in expanding business (Weinstein and Cahill, 2014).

Marketing and Finance department: Finance department prepares budget for marketing department. This functional unit provides the financial resources to marketing department which is required for executing promotional activities.

Sales and marketing department: Sales department prepares the report of the total sales of each product. This report assist marketing department in analyzing organizational performance. Marketing and sales department works together and develop plans for increasing the sales of services.

Operational and marketing department: Marketing department conduct research for identifying the demand and wants of customers in the market. This function unit provide or data related to the market to operational department. It has helped Hilton hotel in maintaining the balance between demand and supply (Warren, Sulaiman and Jaafar, 2014).

Marketing and purchase department –Purchase department is responsible for providing the resources to marketing department. It helps business entity in eliminating the barriers which might occur in promoting goods and services.

Key elements of marketing functions and the way they interrelate with other functional departments.

Marketing is considered to be as an important function which helps an organisation in increasing sales and profitability. An important elements of marketing functions are:

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Promotion: This is considered to be an important element of marketing. This component of marketing helps an enterprise in accomplishing desired outcome. It allows business entity to effectively communicate with client and inform them about the services. An effective promotional strategy has assisted Hilton Hotel in in delivering message and company objectives to customers. The main purpose of promotion is to generate brand awareness and to promote goods or services.

Market research: It is mainly concerned with critical evaluation of marketing environment. It is required by marketing manager in an organization to execute a market research, as this strategy will assist business entity in successful launching of products or services. Market research activity has assisted in identifying the demand of customers (Nyuur, Brečić and Simintiras, 2016.).

Distribution: This element is important for delivering the goods or services to customers. It is required by marketing manager in Hilton hotel to select an effective distribution channel. As this strategy will assist business entity in delivering timely servicers to customers. It will enable an organization in providing high level of satisfaction to guests.

Customer services: This is considered to be as an important element. The main objective of Hilton hotel is to gain customer loyalty by satisfying their demand. Hilton hotel provides various services to customers such as accommodation facilities as per the budget of customer, Wifi, conference room, food services, to its guests (Mehmetoglu and Norman, 2013.).

Lo2 Comparing the ways in which two different organisation apply the marketing mix to marketing planning procedure for achieving business objectives

Marketing mix elements

Hilton Hotel


Product/ services

Hilton hotel provide accommodations services to customers according to their budget. The various types of accommodation facilities such as hotels, villas, lodge are provided to guest. In addition to this

Travelodge company has launch premium economy rooms for customers. In addition to this,they provide extra services to their those guests who are spending more time working in the room.


Differentiated pricing strategy is adopted by Hilton hotel.

Business entity charge prices according to the quality of services. Company charges high prices for premium services.


Hilton hotel is located at central location, so that customers can easily access the services offered by company.

Travel lodge is established only at five locations


Direct marketing and use of social media strategy is used by business entity for promoting goods or services. Seasonal discounts re offered for attracting more number of customers (Sikdar and Vel, 2010).

Market campaign and digital advertising strategy has been used by firm for generating brand awareness and informing customer about services offered by an enterprise.


Company mainly focus on fulfilling customer demands. All types of travellers rea target of a company.

An organisation targets business class people. In addition to this Travelodge has focus on providing training to staff so that professional services can be delivered to guests.


Business entity has focus on improving customer services. In addition to this Service quality is constantly under review with staff training and enhancements.

Firm is mainly concerned about improving promotional activities. It also planning to launch super rooms for guests.

Physical evidence

An organisation has hierarchical business structure.

Firm has simple business structure which enables management to make quick decision.

Evaluating the various tactics applied by Hilton hotel in order to demonstrate the way business objectives are achieved.

Every organisation establishes for achieving some set goals. The main purpose of Hilton hotel is to increase sales and profitability. It also intends to gain customers loyalty. Other objectives of an enterprise are to increase market share and foster growth.

Set short or long term and clear targets- management in Hilton hotel has set clear objectives and targets. Management in an organisation has clearly communicated the objectives to employees and they were also informed about the strategies which will be used by an organisation for achieving desired goals. This tactic has supported management in ensuring engagement of all workers.It has provided firm an ease in reaching to the target.

Measuring progress: This is considered to be an effective tactic which help firm in ensuring that all the procedures are useful and will help in driving the organisation towards objectives. Manager in Hilton Hotel has been assigned with the duty to review procedures and performance of workers ta workplace (Sivesan, 2012). This tactic has assisted firm in producing desired outcome. Management in order to measure the progress has set some specific standards. This strategy has helped manager in measuring the actual result with desired.

Turn Long-Term Strategies into Short-Term Tactics: After identifying the reasons for deviations, it is very much crucial to minimize the gap between actual and benchmark set. Management in an enterprise is providing training to workers, this tactic has assisted an organization in improving performance level of workers as well as helped firm in increasing productivity.

Division of teams: This tactic has assisted in making the work easier for workers. Manager in an enterprise has effectively communicated ideas and leaders in an enterprise has provided clear guidance to team workers

Resulted oriented management process: management in Hilton Hotel organizes meeting at regular interval of time. The main purpose of the meeting is to identify the various issues faced by employees in performing tasks. In meeting workers are provided with an effective solution for the problem faced by workers.

Lo3 Basic marketing plan for Travelodge

Executive summary:

Marketing plan can be defined as a document which provide information about the various activities which will be executed by an organization for promoting their goods or services in the market. There are various tool such as PESTLE, SWOT , porters five forces , value analysis etc. which can be used by manager in Travelodge organization for identifying the various external factors which have effect on marketing plan of an enterprise. Marketing objective of an enterprise is to increase sales by 5 to 10 percent within six months.

Porters five force analysis: Threat of new firm: The company in which Travelodge company is operating is very big and new companies in order to enter into an industry requires to make huge capital investment. Which is not at all possible for small organisation to do so. Therefore, there is less chances of threat of new entrant.

Threat of rivalries among existing firm: An industry in which travelogue company is operating its business consist of giants or powerful companies. As organisation is operating business at international level, therefore, business entity has to face competition from global companies as well. Hilton hotel is big competitor of Travelodge (Pradana, and .et.al. 2018).

Threat of substitute: There is high chances of additional services which can be provided by competitors.

Bargaining power of suppliers: Bargaining power of supplier is low, as supplier want to generate high profit by entering into a contract with such big companies like Travelodge.

Bargaining power of buyers: High, as the switching cost for buyer is low they can easily switch to other brand.

Objective of Marketing: Travelodge marketing objective is to increase its sales by 5 to 10 % within six months.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning: It is better for Travelodge to focus on particular market rather than whole market because it simplifies the process of achieving target. Segmentation is the process where buyers or clients are divided according to their taste and preferences. Travelodge can target business class people.

Marketing budget


Estimated budget

Advertising activities




Blog creators








Detailed and coherent evidence based marketing plan for Travelodge

Hilton company is chain of hotels which provides luxury facilities and quality services to customers. Marketing manager in Hilton hotel has included marketing mix in promotional plan which has assisted business entity in accomplishing desired outcome

Elements of marketing mix are:

Product: Hilton hotel produces services according to the needs and demands of customers. An organization provides space for meeting and events. Request on arrival room service is a key feature for the unique room facilities and décor.An organization is planning to developed specialized services for welcoming their guests.

Price: Hilton hotel is planning to use premium pricing policies. This decision has been taken by management considering the quality of services and demand by customers in the market.

Place: Hilton hotel is providing services in more than 84 countries. Business entity has global presence which enables an organisation to deliver services to wide number of customers. Hilton hotel are located near airports which helps an organisation in reaching to target audience. An organisation chooses their surrounding in well- selected manner which adds to the experience of the customers (Hamzah and Sutanto, 2016).

Promotion: earlier the traditional marketing strategies has been adopted by business entity. But now due to change in trends, marketing manager in an enterprise is planning to adopt the unique marketing strategies for generating brand awareness. Hilton hotel has planned to form strategic partnership with supporting industries which will enable firm to increase its sales and services. This strategy will also enable business entity to provide additional services to their guests.

People: The main purpose of Hilton Hotel is to gain the customer loyalty. Business entity in order to accomplish desired target, is planning to make more investment on providing training to staff. As by implementing this strategy firm will able to provide professional services to their guest. Employees are key stakeholders those who have assisted an organisation in expansion of business.

Physical evidence: An organisation has wide reach as well as presence globally. Now management in Hilton hotel is planning to use digital technology such as social media sites, as this will support an organisation in increasing its customer base.

Process: Hilton hotel have best management procedure. An organisation is now concentrating on improving supply chain management which is very much important for delivering timely services to customers (Purvis,2016). Effective management of supply chain will assist an organisation is minimising the cost of operations.

Strategic marketing plan for Travelodge.

Business objectives

Marketing Mix strategy


Monitoring and evaluation.

To gain customer loyalty

Product- Travelodge is required to produces goods or services according to the need of customer. This strategy will assist an organisation in providing high level of satisfaction to customers.

It is required by company to provide quality services, as this tactic will help firm in gaining customer loyalty.

Manager in an enterprise can set standards which can be used for measuring quality of products.

To increase sales

Price-is presently using the premium pricing policy.

It is required by an organisation to launch offers and discounts. As this strategy will assist enterprise ion increasing sales and profitability.

Market research or customer feedback can be used as technique for analysing the people perceptions about pricing policy of firm.

To expand business

Place : Presently Travelodge is delivering services in more than 84 countries.

Manager in an organisation needs to conduct market research, as this strategy will help an organisation in exploring scope of expansion.

Increase in sales nad market share can be used as benchmark for measuring progress.

To increase customer base

Promotion : Travelodge is using the direct selling strategy for promoting services.

It is required by an organisation to use digital technology for informing customer about services offered by organisation, as this strategy will help an organisation in increasing customer base.



It has been concluded from the report that mar4keting is the activity which assist an organisation in increasing sales and profitability. Report has also concluded that marketing play crucial role in establishing of good brand name. It has also been concluded from study that marketing mix is very important to be included in promotional plan in context of achieving desired objectives. Assignment has also concluded that organization is performing well in the market, but still there are various areas where firm need to bring improvement.

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