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Marketing Essentials With the Context of JJW Hotel And Resorts

University: Oxford Brookes University

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

  2. LO 1
Organization Selected : JJW Hotel and Resorts


The hospitality industry is very important from an economic perspective. The present report will discuss various marketing essentials with the context of JJW Hotel and resorts. In a similar aspect, it will reflect the role of marketing with its interrelationship to functional units. This report will provide a comparison through marketing mix for attaining overall business objectives. Further, it will reflect the marketing plan with the context of Travelodge hotel.

LO 1

Explaining key responsibilities and roles of the marketing function within a selected hospitality organization

Marketing function could be termed as a function of business organization which helps to determine and directly source various popular products for market and it will indirectly help in the promotion. These functions are very common in JJW Hotel and Resorts and engage product plan, promotion, marketing research, customer service, finance, etc. It has a huge involvement in its responsibilities as these are directly responsible for growth. The marketing function comprises of market research, product development, distribution, planning, selling, etc. In the present scenario, it has a crucial role in JJW Hotel and resorts. There is a close association in between organizational and marketing function in hospitality industry (Role of Marketing department, 2018).

Roles & Responsibilities

How is it executed in JJW Hotel and Resorts

Market research

It is replicated as major function in JJW Hotel and resorts on the basis of marketing. It consists of particular knowledge about price, consumers and product for communicating the best services and products in market.


After completing procedure of planning, it is considered as the next key function. The department of marketing in JJW Hotel and Resorts involves financial planning, distribution, forecasting figure of sales, communication and different other relevant factors of business. This planning department optimizes a particular timeline for planning major strategies for transforming organizational objectives in the form of success.

Product development

In context of JJW Hotel and resorts, product has been developed as basic level of its selling to its consumer through giving benefit to its guests. It offers well-appointed rooms, best dinning along with exceptional services which are targeted to customers. It also consists of accessibility atmosphere along with consumer interaction with this service company. It has a huge consideration of different extra facilities such as Spa, Gym, etc.


Development of promotion is considered as the vital part of hotel marketing related to JJW hotel and resorts. Occupancy is raised within times of year along with low bookings. In hospitality industry, throwing special events like gourmet weekends, providing incentives like booking for specific duration gives one night extra accommodation and for attracting more guests. It has presence of conference rooms and so, promotion could be done for business events and consideration of offering meeting rooms for local business with application of short term (Perera and Perera, 2018).

Discussing the way roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organizational context

The function comprises marketing research, strategy management, product development, sales support system, human resource department, distribution system and its role has to promote JJW Hotels and resort's growth. The marketing functions are interrelated to wider organizational context and interrelationship among marketing and organizational function are contributed as other functional and department units are directly linked. It could be explained as marketing role with requirement of backup with other departmental operations of JJW Hotels and resorts to perform effectually. If any business organization has requirement of planning and to implement a particular marketing plan, there is requirement to support its financial, sales, production and human resource department.

Further, if JJW Hotel and resort's marketing team has requirement of offering discount offer for product's bulk purchase like buy 2 get 1 free scheme, as compared to requirement of communication with production and finance department of organization on prior aspect. In the similar context, marketing roles and responsibilities are individual business entites but each function and department in any company is associated for raising the profitability. The main role and responsibility of marketing is increment in margin along with its sales and it could be attained with appropriate participation of each department of JJW hotel and resorts simultaneously.

Similarly, finance department gives proper budget to marketing department for the purpose of planning and implementing specific marketing plan. Further, the production department has directly created communication for logistics department to fulfil supply and demand of products and services as well. The policies of human resources are directly generated as per trends of markets along with sales and target customers. Hence, all functional units of JJW Hotel and resorts directly correlate with each other for preparation of successful plan of marketing of hotel (Okumus and Cetin, 2018).

Analyzing responsibilities and roles of marketing related to the marketing environment

The major function of marketing related to marketing environment are stated below:

Marketing management helps in facilitating functions and activities which are directly engaged in appropriate distribution of services and goods. It could be defined as planning, analysis, implementation and direct control of program and design in such aspect to bring desired exchanges with target market for objective of attaining organisational goals. In the similar aspect, the process of execution and planning of different marketing concepts are present here. These marketing concepts involve sales, distribution, promotion and pricing which directly compliments JJW Hotel and resort's target audience. The role of marketing is directly explained as:



How do they relate to each other and to the marketing environment

Development of marketing planning and strategies

Recognising requirements and needs of target consumers and gives technology advancement

The primary function of marketing directly depicts appropriate development of marketing plans and strategies for JJW Hotel and Resorts. In this context managers has to accomplish requirements of target consumers and to gives services and products accordingly. The proper development of marketing strategies brings out appropriate balance among objectives of organization and different market opportunities. It will give direct impact to organization's image as it is interlinked to customers in micro perspective. With context of macro, it is enhancing enhancement in technology which is recent trend in every sector.

Determining innovative developments in marketing environment

Providing constructive response about products and service's development

The process of marketing in JJW hotels and group has crucial objective for determining innovative developments on basis of marketing environment. It helps in giving constructive response for products and service development of organisation. These specific innovative developments engages alteration in marketing traits, legal and political changes, various socio-economic forces along with internal and external changes of market. In the similar aspect, it helps on macro perspective related to sustainable development in the future (Eletxigerra, Barrutia,and Echebarria, 2018).

Increasing volume of sales

Building strong and appropriate brand value

With context of brand equity, customers are directly tends for inclining over brands along with JJW hotel and resort for giving value to their services and product as well. Hence, marketing helps in giving reputation for building strong brand value of specific business entity among the customers. This process is linked with business organization for raising volume of sales in micro and perspective. The present scenario gives description about social factor as in present era, eco-friendly products are directly introduced with context of macro aspect.

Analyzing significance of interrelationship among marketing and other functional units

The interrelationship of key marketing functions and different another functional unit of JJW Hotel and resorts are explained below:

The marketing functions are directly associated with separate functional units of hotel which must be elaborated with connection between finance and marketing department. These marketing function has huge requirement of various economic resources for purpose of planning, research, evaluation and implementation of different marketing strategies and planning of JJW Hotel and resorts. It has been directly provided through organization's finance department. The marketing functional could not operate with absence of appropriate communication and direct sort through financial team in business entity. Similarly, in JJW Hotel and resorts the marketing function are associated with other departments as there is huge requirement of perfect description through production department on basis of services and products of business entity to give marketing plan (Scott and et.al., 2018).

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In the similar context, there is need of human resources through HR department, logistics through distribution network along with economic help through finance department etc. The marketing operation has requirement of appropriate communication and backed through other departments of organisation. For instance, policies of HR must be appropriately aligned with marketing department for increasing sales simultaneously the production team must convey information on basis of services and products for building perfect marketing plan. If marketing functions are not known on basis of production capacity and inventory of raw material, then marketing plan will give outcome in form of blunder and losses. Hence, marketing functions are directly interrelated with different functional units of JJW Hotel and resorts (Loo and Leung, 2018).

Critical analysis of major elements of marketing function with interrelationship with functional units

Marketing function has directly encloses different functions like distribution system, advertising, finance etc. but these specific activities are undertaken in process of marketing. The major elements of marketing functions are elaborated below:

  • Research: In JJW Hotel and resorts, market research plays very important role as it is replicated as very necessary marketing function with absence of successful market research where business is next to impossible. It helps in obtaining valuable information on basis of each facto related to process of business. It also considers logistics, resources, finance and raw materials, business perspectives along with market information must be attained via research only. Hence, it is known as important marketing element. However, it is time consuming element and has need of different resources which might give negative impact to JJW Hotel and resorts or any other organization via alterations in different trend.
  • Strategy: After performing each research and gathering whole information, it has been processed for judging all possible weakness and strength of business operations. The data which is directly processed and helps to frame innovative ideas for strategies which must be utilised in JJW Hotel and resorts. These strategies help in offering important guidance for purpose of competition through strong market and to attain success in market environment. The strategies are framed over all realistic outcomes and possibilities which are indirectly measured via research. However, these strategies are formed by taking certain assumption related to both micro and macro environment factor and environment is never constant it might change and strategy might give negative outcome (Mahadevan, 2018).
  • Planning: After completing procedure of both research and strategy, the coming marketing function is replicated as planning process. The department of marketing engages financial planning, prediction of sales figure, communication, distribution and different business factors. Hence, planning department helps in utilising appropriate timeline for planning important strategies for transforming objectives of entity in success.
  • Tactics: The next function of marketing is replicated as tactics, where small or short term plans for implementation for attracting target customers. They engage limited duration offers for giving promotional boost in marketing plans like offers as buy one and get one. It directly helps for cornering prior pressure from competitors and to give huge boost in sales.


From the above report it could be concluded that marketing plays very important role in hospitality industry. It had shown appropriate relationship among functional units in hospitality organization. In the similar aspect it had stated comparison with elements of marketing mix where product and pricing are very important in hospitality industry.

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