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Key Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Functions


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Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing is essential function in organisation because it help in managing their functions in effective manner (Bowie,Paraskevas and Mariussen,2014). According to the present competitive scenario every enterprise have to adopt several marketing tools as well techniques. So they can promote their goods and services in market place and it also assist in attracting large number of customers. In business environment there is cut-throat competition so in this situation it is important for enterprise to adopt all the techniques is such manner that it will result in improving performance. Basically, it can be said that marketing is important because it includes advertisement, promotion, image building, customers satisfaction and so on.

This assignment is based on McDonald's which is founded in 1940 on 15thMay 78 Years ago. They are serving their food at world wide level products offering by them are Hamburgers, Chicken, French fries, milkshakes, coffee, breakfast, wraps, soft drinks. Apart from this, it includes marketing mix, promotional mix, SWOT and PESTEL analysis these both are important for identifying external and internal factors. It also describes roles and responsibilities of marketing essentials in relation to the organisation (Hamilton,2011). Given organisation is using various marketing strategies for attracting large number of customers and retained them for long period.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

Marketing is the term which involves several functions in it such as relationship building with customers, launching new products in market, delivery of products on time, attracting more and more customers as well help organisation in several other ways also. If marketing process done by enterprise in appropriate manner then it will help in generating more and more revenue. In enterprise there are many departments and every division is performing their different activities which is totally distinct from each other. There are several roles and responsibilities of the same in relation to the McDonald's. Description of all these are given below:-

Marketing Division - This department help company in bringing new products in market for this process McDonald's is using several marketing techniques and tools. These are online promotion and advertisement, E-marketing for giving knowledge to customers related to the new goods (Brassington and Pettitt,2013). When proper marketing is done it will attract large number of customers and can increase sales of enterprise.

Production and Operation Division -Production department start their work after doing research and development which is important for identifying current market status as well customers needs and wants. It play major role in knowing perceptions of customers related to the existing products in market area (Gertner,2011). With the assistance of all these activities McDonald's can easily grow and generate revenue along with profit maximisation. Apart from this major objective of this department is to produce such products which gives high satisfaction to buyers. In this production procedure McDonald's can use advance technology so their can be no over utilisation of resources, products are produced on time, wastage is reduced and several other benefits are also their with using advance technology.

Research and development Division -R&D department works on determining current market condition, competitions, need and wants of customers as well many more. Research and development department of McDonald's is doing their work for building collaboration between company and market so they can provide better quality of goods and services to customers (Cleverley, 2017). When company do specific research, an organisation can easily implement cost effectual method for particular goods offering by respective enterprise.

Finance Department -Finance is the backbone of company without this no company can survive in market for long time. This department manage all their accounts and financial statements of organisation. All the management activities in division with the motive of managing resources and funds in proper manner. The same assist in gaining information about profit and loss of firm in a particular year. Financial statements and balance sheet only prepare when financial manager record all the transaction of organisation along with managing their funds as well reserves in proper manner. Furthermore, with the help of such activities enterprise can expand their business in many other countries also.

Human Resource Department -This division work for managing entire activity of organisation. Major role perform by this department hiring candidates for vacant position in company and provide them training and development program. This program can be for both new joined and existing employees so their skills and knowledge can be enhance.

IT Division -This department in organisation is doing their work for any problem related to information technology. Their are several tools and Techniques which can be used by McDonald's for advertising and promotional activities of their enterprise. IT manager of respective enterprise is utilising advance technology for producing goods, data analysis and mainly in advertising purpose (Clow and James, 2013). With the assistance of these things same company can maximise their production and deduct extra cost which occur while production.

P2 roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

For a business organisation, it is require to analyse effectiveness of their employees to provide them several roles and responsibilities. McDonald is world largest fast food organisation that provide quality services to their customers on the bases of their requirement and need. For them employees of organisation are known as their key strength who provide their contribution in order to achieving business objectives and goals properly. Management of firm analyse skills of employees to classify them in different divisions. All these departments provide their own contribution to maximise firm's growth and income in proper way. McDonald provide their products and services in several countries by these effective business approaches. Roles and responsibilities of marketing to different division is -

Research and development- This department in each organisation is working to provide their effective services in order to analyse market and customers requirement. All these activities are based on proper research on market potential and consumers requirement. Research and development division of McDonald analyse requirement of their services in several countries to expand business structure easily (Desai,2013). On the bases of these, others department of firm start their working activities to maximise quality of their services on the bases of customer's requirement and need. Through research and development activities, McDonald can easily expand their Geographical values in effective manner.

Marketing- This division of firm helps in building proper marketing image of a firm in competitive market. McDonald is a world class organisation that provide quality and eatable products to their customer on the bases of their requirement and need. Employees of marketing division helps to introduce new products of a firm in front of target market and customers. By this, they maximise sales and profitability of firm properly. Marketing is not an easy task because it requires appropriate tools and techniques to manage organisational approaches. McDonald promote their products and services by using different sources as Physical evidences, advertisement, e-marketing and online delivery as well.

Human resource- This is management department of firm that helps in achieving business targets and goals in effective manner (Durmaz,2011). In this procedure human resources manager of firm provide their appropriate contribution in order to manage all business activities in effective manner. Main objectives of this division is to maximise skills and abilities of employees by using different ideas and activities. In this procedure they basically analyse organisation's targets and objectives that are require to accomplish properly. After this, they hire skilled candidates and employees who helps in achieving them properly. On the bases of firm's requirement, human resources manager of McDonald also conduct training and learning session for their workforce to maximise their skills and working abilities in effective manner.

Operation and production- This department of firm is working on the bases of customer's requirement and need. For this production employees manufacture quality products to provide them higher satisfaction easily. Main objective of this process is to maximise sales and profitability of firm to achieving target goals and objective easily. McDonald always uses advance technology in their production services to produce fresh and quality products for customers. Through this, they maximise number of employees in their stores by providing higher satisfaction to them on the bases their requirement and need. Production activities of firm is uses as a promotional tool of firm.

Information technology -This department of McDonald is uses advancement of technology in order to maximise profitability and growth of firm. Information technology is a most effective business approach that helps to make modification and changes in products and services. All these activities helps in maximising market image of firm to getting higher competitive advantages easily (Fazlollahtabar, Aghasi and Forte,2012). By implementing information and technology, McDonald can easily enhance skills and knowledge of their employees to maximise their performance in proper manner.

Finance- This division of McDonald is working to manage funds and resources in effective manner. Through this, they can easily get maximum income and growth by managing business activities. Finance employees of an organisation provide appropriate suggestion to their management for impactful investment approaches. Through this they can easily maximise growth and effectiveness to getting maximum benefits (Fırat,2013). All these financial activities are requires to manage by skilled and experienced employee to manage all statement and funds.


P3 Utilization of marketing mix and comparison in between two firms.

Marketing mix needs to be considered with exploitation tool and needs to be done in order to gain variety of goals and objectives in company in effective way too. Even marketing mix is that which has an different components like:- product, price, place, promotion and they do have extended one as well i.e. people, process and physical evidence as well.



Burger King


McDonald's is that entity which do serve millions of people and satisfy the customer with there product and services. There product includes various thing in depth i.e. Double Cheeseburger, Egg Mc-muffin, Happy meal and premium salads etc. Firm do bring various innovation and creativity in there product so that they can perform in better manner as well (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2011).

Burger King is having an different product like McDonald's and serve millions of people with there depth product as well. But Burger king does not provide as variation McDonald's provide with taste as well.


McDonald's keep the prices of there product low so that people can eat it in better manner and also can lead to gather customer in great way which could help them to have such and earn good amount of profit as well. Price should be reasonable of different product and services of McDonald's so that more and more people can come up and buy there eatable products too.

Price of Burger King is very much high rather then McDonald's and they do serve quality as well but McDonald's is having quality and price both at reasonable which set the people to go with McDonald's and Burger king also attain a good amount of number in people but not much as competitive firm.


McDonald's introduce there business at that place where people normally come up and eat various thing in perfect manner and thus it should be there that opening a business has to be in between the people hub so that they can come up and eat. Place needs to be convenient for every people and can reach to McDonald's easily. Place should be selected after having research of market in proper way.

Burger King don't posture more on places and open up there business anywhere to serve people and earn money in perfect way. Company needs to perform in better way and provide there quality product and services in great manner (Lipsman and et. al., 2012). Burger King is having an better knowledge of serving people in great way and earn a good amount of money.


McDonald's do believe in promotion and they do perform this aspect in better manner and with the help of this they try to attract many people towards there company and serve there product at great extent and try to earn more of profit. Basically, promotion do help firm to make aware about availability of product to customer and manipulate there mindset to perform in better manner so that they can make to enhance productivity as well.

Burger King somewhere does not promote any of there product and services as this could result into attaining a proper work as well. Such company does not believe in having promotion of there products.


McDonald's is having an proper process of producing an product and also having an proper process to deliver there product to large market. All this could help to perform in effective way in organization. Through this they do face less issues and problems and smooth working can be seen too.

Burger King is having an better process but not as much like McDonald's is having and this firm also lead to earn higher amount of profit but not as much like McDonald's earns.


McDonald's with there services try to create an proper assessment of work and satisfy people and customer too in right contrast (Lancaster and Massingham, 2010). They are those part of entity with help of such firms do attain there goals and objectives as well.

Burger king is not having that team management which can uplift there performances as people sometimes does not get satisfy with anything so people needs to work according to such scenario only.

Physical Evidence

McDonald's is among the top food chains in world and having various branches in most of countries too. Physical evidence should be there in product and services as this help firm to be unique then other firms too.

Burger King is also considered as perfect competitor of McDonald's. Burger king is not having that much of physical evidence as McDonald's are having and needs to work according to it only.


P4 Marketing Plan including various aspects

Marketing plan is required in organization as this formulate many thing to come in way and transform every activity in proper manner and make firm to work in right direction as well. Plan is that which do include different task and activity in performing aims and objectives in better way.

Overview of company

McDonald's is considered as private firm and sells various kind of product to large market and lead to earn higher amount of money and this could make them to transform there activity in better way (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013). Basically, founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald's and founded in year around 1940. There are number of employees approximately 235,000.

Vision and mission of company

Vision Statement of firm is such which do look forward and also lead to create a better and everyday life for various people in better manner. Enterprise always go with introducing innovation and creativity in there product and services so that sell can be there in ease manner too. This could help firm to pull in effective strategies and leads to achieve statement.

STP of McDonald's

  • Segmentation: It is required to split the population in different small groups which needs to depend on traits and features as well. Moreover, it is such which help in offering product according to customer needs and wants too.
  • Targeting: It is such which do result into various segmentation and also lead to work and looks after research as consumer brand. Target market of McDonald's is very large and perform there working according to it (Mihart, 2012).
  • Positioning: Various marketing mix are there that needs to work with target customer segment. Positioning leads to create an image of product in eyes of customer and people as well.

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SWOT Analysis of SWOT



  • Having a food quality.
  • A well known brand in food industry.
  • Market leadership it is.
  • There are lack of product innovation.
  • Dissatisfied franchisees
  • Reputation declined due to HR problems.



  • Partnership with other brand.
  • Expansion in Asian markets.
  • Innovative and healthier menu.
  • Strengthened dollar
  • Poor Economic situation are there globally

Segmenting, targeting and positioning: It is comprise of familiar approach of modern marketing. STP in McDonald's needs to produce an marketing plan to deal in with target audiences with personalised message.

Marketing Mix: Marketing Mix is that which do develop the 7p's that could help in producing a plan so that they can keep it right working and help in with right place and right price as well. This is considered as earning a great amount of money at large level.

Budget: £1000000 is an total budget plan and in this 70% of amount which will be somewhere utilised digital marketing and strategies are there which needs to remain in product. Budget has to be made in keeping everything in eyes and working can be done in better way.

Monitoring and controlling: It is required that each and every plan needs to be monitored and controlled in with various top management and has to make it successful in great way and also leads to have an conclusion in plan that needs to include aspect of enterprise which needs to be followed with maximum sales and profitability in right manner (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

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From the above discussion it has been concluded that marketing is important for every type of organisation. Because it help in generating more and more revenue as well profit maximisation along with customers satisfaction. Marketing essentials involves advertising, promotion, publicity, customers satisfaction, buying and selling products as well many more. The same is frame of different functions and process which help in developing, maintaining good relationship, delivering goods with proper interaction to customers. This report is based on McDonald's which is dealing in variety of food products in worldwide area. The respective enterprise is using various promotional tools and techniques for promoting their products in market area. There are several techniques which is using by firm for achieving their goals and objectives such as promotional mix, marketing mix, SWOT, PESTEL, segmentations, targeting and positioning.


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