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Strategic Marketing: International Tourism and Hospitality Management

University: Bedford College

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Question :

This sample assessment will let you know:

  • Elaborating about Startegic marketing
  • Elaborating Experiential Marketing
  • Explaining about Social Media Marketing
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Strategic marketing is regarded as the way through which companies operating in the market differentiate itself from those of competitors in the market. Further, main focus is on delivering better value to the customers so that challenges present in the business environment can be tackled easily. At global level main motive of every organization is to satisfy overall need of its customers by offering them products or services as per their requirement. So, this acts as development tool for enterprise where sustaining in the market becomes easy for business in the market (Ahmad and Saber, 2015). For conducting the present study Madame Tussaud as a museum have been chosen which is a wax museum in London with branches in large number of cities. It is one of the tourist attraction places in London displaying waxworks of famous people. The famous museum was founded by Marie Tussaud where all the portraits displayed have their hair washed and make-up retouched regularly. The present report covers theories of experiential marketing where social media as a tool has also been undertaken with the motive to increase popularity. Apart from this, different models have been applied such as Pine, Gilmore, Acho etc on Madame Tussaud in order to determine the level of experience provided by museum.

About Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is regarded as cross media promotional activity which encourages two way interaction and assists in supporting consumers experience a brand. It is totally different from traditional advertising where experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product through their engagement. Further, it is well known fact that engaging customers through different strategic marketing activities is most important and this aim can be accomplished easily through this marketing (Aragon-Correa, Martin-Tapia and de la Torre-Ruiz, 2015). Main goal of this type of marketing is to develop memorable and emotional connection between consumers and brand so that it is possible to enhance level of customer loyalty and this can affect the purchase behavior of target market.

In the present era majority of the businesses operating in the market uses experiential marketing with the motive to enhance traditional advertising campaign. Apart from this, there is a need for various brands to focus on experiential marketing. As per view of Carlisle, Johansen and Kunc (2016) this type of marketing is effective enough in order to create lasting impact in the minds of target market and attracts them in every possible manner. Further, it is well known fact that brand recognition is most important in the modern era and this can be accomplished easily if businesses are focusing on experiential marketing. In order to better understand about the concept of experiential marketing various theories are present which are Pine & Gilmore, Schmitt, Acho etc (Carlisle,  Johansen and Kunc, 2016).

Theory of Pine and Gilmore relies on various elements on the basis of which experience is provided to the customers. Such elements are entertainment, esthetics, education and escapism. Madame Tussaud focuses on providing experience to the visitors through large number of elements. Entertainment is one of the main elements where wax model developed acts as source of entertainment. Further, people from different countries and nations arrives London to visit this museum and this entertains them in every possible manner. Apart from this, the kind of entertainment provided to visitors encourages active participation from them where they prefer to visit museum with full interest (Domínguez-Falcón, Martín-Santana and De Saá-Pérez, 2016). The real entertainment takes place through Merlin's magic wand through which magic is brought into the lives of disabled, ill and disadvantaged children. Merlin's entertainment is famous worldwide where main focus is on creating rewarding visitors experience. Education is also one of the major elements where Madame Tussaud provides knowledge along with information to the visitors who are arriving from other nations. It provides knowledge in relation with various celebrities and other type of individuals whose wax has been developed. In short, the kind of education provided to large number of visitors is effective and it acts as source of attraction in case of Madame Tussaud.

Escapist is another major element which is based on the belief that active participation is required in the events of real environment. Generally customers shape to the experience and support them developing a new persona. Through unique characteristics present in the Madame Tussaud it is possible to develop interest towards the museum. Further, internal environment is quite different which is capable enough of encouraging visitors to watch innovative wax models. Apart from this, esthetic as an element is also major one which is a kind of experience different from everybody experience (Evans, 2016). In case of Madame Tussaud the experience provided to visitors is quite unique where events such as star wars are quite efficient enough in order to attract visitors from different areas. In turn it is having positive impact on the brand image of entire museum. Therefore, applicability of Pine and Gilmore theory has supported in knowing that various elements are present on the basis of which experience is provided to the people who are from different nations, areas etc (Realms of Experience., 2013).

On the other hand theory proposed by Schmitt is also effective which takes into consideration different experiential module which are sense, feel, think, act and relate. Sense marketing is directly associated with the senses with the aim to create sensory experiences with the help of sound, taste, sight etc. Further, it can be employed for differentiating products and services offered by business. This module relies on one approach named cognitive consistency. In case of Madame Tussuad the kind of entertainment delivered creates sensory experience (Fraj, Matute and Melero, 2015). Further, it directly influences the senses of the visitors and in turn they perceive positively. Apart from this feel is another type of model which is linked with the inner emotions and feeling with the aim to create affective experiences. This concept is linked with how individuals feel about museum of Madame Tussuad. Experiential marketing allows customers to feel something different and they can be easily influenced to purchase the services or products of tourism. Further, sometime it becomes difficult to develop successful feel campaign at international level. Madame Tussuad has encouraged visitors to feel in different manner through unique attributes of its museum which well satisfies requirement of people living in the society.

Think marketing appeal is also major one which is associated with the objective of creating cognitive, problem solving experiences that engage customers creatively. Through this type of element people or individuals who visit Madame Tussuad thinks positively about the museum and in turn creates positive image in the mind of visitors. Apart from this, relate marketing takes into consideration various aspects which are sense, feel, think, and act. This campaign is associated with the individual desire for self improvement and it perceived to be positively (Huang, Ho and Chen, 2015). Therefore, the products offered by Madame Tussuad are related with the kind of experience which is provided to the individuals from other nations. All the key elements present in the Schmitt theory are effective and they are directly linked with providing experience to the individuals who are from different nations. The five components of experience can be linked with the internal experience which is provided to the customers.

Bernard Schmitt has identified different characteristic of experiential marketing which are client experiens, consumer like a holistically experiens, consumer as rational thinker and methodic exclectizm. Client experience is considered as one of the most significant factor which usually takes place when client by force is in determinate condition. Apart from this experience is regarded as the rest of soul and stimulation to the sense. It represents emotional cognitive attributes of the behavior which are generally equalized with the functional values. Consumer like holistically value is another factor which is based on the belief that experiential marketing does not have personal categories (Leung, Xue and Bai, 2015). Consumer rational thinker highlights that consumer behavior influences rational factor but they are emotional too. Individual is interested in purchasing commodities or other kind of things which can stimulate him or her. Further, methodical exclectizm in experiential marketing is the possibility of the research methods. It takes into consideration process of stimulus and reaction.

In theory proposed by Schmitt five types of experiences are being conveyed to individuals with the help of experience providers and it takes into considerations various vehicles which are communications, product presence, co branding, spatial environment, web site and people. Communications takes into consideration public relation campaign, advertising, identity and signage etc. Further, product presence is somehow associated with packaging, display and design. Co branding considers sponsorship, alliances, partnership etc. Spatial environment considers internal and external design of corporate offices and people involve customer service providers, sales people etc. All these elements are quite significant in the theory proposed by Schmitt (Liu and Chou, 2016). Apart from this, through Sense experience it becomes possible for individuals to differentiate products with the motive to enhance motivation level of the potential customers. Through different type of experiences such as think, act, feel, sense and relate one can easily take benefit of the experience which has been provided. Further, it is applicable in case of Madame Tussuad also where business can easily serve its customers by rendering different type of products keeping in view their actual needs.

Further, theory proposed by Aho is also effective which takes into consideration four major elements which are emotional impression, informational effects, practice experiences and transformational experiences. Emotional impression is regarded as the universal element of tourism present in touristic experiences. Further, the overall experience is provided to the individuals in the form of party, Bollywood, film, sport etc. Different type of events are organized by Madame Tussuad which are linked with the emotional impression such as the music area of Madame Tussuad brings together some of the top performers (Maggon and Chaudhry, 2015). Culture is also linked with the emotional impression which highlights writers, artists, writers and geniuses. Guests are allowed to meet founder of Madame Tussuad in her studio creating a wax figure with the help of different techniques employed by artist and sculptors who are highly talented.

Learning experience is also kind of crucial element in Aho theory which is segregated into two types which are intentional and unintentional. This element highlights that experience provides learning also and can contribute in the development of knowledge. Apart from this, practice experiences are also present which is linked with the wide variety of forms from hobbies to professional experiences (Rosenbaum and Wong, 2015). Every kind of experience provided to the individuals attracts them towards destination. Further, transformational experience is also significant in this type of theory which is associated with the experiences that modifies either body or mind of the individual such as health and cultural tourism. The events or the source of entertainment which are being provided to the individuals from other nations has direct impact on minds of customers where they are attracted towards the events and other sources of entertainment undertaken for them (Spiegel, 2015).

Madame Tussuad also promotes culture where work of art is being developed and culture of every nation is being employed. Apart from this, classic movies are being considered where they are brought to life and inspired by the most famous films. So, this is considered to be highly beneficial in every possible manner and in turn provides remarkable experience to the individual living in the society. Moreover, it is well known fact that level of experience may differ on the basis of destination where Madame Tussauds is famously a kind of fun experience which is beneficial for the individuals who are interested in experiencing something new and unique too.

On the other hand it is possible to differentiate experiences by considering large number of motivational factors such as social, physical, mental etc. Further, physical aspect is directly linked with the natural, comfort and manmade environment (Sigala, 2015). Mental as an element is somehow linked with connection, meaning etc. Social is regarded as inner reflection, enjoyment, status and social contacts. Therefore, in this way delivering experience plays most significant role where it totally differs on the basis of large number of factors. Providing experience to customers in the market is considered to be most important and due to this reason it is required to undertake large number of factors for meeting with customers expectations.

Model of Pine & Gilmore, Schmitt and Aho are quite effective which supports in understanding the significance of providing experience to customers. Further, Madame Tussuads is indulged into practices of providing different type of experience to customers through different entertainment source and other type of unique services delivered. In short, it has positively affected brand image of Madame Tussuads in the market where business can easily deliver high level of services to the individuals associated with it (Altinay, Paraskevas and Jang, 2015). Moreover, experiential marketing has assisted business in providing experience to the customers which is above their expectation level in the market.


  • In order to provide better experience to target market it is necessary for business to modify its services as per change in social trends.
  • Company must focus more on entertainment sources
  • For meeting with the expectations of the customers services must be delivered keeping in view requirement of the target market
  • Factors of experiential marketing must be considered for providing remarkable experience to the individuals who are purchasing services of business.

Social media marketing

In order to promote the product range effectively in the market it is necessary for business to employ effective tools through which target market can be encouraged to purchase services of the enterprise. In the modern era businesses have started to promote its services with the help of facebook, twitter etc as it has wide coverage where information can be easily shared with customers. Madame Tussuads can easily employ Facebook as a tool for promoting its range of services at global level (Evans, 2015). Further, with the motive to enhance popularity in the market this tool can allow business to retain its loyal customers for longer period of time and in turn can act as development tool for the entity. Moreover, it is well known fact that every individual in the society has access to networking site and same is undertaken for gaining different type of information. Therefore, it can be easily undertaken by business with the motive to accomplish its long term goals and objectives.

One of the main benefits of using social media is that it has wide coverage where information can be easily accessed by large number of individuals in single period of time. Apart from this, it enhances overall performance of company in the market where large number of challenges can be tackled easily. Madame Tussauds carries out all the operations in wider basis and is indulged into practices of delivering different services. Therefore, in this case social media as a tool is quite effective where business can easily highlight unique attributes of its services and products in front of target market. It can also support company to deal with the situation of rise in competition level in the market (Gursoy, Saayman and Sotiriadis, 2015). Moreover, the unique attributes of wax museum can be shared with different type of individuals in the society. In short, with the help of social media more unique things can be experienced by customers in the market and it can become one of the major source of attraction. Business can develop its own page on social media such as Facebook etc where customers can be updated in relation with the services and this can be fruitful for entire company. Places of tourist attraction are generally preferred to be visited by every individual and due to this basic reason Madame Tussuad wax museum has become one of the major place of attraction in London. Further, overall expansion has taken place at faster pace in places such as Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, New York etc. In the stardome of the area it is possible for visitors to watch film made by Aardman animations which tries to highlight the aliens and the status of celebrity culture. Apart from this, chamber gallery is also attractive where serial killers lurk (Isaac, Hall and Higgins-Desbiolles, 2015). Apart from this, the music zone is also considered to be unique where legends of pop from Bob Maley are represented. Further, one of the main unique attribute is that visitors are encouraged to try their own dance moves and they are provided award for the same.

All these unique attributes present in the museum can be highlighted with the help of social media in front of large number of people. On the other hand, disabled facilities are also present where entire range of entertainment and other facilities have been designed so that they are accessible to disabled persons. Moreover, rise which is themed based is not accessed for individuals who are disabled. Major attractions present in the Madame Tussuad can be highlighted through social networking sites such as facebook. Individuals are allowed to take pictures with incredible wax works of some celebrities and other type of stars. Further, it is possible to watch superheroes in the 4D marvel superheroes movie (Moscardo and Benckendorff, 2015). Theme park style ride is present where individuals can take journey of the same. These benefits can be easily highlighted in front of customers. Further, it is well known fact that at global level market size is wide and due to this reason it is required for business to use appropriate source so that crucial information can be easily shared with individuals who are from different areas and nations.

Proper communication in between different individuals can easily take place by developing page and other type of blogs on site such as facebook etc. This will lead to two way communication where company can easily share information and response of the customers can also be taken in relation with the same. By indulging into the practices of social media it is also possible to provide remarkable experience to the customers in the field of entertainment (Pike, 2016). Further, it will built positive brand image of Madame Tussuad in the entire nation where expansion in different areas will become easier for business. For any business to built healthier relationship with target market it is necessary to undertake tools through which proper information can be easily shared with the customers and this can influence their purchase decision in every possible manner.


The entire study has supported in knowing about the practices of Madame Tussaud in the market where it acts as effective source of entertainment. It is a kind of wax attraction with the motive to get full celebrity endorsement with the help of sculpting process. All the unique figures are developed by Madame Tussuads world renowned sculptors. This place provides remarkable experience to the visitors where people can hug, touch celebrities and can take photos with their idols. Further, it covers large number of areas such as Hollywood, music, Bollywood, politics and royalty, sport. It is possible for visitors to enjoy exclusive 4D marvel superheroes movie, theme park based taxi ride with the help of London's fascinating history. Running from serial killers in scream attraction, centre stage with Kylie Minouge for a pop duet. Major source of earning is the tickets which are sold to the local public and effectiveness of marketing strategies allow to enhance sales. Further, this museum provides experience to large number of individuals in different form. Apart from this, different theories of experiential marketing are present through which experience is provided to the individuals who purchase products and services of the enterprise. Pine and Gilmore theory is effective which takes into consideration various elements associated with experience.

Key elements of this theory are education, escapism, entertainment and esthetics. Further, entertainment is one of the main element on which Madame Tussuads totally depends. Through different effective sources experience of entertainment is provided to the individuals and this in turn encourages them to purchase the services of the museum. All the ways employed for entertainment are unique and they strongly focus on customers' requirement. Further, it is well known fact that when any service is purchased by any customer then large numbers of factors are considered so that it is possible to satisfy their requirement. Education as another factor is also crucial where all the services offered along with entertainment sources provides proper knowledge and information to the people. Further, imparting knowledge for the benefit of customers is also effective. Target market can easily learn about new concepts, ideas and same can be used in different areas. Apart from this, information is delivered in relation with different celebrities, music, Bollywood, Hollywood etc. These areas lies under direct interest of the people living in the society and they highly prefer to obtain information in relation with the same.

Escapist is also one of the significant elements which highlights that active participation is necessary in case of events of real environment. Customers themselves are responsible for shaping experience and assist them in developing new persona. Museum of Madame Tussuads builds a different character in the minds of customers where they can experience something new. Apart from this, theory proposed by Schmitt is also effective which undertake elements such as feel, think, act, sense and relate. Experiential marketing covers all these elements and they are very crucial in order to influence purchase decision of customers. On the other hand, Aho theory is also quite effective which considers different elements such as emotional impression, informational learning, practice experiences and transformational experiences. All these elements are linked with the kind of experience which is provided to the customers through different ways. Madame Tussauds is effective enough in providing all these type of experiences and this act as source of attraction for business operating in the market. Apart from this, each and every element is crucial and they are associated with the success of business in the market where large numbers of customers are served for accomplishing business goals.


On the basis of conclusion there are some recommendations to Madame Tussuads so that business can easily meet with the requirement of its customers. Below are some of the rec

  • Social media as a tool must be employed for promoting range of services to customers as through this it is possible to deliver wide variety of information with customers.
  • Business must consider all the factors with the help of which experience is provided to target market and main focus must be on satisfying their needs and overall requirement
  • Factors present in experiential marketing must be employed so that business can provide better experience to the customers in the field of entertainment and in other areas which are crucial.
  • Theory proposed by Pine and Gilmore must be taken into consideration as it undertakes all the range of elements through which experience can be provided to the customers and in turn their purchase behaviour can be influenced easily.
  • To understand the overall need of customers' social factors must be considered so that best services in the field of tourism can be offered to them and this can have positive impact on the entire organization.
  • Time to time feedback must be taken from target market in order to know whether they are satisfied with the range of services delivered to them and this can bring fruitful results for the company.
  • Firm must update its communication plan on continuous basis so that more appropriate information can be shared with customers as per their needs and on the basis of same they can take purchase decision.
  • Business must rely more on networking site such as facebook where large number of people have access and this will assist in retaining them for longer period of time.
  • In experiential marketing content must be placed by business in right area so that customers can easily read and understand about it.
  • More posts must be placed through social media containing images of Madame Tussuad museum so that it is possible to influence purchase behaviour of customers.
  • Marketing must be done in unique manner so that it may have lasting impression in the minds of target market and through this they may prefer to repurchase the services of museum on continuous basis.
  • So, these are some of the key recommendations which can be considered by Madame Tussaud for operating efficiently in the market.
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