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International Marketing Case Study Of UBER

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2557
  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Discuss Marketing management concepts, processes, and strategies.
  • Provide a critique of the marketing mix in the context of the chosen organisation.
  • What is the role of the models, tools, and techniques which helps in creating new products and their effective marketing plans?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Uber


International marketing defined as performance of business activities that mainly designed to plan, promote, price and directs the flow of firms good and services (Pegan, Vianelli and de Luca, 2020). International marketing is based on the plan of action that is created within the home country of company.

The present study is based on international marketing case study of Uber, this is American multinational ride firm that offering services as ride service hailing, food delivery etc.

Furthermore, study will lay emphasis on key literature review of the current issues and also include marketing management concepts, marking mix and appropriate application of tools and techniques of to undertake marketing analysis.

Literature review

Marketing management concept termed out as the philosophies that mainly utilised by the businesses in order to direct the marketing efforts. As per the view of Martin, Javalgi and Ciravegna, (2020) this is defined as the philosophies that uses by firm to define and accomplish the needs of customers and to undertake the step that aids to serve to both customer and company. Generally, marketing management philosophies are inclusive of concepts as Holistic marketing approach, societal marketing concept, selling concept, product concept etc. In contrary to stated that this is the concept that defined as to select the target market, getting, keeping and growing customers with help of creating, communicating and delivering the super customer value.

Marketing mix can be termed out as foundation for the business enterprise that is inclusive of things as are product, price, place and promotion. There are the significant tool that aids to carry out the business activities in effective and efficient manner by determining the value of each term. According to the view of stated that marketing mix is concept that includes set of actions and tactics that uses by the firm to promote its brand and commodities. It is one of the tool of marketing that is very effective to pursue the marketing objectives within the target market.

Marketing plan is termed out as to document that outlines the roadmap which aids to deliver the product and services. As per the view of Pegan, Vianelli and de Luca, (2020) stated that marketing is defined as the business activities that is mainly used in accomplish the specific objectives within the particular period of time. It aids to put major focus firm resources in order to reach target customers so that business functions can drive effectively.

Marketing tools are defined as advancement that uses by the firm that can use to develop and promote the product and services. As per the view of Ramon-Muñoz, (2020) stated that this is defined as tool that mainly used to convey the message to the target market and potential market.

Application of theory to practice

1. Concept of marketing management, processes and strategies.

Marketing management is termed as the art and science of selecting the target market, exploring, creating and delivering the values that aid to satisfy the need of the target market to accomplish a high level of profitability. Thus, marketing management concepts as is-

Product concept: It is based on the idea that customers prefers the quality commodities instead of focussing over the price and availability (Guo and Zhang, 2020). Thus, Uber is using this concept in terms to putting core focus on to developing the better quality commodity that can be a bit expensive. Therefore, the one disadvantage of this concept is that this only consider the quality of commodities not other components as usability, price and availability etc.

Marketing concept: It is based on idea in which customer needs to buy the commodities that accomplish their needs. Uber is continually looking forward to build the better customer relationship as this aids to enhance the goodwill of the enterprise (Ramon-Muñoz, 2020). Therefore, the firm that is based on marketing philosophies performs the customer research to undertake the evaluation of needs and wants of customers.

Strategies of Uber: The business strategies of the chosen enterprise as Uber is to use to the multi sided technology platform. This is one of the effective technologies foundation upon which the users, customers and other entities can connect and exchange their value by collaboration complementing and with help of transacting with one another.

2. Critical evaluation of marketing mix of chosen organisation

This is framework that is inclusive of the price place, product and promotion. Therefore, marketing mix defined as-:

Product: The customer who select the Uber that means they want the services of taxi ride that is comfortable and hassle free. Therefore, Pegan, Vianelli and de Luca, (2020) stated that feature of the chosen entity is that it is the easy to use the Uber app that can be downloaded in any device for free. It is the app that is free to use and customer not need to pay any price for it.

Place: The services of this enterprise is located at the online sire as Google app store or apple store. At the time when customer book the cab they also given a estimate time of reaching of driver and also estimate fare.

Price: The application of uber is a free to use. The fare charges of the uber is cheaper than any other taxi firms. Therefore, Martin, Javalgi and Ciravegna, (2020)stated that the prices is based on distance and location of the consumer want to go and additional price may be charged if there is any change in the peak times.

Promotion: The Uber use the mode of promotion as the social media sites as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Henceforth, the current technical advancement makes the Uber a well known brand.

3. Role of marketing model tools and techniques in developing new product.

SWOT is defined as tool that aids to undertake the evaluation on strength, weakness, opportunities and threats etc. These are defined as-:


  • It is recognised as well known brand.
  • This entity has high standard of service, skilled drivers.
  • Uber black users uses the high standard of the services.
  • Operational cost of the Uber is quite low and this is mainly relied on customer to drive interaction.
  • It is the firm that has high rating system that boost the trust and safety.


  • This entity has very unpredictable business model.
  • It is the enterprise that has major privacy concern. Uber also records when customer gets the taxi form.
  • The cost of operating vehicle are very high (SWOT Analysis of Uber, 2019).
  • Ineffective behaviour of uber driver with customers.


  • Customer of this firm are dissatisfied with traditional cab firm due to high price and long waiting times.
  • Cheaper electric car can be used and this reduce the cost and increase the profit margin rate of driver.
  • The quoted enterprise enhance the valuation. Therefore, this entity will have more money to operate.


  • Increasing competition can ultimately decrease the profits. It discourage the driver from joining the start-up within new market.
  • Self driving will eliminate the need for the Uber.

Ansoff matrix: This is the model that is crucial for strategic marketing as this aids to grow revenues with help of developing the new product and services. These as are-

  • Market penetration- Uber engages in marketing penetration with use of application of various sales promotion techniques. This firm will use the promo codes to customer so that they will have discount on their next ride. It is the firm that will allot free ride for inviting friends to sigh up this application.
  • Product development- It is defined as to develop new products to sell to existing markets. Uber is continually takes the initiatives to develop commodities by use of electric cars so this will leads to create the high sustainability by reducing the emission (Pegan, Vianelli and de Luca, 2020). Therefore, this advancement will attract the customers as this also bring cost efficiency.
  • Market development- It is strategy that is defined as to finding the new market and to render the service in rural areas. By expanding their business this firm can able to capture the maximum market share.
  • Diversification- It is term that is inclusive of the developing new commodities to sell to new markets. Thus, entity needs to diversify its product and services to retain and attract customers.
  • Consumer affect and cognition: This element focuses on the way people feel and think about things (Shin and Parker, 2017). It is an important element as on the basis of this they take decision accordingly. Consumers think that Blentec is one of those companies that focuses on innovative design and maintain quality of their manufactured products and has quite speedy operations. Consumers think that the consumer service Blentec provide to their consumers is the main root cause of their success.
  • Consumer behaviour: there are many things that influence consumer's behaviour. In this case Organization analyse their consumer's behaviour and actions they take and based on this observation their behaviour is measured. Will it blend series have helped Blentec to attract their consumers towards their product.? Consumers have become obsessed with it which has made them to share Blentec videos with each other. This has helped Blentec to increase their overall profitability and sales drastically. Will it Blend series has helped Blentec to analyse and understand their consumers behaviour in a more appropriate manner.
  • Consumer environment: Environment is one of the main factors that plays a vital role in thinking process of consumers. It can also be said that consumers are influenced by the environment in which they live. Physical environment includes both online and offline environment. Online retail market of Blentec has been one of the major reasons behind success of Blentec. Retail environment of Blentec includes its product experience, word of mouth. Their values, quality of product, innovative idea has helped them to influence their customers in many ways. So it can be said that both physical and retail environment of Blentec has helped them to increase focus and attention of their consumers in many ways.


Three elements of consumer analysis for Blentec

Processes involved in brand management of Blentec and ways in which influence consumer Behaviour

Building a brand management helps a company to simplify their sales process (Erkollar and Oberer, 2016).

Establish brand position and values: Blentec has established a position in which consumers themselves ask is this the product they saw on YouTube instead of sales man introducing little known Blentec brand. They have gained their consumers attention towards their brand products with the help of will it blend videos.

Implementing and planning brand marketing: They have chosen Will it blend series videos as their marketing activity for their brand name.

Measuring brand performance: In order to measure their brand performance, they have they try new ways and new products to blend with their blender which has caught their consumers attention. They try to measure number of consumers who watch their YouTube videos and sales annually. They also conduct a brand audit in which current position of their brand is measured in the market with respect to their competitors.

Brand equity: For long term perspective their have decided to choose will it blend as their main marketing activity. They have also proven that an organization need not be a large company to be successful they just need a marketing strategy to reach their consumers.

This brand management process has helped them to influence their consumers in many ways. Will it Blend series has not only increased their overall sales but has also helped them to enhance their brand position and value in the market. It has not only helped them to enhance their brand name and position in the market but has also helped them to make their consumers understand quality of their products and innovation that they bring within their product designs. This has become of the main reason behind their success and has influence their customers successfully. This brand management process has helped them to enhance their customer base as well.

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From the above report this can be summarized that international marketing is defined as application of principles of marketing to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. The present report has covered the business activities of Uber.

Furthermore, report has covered the activities as Application of the theories as SWOT and Ansoff matrix to develop the better strategies for chosen enterprise. Lastly, recommendation has been given to bring improvement in operation functions of the enterprise. Take assignment help service from Instant Assignment Help. They are the best assignment writing service providers in the UK. Their experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will provide you with a plagiarized free assignment at a low price which will help you in achieving A+ grades. So contact Instant Assignment Help for the assignment writing service.


  • Uber need to use Electric car as their product as this helps to control environment pollution and also cost efficient commodity.
  • The quoted enterprise need to render quality services by developing better strategies. This can be one of the way that helps to undertake better business performance.

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