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Employee Wellbeing

University: ARU London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is The concept of employee well-being?
  • what is the Scope of employees well-being?
  • Discuss Limitation of the well-being.
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Employee well-being refer to an employee who is physiologically fit in the workplace. In simple word optimizing health of the all employees who offers their services in organization rather than reducing number of staff who takes treatment for the medical condition. Employees well-being is important for the organization because it supports organization to achieve their mission (Nielsen and et.al., 2017). To maintain well-being of employees organizes well-being program which helps employees to adjust in atmosphere and keeps healthy behaviour. Employees well-being is crucial factor for determining effectiveness of an organization. It improves productivity of employees at workplace. Human resource management plays vital role to maintain well-being of employee's. To understand significance of the employees well-being in the workplace there is an example of two companies Tesco and Walmart. This report covers definition of employee well-being, scopes and their practices.

The concept of employee well-being

Well being refers to the condition of individual people to being comfortable and healthy. Well being is crucial how person feels about different aspect of their life, their job and other activities and their relationship with others (Gyambrah and Odidja, 2017). Employees well-being is important part of the organization because if employee is mentally and physically stable at workplace as result gives high performance at workplace. Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Importance of the employees well-being

Well-being of person at workplace is important for the organization, for example if employees are healthy physically and emotionally as result they have better resources to manage stress of the client, customers requirements on time. Such kind of atmosphere allows employees to be more productive and improve positive work environment within company. Well being of the place improves employees engagement by reducing stress and organizes fruitful working environment within company (Wolfe, 2018). Different organization keeps different policies for employees. The main goal of the policies to maintain their well-being within workplace.

Scope of employees well-being

Physical work environment is important for the employees where they offer their services to company that place should neat, clean and proper sitting arrangement. It encourages employees to give attendance regular base. If employees doesn't get proper sitting arrangement and have to coop up in small cubicles for more than eight hours every day, which directly gives impact on mental and physical well-being. It demotivate employees to work well within workplace. To improve employee wellness company offers right amount of collaborative space where employees can make themself be comfortable. Organization offers hygienic work place which motivates employees to give extra efforts to make their service productive. Physical health investment is an important part for the employee well-being which supports to improve their well-being scope in well-formed (Bakker and Demerouti, 2018). For example, if employees gives majority of their time at job place, so it is manager duty to give first priority of their employee's health. To keep them healthy, manager takes initiatives which focus on employees' empowerment. Even manager organizes employees well-being program which includes educational resources. It motivates employees and their families to spend healthier life and inspires them to put in their personal health. Well being program maintain employee's wellness in the company and make them more productive in company.

Mental health investment Mental health is most important part for the person i.e. person is mentally fit means more active as result gets better outcomes. On the other hand if person is mentally unhealthy means in stress as result gets negative outcomes, mentally inactive. As same fact apply on employees mental health within company. To improve mental health of employees, organization offers communication campaigns which helps employees and their families to keep health mentally and physically. These program also inspire individual o group of employees to keep mind creative and proactive for each situation. Employees relationship is essential part for the organization and it improves employee well-being at workplace where they offer their services (Kluegel and Smith, 2017). Various organization involves cultural diversity at workplace which improves productivity of the company. Diverse culture creates conflict while working with other employees within workplace. The reasons behind these conflicts are language communication, discrimination, salary issues, policies issues, work pressure etc. To resolve these conflicts, organization applies various strategy and understand reason of conflicts. Based on the reason, manager resolves them and builds relationship with them. Manager allows them direct communication relevant to task issues, salary issues and work pressure. Organization encourages team work which encourages employees to give the best performance and maintains their well-being within workplace (Sharma, 2017). Manager focuses employees objectives which improves their satisfaction in the job and establishes good relation with employees within company. 

Self esteem, confidence are important for person and motivates them to improve working quality. Money inspires person for short term but recognition inspires them for long term. Recognition is most important for the employees where they serve their services. Every person wants where offers services, should get respect. This hypothesis implements on the organization as well. To maintain employees well-being, manager offers recognition rewards which appreciate employees to give the best performance in the company. Recognition rewards strategy supports manager to achieve long term success. Manager invites employee's in decision-making process, where allows them to keep their opinion about decision (El Akremi and et.al., 2018). Manager gives them values by listening properly that encourage employees to give honest performance within workplace. These rewards connect employee's emotionally with the company. Organization appreciates employees to create creativity which improves their working efficiency, company services. Creativity of employees enhances customers experience as well. This recognition rewards are act as well-being of employee's which leads satisfaction in the employees for the job.

Wellness in economy keeps employees mentally and physical healthy. This factor can be reason of reducing employees well-being. Financial fitness refers as the available resources of employees i.e. education, guide, information and advice which supports employees to understand about money, financial planning and saving money (Hakanen, Peeters and Schaufeli, 2018). Financial fitness is valuable technique which assists to understand financial health and remove fear or stress across the task. Organization conducts financial eduction program for the employees which focuses on employees financial health and make them and confident. Thus, organization maintains their financial health well-being within workplace.

Health and safety policies are legal prospective which is included into organization policies. Organization has primary duty to give health safety to employees. Each employee wants that where they work or offers service that lac should be safe, so that they can work tension free in the company. Even organization offers healthcare policies which keeps satisfy employees and their families for the job. These policies also appreciates them to give effective services even they have to give over time to complete task effectively (Ramirez, 2018). Thus health and safety policies improves their well-being within workplace.

Organization organizes employees development program which gives significant impact on employees attitude towards job and company. These program improve employees productivity and maintains their well-being within company. On the other hand organization emerges creativity, growth and profitability in the company.

Well being program

Currently various organizations conducts well-being program within company because it improves employees health behaviour. In simple term well-being program is behaviour change approach. In the program promotes appropriate education, skills, motivation and social supports which leads change in people attitudes (Hofmann and Rüsch, 2017). There is a simple concept of healthy behaviour is that health behaviour leads to lower health risk and lower health risk leads to less chronic disease. For example a person who has less chronic disease as result health cost become reduces. Well being program is specially organized to focus on employees and helps them to adopt healthy behaviour. This program also supports organization to improve employees productivity and reduces health cost of the employees.

Organization conducts employees well-being schemes like recognition reward, incentives or bonus rewards to employee. The main goal of the schemes to reduce healthcare costs, establishes and sustain high employees morales. These schemes also executes effective recruitment and retention in the company. It enhances productivity of the employees by resolving their conflicts. Take Marketing Assignment Helpfrom professional experts!

Limitation of the well-being

  • Organization conduct employees well-being program for improving well-being of the employees. These programs are too costly which is not affordable for the small scale organization.
  • Organization offers incentives to employees along with salary which motivates employees to give the higher performance (Guest, 2017). As result organization gets high productivity of employee's within workplace. High turnover of the employees reduces competitive advantage of the company.
  • To maintain employees well-being organization offers gym membership, fun exercise which helps to reduce health issues. Thus type initiatives of employee well-being reduces their attention in task achievement.
  • Well being initiatives requires high maintenance which doesn't possible for the company.

Tesco's attempt at employee well-being initiatives

Tesco Plc is a British multinational groceries company which is famous as general merchandise retailer. It is headquartered in Welwyn garden, England, UK. Organization offers worldwide services to customer (Passey and et.al., 2018). 450.000 employee's offers their services in the company. Organization has goal to enhance brand value ion the company by improving working efficiency of workers at workplace. To maintain employees well-being organization takes various initiatives in the company. Initiatives are-

Improve employees engagement: Tesco is multinational company which has main goal to improve employees well-being in the company. To improve well-being of employees organization conduct various program which engage them and make them happy with the job. For example Tesco conduct training and development program which improves their well-being. The main goal of the program to make them understand how to perform at workplace and how adopt situation during work pressure (Huang and et.al., 2016). This program leads effectiveness in employees well-being because they understand how to tackle situation during hostile condition. Another employees get chance to interact with other employees and collaborates with them. This initiative improves employees engagement. Tesco's initiatives-

Tesco partner with UK's health charities: To maintain employees well-being organization collaborates with British health charities. UK's health charities helps organization to conduct health campaign for addressing employees about health. Charities aware employees how to keep relax during work pressure. Even charity supports individual employee to resolve their issues regarding health concern, mind pressure etc. The main goal of the health charities to manage peoples well-being by offering healthcare services. Tesco gets positive outcomes from the partnership because they don't have to pay health cost (Tesco partners with UK health charities to highlight workplace health programme, 2020). Organization gets positive environment within company. UK's health charities offers trick to keep mind calm and active which help[s employees to stable their well-being at workplace. UK's health charities supports organization to develop policies at workplace which gives values to employees. The main aim of the partnership to appreciate and assist sustainable, measurable changes in the employees behaviours by using various activities.

Health programs: Tesco organizes health program for the employees which assist employees to reduces their frustration during work pressure. Organization conduct various activities in the health programs i.e. mental health awareness workshop and mind-apple courses which guides staff on stress management (Inceoglu and et.al., 2018). Mind apple courses trains employees that how to manage concentration. Health workshop develops innovation and enhance motivation between employees. Thus, initiatives of health programs is quit beneficial for the employees because they learn how to deal with issues and fix up them within time.

Well being strategies: It is another initiative of the company for managing well-being of the employees within workplace. Well-being strategies are- health insurance policies, compensation policies etc. improves employees well-being. For example health insurance policies offers employees. According to the insurance policies if any employees is unwell and takes medical treatment in the hospital which is affiliated from company's policies. In that case, organization will pay whole medical charges on the behalf of employees. This health insurance policies not only lead satisfaction in the employees but also satisfy their families for the job. Tesco offers compensation policies for the employees (Ott-Holland, Shepherd and Ryan, 2019). According to the compensation policies, if employee spends extra time for completing task during workload as result gets compensation money by the organization. Flexible working hours also offers by the organization to employees where they can complete task in the home. This strategy leads positive outcome in the company i.e. first employees completes task on time along with profitability. Another employees satisfy from the job because they get time to spend with families. Reward strategy uses by the Tesco which is most effective initiative for employees well-being. Organization motivates employees by offering incentives or bonus on the basis of performance. Recognition as reward is provided by the manager to the employees who give more efforts to improve their performance. Recognition reward appreciates employees to give the loyal performance at workplace and maintains their well-being within company.

Leadership: Manager takes leadership initiatives for maintaining employees well-being at the workplace. Manager adapts democratic leadership style which helps manger to understand employees requirement and expectation with the company (Saroja and Reddy, 2019). Manager organize training and development classes for the employee's. The main goal of the classes to improve employee's understanding about task dealing which helps them to tackle hostile situation and maintain their well-being mentally. Personal development program organizes by the democratic leader where employee can improve their personality by learning new skills. On the basis of PDP, manager understands their weakness and strength and helps them to overcome their weakness through training classes (Barry and Wilkinson, 2016). Democratic leader allows employees to direct communication with them for salary issues, work issues. Direct communication reduces ratio of conflict between employees and management. Leader encourages team working at workplace for maintaining employee's well-being. Above activities connects employees emotionally with the company and leads satisfaction regarding job. Leader invites employee's in decision-making process and allows them to keep their suggestion which leads effectiveness in the decision. Thus, manager gives values to their employees and establishes good relationship with them.

Improving company culture: Tesco contains team oriented culture of ownership foster creation, personal growth and empowerment. This culture encourages employees to be creative, innovative nature and maintains their well-being by appreciating on their efforts. To improve organization culture, organization applies 360 feedback strategy which analyses about employees performance, well-being and their activity during task dealing. 360 feedback strategy evaluates effectiveness of strategy which is applied for the employees' productivity. Tesco gives transparency in decision-making process and promotion process (Otenyo and Smith, 2017). Transparency improves employees trust on company and set up their well-being mentally. Organization organizes cultural program for improving their well-being. Cultural program offers opportunity to employee to show their talent and gets appreciation from other staff, these program enhances staff relationship with the management. It is effective initiative of the organization which maintain employees well-being and leads positive outcome within company.

`These above initiatives takes by the Tesco for enhancing employee well-being within company and gets high productivity of them within workplace.

Walmart's attempt at employee well-being initiatives

Walmart Inc. is an American Multinational retail company which emerge in chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores, it is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. Organization offers worldwide services to customers. The number of employees are estimated 2.2 million (England, 2017). The main goal of the organization to lead high sustainability within company. Organization takes initiatives for influencing well-being of the employees within workplace. Initiatives are-

Walmart partnership with sharecare : It is effective initiative of the Walmart towards employees well-being. Sharecare is the digital health company which helps people to manage their health in one place. The main goal of the company to improve health and well-being of peoples. Walmart collaborates with the sharecare for introducing wellness strategies, that improves health of the staff at workplace (Otenyo and Smith, 2017). Sharecare conduct health programs in the company and encourage employees to give their high productivity along with their families. Organization improves overall well-being of the employees through the wellness programs. Even sharecare offers addition tool to company which can support to change employees wellness journey. Sharecare offers own sharecare app facilities to employees. Sharecare app provide individual employee along with timely and actionable step for enhancing their health at workplace. Organization gives trick to employee for maintaining their well-being at workplace during stress. Thus, Walmart maintains employees well-being within company. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Employee empowerment: It is second initiative of the Walmart for improving employees well-being. To empower employee's organization takes few initiatives i.e. to raise starting salary from $9 to $11 per hour (Walmart Just Made a Huge Announcement That Will Completely Change How You Think About Walmart, 2020.). It improves employees productivity within workplace and set up their financial well-being. Walmart expands maternity and parental leave benefits to employee that influences satisfaction from the job. Organization offers two to six week training programs for supporting employees to learn new skills. These training programs improves employee's well-being within company. Emotional intelligence classes also organize by the Walmart for making them emotionally strong during decision-making. These initiatives empower employees and improves their well-being within company.

Work Schedule: Walmart applies work schedule initiative for empowering employees. This initiative has goal to improve employees well-being and achieve large number of task within company (Inceoglu and et.al., 2018). Walmart permits employees or workers to meet their work schedule across home life. Workforce management plays vital role in the company for creating schedule which is accommodated for both employee needs and organization preferences. In this strategy, manager allows employees to set up their own work schedule, as result gets improvement in ROI ( return on investment). Employees satisfy from their job profile and shows their loyalty by achieving large number of task.

Employees engagement : To influence employee engagement organization conduct skill and development program which is another initiative of employee well-being. Skills and development program supports employees to learn new skills and improves their skills. These program helps manager to know employees weakness and strength (Barry and Wilkinson, 2016). By the score balance sheet aware employees about their performance within workplace after program. Trainer supports employees to overcome their weakness. Such kind program motivates employee to improve their performance and deals with stress condition. Walmart takes feedback individual employee about decision and gives values by listening properly. It encourages employees to be loyal with their performance within workplace.

These above initiatives take by the Walmart for improving employees well-being within workplace and employee well-being leads high profitability within company.


This report can be concluded definition of employees well-being, it's scope, nature and their limits in general practices. It has been summarized organization initiatives i.e. employees engagement, improve organization culture, leadership, partnership with health charities, well-being strategies etc. for improving employees within company. Another organization initiatives i.e. employee empowerment, work schedule and employee engagement can be concluded in the report.

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