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Critical Evaluation Of Internet Marketing Sample

University: Blackburn College

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  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Question :

This sample will let us know about:

  • Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Factors that Influences Customer Buying Behaviour
Answer :
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Introduction to Internet Marketing

From, the time businesses are started at small scale there is always a need is confronted by entrepreneurs’ to promote their products and services and in this regard the concept of marketing evolved. With the emergence of this concept, it has changed from time-to-time as per the needs of customers and ongoing trends (Zappalà & Gray, 2006).

Previously, entrepreneurs’ used to get indulged in traditional marketing and face-to-face interactions but now as the trends are changing along with the invention of new and advanced information and communication technology an advanced form of marketing has also evolved that includes the use of internet (Chaffey & Dave, 2008).

Significance of the Research

The research selected is quite substantial in present competitive era, where all firms are confronting different advantages and disadvantages related to the use of advance information and communication technologies. Nowadays, operating in competitive business environment is not easy as almost all firms are attracting their customers from one or another way. In this era, the most substantial marketing technique or strategy used is internet marketing that facilitates firms towards influencing their customer buying behavior, directing towards customer acquisition and retention in long-run.

Ethical Considerations

For successful completion of a research, it is vital to consider ethics as it assist in completing a research in an effective manner. Ethics refers to the code of conduct, fundamental values and morale of the researcher that should be accompanied while undertaking a research study (Marczyk, DeMatteo & Festinger, 2005). In regard to this research also, there are different ethical issues but all are considered and analyzed effectively along with the adoption of suitable techniques. This in turn helps in increasing research validity and reliability.

The most important ethical considerations are about data collection and methods of data collection and managing this, all sources used are cited appropriately. At the same time, all information presented is used by taking approval of authorized person that in turn helped in maintaining research authenticity and credibility


This dissertation is accomplished with some assumptions as it is impossible to have access to all authentic information sources and materials. Because of this, it is assumed that all books, articles, reports, web sources, periodicals used will offer suitable, reliable and pertinent data and information that will facilitate in completing the research in a rational way. 

Consumer Buying Behaviour

In the words of Peter & Donnelly (2002), consumer buying behaviour is the behaviour during the purchasing of products and services for personal consumption by the ultimate consumers that may be individuals or households. Furthermore, Huang & Deng (2008) also supported view of Peter and Donnelly and stated that consumer behaviour is all about psychological, social and physical behaviour of potential customers in which business organization can evaluate the whole behaviour of the consumer.

Additionally, what the consumers evaluate, purchase and consume product and service in a proper and systematic manner.
On the other hand, according to Cant, Strydom & Jooste (2009), consumer buying behaviour is the process through which it is decided that what, when, where, how, how often and from whom to buy products and services by people. Goode & Harris (2007) have supported views of Cant, Strydom and Jooste and insisted in his study that buying behaviour of consumer is the combination of mental and physical activities associated with buying goods and services.

Apart from this Kardes, Cronley & Cline (2010) have defined that consumer behaviour is all about the behavioural responses of consumers that determine the purchase and consumption of goods and services. Perner (2010) also supported the definition given by Kardes, Cronley and Cline and stated that consumer buying behaviour is the stimulus-response reaction in which consumer receives stimuli from environment to make buying decision and gives the positive or negative response towards purchasing.

So, it can be said that consumer buying behaviour is sound decision making for proper utilization of available resources for purchasing of consumable items and there may be various factors that can influence the buying decision of consumers in positive or negative perspective.

Internet Marketing: According to Sharma (2002), internet marketing is the medium of marketing of the products and services over the internet. Various activities like general marketing, e-mail campaigns and search engine optimization that can be operated through internet and they focus on target customers directly or indirectly. Additionally, marketers are focusing on internet marketing strategies due to globalization of business world. Internet marketing plays an important role for customers to provide information about the products and services.

Factors that Influences Customer Buying Behaviour

According to Trehan & Trehan (2006), buying behaviour of consumer is affected by many factors. These factors operate at many levels but broadly divided in two levels, i.e. Macro and Micro. Macro level factors mostly belong to larger environment. Additionally, Macro factors include Socio-cultural factors, whereas Micro factors include Psychological and Personal factors. Macro factors are associated with the external environment and micro factors are linked with the internal environment or individual’s personal life.

Relationship between Internet Marketing and Consumer Buying Behaviour

According to Vuylsteke, Wen, Baesens & Poelmans (2010), all marketers and their participants prefer to market their products and services through internet. Internet marketing helps computer friendly buyer, to get desired information related to needed product and service.

Marketing is the very well presentation of the product and service for the consumer, so it could give positive impact on consumer’s thought towards purchasing. It can be stated that generally, marketing is considered in sense of promotion of the product. It can be done through internet too. In this era i.e. called global era, internet is used everywhere for many purposes.

Internet Marketing Tools used by Tesco to Attract and Retain Customers

With the increasing significance of internet marketing, nowadays almost all retail firms are trying to use in one or other way and similar is the case with TESCO, UK. TESCO, UK also makes use of internet marketing with an aim to reach at a large number of potential customers at a reasonably low price. The company used it because in modern era it has become a powerful tool of the retail industry. The company use it to attract and retain its customer as well as develop long-term relations with its customers.

Significance of Internet Marketing Strategies for Organization

Use of internet marketing is increasing and it is all due to its significance for an organization and its usefulness for marketing function. Previously firms used to spend heavily on advertising and promotion but now, it has become easy to advertise and promote a product or service through internet as it provides a quick mean to collect all information and reach at mass audience.

This is the reason that Tesco also use internet marketing and related strategies. Use of different internet marketing strategies like interactive website, search engine optimization etc significantly assist Tesco in influencing its customers behavior and influence and persuade them towards buying its products.

With the use of Internet marketing Tesco, has become able to market its products through e-mail and wireless media. It helps it in attaining advantages of Internet related creative and technical aspects as well as make a positive influence on customers perception towards Tesco. 


With the help of detailed literature review, data analysis, and findings collected throughout the study, it could be recommended that the use of internet marketing strategies plays a significant influence on Tesco, UK customers buying behavior.

It is all because of the effective use of internet marketing strategies as per the needs of its target customers. Today, most of the customers prefer to buy through internet but still there are several factors that affect their buying behavior. Due to this, it is important to identify all factors that affect company customers behaviors’ and then to select an internet marketing strategy. 


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