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Key Elements of Human Resource Management

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Question :

Human resource management covers the  strategic approach that helps out in maintaining the competitive advantages. Present report covers the ' Say it with Chocolate', is chocolate company that sells out the tailor chocolate and all the greeting cards across the UK. Kindly do address all the learning outcomes mentioned below:

  • What is the Human Resource Management in resourcing of an organization explain with the talent and skills with their business objectives.
  • What is the effectiveness and the key elements of Human Resource Management in the company.
  • Elaborate all the internal and external factors which affect Human Resource Management decision-making through the employment legislation.
  • Apply Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context
Answer :
Organization Selected : Say it with Chocolate


Human resource management (HRM) is a critical strategic approach that helps business organizations gain a competitive edge. Within every organization, various departments work together to complete tasks. The HR department plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing employee performance, aiming to achieve set goals and objectives (Functions of HRM, 2017). The human resource manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and managing employees and their activities, all aimed at improving the company's overall performance. One of HRM's key purposes is to build and develop a robust workforce to enhance the firm's productivity levels.

This report focuses on 'Say it with Chocolate,' a chocolate company that sells custom-made chocolates based on greeting cards across the UK. This company faces challenges such as high staff turnover and poor selection methods. The project discusses the purpose of HR functions and their importance to business organizations. Various recruitment methods are also discussed, along with the benefits of HRM to both employers and employees. Additionally, the report covers employee relations and various employment-related legislations.


P1 Purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning

Human resource management consider as an important part for every business organization because without workers firm will not able to attain set goals and objectives. Thus, it is important for organization to recruit right person for right place with which a company can easily achieve predetermine goals and objectives. In addition of this, workers are consider as an important assets because they put their efforts for completing allotted tasks. In this manager also develop as well as make appropriate strategies for understanding customers taste and preferences (Daley, 2012). In context of 'Say it with Chocolate', they suffer for various issues and problems. Along with the main issues is increasing staff turnover. For this HR department play important role in managing and reducing the issues by making effective strategies and policies.

Purpose of HR function

HRM is all about improving employees performance at workplace. In this the main purpose of HR is to developing, managing workers activities for enhancing their commitment towards the company. For this HR manager provide them with training and development programs through which they increase their skills and knowledge (Flamholtz, 2012). For example, if company can not recruit right and capable candidates that they fails in performing well. In context of 'Say it with Chocolate', they facing high staff turnover because they are not selecting right candidates for their specific job position. Thus, it is important for HR team to select skilled and capable people who are able to perform their job responsibilities in effective manner. With the help of this company can manage their performance and also enhance workers productivity level at workplace. As it directly contribute in reducing staff turnover of Say it with Chocolate.

Function of HRM

In business organization, HRM is connected with employees management from recruitment process to retirement. In this, company is responsible for making various strategies and policies to improve their performance level and at the same time also enhance productivity level of workers. As there are some major function of HRM which perform by Say it with Chocolate to attain their set goals and objectives in appropriate time frame. All these can be understood by following points:

Recruitment and selection: It is one of the important function of HRM in which company needs to recruit and select potential and qualifies candidates who is capable for performing their job responsibilities (Fulton and et. al., 2011). With the help of this 'Say it with Chocolate' can easily make strong workforce which helps in expanding business at global level.

Training and development: It is another function of HRM in which manager of the company evaluate the training needs of the workers in order to provide them training programs. In this Say it with Chocolate is failing to conducting proper training to their workers and the result is various employees are leave the organization. If workers are provided training as per continuous basis than they can easily improve their productivity. This will directly contribute in enhancing profitability level of the company at market place.

Prepare appropriate policies: It is also an important function which perform by the HR department. In this HR manager make as well as prepare policies like providing rewards, incentives and many more and at the same time also communicate with all the workers who perform in company (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016). With the help of this company can improve their overall performance level. As Say it with Chocolate, give responsibility to HR department to ensure that all the workers are follow rules and regulations. This will help in managing workers performance and at the same time also increase their commitment towards the company and job place as well (Gruman and Saks, 2011).

Roles and responsibilities of Human resource Officer

In business organization, HR officer play vital role in managing as well controlling entire activities of the company with the aim of improving overall performance. As they are responsible for hiring and recruiting eligible employees for performing their job activities. Along with this, it also consider the functions such as training and monitoring overall performance of the workers at workplace. In context of Say it with Chocolate, HR officer is highly responsible for hiring as well as recruiting a best candidate who can able to perform specific job. With the help of this, they easily resolve salary related issues. As it aid in retaining workers for longer period of time. In this context, there are some major responsibilities of human resource officer in Say it with Chocolate:

  • Recruiting and training for developing staff
  • Organize staff training activities
  • Monitoring overall performance of staff members.
  • Ensure that right people are on right place to enhance their activities.
  • Provide training and development programs to make them able to accept challenges.
  • Maintain good and healthy relation with staff members.
  • Encourage workers to take part in every activities of the company.

All these are important responsibilities of HR officer of Say it with Chocolate. With the help of this they can manage entire activities of company and staff members as well. This will contribute in enhancing productivity level of the company and at the same time also retain workers for longer period of time.

P2 Strength and weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection approaches are play important role in hiring right and capable candidate who able to perform specific job activities within the company. As Say it with Chocolate face high staff turnover because they are fails in selecting capable people so that workers also failing their job role and leaving organization. Thus, it is important for company to recruit able and suitable candidates for specific job role (Hobfoll, 2011). This will help in improving workers retention and at the same time also provide them motivation so that they effectively perform their activities and attain set goals and objectives in an appropriate manner.

In this context, there are some advantage and disadvantages of current selection methods which used by the Say it with Chocolate to recruit right person for right job. Currently company is using interview and assessment test while selecting person.

Interview and assessment test:

In this,assessment test is more important for selection process is that each and every candidates who are going to apply for job have to get at least 55% marks in assessment test. After clearing this test candidates eligible for net part and which in informal interview that taken by HR manager of the company. This will help firm to evaluate candidates basic knowledge. In this assessment test cover two subject like English and maths (Iles, Chuai and Preece, 2010). Both subjects are common through which firm can easily find candidates common sense. On the other side, the weakness of assessment test is that it does not cover psychological testing as this type of test help in determining person ability to handle pressure. In context of Say it with Chocolate, for making strong and eligible workforce, company needs to invite those people who are manage as well as handle pressure of the work and also able to perform their task.

Informal interview

Apart from this, company also use informal interview for check their abilities and use of sense of the people so that they easily determine the new ways to perform job activities in effective manner. As Say it with Chocolate have to hire those people who are not only god in maths and English but also best in resolving issues within the business organization. This will provide support to company to improve their performance level and at the same time also enhance product quality. One of the main advantage of informal interview is to effectively understand the person behave and working activities within the organization. Along with this, informal communication do not pressure to the candidates so that they easily interact with manager.

On the other side, the main disadvantage of informal interview is that some time manage forget to put important questions to candidates. In addition of this, it also consume more time to conduct informal interview because the manager did not follow any kind of process and schedule.

Psychological testing:

It is also consider as an effective approach which helps in evaluating person personality and attitude by conducting test of English and maths (Kakuma and et. al., 2011). Mainly it used to assess the ability of people with the purpose of recruiting right candidates within the organization. As one of the main advantage of this method is that it is cost effective and at the same time also provide long term advantage to gather data and information. It also helps in measuring the career skills of the person who are taking part in this test (Kraaijenbrink, Spender and Groen,2010). Beside of this, the main disadvantage of this test is that some time candidates fails in representing themselves in front of interviewer.

Potential improvements that made to the current selection methods

It is important for business organization to use effective method for recruiting right candidates for particular job place by measuring their abilities and capabilities as well. In this context, company adopt psychological test for improving their recruitment. Along with this, conducting as well as organising formal interview can help workers to feel free from pressure. With the help of this, they easily perform their activities at workplace. Thus, it has been analysed that with the help of improving current selection method company can reduce dependency.


P7 Application of HRM practice in a work related context

For inviting as well as hiring best candidates, Say it with Chocolate looking to hire a receptionist within the organization in which HR team make some necessary arrangement for this process:

Apart from this, Say it with Chocolate also define various alternative options for this post in which they adopt effective and right medium for advertising in order to invite right candidates for this job. In this context there are some different medium such as Broadcasting, Digital advertising and many more. All these are contribute in recruiting right candidates for the business. In context of Say it with Chocolate' use digital advertisement because now days number of people spend their most of time on internet, T.V, newspaper and many more. With the help of this company can easily invite number of people towards the job position (Lewis, Packard and Lewis, 2011).

From the above mentioned methods, company use Broadcasting and Newspaper for job advertisement. As both are having some benefits and disadvantages. Like Newspaper is appropriate and not more expensive in which company easily can post advertisement but on the other side the main limitation of this is that have limited reach to people. Along with this, Broadcasting is more expensive as compare to newspaper . But at the same time broadcasting help in reaching number of people in limited time frame.

In addition of this, there are some interview question which ask by manage to candidates:

Q1) Tell me about your self?

Q2) Why you join this organization for making their career?

Q3) What is your previous job role?

Q4) Why do you want to work for this company?

Q5) What makes you different from other candidates?


P3 Benefits of different HRM practice within an organization

In business organization, human resource management play crucial role because it help in providing various benefits to workers and manager by managing their working activities at workplace (Manroop, Singh and Ezzedeen, 2014). For enhancing productivity, company should be implement as well as making appropriate policies which are working for providing benefits to workforce. Microsoft is a famous MNC organization as they work with their employees and also provide them guidance to retain them longer period of time. In addition of this, Microsoft is one of famous and successful company as they provide apprenticeship and graduate training schemes for their workforce which may contribute in attaining set goals and objectives in appropriate time frame (Mitchell, 2013). In this context there are some major benefits of training programs to employees and employer as well:

Training programs are the vital for every business organization through which firm make their workers strong and motivated as well. As it also help in providing chance to workers to learn something new which help employees to enhance their growth level. In addition of this, the main benefit of training for employees is that they can enhance their skills and knowledge through which employees get promotion and also make incentives. This will contribute in making workforce strong and capable. With the help of this, employees easily attain set goals and objectives in allotted time frame.

In addition of this, employer of Microsoft also responsible for conducting apprenticeship and training scheme through which they implement as well as established new and innovative ways to making overall process appropriate. Along with this, it is important for company to focus on introducing innovative ways to retain workers for longer period of time (Conesa-Zamora and et. al., 2011). With the help of this, company can easily make their workforce strong who can easily handle all kind of challenges. Other form this, its prime duty of organisation that they provides professional training by considering culture and innovation so as to recognise stuffs from which company can increase employees base. As Microsoft is offering apprenticeship and graduate training schemes, it will help employer in recruiting new and eligible candidates which is enabling companies in providing different roles and responsibilities according to the qualification of an individual.

Opportunities to permanent staff members

It is being found that, if a staff member gets permanent . Then individual can get ample number of opportunities to earn money. In Microsoft, management is following appropriate lucrative incentive scheme which is helping permanent employees (Collins, Zhu and Warner, 2012). With the help of this, it can be said that lasting workers majorly gets excessive incomes through which appropriate benefits can easily be gained by them in much effective and efficient manner. On the other hand, special rewards are also being provided by this company. Which is helping them in hitting their targets right on time. Apart from this, managers and leaders of this company allows them in making their own decisions and influence them to work in smart ways where they gives incentives to employees if they finish their tasks in much effective manner (Guest, Paauwe and Wright, 2012). Away from this, they also give number of leaves to employees so that they can stay motivated at workstation.

P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practice in terms of rising organizational profit and productivity

Human resource management is one of the important work for every business organization as it directly contribute in increasing overall profitability of the company at market place. This division responsible for recruiting as well as hiring capable people who preform significant project with the purpose of attaining better results. If candidates do not have proper skills they fail in contribute in a team and it negatively impact on profitability of company.

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In this context, Microsoft's provide range of benefits and rewards to workers to encourage them and at the same time also develop their opportunities to improve performance level at workplace. In addition of this, flexible working hours is on high demand of employees worldwide, as workers easily execute their task and attain positive outcomes. Along with, HR department also formulate as well as implement new schemes in which employees can set their timing as per working desire. This type of flexible working hour strategy help workers to increase their productivity level. As, there are some benefits of the flexible working practices which taken by Microsoft are as follows:

  • Flexible working hour strategy can help in increasing productivity level of the worker as they happily perform their task without any kind of stress.
  • Employees of Microsoft's starts earning incentives through which company may enhance their profitability through taking advantage of flexible working practices.
  • In addition of this, workers are also take leave as per their requirement in which company allow them to do work from that location where there currently present.
  • Apart from this, number of workers are also there who like to do work from home in which this approach also give them chance (Gurkov, Zelenova and Saidov, 2012). This will contribute in enhancing their productivity level and at the same time also increase their commitment towards the company.

Motivation at Microsoft's

Microsoft's is famous and popular organization as they easily motivate their workers by allocating job as per workers skills and knowledge. With the help of this company may encourage workers towards the business activities so that they can easily perform and attain set goals and objectives (Hauptmann and Steger, 2013). It they will not allot as well design the job for employees then workers feel pressure and leave organization. For motivating workers, company provide job as per employees capabilities and wellness. This will help in improving their commitment and motivation as well. As number of companies think that they can motivate their workers by giving them financial benefits but at the same time they fails in recognising that employees can not work for more than 8 hour if they do than they can not make balance within their personal and professional life. As a result, they get frustrate and stressful. On the other side, company should provide rewards such as increment in income, gifts and so on to their workforce for motivating them. In context of Microsoft's, they define clear rewards system in which they provide chance to their workers to work more and earn more. This will increase incentives of the workers and profitability of company.

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P5 Importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision making

Employees are the important assets for business organization to attain success at market place. In this employees engagement is also important as it define the commitment of the workers towards the company and its activities as well. Mainly it consider as emotional connection in which workers are show their care about their job responsibilities. Every company ants to reduce employee turnover as they should provide them better work environment so that they stable in business. Along with this, employee relation is also important as it define relation between employee and manager. In context of Microsoft's, they effectively understand that quality workforce is important for them to enhance their profitability and productivity level. AS the organize various events to enhance workers performance and performance as well.

Apart from this, management of business organise various programs in which key people meet with workers which help in improving relation with workers. As employee relation can reduce overall cost of the company (Horwitz, 2011). This is possible by recruiting new and capable employees. In this context, one of the main advantage of employee relation is that it increase productivity level of the company.

Employee engagement is crucial part of employee relation

Employee relation is one of the important term for business organization as it define the connection between workers and employees. In context of Microsoft, relation between workers and employer is good which help business organization to make their productivity level at market place (Karmiloff-Smith and et. al., 2015). Employee engagement is consider as an vital part of employee relation as it help in motivating workers to attain set goals and objectives in allotted time frame. As this strategy helps in managing as well as developing positive relation with employee.

Key approaches to engage employees and their importance

In summit, Microsoft's develop various approaches to engage employees within the organization. In this context, company define their first approach i.e. Yammer in which organization done communication effectively. As the main aim of this approach is to get various ideas from people who perform the company. This will help in making transparency within the company and at the same time also motivate workers to take right decision. Along with this, it also reduce the communication gap by connecting employees and manager. In addition of this, Microsoft's teams is also an important approach which helps in improving connection between all the team members by focusing technologies. As it helps in imp[roving overall performance of the company at market place.

P6 Key elements of employee legislations and the impact it has upon HRM decision making

It is important for every business organization to follow all the legislation whether company is big or small. As every country formulate some laws towards the employees rights which help workers to protect from any kind of discrimination and unnecessary punishment. Thus, organization is responsible for implementing all the legislation within their business to improve their performance level. In this context, there are some main employee legislation and their impact on HR decision making:

Sex discrimination Act 1975: It is one of the important legislation in which company have to treat all the workers in equal manner whether they are men or women. Thus, they can not discriminate employees as per their age and gender. As Microsoft operate their business in technology industry in which women are not understand how to operate new and innovative technologies but if company find capable female then they do not reject her as per gender (Kim and Bae, 2017). By this company can easily improve their positive image at market place.

National minimum wages Act 1998: It is also consider as an important legislation which set limited amount which company pay to the employees who are perform in business organization. In context of Microsoft, HR division sure that they hire candidates by considering this law. For retaining workers from longer time, company provide them salary as per their work and performance.

Disability discrimination Act 1995: It is important legislation which help disable employees rights. In this HR manager of Microsoft's have to take decision relate with training, developing and rewards (Pereira and Anderson, 2012). For this, company arrange additional facilities for disable workers as they easily get training. Mainly it increase overall cost of company.


From the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that human resource management play vital role in every business organization to manage and control entire activities. If you face any issue then you can take our Human resourse dissertation topics. This will aid in improving overall performance of the company at market place. In addition of this, recruitment and selection method also can help business organization to select right people for right job. With the help of skilled and capable workers company can easily expand their business sat global level and at the same time also create their strong goodwill. Apart from this, HRM practices also are important for both employees and employer which may contribute in making positive and healthy work environment at workplace. This will contribute in enhancing profitability level of the firm at market place.

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