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Unit 3 Human Resource Management

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
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Management of a corporation is a very crucial and significant task and also essential to be carried out to operate the business in a smooth manner. The workforce is to be considered as the most expensive and significant asset of the corporation and the utilisation of the same in an appropriate manner should be done. Management of this resource is an essential task which should be kept on priority by the firm and need to be carried out in an ethical manner. This function adopted by the organization brings an enhancement in the performance of the employee and thus increases the productivity of the organization as well as of the individual also. The present report has been presented on Wood hill College which is an educational firm and a well known and established name in the service sector. The below carried report focuses on the purpose of HRM and also the role of HR manager in the planning HRM and also the the strength and weaknesses of the different approaches which has been used by the firm will be explained.


A Purpose of workforce planning and role of HR manager.

One of the main factor for the organization is the human resource which is required to run a smooth a flawless business operational activities and management of the same is to be done in a manner. HR planning is adopted in the business to effectively maintain the balance between the demand and supply of human resource for attaining predetermined objectives. This role is played by a HR manager in an organization which related to the authority for performing all the related activities which are to be required to manage the workforce in a firm. The role enable the manager to focus on the performance and the capabilities of the individual. HRM is a concept which moulds the individual according to the requirements of the organization and makes them capable in delivering the expected results.

The role of the HR manager is planning and managing the human resource and the concerned activities in an organization. In WOODHILL college the, main role of the manager is to provide the organization a skilful staff which can provide services in a best manner. Moreover, the HR manager is also required to assist the management in concerning activities such as the planning strategies for HR recruitment and selection process, providing them with training sessions and deciding the pay scale. Also monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the individual is to be considered as the task and which is a significant one to be carried out.

B Strength and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection are the two terms which are to be carried out in an organization for fulfilling the human resource needs which is to be considered as the most significant asset for carrying out the operational activities in a firm. Recruitment is done for the identification of the capabilities and the potential of an individual and selection is to be done for selecting the suitable candidate. The below mentioned are some of the strength and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection process:-

Strength: Wood-hills college while making the recruitment and selection process should make the use of the most updated and modern means and mechanisms in the process, which will increase the efficiency and value of the process and which in turn will provide expected results.

Adoption of the set of the ethical and fair practices which ill enable the firm in attaining a proper and skilful candidates and which are the most required factor for carrying a successful business.

Weaknesses: If the HR manager is being biased to the candidate and is partial in his approaches and theories which are being used in the recruitment and selection process then it will be shown as the weaknesses for the process.

Sometimes, the processes are very much lengthy and time consuming and also the decision-making regarding the selection is not done on the spot. As this is major weakness of recruitment and selection process.


A Job advertisement for the job role

There are number of promotional methods which are to be used by the company for making individuals aware about the vacancies in the firm. Job advertisement is a medium which can be put to use to communicate about the vacancies and these can be done by placing an ad in the various means such as newspapers, magazines and also on the job portals and also on the official websites of the companies. The job advertisement is to be considered as the first step which attract and influence the candidates about the job. The main components of the job advertisement are the job description, a brief note about the company and also abut the profile and the salary. The below mentioned are some of the important roles which are played by a job advertisement:-

The first most role of the job advertisement is to create awareness about vacancies regarding the posts and about the job profile and about the company and also to attract the suitable candidate for the cvacancies.

Time saving is also an another role which is to played by the advertisement as by doing promotion the time consumed will be less which was used by the company in explaining the candidate about the job profile and about the company.

This also enhances the interest and attracts the most skilful candidates which might get attracted and influenced by the company for future vacancies.

The below mentioned job role is of a teaching staff in Wood-Hill college. Providing the guidance to the students is the primary role of a teacher. They also have to monitor the performance of their students and carry out the necessary training and development sessions for bringing enhancement in their performance.


c/c atterbury road and de villebois mareuil,

Trumpeter's Loop, Pretoria.

Job Vacancy

Designation: Teaching staff.

Job Roles: Teaching, maintaining the result sheets, counselling.

Required Qualification : QTS with B.ED with GCSC grade.C.

Work Experience: 1-3 Years.

Salary : 1.5 lacs – 2.5 lacs.

B Suitable platforms for placing an advertisement

The advertisements are to be considered as one of the most effective tools through which the company can create awareness about vacancies within the firm. This can be done in a more effective manner if a proper set of tool and mechanisms and proper platforms are used for placing the advertisements. The marketing of each and every goods and services is done which is to be sold and platforms are the mediums which are essential and are the chains which connect to the individuals. There are various platforms which can be put to use by Wood-Hills college for giving advertisements and some of them are explained below:-

Online and offline are to be considered as the main two platforms which can be adopted by the organization for the promotional activities.


The concept is the most modern and updated means for making advertisements and creating the awareness for the same. This platform involves internet such as giving ads on the official websites of the institute itself. A proper website is to be maintained with proper navigations for the convenience of the users. Social media can also be used by the organization, For example


Wood-Hill can place ads in the newspapers and magazines as these are the most common means of the print media and which can also be used as an significant platform for the advertisement, moreover pamphlets can be printed and distributed. Hoardings and high level Electronic boards can also be used as an effective means for promotional purpose.

C Job Specification and Person specification for the role.

Division of labour an the related tasks are to be considered as the significant task and also an objective of an organization (Black, Clemmensen and Skov, 2010). And this has to be done by deciding the various job and their roles. If there is proper allocation of tasks according to the posts, then it will result in better productivity and best outputs. Job specification are the details of the job profile which provides a brief detail about the post an the tasks which will be carried out during the tenure or the working course. It provides the candidate a description about the roles and the responsibilities which have been carried out and conducted in the job. The stated job role is for Teaching staff and the below mentioned are the job specification of the same:-

Job Specification

  • Teaching, planning and class management are the basic and primary specifications of the teacher.
  • Setting of the tasks so as to ensure challenging spirit in the students and motivating them to bring best results.
  • Providing and using the clear teaching formats for lessons for development and motivation.
  • Making use of effective tool for questioning and monitoring, listening clearly to the issues an solving the conflicts (Kehoe and Wright, 2013).
  • Using a variety of strategies an approaches for teaching and counselling and also involving the adults in planned intervention.

Person Specification


Qualified teacher status


Minimum One plus year experience as a secondary section teacher (Teaching Practice included).

Knowledge and Skills

Thorough knowledge of all the course and the related courses.

Spirit to challenge and support the same.

Confident in using computer and making various reports.

Personal Qualities

Good set of organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to work positively in harsh and extreme conditions with a positive and calm nature.


A Difference between training and development

The terms training and development are very much inter-related to each other. These both the component are very much essential components which are liable in influencing the growth of the organization. Training is a process of teaching the employees or preparing the workforce with the critical skills and the potential and also the training is carried out to gain knowledge on a specific topic. Development is carried out for the preparation of the performance of the additional job roles which are to be carried out in the working tenure (Guchait and Cho, 2010). The below mentioned is the difference between the training and development in TESCO PLC :



Training is the process which is provided to the new candidates which have been selected in the organization.

Tesco carry out the training process in the form of work oriented process and which for a specific period of time.

The trainers are the leads who guide or provide the training to the individuals.

Whereas the development is given to the existing employees of the organization.

Whereas this process is future oriented and which helps the employee in attainment of the goals and targets.

In this managers brings development process by adopting various approaches and theories.

B The changes in customer expectations affects TESCO and its need to train staff

The consumers are the king of the market and their needs and requirements are to be considered at the top priority and which have many impacts on the various aspects of the business environment of the corporation (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). The expectations and the changing needs of the consumers make the organization to have many changes in the business structure and working and also in the staff of the firm. If the staff are not providing the proper or the required services as per the needs and the demands of the consumers then there is a need for the organ ization to change the method or the processes of providing the services and also a proper training is required. First the company should make an analysis over the current processes and methods used to train the staff and after that the company will have the faults and errors of the mechanisms used. Now as they have knowledge about the errors in the process TESCO can develop a team who will provide a proper training to the staff and alo the same team should be involved in the monitoring process of the tasks and the services rendered by them. After that the company should also make a market research and find out the current and changing trend in the tastes and preferences of the consumers. Tesco should also prepare the report on the past and present trends and the preferences and also the comparison of the same should be done in order to evaluate the performance of the staff.

C Methods of training carried out by TESCO

There are a number of training methods and approaches which can be adopted by the organizations for bringing the enhancement in the potential and capabilities of the individuals (Wright and McMahan, 2011). Training sessions are carried out by the firms so as give the knowledge and information which will be required by the individuals to carry out the work. The below mentioned are the two main methods of training which can be adopted by TESCO PLC:

On-Job Training: This method of training is an important tool which can be put to use for providing the training to the staff at all levels. The concept comprises of observation, monitoring, job rotation, mentoring and coaching. Tesco will have to appoint a special trainer for giving training to the newly selected individuals, which will provide the new candidates with the necessary information and about the tasks to be performed by them. In this methods the mentor will be mentoring the candidates on the performance and the selection for the posts is also done in this method which is based on their working and performance. The method is a simple one and not at all time consuming.

Off Job Training: This methods is conducted by the organization in the form of lectures, group discussions and conferences for providing the knowledge on a specific topic or any department or section (Jiang and et.al., 2012). In this type a formal sets are used to provide the training to the existing employees. These methods are also used to find out te problems and the issues an also the solutions are provided for the same.

D Identification of training needs

When there are some goals and objectives which are pre-determined then there will be training needs for the attainment of the same. For instance TESCO has an objective of consumer satisfaction and enhancement of the market share then on this basis there is a need to develop and provide the employees with the training of providing the satisfaction to the consumers by providing them with the best quality of the products and establishing the new stores in the new regions for the expansion of the market share. There is a need to train the employees and enhance their skills for the attainment of the goals (Guest, 2011). If the consumers are having issues and problems regarding the products and the services then the company will need to carry out the necessary trainings which assists in the manufacturing and other related processes. To bring out an enhancement in the performance level of the employees and also in the productivity which helps in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the business organization. The training also provides the employees with an increase in the confidence level which enhances their quality of the output and which will automatically motivate them as after completion on the tasks as allotted they will be praised.

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E Benefits for TESCO and the employees in providing the structured training programme.

The concept is a training programme of which the mentioned are the key factors which are detailed schedule, maintaining and managing the time, framework of the activities and also about the assignment of all the responsibilities and also this training format has a well defined and determined goals, objectives and the consequences (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). The structured format provides more development to the employees and success to the organization as compared to the other forms. The below mentioned are the benefits of the structured format for the TESCO :

In this program the company makes the emphasis on the strategies and and also on the expected outcomes. This format also help the in providing the success to the program and also provides directions for the upcoming steps which are required to be taken for the development of the employees and also in the organizational structure. The staff are the most valuable and expensive asset of the organization and proper raining is to be required essentially to be given to them.

F Return on Investment for training programme in a company

A training in a company can be referred as the programme in which company shall organise a workshop regarding the work to be carried out in company. A training is a must needed programme for the company as it will enable the employee to enhance their skill regarding the work as well as it will help employee to raise his knowledge regarding same. A return on investment in training can be calculated if the employee is able to learn all the aspects of work that is that are able to carry out the work in perfect manner. Return on investment can be calculated if the skill of an employee is increased that is they are able to carry out work in a skill full manner with proper knowledge (Crook and et.al., 2011). The purpose of a training programme shall be fulfilled when a employee is able to learn all the small tricks about the work. If an employee is able to achieve the goal which is assigned by company then it can be said that return on investment is achieved. If the employee is not able to develop its skills and knowledge regarding the work to be carried out in a company then it can not be said that return on investment is achieved. A return is always dependent upon the performance of a person. If the employee is able to perform good and well in the company by achieving task on time and by giving a quality of service then a training programme is successful held at a company. Return on investment in training always depend upon success of employee.

G Types of approaches in TESCO

Flexibility is the key principal of company, it is referred to the changes which an employee is about to take in making of any decision when a flexibility is being enabled in a business organisation then needs of business and an individual shall meet (Tang and Tang, 2012). There are many types of policies which has been initiated in an organisation that is formal and informal. Informal policies are those which are approved by human resources and informal are those which are not officially written. There are many flexibility approaches which is being adopted by TESCO so that work shall be carried out in a flexible manner. Some of the approaches are:-

understanding the workplace flexibility- it shall help in the study of flexibility which will be needed in the workplace that is there are some legal requirements of the work with flexibility. If there are no legal measure in the company then no flexibility shall come in respect to work.

Approach as to business hierarchy: particular format shall be drawn in order to carry out the work that is the work shall be divided among the manager and subordinate so that there shall be less load of work and flexibility in work. When a process hierarchy shall be followed by the company then a particular flow will be followed in respect to work (Ployhart and Moliterno, 2011.

Business rules: if TESCO wants to enabler Flexibility in the business then it must ensure that the company has established all the work related rules in the firm. Rule will enable the employee to carry out work within the layout and there shall be no infringement of any rule. Once the work in being carried out with regard to set of rules then expansion of business will be easy as work will be managed.


A Importance of healthy employee relation which is affected by HR decisions.

Employee relation is a medium to attain the targeted goals cause an employee have a positive charge in their work when their employer is giving proper focus on them and giving them all facilities which they wants (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Healthy relations is a need of the organisation and this is a part which have to be done by the employer, they have to manage a positive environment and healthy relations with their employees. This is having a large importance and these are;

Healthy relations can divide the work pressure and work become easy for the employer and employees. The employer can better divide their work and targets in between their employees (Dias, 2016).

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An employee feels motivated with the healthy and prospers relationships, and employee have internal charge to perform their work and they can perform better in their task.

Conflicts get lesser among the employee, all employees helps to each other, this is an impact of healthy relationship. Individuals feel free to work in the organisation and they have to their own work and they are helping their subordinates.

Employees get more faithful towards their employers and they work with more honesty, loyalty and faithfulness. It is increasing on the quality production.

An organisation can attain their targeted goals with this and the employer can earn extra profits via the continuous production and activities of their employees.

HR is a person which is a medium in between the employer and employee, HR works to fulfil the requirements of employees and to manage healthy work environment and conditions for them. ITV is an organisation which is having several departments and a large number of employees so their HR manager are working for them. They are taking decisions to make better conditions for their employees related to salary, incentives, work safety, health safety, minimum facilities and to resolve conflicts of employees regarding to work place and work. These all decision are having a direct impact on the employee relations and this is making a better work environment in the ITV (Mondy and Martocchio, 2016).

B Key elements in employment legislations and how it influences in ITV'S decision making

Legislation are basically the laws which has been implemented in a particular concern ensuring rights and duties. A legislation to field will help in providing a protection of rights and duties of an individual. Discussing into the concept of business there are several kinds of legislation which has been implemented by the government ensuring that the rights and duties of an employee shall get protected. For an example there are several laws and acts established by the government like employment right act, right to equality etc. these act help a HR department of the company to take various other decision irrespective to employee and their employment. For an example it has to be taken in a due care by the HR that no such decision will be taken which shall enable discrimination among the employee (Guchait and Cho, 2010). Every other employee shall be treated equally by the HR and the management of the company. While making any sort of decision by HR, it must take care that employee rights shall be protected on equal basis that is no employee shall be terminated without giving any notice. A notice has to be served by management regarding any termination. On a whole the HR department has to take care of all the necessary provision mentioned in various act while making any decision as infringement in any kind of right shall raise a legal obligation on to the company by which a claim can be easily brought..


From the above carried out analysis it has been concluded that the purpose of the workforce planning and also the role of the HR manager of Wood-Hill college has been explained. Further the strengths and the weaknesses of the different approaches of the recruitment and the selection process of the organization has determined. Moreover the concept of the job advertisement and the role of the same has been explained. Further the focus has been given on the platforms which has been used by the organization for making the advertisements and promotion of the vacancies for the post of Teaching staff.


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