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Roles and Responsibilities of HRM in Hilton

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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Organization Selected : Hilton


Human resource management is an important concept as it helps in the smooth functioning of the enterprise. With an appropriate HRM practices chances of business growth further rises to a great extent (Alfesandet. et.al., 2013). As it is a crucial asset for a commercial unit it is of great importance that same is managed efficiently as this way long term aims of organisation can be achieved. Hilton is a known brand in the hospitality industry. As it is a part of such sector which is labour intensive it is required that decisions for their benefits are taken in a way that full capacity utilisation of resources is made. Following report will discuss the roles and responsibilities of HRM in Hilton along with the current legislations that are applicable on it. Other related concepts will also be discussed in detail to get a broad understanding of HRM practices.


2.1 Current state of employment relations

Legislations are an effective tool through which control over the practices of different sector organisation can be kept by government. Over the period of time and as per the requirements of hospitality industry different laws are formulated which aims at safeguarding the employees and service users. This is an effective way through which an individual is protected against any unethical practice (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). Apart from this it also influences the relation between an employer and employee evidence of which is given below:

Minimum wage act 1998 - This is an effective legislation which is formulated to protect the work force from getting exploited by the employer. According to this act a minimum wage across the United Kingdom, which from 1 April 2018 was £7.83 per hour for workers aged over 25, £7.38 per hour for workers aged 21 to 24, and £5.90 per hour for workers aged 18 to 20. It has influenced the profit margins for the hotel industry. According to the article in Armstrong Watson (accountant's business and financial advisers) this particular regulation has improvised the relation between employer and employee as now the overtime is avoided specially those who are above 25. This way the overall impact of this act is positive for Hilton as productivity of employees increased with quality.

Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 - This is another important law passed under which the work force is provided with advantage of getting the reimbursement of any physical damage if caused to an employee at work place during the official hours (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017).


3.1 Job description and person specifications

Job description- It is defined as a set of documentation which describes responsibilities, duties for doing a specific task. In addition to this, it explains the needs of a workplace where an individual applying with specifying skills and qualifications. This gives clarification to both party's employer and employee, which is good for them.

Person specification- It is an element of recruitment which facilitates the recruiter to communicate with selected candidates with knowing their qualification, skills and previous experience. Furthermore, this helps recruiter to short-listing the selected candidate. It gives facility to recruiter that they chose desired applicants who is fit for the organisation. This includes soft skills, job specific capabilities which are useful for performing recruitment process. It helps to applicants by defining their abilities, personal qualification which is important to recruiter before applying in an organisation.

Job Specification

Details of job

Job title: HR Manager

Associated Department: Human resource Division


  • Demonstrated knowledge of EEOC, ADA and employment laws
  • Ability to read, write and speak the English language


  • At least 3-year work experience in same sector

Knowledge and skills:

  • Person must be capable of performing multi task so that maximum output can be produced.
  • Problem solving as this will assist in maintaining good working environment.

Personal Attributes:

  • Person must be multi-tasking
  • Good motivator so that employees morale remains high

Job Description: The job description encounters the essential of work roles: the major duties broad purpose, the condition and work terms etc. Here is illustrated the HR manager's job description of Hilton:

Job Description

Job Tittle



Description of Duties

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Person applying must have good knowledge about the HRM legislations
  • Ensure safety and security of work force

Service specific duties

  • Communicate the strategy and polices of organisation.
  • Conflict resolution

3.2 Comparison of the selection process of different service industries businesses

Selection is the process which is related with right person on right job. It is a procedure which is used by every organisation as it helps management to identifying a suitable candidate who matches with the needs of organisation (Huselid and Becker, 2011). By using this process, organisation evaluates capabilities and strengths of various persons and chose one person whose capabilities and strengths are similar to their expectations. By applying this procedure Hilton will be able to recruit new chef who is capable to satisfying the needs of their customers. Depending upon the nature and roles to be performed at particular job role the recruitment and selection process is selected. It is important that effective mode is used so that the best suitable candidate is given chosen and hence the strength of organisation gets maximised. Different service business opts for range of methods such as:

Hotels - It is a complex business in which there are different job roles needs to be performed which are complex in nature. For instance, Hilton has a good brand name in market and is known for its quality services. To maintain this, they prefer taking personal interviews which is most appropriate way to understand the personal and professional skills of an individual (López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán, 2011). Following is the detail description of how a candidate is selected in Hilton:

Preliminary interview - It is the first step of process. In this process, some questions are asked from the applicants for checking their mentally and physically fitness. In addition to this, applicant have to answers some questions which are related with their qualification, past experience, those candidates who gave right answers they will have passed this round. After that they will proceed to next round of process. Selection team of Hilton will have asked some questions from candidates and selected candidates will fill a form (Marchington and et. al., 2016).

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Blank application form - This form is filled by the selected candidates who passed the first round. It is related with general things, such as about their age, qualification, working experience etc. In this process HR of Hilton will gets the idea about the candidates and they take help from this information.

Interview - applicants who have passed in above rounds are called for interview. It is done for knowing more about the applicant. It checks the communication skill and strengths of applicants, for an experienced candidate there is a team in every organisation, who checks their ability with telling them about organisation's need. In Hilton, HR team will conduct this process and gives their response to applicants.

Final selection - This is the last part of process, after passing various round applicant is selected in this part, an appointment letter is given to them. firstly, organisation evaluates their capabilities and if they satisfy the management's needs and wants they will be promoted as permanent employee in the organisation. Hilton will also give offer letter to the selected candidates which is based on evaluation period (Messersmith and et. al., 2011). After the period, if they found fit for organisation they will get on role offer letter from the organisation. Get the best Law assignmnt help from experts. Order Now.

MacDonald's - It is another service industry in which the selection process is different. Here personal interviews are no required always as there are less complicated jobs to be performed and it is difficult to personally interact with each employee. Recruits for higher job is done through promotions as over the period of time they have gained the expertise over the work they are doing.


4.1 Contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation

Hilton is having a good brand name in the market. For same collective efforts of different departments is give as through their effective work this organisation has reached to this position. It reflects that the training and development of work force is done with care so that maximum quality output can be produced (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). The role of learning and improvements can be further understood in the following manner:

Use of appraisal and target settings - This is an important way through which the total output is improved over the period of time. employees are provided with effective learning programmes which further develops skills among them and hence their long term growth is ensured. This way they become an asset to Hilton and hence increase the total profit margins.

Contribution of induction - When an employee is new it is important that they are introduced to the brand in an appropriate manner. This helps making the work force familiar with the vision and mission of the firm. Through this, they too work in the similar manner and move towards the common goal of the enterprise.

Act as a monitoring factor - Another importance of these programmes is that through same the work in process is checked on regular basis. It helps in eliminating the errors at the same time they take place and are rectified. This way cost of mistake is also saved and goodwill of brand name is maintained in the market.

Increases adaptability among staff - Every business operates in a dynamic environment and it is important that the demand of surroundings is fulfilled. For same training is of crucial nature as without providing guidance no new concept can be implemented in the work place. it is required that detail description is given and the work force is made familiar with the change. Only than the competitive advantage at work place can be maintained.

Barriers in training and development

Whenever something new is introduced or tried to be implemented at the work place it has to go through distinct reactions (Rubery and Urwin, 2011). Some of the barriers which are faced while training a development are as follows:

Attitudes of employees - Not every person in Hilton is same. Some employees resist to change due to fear of failure in learning or having less interest in their job. It is difficult to motivate them to learn new concept or techniques and hence growth of company gets restricted.

Cost of training - Sometimes such changes arises at work place which needs huge investment. In such cases training leads to additional cost to the establishment which indirectly affects the profit margins of organisation. This way it again acts as a hurdle while planning the training programs at the work place.

Lack of required time - There are situation when a sudden requirement of change arises at work place and there is not sufficient time to train the work force. In that case it becomes difficult to train the employees hence the work has to be carried out without guidance. Therefore, chances of failure are high in this context (Schermerhorn and et. al., 2014).


From the above report this has been summarised that human resource management is an important concept that assist in overall development of the enterprise. With the roles and duties performed by this section of hospitality industry competitive advantage by various brands is maintained in the market. It is evaluated that there are range of options available with the recruitment department and as per the suitability of the job role a particular method can be adopted. Thereafter, it is also learned that how through training programs company raise the capacity of firm and reduce its total cost which has a positive effect on profit margins for hospitality industry.

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