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Role of HR Practice in Mother London


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Organization Selected : Mother London


HR practices are considered as an strategic in nature, they provide proper guidance to company for maintaining a proper coordination between departments so that they can execute the plan in a better manner. In context with Mother London, it is an creative organisation whose main motive of work is to produce commercial ads for television as well as for cinema along with some online outputs (Kooij and et. al., 2014). This report will focus on the role of HR practices for supporting various forms of capital that plays a prime function in success of Mother London. In addition to this, Theoretical perspectives is used for evaluating HR practice is mentioned in this assignment along with the link between business and HR strategy. Lastly, an Illustration of legislation is done with the help of some examples.


a) Role of HR practice in support of different forms of capital

Mother London was established in the year 1996, and during their initial years company was having approximately 40 clients along with some high-profile brands. Hence, firm is a creative organisation which has currently around 280 people and these are part of Mother Holdings which consist of 20 companies with approximately 700 persons involving freelancers are working. Company's main work is to make commercial advertisements for televisions, cinema, experience of live events and some online outputs as well (Ertürk, 2014). Creativity is the core substance of Mother London. Thus, it has become one of the destination for people who are creative in nature, in addition to this, company is giving opportunities to people who are innovative with their minds. In this company HR practice play their significant function some of them are explained below in context with various form of capital:

Human Capital: It can be said as a quantification of economic value, thus, idea of human capital can be understood with the help of quality of workers who are working in an organisation. In other words human capital can be invested by a company through education, training provided to an individual which can lead to benefits and improvement in business operations. Therefore, HR practice performed in Mother London plays a vital role in overall development as it helps company in hiring skilled and experience staff members who are experienced as well. For this, firm has adopted a “talent or people-centric approach”. Thus, Mother London are ready to hire experienced person who are creative can take up the challenges with passion. Henceforth, HR practice is providing maximum benefits to companies which is enabling firm in minimising staff turnover in a speculated period of time (Kuvaas, Dysvik and Buch, 2014).

Social Capital: It is considered as an capital under which importance is given to social networks. Thus, it constitutes resources that are tangible and intangible in nature. In addition to this, social capital is used for explaining about the performance of various groups that are present in the society. In context with Mother London, social capital is playing a huge part and for their operations firm is using core principles i.e. “Holy Trinity”. It is giving priority to creativity and and making place for commitment which is determined as a prime factors why Mother London is working together. Therefore, with the help of social capital it is assisting firm in converting knowledge, experience and skills so as to get valuable outcomes. HR practice is helping Mother London in maintaining a better workplace to employees where people can work with mutual understanding for attaining a common goal.

Organisational Capital: This is determined as an structure that inculcates basic three components or levels rather while doing communication it is done between partners and other staff members. Thus, it can be said as a significant source for increasing the value of firm. Therefore, HR practice is helping Mother London in interacting with different stakeholders and investors for generating appropriate amount of funds (Jørgensen and Becker, 2015). Other than this, employees who are working in this company are being rotated as a result it is assisting workers in maintaining relationships and giving some kind of contribution in developing social capital. In addition to this, the concept of benefits and compensation will provide benefits to company in terms of retaining it employees for a longer period of time.

Drawback of Mother's approach to recruitment

With the help of case study that is mentioned above it can be evaluated that as company is focussing on hiring new and fresh candidates but experienced one will provide company with maximum benefits but it can lower down the morale of employees who are already working. It limit others from using their creative minds for executing a plan in an effective manner. In addition to this, assigning multiple roles and responsibility on a frequent basis can restrict thinking capability of an individual. Therefore, it will decrease the growth rate of company as compared to other rival firms (Swamy, 2014).

b) HR practice implemented at Mother as per the theoretical perspective of SHRM

Strategic Human Resource Management is a generalised approach which is comprehensive in nature and work for gaining long term benefits. SHRM also determine internal as well as external approaches of customers and market area that is present. HR practice is adopted by companies so as to improve and develop leadership quality of staff members working in an organisation. This is done by providing appropriate training programmes directly or indirectly (Anderson, 2013). There are some of the HR practices are explained below which helps Mother London in operating its business in a better manner:

Work-Life Balance: It is important that a balance between work is maintained and company must provides flexible working hours to employees. Mother London, is providing stress free environment where workers can use their creative minds in order to execute the plan effectively. Company is providing best quality modified technologies so as to conduct appropriate training programmes and managing different activities. Therefore, Work-Life Balance is assisting mother London in providing work based environment to its employees.

Training and Development:It is one of the basic function that are provided by an organisation to new and existing candidates for improving skills and knowledge of an individual. Mother London is providing functions through which employees can improve their skills and knowledge and by performing in an appropriate manner company can develop and increase its value at market area (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Therefore, HR department of this company must ensure that workers are provided with better training programmes so that goals and objectives are achieved in speculated period of time.

Recruitment and Selection Process: This process depends upon the requirement of an organisation as the main purpose of Mother London is to give creative work so managers of this company will look after for candidates who can use their innovative minds for executing plan of action. Firm for the same is going to various universities and colleges for getting diverse candidates.

Other than this, there are various role that are being performed by department of Human Resource like providing compensation and rewards to employees who are excellent while conducting their operations. There are different SHRM practices and theories which plays a crucial role in providing competitive benefits to organisation. Theories that have a great impact on Mother London are explained below:

Behavioural Perspectives: This theory majorly focus on intermediator who can have direct or indirect effect on the relationship between strategy and performance of a company (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Thus, according to SHRM it is determined as a old model which helps company in having control over the behaviour of employee regarding a particular activity. Thus, it helps Mother London in resolving and eliminating different kinds of issues and problems that can act as a barrier while performing business operations.

Transaction Cost Theory approach: It is an approach that is being used by Mother London for evaluating problems which are related to the field of finance and economics. Here SHRM play a crucial role in evaluating contribution of employees so as to give appropriate rewards as per their capabilities. Make proper use of worker's behaviour in order to gain goals and objectives in speculated period of time. In addition to this, Transaction Cost Theory approach is being used having a proper control over organisational transaction cost.

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Further link between Business strategy and HR strategy is explained below:

Business Strategy

Human Resource Strategy

  • In this category company works with the motive of achieving mission and vision by developing strategies with all the resources that are available to them.
  • Under this, an in-depth study is done in order to know for evaluating current condition and making strategies accordingly.
  • Under this category, HR manager of a company develops plan of action by considering its long term benefits. As a result it will assist firm in gaining competitive advancement in future.
  • In this, HR strategy is made for overall development of employees so that performance of company can be increased (Linking HR Strategy with Business Strategy, 2018).

c) Key legislations and areas for consideration in recruitment and selection that can affect Mother London

Recruitment and Selection Process: This is a prime function that is performed by managers of a company but before conducting this procedure is is essential that firm know for which purpose the entire process is to be conducted (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). As Mother London prime work is to make creative advertisement for televisions and other channels so their focus will be on recruiting and selecting people who are different in mind set further can implement creative ideas for attracting a large number of employees as well as clients in speculated time frame.

During the entire process of recruitment and selection process there are various factors that are taken into consideration like qualifications, age criteria, specialisation on particular field etc., Some of the key legislation that can have an impact on Mother London while conducting recruitment and selection process are given below:

Equality Act, 2010: This laws was formulated in order to provide harmonised environment at work place so that every individual are treated equally without any discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, status etc., Under this it constitutes other categories as well like Sex discrimination act, race relation act, 1976 and many more. Although most of the countries have similar acts but according to some norms country make modifications for example: age criteria of a person while applying for the job (Cooke, Saini and Wang, 2014).

Equality and Human Right Commission: According to this right, it has given chance to disabled person as they can now apply for the job like normal person without getting discriminated. Thus, this may differ according to the social change and justice laws that are regulated by a Government of a country. For example: if these laws are violated than duration of impression can be different.

General Data protection Regulation Act: It is important that data that are collected from candidates who are applying for the job must be kept protected. Thus, before recruitment and selection process company must make sure that information are maintained and recorded secretly so that nobody from external source can use them for illegal conduct.

Equal Pay Act, 1970: This act was formulated and undertaken so that every individual who are doing job are given equal wages whether the person is a male or a female. This eliminate the process of bias towards an individual and if an individual is doing overtime than he/she must be provided with bonus or compensation (Stahl, Björkman and Morris, 2012).

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From the above report it has been concluded that, HRM department in a company plays an important role in giving appropriate direction of performing activities effectively. The entire assignment has focussed on various HR practice that Mother London can adopt for having growth in business operations. In addition to this, Strategic Human Resource Management theories have also been explained which will assist company in recruitment and selection process. Lastly, key legislation that firm must take into consideration are explained as per the different nations if Mother London wants to conduct recruitment and selection process in other countries.


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