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Human Resource Development


Personnel are the main asset of each and every company as they help the company to enhance their profitability and productivity. Government of UK also contribute its major part for the development of human resources by implementing various HR policy and take initiative regard to training and development. Sun Court Limited conduct training for the purpose of improvement in the employees and provide high-quality of services to its patient in an effective manner (Conceição and Altman, 2011). In the research project in which they provide information in which People R US deliver suggestion to the Sun Court Limited for this purpose they adopt different learning style to know the behaviour of learning in the workplace. Furthermore, there is a study on role of learning style and how it is most important for the company. There is a also study on evaluation of training event and how review the success of training that are implement by the organisation.


1.1 Comparison on different learning style

People R US is a consultancy firm who provide training to the Sun Court Ltd workers for this they understand the various learning style. Thus, it is necessary to make comparison of learning style to know the behaviour of employees while they learn something which are as follows-
Kolb's learning style- It is that type of learning style in which they suggest that learning cycle have a 4 stage that show different learning pattern of all type of individuals. These are describe below-

  • Diverging learning style: In these stage of learning style shows that the individuals follow those learning pattern in which they can easily learn by observing and watching at first time. They does not learn the thing by doing on spot and these people are mostly artist who are creative thinker.
  • Assimilating learning style: In these stage the individual learn by doing scientific research as they focus on the concepts (Holick and et.al 2011). Further, they have a pure scientific knowledge as well as clear concepts and they are good at inventions.
  • Accommodating learning style: The Kolb learning styles describe the people follow intuition rather than required any practical explanation. They are those individual who work on the other's finding as they does not put any efforts to do any kind of research analysis.
  • Converging learning style: They are those people who learn by doing practical work as they are very good at problem solving. Thus, they ignore the concept in learning pattern and avoid on focus on other people as it is highly depend on themselves.

Honey and Mumford's style- It is totally different from the Kolb learning style but It has a four stage in learning cycle which are as follows-

  • Activists learning style: In these learning style in that most of the people like to do experience on new things and they are like to face any kind of new consequences in their practical field.
  • Reflectors learning style: In these style of learning in which people collect information from all possible sources are primary and secondary. After obtaining data they finding out conclusion through analysing but they first listen ideas of others people.
  • Theorist learning style: In these stage of learning cycle people like to follow on new theories as well as concepts to do new experiments. They solve various problems by doing logical derivation.
  • Pragmatics learning style: They are those people who mainly concern with the new problems as well as difficulties by facing them. They always try to do experiment on new theories which are not implement in a real world.

1.2 Explain the role of learning curve & the importance of transferring learning to the workforce

The People R US adopt the learning curve that show the overall process of learning in which it track record on learners performance. It can be said that if the learning is not implement in the workplace it does not create any kind of impact. The learning style has their own purpose and they are only attain when it apply within organization.

The main role of learning Curve:

It can be represented in graphical form that shows decline or incline of learning that are related to learning. It is a most vital tool that are used to asses the affects of any type of learning or training sessions that indicate the performance of learning that are record in it (Pineda, 2010). The main role of learning curve is that they are use for the purpose of identification on the aspects of learners progress and as per this they formulate the policy regard to education. It also indicate the most common aspects of impressive learning. Therefore, it the learning curve is used by the HR Manager of company who use for the purpose of HR planning and set the schemes that are related to incentive rate.

Importance of learning when it transferring into the workplace:

Each and Every organization arrange the training programmer to enhancing skills as well as knowledge of employees. For this, they spend most valuable time, energy and funds to train the manpower which impact positive on company's performance. There is a significance when the learning curve are implement in the workplace which are as follows-

  • Add value: The main purpose of conducting learning session by the People R US that provide addition value to the Sun Court Ltd. It is only possible if the learning style is transferring into the workplace if they do not implement in the workplace means that company will have no value.
  • Better and optimum utlization of fund: Every training is successfully conduct by firm if they have a sufficient amount of funds. They put their huge amount of money for the purpose of increasing the performance of an individuals (Giangreco, Carugati and Sebastiano, 2010). Therefore, it becomes necessary to implement the learning within the organization if it they not do then there is wastage of money.
  • Face and Overcome from Challenges: The employee face most difficulties while they doing any work if the have not adequate knowledge. The learning curve help them to overcome from these issues that arise in the workplace through attend learning sessions. These individuals overcome from these challenges only when they transferring their learning into the workplace.

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1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event

In the People 'R” US'' Bid a contract with the Sun Court Residential Home Limited for the purpose of design and make plan for training and development. The main contribution of learning theories they play their role in designing the learning event. It is very critical to design any type of learning event is it a most psychological task that require a huge practical knowledge. The HR manager of consultancy firm first analyse needs of learning and finding out where the individuals are now currently work (Harzing and Pinnington, 2010). The Kolb learning style help the company to know the learning style of each individuals. They first concern their future role that are needed to done the respective jobs. After that, the behaviour of an employees observe to know their current knowledge they have as its role in job. It will help the manager of consultancy firm to know the psychological behaviour of learner. Therefore, before design learning they first obtain the knowledge about the various learning styles. As per this, they plan the effective learning event and arrange all the activities that are required to conduct program. The individual who participate in the learning event are from different background and they have their difference needs of learning. For this purpose, manager get knowledge about learning style and theories so, they can able to design the effective learning event for the Sun Court Residential Home Limited. Along with that, they can able to identify different needs of learning as per this they design the learning events.


2.1 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in Sun Court Ltd.

As per the budget as well as different learning style of Sun court Ltd and the needs of individual they choose the training methods that gives the organization benefits and disadvantages that are describe below-

  • The lecture method: In these type of training the trainer deliver knowledge to all the participants with the help of power point presentation (Cascio and Boudreau, 2010). Thus, it gives the some benefits to the company is that the instructor give information on spot time which saves useful time and it does not require any huge amount spend on the lecture training. Further, it have a some disadvantages for Sun Court Ltd is that as it does give the practical knowledge to the participants.
  • Practical training method: In these training the instructor provide the practical knowledge to its participants as it require a that type of environment where the learner can easily observe the demonstration. Thus, after this, various question are to be asked from the learners and resolve their confusion when it arise at the time learning session. It has a some advantages for the organization is that participants learn thing more easily as they enjoy the session. The main disadvantages for the company is that it is not beneficial for the higher level of management where there is a requirement of practical reality.
  • Case Study method: In these training methods is a situational based as the trainee asked questions that are based upon the situational to all the participants. The major advantage for the Sun Court limited company is that it is a cost effective and it is useful for the level of management that improves capacity of manager in the decision making. Whereas , the demerits of Case study method is that is not useful for the subordinates as their will no effect on their performance.

2.2 Use a systematic approach to plan training and development for a training event.

The systematic approach is used by the Sun Court limited for the purpose of conducting training event that are as follows-

  • Organization's objectives: The main aim of cited company is that to provide the high quality of healthcare services in the competitive market at fair prices to the old age patient. To attain these objectives the Sun court limited develop and re-train their workforce.
  • Set up training need: In the next stage of this approach the Sun limited company finding out the efficiency level of care workers, nurse and doctors (Scullion and Collings, 2011). After this, these people need regard to training can be identified to meet the firm's objectives.
  • Design appropriate training strategy: In these stage, the training strategy is design as per the individual's needs by matching with the organization's requirement. The trainer develop various training needs as per the different learning style of workers are the case study, practical and lecture training method. It is develop as per the company budget and as per the fulfilment of training needs so, these workers can able to do job in most effective manner.
  • Implement the training program: It is a last stage of training methods in which there is an implementation of training strategy by deciding the training venue and date.

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3.1 Preparing and evaluation of training using suitable techniques

The Sun Court Limited conduct training session and it is necessary to make an evaluating these event. Evaluation is that type of process on which the information is gather to know the feedback of training program it help them to analyse that the events is successful or not. The cited company adopt various elements to know the efficiency of training events that are describe below-

  • Customer comments: It is most important method that help the company to know the effectiveness of training events. The patient and clients are the main persons who take services of healthcare sectors and it is necessary to satisfy them. It is only possible if the trainer care workers provide high-quality of services to the patients (Ghai and Vivian, 2014). To know the success of training it is need to take feedback from the patients to know the workers performance in the Sun Court Ltd. The information they obtain from customers are positive that means that the training that are conduct is successful attain their objectives and vice versa.
  • Feedback: It can be evaluating after completion of training programs in which they get feedback from both trainer and trainee. The reviews as well as opinions deliver by them shows the success of training. The feedback approach show the strength and weaknesses of participants that these events enhance their knowledge or not.
  • Auditing: The Sun Court Limited conduct the audit in which they can know the company performance in terms of shortcomings and development areas. The company auditing show the sale figure, turnover and expenses etc.
  • Behaviour change: It is also an another factor that are used to evaluate the training event in which the change in the behaviour of an individual in Sun Court Limited identify. In these techniques the company can observe and monitor the behaviour of individual after and before training programs.

3.2 Carry out an Evaluation of training event

The training event is conduct by Sun Court Ltd in which it is monitor by the top level managers. The main reason of training event is that to improve the performance of staff worker in the company so, they can able to provide high-quality of services to it clients. Thus, in the trainer give the various training methods so, the knowledge of employee will be enhance and they can serve the better quality of services to its customers. The evaluation of training needs can be analyse through the company's objectives and the performance of an employee. It can be show that the performance of care workers are now improve and it will also enhance productivity. In the training events all the participants deliver their points of view and discuss their problems to the trainer. It help them to develop and effective solution to the issue that arise within the workplace and create a healthier environment (Cummings and Worley, 2014). The training methods that are applied in training sessions assist them to enhance the knowledge of an workers in that manner so, they can able to deliver high-quality of services to its customers. Thus, it directly impact on Sun Court limited company's performance it directly leads to increase profitability. The event change the attitude and behaviour of care workers that are positive and make environment more professional.

3.3 Review the success of the training methods used in Evaluation

The HR team of Sun Court Ltd used evaluation methods to know the success of training programs. The reaction of participants while conducting training programs shows the psychological behaviour of an individuals. It explain the inner behaviour of the trainees about the training programs (Ployhart and Moliterno, 2011). Along with that, these training events help the participants to improve their skills and knowledge regard to work and responsibilities. Get feedback from customers help them to know the performance of an individuals which shows the effectiveness of training. The training is successfully achieved as the workers now improved their performance and the satisfaction in the worker are now also enhance. The company sales figure are now increase and generate more profit after implementation of training that show the success of training.


4.1 Explanation the role of government in training and development

There are various role of government regard to training and development that are describe below-

  • Allocate Fund: The Government of UK provide a fund for the development of Human resource in both sector are private and public. The Sun Court Limited company can able to provide an effective training and to enhance their skills of care workers (Wang and Noe, 2010). Thus, they also formulate a HR policy in which they can easily motivate and increase the skills of existing employee.
  • Promote HRD study: The Government of UK promote the HR study that helps the Sun Court Limited to train and develop the employees in most effective manner. It can be possible through the extensive syllabus of human resource development that are include in the National Curricula.
  • Create a Favourable Work Environment: Government of UK also help the company to provide a healthier environment that enhance the overall ability of individuals. They pass the law regard to give the punishments and right of the employee in the company.

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4.2 Explain how the development of competency movement has impact on the various sectors

The main aim of Competency movement is to increase the knowledge in the workers by provide them a proper training. It majorly deals with the provide knowledge on new subject and increase their current job. Thus, this initiatives directly help the public and private companies as the Sun Court limited come under private sector. The UK government support competence training and that help them to fulfil objectives that are as follows-

  • The participants performance not judge on the their academic qualifications and from the learning sessions it have an opportunities to enhance their skills (Arrow and Lind, 2014). The Sun Court Limited adopt these initiative to provide the trainee and provide them an effective training.
  • The training process helps the company to enhance their knowledge and get opportunities in the future. They can able to solve the various issues by using new tactics and apply them in the workplace.
  • In the training there is an also discussion on social ethics as well as standards that must be applied in the workplace.

4.3 Asses how contemporary training initiates introduced by UK Government Contribution on development of human resource

The government of UK support the contemporary training initiative that helps in development of human resource at the Sun Court Limited (Holick and et.al 2011). The government take initiative in which the introduce National Apprenticeship Service that help the company to coordinate and provide the funds all over the England. It also help the youngsters to get knowledge and learn creativity from various industries. Thus, it is comprise into substantial training and transfer skills that provide benefits to the firm.

The Government also develop sector skills councils through which they can minimize the gap of HR demand and supply. Thus, it will help the company to enhance their productivity and boosting the energy in the workers.

The another contribution given made by the Government is a Curriculum Authority in which the company can able to provide training courses to the professional worker in care home in the UK. They also provide skills Funding Agency through which Sun Court Ltd can able to conduct training programs for their employees on regular basis.


Summarizing the overall project report it has been concluded, the human resource development help the Sun Court Ltd to enhance their skills through various training methods. Along with that, they get feedback from the participant it has been analysed that the training session conduct by company is successful implement. The consultancy firm in the UK has contribute major part regard to training development as they provide them suggestion that are useful in their training programs.

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