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BTEC HNCD Human resource management - Pearson Qualifications

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 19 / Words 4833
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BUS540
  • Downloads: 5939
Question :

This sample assessment will let us know about:

  • Introduction of Human resource management
  • Objectives and scope of HRM
  • Explaining the benefits of the HRM in the enterprise
Answer :
Organization Selected : Pearson


Human resource management are one of the essential part of business enterprise. They need to be considered as backbone to the enterprise. They are the person who performs their function as to plan, direct and organise the overall activities do that enterprise can able to earn the long term profitability and productivity. Without them nothing can be done in the expertise mode. They are the core part of the organisation. They play their function as to organise the each thing in the systematic manner (Beloglazov, Abawajy and Buyya, 2012). They can be taken as tonic to the enterprise. The present report will outline the business of Aldi's. It is the global leading brand and engaged in the services of retail sector. In this manner it can be said that report will be inclusive of the things as are approaches to human resource manager, function, key roles etc. they are important person who helps to gain the competitive advantage in market. It works as the retail sector and providing services to the people of the UK. In addition to this project will be inclusive of the things which will be helpful in order to have improvement in functions of human resource managers.

LO 1

P1 Explain the Objectives and scope of HRM

The human resource manager are performing the essential part of the business enterprise. They are the person who being maximum contribution to the enterprise. They perform their activities in order to promote the proper well being to the employees. In this manner they need to take the various kind of initiatives which will be inclusive of the number of function as are planning, controlling, directing, recruiting and selecting (Alfes and et.al., 2013). Without their effective performance the organisation cannot able to sustain in market for longer period. The main aim of the human resource personal of Aldi's is to bring systematic working so that organisation can able to enhance their profitability and productivity. In this term it can be said that they need to perform their role in the proper coordination manner. The main role of the human resource manager is to deal with the recruitment and selection procedure of the enterprise. It is the duty of them to the hire the skilled workforce which can contribute maximum to the organisation (Bloom and et.al., 2012). In this way, there are some objective and scope of Human resource manager as are-

  1. Human resource manager of the enterprise playing key role in terms to bring the long term growth to the enterprise.
  2. They use to motive their employees so that they are able to understand their role and perform in the better and effectively.
  3. The one of the main role is to provide the proper job satisfaction and self- competency, this kind of thing will bring the long term retention of the employees in the enterprise.
  4. The human resource manager of the firm must look over the relationship among the employees so that they are able to perform their function in the effective manner. By maintaining the cordial relation between worker they are able to bring smooth working. These are the major part which is need to be processed effectively (Campbell, Coff and Kryscynski, 2012).
  5. They are the person who must have key objective so that whole enterprise can perform their activities towards to achieve it.

There are some other scope to human resource managers as are-

  1. Personal aspects- This is the term which cover the following things and human resource manager are responsible to deal with this all as are planning, recruitment, selection, transfer and incentives. These are the function which bring maximum prosperity to the enterprise.
  2. Welfare feature- in this the enterprise like Aldi's mainly deals with the working as to provide the good working condition to their employees so that they are able to perform their activities in the effective and efficient manner (Hong and et.al., 2013). In this it can be said that this term will be inclusive of the things as are crèches, canteen facilities, rest room, proper ventilation to the employees so that they are able to perform their role in the expertise mode.
  3. Industrial relationship-Thus human resource manager of the firm are responsible to perform their function in the manner which will be helpful to enrich the growth to the enterprise. In this manner this term will be inclusive of the things as are joint consultation, collective bargaining etc.


Main purpose of HRM is to achieve objectives of organization and maintain coordination among staff members. HRM focuses on internal sources and heads towards employment life cycle. It helps in facilitating performance of employees and processing terminations so that organisation can work properly.

P2 Description on various approaches to strength and weakness on the term as recruitment and selection.

In this term it can be said that recruitment and section process are helpful in order to bring systematic working to the Enterprise. In this manner it can be said that there are two kinds of methods as are internal and external. Thus, external recruitment is need to be done when firm is looking of the new talent with the help of them they are able to bring innovative results. In addition to this, internal recruitment refer as to finding the key employees to the enterprise who needs to perform the job by transferring and promoting them to high level (Jiang and et.al., 2012).

There are strength and weakness to the internal and external recruitment as are-

Internal recruitment advantages-

  1. It is very helpful as it is result in term to have reduction in the operational cost of the enterprise.
  2. Employees to the firm are already having the wide knowledge about the functioning of an enterprise so that they do not need to introduce the new thing to them.
  3. This kind of functioning will be helpful in terms to boost up the morale of employees.
  4. By enhancing the moral of the employees the enterprise can perform its activities in the more effective and efficient manner (Kehoe and Wright, 2013).
  5. This kind of functioning will motive to other employees of the enterprise to improve their skills so that all can perform activities expertly.

Weakness to the external recruitment as are-

  • In this firm cannot able to hire the nee employees, in this way any innovative approaches cannot be welcomed.
  • It leads to have downfall in the image of the enterprise.
  • Employees follow the same old method, in this way organisation gas to face the less creative function.
  • Due to no innovation some time firm need to face the high level of negative effects.

Strength of external recruitment as are-

  • It is very helpful in this firm is able to conduct their business operation in systematic and effective manner.
  • Enterprise can have fresh talent and they are bale to maximum contribution to the enterprise.
  • In this business enterprise can have some unique feature which will be helpful in term to contribute large to the business enterprise.
  • This is the effective method as it is helpful in relation to have enhancement in the brand image of enterprise.
  • Corporation can have number of the person in this way they can select the one suitable person who is able to bring maximum to the enterprise.

Weakness to external environment-

  • In this enterprise need to spend the lot of the time on the process of selection of employees.
  • The existing staff of the enterprise do not feel motivated as it is affect the working of the enterprise in the large manner.
  • It is the length process as it is time consuming in this human resource manager will take more time in relation to identify the suitable candidate to the firm (Maertz and Boyar, 2012).
  • This is one of the costly process, it requires huge number of investment.

Its internal strength includes HR strategies and Staff knowledge. Its internal weakness are budgets and other organizational barriers like it has to depend on revenue producing department. Its external threats are when competitor earns profit in market share then organization face challenges. Finally, some sophisticated technologies are external opportunities which HR department can make use of.

P3 Description on the various benefits of the HRM in the enterprise

There are number of beneficial features to the employees as are-

  1. In this it can be noted that the employees of the enterprise can have the various kind of the benefits in terms to the health and safety. This process to the employees will be helpful in term to motivate them.
  2. The human resource's manager of the firm are responsible in terms to provide the number of benefits so that they are able to feel motivated and take various initiative in terms to provide the suitable measures to them (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013).
  3. There are the number of the benefits which are need to provide them as are health, insurance and many of which will helps to promote the good working to the enterprise.
  4. The human resource manager of the firm are responsible to boost the morale of the employees so that incentive can be given to them on the basis of performance of the workers.
  5. In this term human resource manager are responsible to provide the effective environment so that business operation can be handled in expertly. In this term each employees are need to be awarded (Stahl and et.al., 2012).
  6. The human resource manager are responsible to create the positive environment so that each employees can perform its activities in the effective and efficient manner. The good understanding between employer and employee will enhance the brand image of enterprise.

Employee is need to feel motived so that they are able to perform business activities effectively. The maximum portability leads to achieve the high term growth to the enterprise (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). It is benefited to employees in many ways like managing, directing and building link to senior leaders where the organization follows hierarchical structure. It manages company's financial burden and covers risk at low cost. Employees are secured for their families and for themselves.

P4 Describing the effectiveness of Human resource managers

The human resource manager is the crucial part of the firm. In this manner they need to perform each activity in well defined and efficient mode. Long term productivity can be measure if the firm is human resource manage to the firm are performing their key role effectively. They are responsible person to track the performance of individual so that enterprise can perform its activities effectively. The achievement of the association can measured with the working of the business undertaking. With this term viability and effectiveness of the firm can likewise be known (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012). The firm would maximum be able to measure of beneficial by keeping their eyes on the exercises identifies with the generation, arranging and compelling direction to their workers. The Aldi's gainfulness and profitability can be enhance through this. In this the things are depends on the following activities as are-

Hiring- It Should to be founded on its high productivity. The compelling worker's done its exercises in more appropriate way. The ability and dynamic employees dependably increment the firm benefit which assist them with creating the positive workplace. By hiring the well educated and talented employee firm is able to achieve its desired success. The effective skill will always lead to have long term profitability in the enterprise. If you need university assignment help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution.

Planning- it is the activities which is need to be dine in the effective manner. It is helpful in terms to measure out the difference between actual and planned activities. In this manner the characterizes the hole between where to stand today and where need to reach. The best possible arranging depends on the choice taken in the association. The individual of amazing personality can build up the compelling arrangement in the business undertaking. The arranging Should to be done in the way which fills in as less wastage of asset's with culmination of project on time.

Training and development- the proper training facility to the individual is need to be provided so that they are able to carry out the function of enterprise expertly. This kind of the things will be helpful to determine the long term success of the enterprise (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012). With legitimate preparing and advancement workers dependably play out their best in the association. It makes employees more proficient while they are performing and stuff errand.

Execution examination and reward-It is the key answer for the HR troughs in boosting the lesson of the employees. The reward can be in the term of motivating force. It generally urges the workers to finish their undertaking in legitimate way.

Execution legal authority- The Aldi's is going up against thShould the execution legal authority. It encourages them to dole out the specialists and obligation to the employees by observing their work execution. It causes them to keep up the solid brand picture of the business endeavor.

Great correspondence- in this term it can be said that Barriers to powerful correspondence in the association continually convey inability to the authoritative development. There Should to be appropriate stream of correspondence between the best level administrators to bring down level of subordinate. Appropriate comprehension between the workers and manager increase the value of the firm (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Morden innovation- The cutting edge innovation brings the compelling method for working style in the association. It is important to the business venture to acquire convenient development the firm which can helps as improving the firm efficiency. HR can coordinate with other partners so that value and profitability of business can be increased. This department has the ability of choosing the best candidates for positions in organisation and they can resolve conflicts among employees. HR increases productivity by developing performance culture, self service, outsourcing and fact based decision making. Employees are rewarded and special training are provided for their retention.

P5 Description on significance of employee relation in terms of HRM decision making

With the view of the association the connection amongst employees and boss Should to be viable. It fills in as key part at the time settling on choice in the business endeavour. The contention between the business and employees influence the execution of the working of Aldi's. It prompts get the improper condition the firm which result in poor settling on of choice. With no contentions between the workers and businesses an association can run its movement in more adequate and in smooth way (Berman and et.al., 2015). There are sure advantages in the terms having sound connection between the business and workers in the association are as per the following-

Solid connection among the association extemporize the execution of work of every person. It expands the inspiration level of the employees. Such sentiment support drives them to get larger amount of inclusion in the association. The stream of work turn out to be more adaptable in the event that it done in the coordination procedure.

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The best possible offer between the exercises of the business endeavour causes them to have powerful work. It helps in having better yield. The correct correspondence n in the association prompts have legitimate sharing Should be amongst workers and businesses based on which powerful choice van be taken. Great workplace dependably helps in making sound connection between the businesses and employees in the firm (Bratton and Gold, 2012). The firm benefit and efficiency can be expanded on the term of sound connection in the association. The Aldi's is taking different measure to bring successful connection between the workers and human asset directors since it causes them to include generosity of the firm. The ad libbed connection causes the organization to hold the employees for longer period in the association. The Aldi's causes the association to get proficiency the working of worker by elevating different measures to making the great and sound connection between the employees and businesses. Legitimate contribution of the workers and businesses causes them to have improvement in the organization. A solid specialist connection helps the association in maintaining a strategic distance from the issue of non-appearance thus efficiency can be extemporized. It helps in getting the nature of work the execution of every person And It influences employees to work in family way with each other than it can bring glad condition at the working territory which prompts achievement of the association (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). Major HRM strategies include maintaining cultural environment in the company, appreciating employees in order to boost up their morale, conducting various programs so that skilled employees can be hired. Effective communication is necessary so that unwanted doubts get cleared up and more ideas and views from employees are showcased. This help in better understanding of goals and objectives of organization. Reward system has to be there so that employees should be recognized properly. Interaction between employees help makes communication system more effective and strong.

P6 Define on the identification on employee legislation and its effect on the HRM decsion making

The legal authority outline different laws and enactment for the advancement of the working of the business venture exercises (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). There are different laws which would large be able to measure of effect on the basic leadership procedure of HRM. Such component secured the accompanying perspectives.-

No segregation the fractional condition between the employees and bosses prompts bring wastefulness particle the working of the business venture. To adapt up to this contention in the firm government has passed the Equity demonstration which causes the organization to get overcome from this issue. There Should to be no segregation based on station, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation and so on the primary target of this demonstration to give evenhanded stream of working in the business undertaking which encourages them to acquire gainfulness and efficiency in the firm. The Aldi's is taking different measures to advance value in the business endeavor.

Hour and wages- The conveyance of wages and hour Should to be in the correct way. The association Should to keep up the reasonable route conveyance among the employees and managers. Additionally, the installment based on hour based is bringing multifaceted nature process in the association.

Restorative office- There are different laws which taking measure keeping in mind the end goal to carry on legitimately with the handicapped employees (Parker, Morgeson and Johns, 2017). There is act which take different measure to enhance the conduct towards incapacitated employees. Such act is health care coverage compactness and responsibility to ensure the secret medicinal information.

Joblessness benefits- In any circumstance if worker leave the association or let go Should to get a few advantages around 26 weeks from the joblessness. HRM needs to discover every qualified worker who will get joblessness benefits.

Leave for family- Eligible employees can take unpaid leaves around 12 weeks for their family reason like birth of kid or some individual from family is genuinely sick. HRM needs to choose who are the workers who will get these advantages.

Arrangement on leave- With the assistance of this arrangement a worker can take greatest 12 unpaid leaves in the year. This is the greatest drawback to the association. It makes a situation of truancy in the business venture which is in charge of having low profitability in the association.

Sex discrimination- This act is specially meant for protecting people from any sort of sexual discrimination at work where there exists total 3 distinct type of discriminations namely direct, indirect and harassment. It hereby becomes a prime responsibility of ALDI to protect their employees from any such cases of biasness at the workplace.

Race relations- This act is specially meant to address the racial discrimination at the workplace where ALDI’s authorized bodies with a special involvement of their HR will be hereby responsible to protect their employees from any partiality on the basis of race, national origins, colour and ethnicity.

Equal pay- This act is specially meant to deal with all sort of discriminatory practices at the workplace where the new enactment has aimed to put a mark of anti-discrimination at work to look upon all biased practices and undertake relevant measures.

Disability discrimination- It is with a special consideration of protecting people from any sort of workplace discrimination on the basis of some disability. In accordance to the specified norms of this act, a disabled worker should get an equal work opportunity, just like other hired employees.

Employment act- A vital intent behind proposing this act was to bring a state of stability in the economic condition of the nation. It has thereby addressed the issues related to inflation and unemployment in UK with a foremost contribution of the federal government.

Employment relations act- This particular act is known to govern the relationship among the employees and employers in the workplace. Herein, both the employees as well as the employers are required to keep faith on each other and undertake the measures of collective bargaining and negotiation, as and when required.

Work and family act- This act states about the benefits related to maternity, paternity and adoption, etc. ALDI and its associated members concerned about a suitable application of legislative norms are hereby required to undertake effective measures to provide such relevant policies related to childcare to their hired set of employees.

National minimum act- This is in regard to provide a minimum wage to all employed workers in ALDi, on the basis of their total work hours. Also, in accordance to the specifications of this enactment, the hired workers must be of a suitable age to avoid employing under aged workers.

Data protection act- It is specially to protect both personal as well as professional data stored in the computer system of ALDI. It is with a special consideration of protecting the stored data from any unauthorised user at the workplace.

P7 Description on the Practices of HRM in the organisation

Fundamentally, Aldi centers around few practices as it doesn't consist of numerous offices like showcasing, data frameworks, and advertising. Four noteworthy HR work practices of Aldi are as per the following:

  • Recruitment and selection: It is contracting the right individual according to the necessity of employment. The HR of Aldi centers around person's fundamental characteristics like truly, instruction, commitment, cooperative person, and industriousness. The organization makes a trip crosswise over Australian college to discover potential competitors as per prerequisite. Aldi invests parcel of energy in finding the potential people who are graduated with college degree and to whom Aldi discovers impeccable according to the activity. The organization put part of time and cash in preparing projects and offers the best money related bundles to individuals working with them. For instance, all through the worldwide budgetary emergency Aldi offered employment to 150 graduates and offered them 50 percent higher compensation nearly to past years.
  • Learning and Development: It is a constant procedure comes after enlistment and choice. In this stage, organization reports learning session for new employees which assist them with knowing more about the organization like its definitive objectives, working condition, productivity and so on (George, Haas and Pentland, 2014). For example, similar to the organization's connections are based on standards of put stock in, trustworthiness, singular strengthening, shared help, responsibility and collaboration. Aldi sorts out instructional meeting for its staff to build up their work productivity, instructional course of the organization incorporates procedure of administration like, item preparing, store activities, calculated and property administration and budgetary dependability.
  • Performance Management: The real target behind execution administration is to encouragement employees. Aldi's uses 360 degree input technique to gauge its staff part's execution. The input is made with the data gathered through chiefs and subordinates of specific worker.
  • Compensation and advantages: According to the execution estimation workers are remunerated by Aldi. The organization acknowledges the handwork and abilities as the workers are the important resource of the association. For instance, Aldi gives paid maternity leaves to its employees, additionally it gives better than expected compensation and solid working conditions to each labour (Campbell, Coff and Kryscynski, 2012). Further, Aldi offers sparing plans, remuneration and retirement intends to the staff individuals. The firm permits its workers occasions and adaptable hours. Plus, it likewise offers individual duty around their work routines.

Thus, Aldi's HRM practices are quite noticeable and helps in recruitment of skilled and talented employees. Also, Read Human Resouce Management by St. Patrick's College.


Based on the above report it can be concluded that Human resource manager plays effective role in terms to manage the operational function of firm. Without them nothing can be done in the expertise mode. They are the core part of the organisation because they perform business activities effectively. The Human resource manager performs their function as planning, controlling, directing, recruiting and selecting. Without their effective performance the organisation cannot able to sustain in market for longer period. The main aim of the human resource personal of Aldi's is to bring systematic working so that organisation can able to enhance their profitability and productivity. The project is focussing over the activities of Aldi's as there is need to focus over long term growth and productivity to the enterprise.


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