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Managing Food and Beverage Industry

University: Harrods of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Various kinds of business within food industry.
  • Explain different elements which influences the decision making of consumers
Answer :
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Food and beverage industry is playing a very crucial part in producing various opportunities in this sector. Since, past years it is seen that this industry is growing at a very fast speed. It is also analysed that this is the fastest growing industry. The present report is on various business functions which are part of food & beverage industry and includes present and future trends flourishing in this industry (Bradley and et. al., 2017). There is consideration to various rating systems which are used by business organisations across globe. There are some skills required by every individual which helps in performing in a better way. Further, there is discussion on various legal requirements which have to be considered by management of organisation which are part of Food & Beverage operations, while they are performing their business functions.

Various kinds of business within food & beverage sector

There are different sectors which are part of Food & Beverage industry and are beneficial for enhancement of growth and earning of increased revenue. This is the industry, having its main focus on fulfilment of customers demands in a more appropriate manner. Different sector are playing a crucial role in effective functioning and this is explained below:

Entertainment: In Food and Beverage Industry this factor is necessary for guests so that they can be attracted towards a particular outlet. This is one feature which can act as a differentiation advantage for these business and help in enjoying at  the same time with facilities such as games, cruise, clubbing etc.

Accommodation & Lodging facility: This is a subdivision mainly found in hotels where there is other facilities such as complimentary breakfast, pleasant atmosphere, luxurious facilities, drinks etc. All such factors are helping various visitors to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable (Chriqui and Sansone, 2016). A positive feedback is very necessary for making a estimate whether there will be a repeated visit or not.

Food & Beverage: This is one sector playing a very important role as it helps in having a large customer base as travellers can have a wide range of food products. Such services includes catering facilities, quality food etc. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Different sort of rating systems which is used in Food & Beverage industry

There are various rating systems used in Food an Beverage Industry at both international and global level as mentioned below:

One star rating: One star rating is given to those hotels where there are only basic necessities which are provided to their customers. No extra amenities or facilities are provide in such hotels as it includes normal bed and a wash-room just to fulfil basic service of a customer.  Such hotels are mostly preferred by middle class segment of customers as  they are not able to afford luxury and have a preference for just basic amenities required for a basic and comfortable stay (Davis and et. al., 2018).

Two star Rating: This rating is similar to one star as in this all accommodation and facilities are similar to a one star hotel. In such hotels extra services such as phone, television, on site restaurant, housekeeping are some additional services which are provide in these hotels.

Three star rating: Three star rating is provided to those hotels having more comfort and include services such as fitness centre, room service, conference rooms, valet services, restaurant services etc. Hotel rooms are larger in size, have flat screen facility etc.

Four Star Rating: These are considered as superior hotels with upscale establishments and first rate of services. The rooms are spacious with premium furnishing facilities and have luxurious such as fine bathing products and lavish bedding.

Five Star Rating: These hotels can be categorised as luxurious hotels as they are providing this facility to their guess. These are preferred by high class customers as there are services such as Wi-Fi, spa, clubbing which are offered to their customers. They try to satisfy will the requirements of their customers shaving a competitive advantage as compared to other similar hotels who are in possession same rating (Espiñeira and Santaclara, 2016). Order assignment help from our experts!

Classification of hotels in accordance with rating system is very helpful for various customers in choosing it according to their budget, expectation and facilities.

The F&B industry deals with changing trends prevailing in market. Such trends have a effect on profitability and sales level. Present and future  trends affecting this  industry is discussed below:

Changing customer preferences: This factor is mainly responsible for all business function in a industry. In present scenario, customers are having focus on health & hygiene then in such case there must be focus on these facilities. In service and hospitality industry everything is customer oriented and it is very crucial for organisations which are part of this industry to make strategies according to target customers demands. In the present era, there is a trend of high customization which must be adopted as this can play a role of valuable factor in retaining of customers for a longer duration and at same time having customer loyalty (Fortin, 2016).

Technology: In present scenario, the most crucial factor in Food and Beverage Industry technology is affecting preferences of customers.  There are may new method which have evolve with technology advancements that can be used for understanding demands and expectation of target customers. Such as online surveys can be used as a technique for identifying the services most preferred of target customers.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Various inventions are happening and this is impacting the food and Beverage industry also. Such companies are having large scale operations which help in developing plans and acquisition of those units that already have a established brand image. Such techniques from future prospective are very useful in execution of various plans such as maintenance of high quality of food and all services being offered to customers. High quality and proper services are very crucial for surviving in the high competitive market (Freeman, 2016).

Above mentioned are some present and future trends prevailing in the Food and Beverage industry and posses a crucial effect on strategies adopted by Hotels and restaurants.TASK 2

Different professional food as well as beverage skills which is required within Food & Beverage industry.

For every individual it is very essential to have some skills and capabilities in order to perform their business functions in an effective and efficient manner. All these skills help an individual person so that they can gain competitive edges at the marketplace. In context of a restaurant, it has been said that management team requires to have highly skilled staff members so that all their business functions will be performed in an effective manner. Some of the most essential skills which are required in an individual are going to be discussed as follows:

Customer serving skills: It is required by a professional to have effective customer serving skills in order to gain attentions whenever individuals visit to the restaurant (Kaur, 2017). There are some hotels which adopt consumer focus or centric approach so that they can maintain positive as well as strong relationship with their customers. This as a result help an organisation in order to retain their loyal customers for a long period of time and enhance the profitability as well as goodwill of the company. 

Effective communication skills: In order to perform business functions in an effective manner, a professional individual is required to have effective communication skills. With the help of this, they can easily communicate required information so that every individual will be able to perform their task in an efficient manner. In addition to this, it is very essential to have  two way communication so that all the business activities will produced positive results. This will help in removing errors, issues and disputes while doing business functions. 

Organisation skills: In context of a restaurant manager, it is very essential to have organisational skill so that they can deliver high quality goods and services to their customers. It is very important for the top management authority of a hotel or restaurant that they should satisfy the needs and wants of customers. This will help them in order to retain their customer for a long duration of time period (Kistner, 2018).

In order to conduct the business function in an effective manner, it is required by an organisation to follows some legal regulations, rules, legislations and laws. All these legal requirements are required to be adopted by the management team of an organisation so that they can maintain quality standards of the food items they sell to the clients. There are some laws developed by UK government are going to be discussed as follows:

Regulations related to Food safety: It has been said that there are various types of laws and regulations formulated by the legal authorities so that they can develop positive environment to perform every activity and task. For instance,  it is required by the manager of a hotel or restaurant that they get licence from the government so that they can sell liquor or other alcohols to their customers. This as a result create positive, secure and safe atmosphere which help in attracting large number of customer's towards their organisation (Marriott,  Schilling and Gravani, 2018).

Food safety:It consist of all the legal regulations which are related with food items need to be followed by the managers of every hotel & restaurant. All these legal regulations help in enhancing the loyalty as well as trust of customer's towards the organisation. There are some food safety authorities which includes Foods Standards Agency, they conduct regular basis audits so that they can examine food & safety standards utilised by the managers of the restaurant and hotel. Management team of the hotel must consider production procedure, quality of raw material, packing of food items and many more so that high quality goods and services will be produce. Struggling with your dissertation, get dissertation writing services from our experts!

Food import regulations and policies: There are various types of export & import  duties developed by the government of UK (O'sullivan, 2016). All these policies and regulations need to be followed by every organisation in order to develop positive and strong environment. It has been said that for each and every restaurant owner who deals in both global as well as domestic level is required to  adopt these regulations and policies so that positive outcome will be developed in an effective manner. 

Different kind of operational & marketing technology which is used in Food & Beverage sector.

In the current competitive marketplace, it has been said that there are ample number of operational as well as marketing technologies used by food & beverage sector for performing their business functions in an effective manner. Some of the most essential tools and technologies which are associated by the food and beverage sector are going to be discussed as follows:

Operational technology:

Progression of technology: It has been said that the business sector which mainly performed their business functions within food industry are generally assisted by a technology which is AGV. It is the technology which will help in performing the business function in an effective manner by enhancing their efficiencies (Smith and et. al., 2017). For instance, in the present competitive environment, automatic cars are generally used in warehouses so that the stock will be managed according to the requirements. There are some steps used to minimise the defects and errors in order to reduce the operation cost.

Online ordering: It has been observed that due to fast changing technology, internet or social site become most active factors which influences the decision making of individuals. Online method of marketing attract large number of individuals towards their organisation whereas, it will also changes the procedure of ordering food as per their requirements and convenience. With the help of mobile application, customers will be able to get various discounts and benefits which leads towards the enhancement of goodwill and brand image.

Marketing technology:

Usage of social media: It has been analysed that the usage of social media platform help in maintaining connectivity with large number of individuals. In the context of traditional marketing method it has been said that Food & Beverage sector adopt billboards & pamphlets in order to promote their services. On the other hand, online marketing tools help in enhancing the growth of business organisation (Taoukis and Tsironi, 2016). This is the tool which is used by companies in order to attract large number of customers.

Hosting events: This is a marketing tool which is utilised by business organisation so that they can host business shows in order to gain competitive advantages at the market place.  In addition to this, they also provide their clients tea, snacks, coffee so that they can influence their decision making in a positive manner.

Examine different elements which influences the decision making of consumers while they choose food & beverage outlet.

It has been said that there are various types of elements which is present at the competitive marketplace. Such factors highly influence the process of decision making of individuals. All these factors are required to be considered by the top management team of food and beverages industry. Some of the most essential factors includes affordability, food offerings, quality of service, physical brand and so on. All these elements are discussed below in an effective manner. 

  • Food offering: It has been said that a restaurant provide different variety of food products to the clients as per their needs and wants. For a restaurant manager, it is very important to fulfil their requirements so the customers remain loyal towards them. This is the factor which might influence in positive and negative way the overall decision making procedure of individuals (Wood, 2018). 
  • Affordability: It is identified that, consumers required to get high quality products and services but within less amount. In simple words, it has been said that, individuals do not want to pay more amount if there is any kind of substitute present at the marketplace. It has been examined that main of customer is to fulfil their requirements by paying less amount, this need to be focused by the management team of food & beverage sector in order to remain at the competition. With the help of keeping the price low or affordable along with high quality goods and services, restaurant and hotel manager will be able to sustain at the competitive marketplace for a longer period of time (Woodhouse and Woodhouse, 2018).
  • External environment: There are ample number of external environments which need to be considered by the management team of an organisation. It has been analysed that the external elements highly influence the decision-making process of an individual which might provide both positive as well as negative impact. In context of food & beverage sector, external elements includes religion, family, friends and various other factors which can highly affect the process of decision making.

Strategies which are adopted by organisations in a food & beverage outlets in order to attract customers.

It is very essential for a business entity to attract large number of new customers and to retain loyal clients for a longer period of time. This will help them in order to gain various benefits and gain competitive edge at the market area. There are large number of substitute present at the market which might influence the decision of customers. For example, an individual person remain loyal if a company provide food products and services which can satisfy their needs and wants. Along with this, it has also been said that an organisation need to adopt various techniques and strategies so that they can attract ample number of new customers towards the organisation (Bradley and et. al., 2017). Some of the methods used to influence customers towards the company are discussed below:

Customer Feedback: For every organisation, it is very important to satisfy the needs and wants of customers so that they can maintain their sustainability for a longer period of time.  For this, feedbacks from customers on regular basis are very important so that modifications in food item can be done. Needs and wants of customers if not fulfilled it will affect the goodwill  and reputation of the company at the competitive marketplace. Therefore, feedbacks plays very essential role in order to maintain at the competitive marketplace for a longer period of time.

Loyalty Program: It has been said that there are ample number of offers given to the customers by the management team of a company so that customers remain loyal for a longer period of time. Some of these offers includes membership card, special gifts, loyalty cards, discount vouchers, buy one get one free and many more to their regular visiting clients. If talked about Food and Beverage sector, there are ample number of policies which is adopted by the management team of the company so that they can effectively beat the level of competition. Along with this, in order to increase the profitability and sales of the company, managers provide  offers and discounts to their regular customers (Chriqui and Sansone, 2016). 


With the help of above mentioned report, it has been said that food & beverage sector includes ample number of innovative approach which help in maintaining the brand image of the company at the competitive marketplace. It has been analysed that there are different types of business within food and beverage sector which provide benefits to them. Apart from this, it has also been said that there are some skills which are required by professionals in order to perform their business function in an effective and efficient manner. These skills includes communication skills, time management skill as well as multi tasking skill which will assist a professional in a positive manner. Along with this, there are some legal policies which need to be considered by the management team of food and beverage sector in order to conduct their business function in an appropriate manner.

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