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Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy

University: University of Warwick

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the digital marketing strategy.
  • Discuss the tools and platforms used in digital marketing.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton

Digital marketing is the process to advertise project on the digital platform. This kind of marketing helps to grow business and create opportunities for companies to show their presence in a particular market. It is more affective as compare to traditional marketing because companies can have control on whole digital marketing process, and they can target their audience.

This report will take Hotel Hilton to explain digital marketing. Hotel Hilton is a global brand which provides all services related to the hotels and resort. This report will explain environmental affect on Digital marking of this hotel through SWOT and PESTEL. It will analysis key digital tools,platforms used by the Hotel Hilton to promote their hotel. This report will provide digital marketing plan of this hotel  on the Bases of luxury business and their active holiday seekers. In the end of this report will conclude methods of measuring and monitoring digital marketing efficiency.

Understanding of Challenges, Opportunities and Impact of Digital Environment Within the Hospitality Industry.

Digital marketing is the tool which is used to promote product and services by using internet. It is important for the companies use digital marketing tool, so they can increase their teach to all over the world, and they can achieve their profitability. Digital marketing has huge role in the Hospitality industry which is helping this industry to grow. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Online and Offline Marketing

Online marketing is known as digital marketing, organizations advertise their product through digital tools. This is one of the best way to advertise market and it is cheaper than offline marketing and easy to conduct.

Offline marketing is marketing does need internet, this type of marketing refers to marketing in which social media promotions, blogging and press releases are not involved. Marketers use strategies in offline marketing which involves – direct mail, point publications.

Hotel Hilton have strong marketing team who have experience in the digital marketing. But there are some internal and external factors which affect on the digital marking of Hotel Hilton. Digital  Environmental driver such social media, email and technology create opportunities for the Hotel Hilton. Hotel Hilton is operating their business on global level so it is important for them to follow all the legal rules and regulation of the counties (Adeyinka-Ojo and Abdullah., 2019). Government also set some rules related to digital marketing, and they cannot break their rules.

For example- Hotel Hilton cannot promote anything which is against the government. Economical development in any country where Hotel Hilton is operating their business can  attract the tourist. They can take advantages through digital marketing and run their campaign to attract Tourist to take services and accommodation form them. This will make more effective for the company to run their digital marketing campaign, Most of the travellers like to travel on different places and during their tours they stay in the hotels. To attract those travels Hotel Hilton run campaign on the social media to attract those travellers, Technology helps this Hotel Hilton to gain competitive advantages in the Hospitality industry.

They have mainly focus on the shifty and security of their guest through CCTV cameras and other salsify features (Alves,  Sousa and Machado., 2020). This makes their guest comfortable and more secure. Online booking are available on their websites and it is also available through the third party apps which boost the rates of the Hotel Hilton. They also put technology facilities in their luxury rooms where guest can unlock their door with digital key systems. This helps them to show their presence in the market and also increase their growth. Technology used by the Hotel Hilton are eco friendly and it does not effect on the environment.

It is important for the Hotel Hilton to use equipment in their hotels which does not affect on the environment. UK government is forcing hotels to increase their security in the hotel and near areas because crime in UK is increasing day by day and most of the crime locations are nearby hotels or insides the hotels (Bowie and et.al., 2016).Hotel Hilton takes this issue seriously and increase security and shifty for the guest, and they also put camera nearby the Hotel areas. Others hotels also should follow legal instructions by the government and provide shifty and security to their guest. It will help their guest to feel safe in the hotel and their nearby areas. Get Assignment Examples? Talk to our Experts!

Opportunities and Challenges

Hotel Hilton have strong hold on Hospitality industry and advertisement and digital marketing tools help them to increase their reputation in market, and they are able to show their presence as a strong brand name. They are continuously increasing technology in their hotel which is helps them to improve experience of their guest, and they are getting constant upgrade on business process. Strong customers bases through online booking sides which helps them to create good reputation, and they are having good feedback from their customers.

Innovation in their Hotel Hinton's website can create opportunities for the company.They should improve their customers service facility to provide better facilities to the customers and solve their quires. Innovation in customers services through the providing technological equipment to their staff can create opportunities for this Hotel Digitalization and better use of technology in the Hotel Hilton.

There are some market which are under development so company can run online survey on those market to analyse behaviours of the customers and marketing potential. People are spending their most of the time on social media platform such as Facebook and  twitter etc.Hotel Hilton can make page on social media and their guest can share their opinion and experience on their page can attract customers to choose their hotels. They can run digital marketing campaign to attract customers towards their hotel. Detrital marketing is less costly as compare traditional marketing. 

Operations are affecting globally due to the different government polices. Negative feedbacks on their website from customers put negative impact others. They are focusing mostly on the traditional marketing  more than the digital marketing. Limited marketing shares inspire of good recall. Operations are affecting globally due to the different government polices.

Negative feedbacks on their website  from customers put negative impact others. They are focusing mostly on the traditional marketing  more than the digital marketing. Limited marketing shares inspire of good recall. Entry of several international brands along with the strong hold on the global market is creating threats for the Hotel Hilton. Trends in technology increasing day by day and it is impossible for the Hotel Hilton to follow all trends because it takes too much time and waste money. Competition on the price point are increasing,Most of the employees are working in the Hotel Hinton does not get training using technology which is available in the hotel campus.

Key Digital Tools, Platforms and Channels used by the Hotel Hilton and The Green Park Hotel

Hotel Hilton is using many key tools, platforms and channels to advertise their Hotel on the global level and their digital marketing campaigns are running their campaign here are some key tools and channels which are used buy the Hotel Hilton to attract customers (Demirciftci, Cetin and Bilgihan., 2017). Same it is Hotel green park also use some tools to attract customers through digital marketing.

Hotel Hilton

Green Park Hotel


  • This is the platform where Hotel Hilton have make their own page, and they are giving more than 256 thousand followers. They run their campaign on the Instagram to attract tourist and people to stay in their hotels. This platform give them a boost to grow in this market successfully and show their presence. This hotel is having one of the most popular Instagram account within hospitality industry. They share their post and share the experience of guest which is attract people to take their accommodation services and also increasing their popularity among the society. Hotel Hilton collaborated with some of the Travel influencers to promote their new list. As a growing category on the social media, travel influencers help this sampled. Every influancer who collaborated with this Hotel post more than 2 post at least.

Third party application

  • Green park hotel UK is also one of the famous hotel in UK. They are using third party application for booking. It is an collaboration with the third party application and hotel give some discount which help this those applications to make some profit. Most of the hotels are using this way to make customers. Those third party applications advertise their hotels and suggest their this hotel on the top list which attract the customers, and they are also having positive review of those websites

Blogs and articles

  • Many magazines and online news channels post articles on Hotel Hilton. Some of them are paid and some of them are unpaid (Dinis, Breda and Barreiro., 2020). This articles attract the people who are looking for the best hotels in particular place or any particular country. They a


  • They have maintained their website properly and they post attractive blogs which attracts customers. SEO is an acronym which stands for search engine optimization, SEO help this website to get organic  and create traffic for in their website.


  • Hotel Hilton also having their page on the Facebook which is top platform of the social media (Hanrahan., 2017). Here they run their campaign of the hotels. This helps them to attract targeted customers who like to visit places and travel to new places. This is effective and help them to get success in this industry because most of the campaign was successful and it increases the popularity of this Hotel. This is effective platform because Hotels can see how many visitors are watching their advertisement  and how many are interested to take accommodation services for the hotel Hilton.

Social media marketing

  • Green park hotel advertising their hotel on the social media  such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc (Kriechbaumer and Teare., 2019). there are many campaigns which are run by the Green park hotel. This help them to attract customers and travellers to stay in the Green park hotel.


Digital Marketing Plan And Build Multi Channel Capability in a Hospitality Organization


Digital Marketing Plan of Hotel Hilton


Executive summary

This report has been covered digital marketing plan of Hotel Hilton, It has been analysed mission and vision of the Hotel Hinton (Gursoy., 2018). This plan also has been make smart objectives  and it has been  analysed situational analyses of the hotel Hilton through the SWOT analysis. This plan has been explained marketing strategy of this hotel through marketing mix 4Ps. It has been concluded place, product, price and promotion. In the end of this digital marketing plan has been discuss financial plaining and budget of the Hotel Hilton.


Vision of Hotel Hilton is to be the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.


Mission of Hotel Hilton is to be the first choice of guest, team members, and owners alike and see  below their values.


  • To extend their luxury brand divisions by 20% in upcoming 6 months.
  • To enhance their initiative of building multi-channel capabilities by 30% in upcoming 3 years.
  • To increase customer satisfaction by 5% in next 3 months.
  • To increase revenue by 10% till the end of year 2020.

SWOT Analysis of Hotel Hilton



Performance Management

Hotel Hilton has one of the best appraisal system and performance management in the whole hospitality industry, which help them to give the best hospitality operations technically speaking (Hanrahan., 2017). Superiors and staff member of this hotel both are happy with this system because it is linked with their salary, training, promotion and their development.

Excellent Employees Benefits

Hotel Hilton provide range of benefits and incentives to their staff members. It is for both permanent and temporary employees who are working in this company. Some of the benefits Program are saving plan, Educational Assistance program, The Compsych Guidance  and a good deal of insurance coverage plan so employees can work in the hotel campus without and fear.

Brand Image

Hotel Hilton have strong market image in whole world. This image they have make over the years of hard work in this industry. They are having hotels branches in the whole world and many people visit their hotels to take Luxury facilities of the Hotel Hilton.

Loyal Customers

There are more than 50 million customers are in their loyalty membership program which is covering the 13 brands at 5000 hotels Globally.



Shareholders Pulling Out

Blackstone Group LP who are private equity sponsors of the Hotel Hilton they buy their shares in a discount price from the Block trade, they have decided to sell their whole shares worth 15 million (Hudson and Hudson., 2017). It can be good for this share holders and it will not good for the Hotel Hilton because they are loosing their strong share holder.

Undeveloped Network

Hotel Hilton is not having much develop in some of the counties such as Europe. It is important for this hotel to take necessary steps to increase their network in those countries, so they can expand their business  more.

Issues in China

One of the major issue Hotel Hilton group are facing is Lodgings in the china face is the way which cutting edges of employees are awkward in deciding. Chinese representatives are reliant an operational rules.




Hotel Hilton is having joint ventures in worldwide with the some counties like japan, china, Indians etc. promise interesting remuneration for Hilton, for example, the sale of Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan for a whopping $ 2 billion, and Hilton holding on to the management of the hotel for 100 years leading to additional long-term revenues. However, some US departments have offices and official residences in the Hotel and are not happy.

New Marketing Champaign

Hotel Hinton's new campaigning  for the booking is based on convincing new customers to visit their hotel (Inanc–Demir and Kozak., 2019). It will attract people who are looking for the holiday's trips, and they want to enjoy with their family and their friends. This will help to make new customers and also help them to gain competitive advantages.




Hotel Hilton is had expanded their business on global business. They have to face high competition on the global market because there are some more Hotels who are taking competitive advantages which is threat for the Hotel Hilton. The main competitors of this Hotel are – Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation etc.

Legal issues

This Hotel paid more than 70 Million to the Starwood and same amount the management contracts after a lawsuit  where this hotel executives were convicted to stealing confidential parers or documents which was related to the Starwood's successful chain. Some of the other case followed for many years, an embarrassment for the shareholders.

Marketing MIX of Hotel Hilton


Hotel Hilton provides varieties of Hospitality services in all around the world. They are having chain of the deluxe and luxury rooms, bars and restaurants this will be attracted young people who want to enjoy their holiday with their friends and family. They can enjoy the exotic foods and drinks on the Hotel menu which are the best hospitality delight for their customers (Kotler and et.al., 2017). In this plan customers will also get special holiday discount and there are some other facility like Room options and free wi-fi will be included in the booking packages.


Price for these Holidays will be affordable for the customers and their main target will be youngsters, so they will get some discount, so they can enjoy premium services in affordable price range. Price will be based on the four star and five star services and customers will get options to choose to accord faculties they want from the Hotel Hilton.


Detrital marketing campaign will run on different location and different county location of this hotel. It will cover Asian counties and it will run during the summer Holidays in this resign. Campaign will run with the different time and areas  which will attract the youngsters to visit their hotels and take accommodation services from the Hotel Hilton.


Hotel Hilton will use social media marketing tools for the promotion. Some of the social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram where Hotel will run their campaign and their main target will be youngsters who are making holiday plan. Marketing team of the Hotel Hilton will also contact with the travel agencies in Asian counties (Kriechbaumer and Teare., 2019). This collaboration will create opportunities for both travelling agencies and Hotel Hilton.  This campaign will run on the different areas, place and Asian counties. Hotel Hilton will also promote this campaign on TV, mobile phone and email marketing, so they can attract more customers and able to gain their loyalty.


Process of Hotel Hilton is very smooth, customers book their hotel room online and when they arrive in the hotel, they will their room ready and staff of the company welcome their guest properly.


Staff of the company get proper training to in the workplace, so they can improve their skills and provide quality services to the guest.

Physical evidence

Hotel Hilton is having presence in all over the world and this company provides top hospitality in the world.

Financial Plaining

Budget have been decided by the marketing team of  Hotel Hilton for this marketing plan is 80000. This fund will be used to run this digital marketing campaign. In a social media marketing Hotel Hilton will spend  50000 and  other 20000 will be spent on other promotional activities such as advertising on TV, phone  and many other platforms. 10000 will be spent on the implementation and management of this plan. Estimated cost of this plan will be 80000 according to the digital marketing team of the Hotel Hilton. 5000 will be extra amount which can be used if they are needed in any activity.

Customer life Cycle

The customers life-cycles a term that describes the different steps a customers goes through when they are considering , using, remaining  loyal to a particular services or product. There are five stages of Customer life cycle.

Stage 1- Reach

In this Phase Hotel Hilton have to make content with the potential customers. This contact could come from a Facebook ad or other referral from friend.

Stage 2- Acquisition

After the attention of the customers they move into the acquisition stage The goal of this stage is pretty clear; you are sending people to your website in hopes of converting them into a subscriber or customer.

Stage 3 – Conversion

In this stage where companies lead tern into the paying customers.

Stage 4- Retention

Now company have gain customer now companies goals is to keep that person as a recruiting customers. This means finding ways to upset or cross sell to the person.

Stage 5- Loyalty

This is last stage where company have to gain customer loyalty.

Type of Hardware  


Monitor is a part iof computer  which is used to display pictures and other graphics.


Hardware used to store information and process the information


CPU is main processor and it is connected with computer.

Methods of Measuring and Monitoring Efficiency of Digital Marketing

There are several companies who are making an effective use of digital marketing and for that they use several social media platforms for promoting their products. But there are only few companies who make themselves and their digital marketing plan successful (Lynn., 2019). The main reason behind their success is effective monitoring and controlling of the plan. There are several tools are available by which Hilton hotel can measure effectiveness of its performance and its digital marketing plan such as:

Key Performance indicators (KPI)

Establishment of key performance indicator is one of the best way or tool to measure performance effectiveness. It includes several indicators by which Hilton can effectively measure effectiveness of its digital marketing plan against its goals such as:

Search Engine Ranking: By knowing search engine ranking and traffic to its Website where it generates sales and leads can measure effectiveness of its performance. The number of traffic and visitors list shows that its digital marketing plan is effective. For this, it requires to measure its rank just before and after digital marketing campaigns as it shows the difference between total numbers of visitors.

Traffic: Traffic is one of the best source for company's sales and leads (Mooney and Slobodian., 2016). Overall traffic, mobile traffic and new/important traffic can give informations of all visits. Order Marketing Essay Help Now!

Analytical Platform

For measuring effectiveness of digital marketing plan, it is important for Hilton hotel to use effective applications and programmes. Some effective applications which can allow company to measure performance include:

Google analytical: It is a free application which google provides to companies by which they can track several informations about traffic as well as website (Punchihewa,  Gunawardena and Silva., 2017).

HubSpot: It is also considered an effective analytical platform which allows company to measure inbound marketing that is ideal for use.

Abode social: It is other comprehensive tool for social listening, publishing as well as social media measurement.

Measurable Metrics

It is other main type of tool which is being used by many companies for knowing traffic with the main aim of measuring effectiveness of its performance of developed digital marketing plan (Sousa And et.al., 2019).  With the help of face to face or customers feedbacks hotel can know their both positive and negative views. It can also know demands and needs of customers and the degree of satisfaction. The main aim of measuring effectiveness and using all these tools is to make changes in the strategy accordingly and increase customers' satisfaction. 

There are some actions which Hilton hotel can take to improve its performance in digital marketing such as: analysing digital marketing channels for choosing the best one, focus on relationship by which customers can share their views about the products, creating a realistic action plan for making it effective (Uysal, Sirgy and Kruger., 2018). Tracking social media channels as well as success by A/B testing, heat map analytical and traffic. So, from the above, it can be said that Hilton hotel can make its digital marketing plan successful as well as can accomplish its all pre-determined goals.


As per this report has been analysed  digital marketing and their importance in Hotel Hilton  This report has been explained environmental affect on Digital marking of this hotel through SWOT and PESTEL (Yahya., 2017). This report has been analysis key digital tools , platforms used by the Hotel Hilton to promote their hotel. This report has been provided digital marketing plan of this hotel  on the lases of luxury business and their active holiday seekers. In the end of this report has been conclude methods of measuring and monitoring digital marketing e

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