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Fostering Dignity and Respect Report

University: Arden University

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3158
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRM4006
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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Reflection using a learning model.
  • Discuss about the Ethical concepts.
Answer :
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Dignity and respect are words that help an individual to improve overall performance and need to taken care properly while treating a situation of employees effectively. Each and every individual need to be recognized on basis of humanity and treated ethically. Dignity is an inbuilt qualification of an individual and no one can take it away. Respect is earned and respected by others for what you have achieved, experience help how you will handle yourself and situation. In context of Mrs Wang she is suffering from Lung cancer and need to be treated effectively by doctors. In this report we discuss ethical concepts related to freedom, rights and responsibilities and use of power, and use different strategies to respect her dignity and support her by providing quality changes and requirement according to need of a patient. Discuss effective communication that medical professional have and that help to achieve goals and objectives easily.

Question 1 Ethical concepts such as freedom, rights and responsibilities and use of power to consider in Mrs. Wang's situation

Ethical concepts related to medical treatments need to be taken care properly and for proper medication and to maintain better health of an individual. Proper information is provided to patient about medication and medical professionals need to inform patient before decision making(Baines and Armstrong, 2018.) . Mrs Wang's is unable to speak English and prefer to discuss her health in mandarin doctor's need to understand issues of Wang and provide proper solutions related to her health. Health care provide need to have proper skills and knowledge and overall updated training to solve problems of patient. Order assignment help from our experts!


Mrs Wang's is suffering from lung cancer and had symptoms of breathlessness, loss of weight and a persistent cough. Medical professional need to provide freedom to her that she is able to select doctor of her choice. Patient is able to make a choice of location for treatment of her disease. Mrs Wang's free to get presence of her two sons and close relatives as families provide proper care and support to a patient that help them to recover easily and develop positive environment. Cooperation that patient have from family is necessary for improvement of the quality life of an individual. Patient is free to choose medical treatment and medicines that they are getting from doctors and free to remain in their domestic environment as long as possible. Free to choose necessary equipment according to their needs.

Rights and responsibilities

Patient care means prevention or treatment of illness provided to an individual to maintain well being by health professionals. In case of Mrs Wang's its her sons right to get proper information about medical treatment and medical records to know about condition of their mother. It is necessary to get proper information about diagnosis and treatment results. Mrs Wang's family requested not to told about nature of her diagnosis and its their right to maintain privacy and confidentiality of health status. Right to get informed, medical professionals need to inform Mrs Wang and her family before taking a step towards medical treatment and get their approval before starting a treatment to maintain respect for their personal autonomy(Cahoon, Haigh and Sumner, 2018.). Mrs Wang's right to get treated according to all other patients in hospital and get room according to get choice. Medical professional need to respect her choices to make her familiar and feel good. Access to essential medicines. Mrs Wang provided all proper medication and medicines those are required for her well being and treatment. Right to get active life to develop positive environment and improve overall health easily.

Use of Power

Patients have power to offer free choices to make up their own mind about treatment options. Mrs Wang has power to take important decision regarding her health and treatment. Power to get knowledge about medical treatment and medicines that hospital staff and professionals are providing to her for treatment. When patient is uncomfortable with doctor then have power to changes treatment or doctor. Mrs Wang's has power to notify doctors when they give wrong dosage or a prescription. Power to be engaged with safety process while treatment by asking doctors that they have washed their hands before treatment. Power to address clinical mistakes and person who made the mistake. Mrs Wang's family has Power to know about each and every process that doctors are using for treatment of patient, power to get waiting rooms according to their need(Daniel, 2019.). Family has power to ensure about the safety of Mrs Wang's health and to maintain privacy of her medical records.

Strategies those involved in her support employ to support and respect her dignity

Medical professionals need to support patient and help to heal fast. By developing positive environment in hospital help Mrs Wang to feel good, require to heal her fast and easily. Proper education to patient about their health help doctors to develop positive relation and help them to heal fast. Doctors need to delegate more responsibilities to support staff that help them ton increase Mrs Wang's education related to her health. Doctors need to know about what their patient already know about their health to prevent misinformation related to health. Prepare strategies to make sure that patient understand medication that doctors are providing. Some of the strategies that help medical professional to maintain dignity of Mrs Wang are as follows.

Determine the patients learning style

Information provided in different techniques to a patient each and every patient have their own learning style. Doctors need to find a best way that help them to explain patient about their situation. In case of Mrs Wang's her first language is Mandarin and she is unable to understand English easily her sons accompanied her in health appointments to make her understand about her situation in mandarin(Hall and Mitchell, 2016.) . Doctors need to find a best method to guide her and respect her opinion, speak directly to patient introduce themselves when meet patient. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!

Stimulate patients interest

Medical practitioner consider that its is important to make patients understand requirement of treatment. Ask question about patients concern towards their health. In case of Mrs Wang doctors need to speak respectfully, do not make a joke about their situation. Ask Mrs Wang about how she would like to be cared explain her before taking a step towards treatment make her aware before treatment or while touching the patient. Knowledge about Mrs Wang interest help doctors to develop positive relation and help them to treat her according to requirement.

Include family members

Participation of family members help doctors to teach patients more easily. It also increase chances that their instructions will be followed properly. In case of Mrs Wang doctors explain her problem with two sons and rest of the family it help them to develop a respectful environment and to keep her comfortable(Hall and Mitchell, 2017.) . Family members help to make her understand about problem better then doctor and also maintain her dignity.

Consider patients limitations and strength

Doctors need to know about patient physical, mental and other impairments that reduces their ability to learn and understand. In case of Mrs Wang she is unable to understand English and speak mandarin. Doctors need to use visual instruction and hands on method to make it simple for patient to understand their situation.

Involve patients

Medical professionals increase involvement of patients that help them to gain trust and make it simple for them while treating patients more effectively. In case of Mrs Wang doctors provide proper information about each and every action they will take to treat her and it is essential to maintain patients dignity.

Question 2 Professional responsible to maintain effective communication and use their interpersonal skills.

Medical professional play an important role to familiarize patients with their working and help them to treat their disease. Positive communication with patients help to make them understand and improve their knowledge about medicines and treatment. In case of Mrs Wang doctors need to develop a positive communication that help them to make her understand importance of treatment.

Use simple language

Patients are able to understand professionals who use simple words and language it also make it easy to trust them difficult medical language demotivates patients and reduce their confidence. In case of Mrs Wang she is unable to understand English and it will make it difficult for her to communicate(Kostera and Pirson, 2017.). Doctor use simple words and language that help them to understand medication that they are providing to her and use visual materials to communicate effectively and get positive response from patients.

Communicate precisely and clearly

Doctors need to be clear and precise about their patients problem and issues while communicating. Doctors need to ask Mrs Wang about her condition and how she was feeling with her disease. Information is gathered from beginning and each and every point need to covered to reduce chances of getting wrong information or missing anything. Doctors need to make sure that they will not make mistake while communicating with patient. Being clear and concise help them to get reason for problem and make efforts to solve problems with effective communication. S

Ask open ended questions

Medical professional always take care about what they ask to their patients. Doctors use open ended questions because Mrs Wang has a problem to understand language and open ended questions make it simple for them with just yes or no help them to reflect on their condition like pain, problem or symptoms(McSherry, Grimwood and Stubbings, 2016.)
. And help doctors to maintain positive communication with their patients and understand their problems.

Listen and Empathize

Communication is a two way process doctors need to understand what their patients wants to say about problem. In case of Mrs Wang listening to her problem is important treat easily. Doctors give her attention and try to understand any emotional cues in her life without judging and support or advice her on situation to maintain fear and depression and increase her participation towards treatment.

Gather clues

Medical professionals talk to their health care team to observe patient. Doctors want to know about Mrs Wang her personal life, reasons for disease. Incorrect assumptions may not be effective and waste more time. It help doctors to know about their patient and communicate with them more effectively and provide timely support to solve their issues.

Learn patient perspective

Doctors learn issues of Mrs Wang that she was facing while getting treatment like talk to her to know fear, worries and misconceptions and received information help to guide patient towards treatment to solve her problem.

Give patients time to respond

Medical professionals give time to patients to respond on their situation. Mrs Wang is unable to understand language of doctors and to communicate with her effectively they provide time to respond to get proper reasons for her problem(Sensen, 2019.) . Time to respond help patient to understand what doctors want to know and provide accurate answer for problem.

Use Teach Back method

It is one of the best approach in field of healthcare to explain accurate and clear information to patients. Method help doctors to educate Mrs Wang about her problem and improves her understanding more effectively.

Interpersonal skills

Skills are those which are used every day to communicate and interact with other people. Listening and effective speaking is one of the most important skill of an individual. Mrs Wang is suffering from lung cancer and require proper treatment to solve problems related to their issues

Create a friendly environment for patients

Doctors and all other members in healthcare team need to be effective and able to maintain health of a patient. In case of Mrs Wang staff need to develop an positive environment to make her familiarize and improve overall health easily. Friendly environment help to make her feel good and help to develop her overall health and make her understand easily.

Active listening

It is one of the most effective skill that an medical practitioner have look towards a patient manage body language according to patient and positive conversation between them help to get reasons for problem easily(Umbreen and Jabeen, 2019.) . Proper attention towards patients problem help them to engage easily. In case of Mrs Wang doctors need to understand her current situation doctors need to understand her problem effectively as she is unable to speak in English properly make her familiar with problem is not easy for doctors. Professionals need to listen problems of patient that she is facing about her personal life and understand without judging her provide support and guide to respect her opinion.

Problem solving

Medical professional need to think about problem and analyze the issues of patients to solve those issues. In case of Mrs Wang problem solving skill is important to seek a profession advice, doctors understand her situation and disease & try to solve those issues with their effective skills and manage a quality life and improve their efforts towards growth of business easily and improve effectiveness of product and services.

Development of good reputation

Medical professional have skills to communicate and make patients understand easily which help them to develop overall image and presence for their hospital or institute and get positive response or outcome from people(Khan and Baloch, 2018.) . In context of Mrs Wang doctors provide quality services respect her opinion and maintain good quality of health for her to maintain and develop good image for hospital and staff.

Effective time management

Doctors need to manage time according to requirement of each and every patient. Time management help to provide proper and effective services to their patients more easily and effectively on time. Proper time management of doctors help to provide quality services and proper medication to Mrs Wang.

Question 3 Reflection using a learning model to understand dignity and respect.

Overall study help to understand situation of an patient while treatment. Gibbs reflective cycle encourage to think systematically about experience during a specific situation. Reflection study help to understand both positive and negative impact of event and able to learn new things and improve overall knowledge of an individual easily.


During this study it will analyzed that a patient name Mrs Wang is suffering from lung cancer and had symptoms of breathlessness, loss of weight and a persistent cough as a nurse at St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust and other professional team is involved in case think she is at end stage of her live. Her Two sons and rest of family is involved to take care about her health. Other professional and doctors help to maintain effective communication with patient to improve her health and provide support according to requirement. Effective communication with patient help in her overall development.


In this event it is emotional to see her sons and all other family members to understand their situation and make them manage situation. Mrs Wang is unable to understand English language it make tough for her to make doctors understand situation and problem. Communication and problem of patient handle by doctors is quite good and they are able to develop a positive environment for patient to make her familiarize.


Her sons and family members all are contributed towards her well being and to improve her overall health and it make her tough and able to stand strong in front of worse situation and require according to management(Rebughini, 2017.) . Communication that medical professional use to understand situations of patient help them to get positive outcome. Overall ability of an individual help to maintain positivity in mind of patient as well as her family. As a nurse for Mrs Wang create a positive environment for her and make her feel good and treat easily. Her sons have a huge contribution towards overall well being and improvement in health they take her regular to hospital for check up and even she is unable to understand English they help her to understand what doctors are asking and make her treat well. Her family requested that Mrs Wang is not told about her situation and tell her that little wrong will happen to her. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


Patient is unable to understand English as her first language is Mandarin and its tough task to communicate with her and make her familiarize with changes and effectiveness according to requirement. Overall situation of patient need to be improved with use of proper technology that make her feel good and able to be fit again according to requirement of patient. Other people like doctors and medical practitioner help her to understand situation and make proper and effective changes to manage situation and improve her overall performance easily.


Report help to know overall situation of an patient and she is suffering from lung cancer and need proper treatment to solve her issues related to her health. Mrs Wang is free to know about treatment that is provided by doctors, free to know importance of each and every changes that will help them to get positive outcome for their health. Strategies help them to make patient understand situation and use proper resources to solve her problem and improve her overall health effectively. Effective communication help doctors to make understand situation and achieve goals and objectives more easily and effectively. Communication help to maintain positive environment for employees and make them familiar to achieve goals and objectives of business easily. Interpersonal skills make doctors to solve issues of patient have positive outcome to maintain their overall health.

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