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Communication Skills for Business


  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Discuss communication models and systems in businesses.
  • How to Make communication effective.
  • Communication in writing
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Communication is the act of transferring signals, messages or information between a sender and receiver through different methods. Business communication is the process of sharing information between the people within an organization which is carried out for the commercial benefit of the enterprise. This is a continuous activity and involves constant flow of messages which is important to carry out the management functions. It also includes information sharing for promoting products and services to customers. This project aims at studying the various communication models and systems in businesses. It also discusses the different methods of communication used by several organizations with the use of technology. The report also examines and suggests several ways to make effective communication with including barriers to communication as well


1. Communication models and systems in businesses

The conceptual models used to explain the communication process are called as a communication model. It is the systematic representations of the process that assists in understanding ways of performing communication. The basic communication flow consists of the sender who sends the message to the receiver and then they share the feedback of the process.

There are several models of communication which can be used by organizations they are: 

Linear Communication Model: In this model the sender encodes a message through a channel and it is decoded by the receiver. This is a straight line communication found in mass communications like TV, Radio etc. According to this no means of immediate feedback. Out of the different models that follow linear model of communication, Shannon and Weaver Model was introduced in 1949. In this framework the sender encodes the message and sends it to the receiver through a channel or medium in codes. The receiver has to decode the information with help of transmitter and understands the information then interprets it. Get help with Academic essay UK.

Interactive or Convergence Model: This deals with the exchange of messages and information which takes place both ways from sender and receiver or vice versa. It allows the element of feedback. In this model the sender encodes the message at first then it is received by the receiver where it is decoded to get the original information. There are several models that follow interactive communication. Schramm's interactive model was developed by Wilbur Schramm in 1954 where both sender and receiver play the role of encoding or decoding in communicating. This uses the human behaviour in the process which is a two way circular communication between the sender and receiver. Processes includes three levels of rules; Synactic, Pragmatic and Semantic. 

Transactional Communication Model: It is the exchange of messages or ideas between sender and receiver where both the processes of sending and receiving takes place at the same time. This model is the process of continuous change where every component changes such as people, medium used etc. The communicators are inter dependant to each other since the sender and receiver is necessary to keep the communication alive. Barnlund transactional model is a basic interpersonal communication where the sending and receiving messages occurs simultaneously among people. It was proposed by Barnlund in 1970 and is a two way model of communication.

Communication systems in business are the process by which information is exchanged between managers, employees and stakeholders within the business. It also enables the sharing of information between different stakeholders outside the business which includes customers, media and general public. There are several types of systems for smooth information flow between individuals they are as follows:

  • Optical communication system depends on the light as a medium for communications where the transmitter converts the information into optical signals and reaches the destination.
  • Radio communication system works with the help of transmitter and antenna produces signals which are carried through radio carrier waves. Unwanted information is discarded by the electronic filters.
  • Duplex communication systems two equipment or devices can communicate with each other at the same time.
  • Half duplex communication systems do not provide the simultaneous communications where the sender needs to stop sending signals to receiver so that the recipient can respond.

2. Methods of communication and technology in businesses

The essential part of every business is communication and there are several ways that can be used for communicating at workplace. A both large and small business uses many different methods for communicating by understanding the needs, availability, advantages and drawbacks. Effective method opted by business help them to conduct better communication with the audience. Following are the different methods of communication used by businesses:

Written communication is the most effective mode of business communication and involves messages that uses written word. It helps the receiver understand the information fully and respond with proper feedback. The various forms of written communication include memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions, emails, letters, post cards, telegrams, faxes, proposals, brochures, contracts and advertisements.

Verbal communication is the information sharing between people using speech or spoken words. It is the exchange of information, thoughts, feelings or ideas by means of words in the form of speeches, discussions, presentations and conversations. In this method the immediate feedback is involved and there are simultaneous transmission and receipt of message by sender or receiver.

Non verbal communication is the method of communicating without the use of words and through facial expressions, gestures, tone, pitch, voice, hand movements and body languages. It is the speechless communication in which message or information is verbalised through expressions.

Visual communication is the information or idea exchange through visual media that can be seen using symbols and imagery. It includes transmission of messages to audiences using pictures, television, videos, animations, website design, sideshow presentations, billboards etc.Looking for essay writing services UK? Get help from our experts now!

Electronic communication is the information transmission using latest advanced techniques like email, social media, chat rooms, newsgroups, video conferencing, instant messaging etc.

Benefits of Formal communication:

  • Increases efficiency as this method uses predetermined rules.
  • Maintenance of discipline is followed in this communication where the workers are bound to be careful of their duty.
  • Quick accomplishment off task or work due to rapid communication system.

Benefits of Informal communication:

  • Improves relationships between workers and managers
  • Flexible than formal communication as there is no formalities.
  • It facilitates rapid communication and can present grievances.

Technology in business communication has become a necessary factor as its a part of people's lives. Every organizations and businesses uses technology in their own way to reach the media, customers, investors etc. and carry out operations of business. It assists in easy product launching, surveying of products or services, social interaction with customers, video conferencing, digital network usage etc. Internet has become a powerful force which makes the network of organization faster and also transforms the way of business doing.

3. Making communication effective

In order to make communication effective and achieve the objectives of the business several principles are to observed and followed which are as follows:

  • Principles of simplicity- The message prepared for communication must be easy,short and simple to understand. It should use uncomplicated sentences and words so that the audience can easily interpret the information.
  •  Principle of brevity- Message that is to be transmitted must be concise in nature which should not make the receiver or audience disturbed. Including only the necessary information can avoid this confusion.
  • Principle of adequacy- Communication process must ensure that the message to be communicated is sufficient, complete or adequate to avoid misunderstanding of the receiver. It should promote optimum flow of information. Get help with Open book exam now from our expert writers!
  • Principle of feedback- Proper follow up enables to understand whether the receiver has understood the message correctly and actions are taken accordingly.

Barriers of effective communication:

Clarity- The information or message must be clear as possible to avoid ambiguity. There should be well-defined objective of the communication. While using verbal method of communication it should be considered to make the information transmission effective.

Understanding the receiver- Understanding is the main aim of any communication. It helps the process of communication successful by creating a proper understanding of the receiver. When using a verbal communication method this factor should be considered so that messages can be prepared in a form which is understandable to the receiver.

Planning- The communicator should plan for the message which should include the purpose, selecting media and process of sending message. When using the written communication method proper planning of what to be conveyed makes the message appropriate thereby making the communication process effective.

Considering time- Communications must be made in time for the effectiveness which a communicator must consider. Informations should be communicated at right timings to create the desired response in the receiver's mind. When a telephonic communication is followed by the communicator this factor must be considered to know whether receiver is able to be in a in a conversation or not.


Oral communication

Me: Hello Sir...

Customer: Hello...

Me: I am sorry sir, I was not able to deliver your product on time.

Customer: What sorry...!!!! I had to take a holiday from job for the delivery of product.

Me: Sir, I understand! Due to some awful occurrence of incident I couldn't deliver you the courier. 

Customer: I agree on your words but it is your responsibility to deliver my product through any other employee.

Me: Sir, I lost my phone during a delivery and was not able to contact you at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Customer: Oh! that's so sad! Its okay I am sorry!!

Me: I promise you that we will never make this mistake in future. I will make my management more systematic so that you and my other customers will not have to face any problems or issues.

Customer: OK. Thank you! So when will I get my product now?

Me: Sir, you will be receiving a call from our customer care executive within 24 hours and you may even provide your office address so that you don't have to take any leaves for receiving the courier. Your product will be delivered before 48 hours.Worried for Assignment writing service UK? Take help from our experts

Customer: Alright! Bye!

Me: Bye Sir Have a nice day!

From the above conversation, It can be seen that I have better communication skills so that I would be able to convince my clients in much effective way.

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Communication in writing


Personal Information

Name: Daniel Gregory

Telephone No.: 9117113226

Email id: gregory92daniel@hotmail.com


I will obey all my responsibilities and duties on time. I will give my best to your company.

Professional Qualification

1. BA Multimedia

2. MA Mass Communication

3. Visual communication and Photography diploma

4. FCP, Photoshop and Light room certificate

5. National Certificate in photography and videography

Key Skills

1. Design and editing

2. Excellent verbal and written communication.

3. Scripting, Directing and Filming

4. Creativity and patience


Cinematographer at Chameleon Studio.


From: mscglobal@gmail.com

To: salesmarketingmsc@gmail.com


Subject: Notice on training and development for new joiners.

Hello everyone...

This is to inform the management team of sales and marketing in msc global that in our organisation there are many new comers to work. Approximately 26 individuals are new joiners in our department who are skilled but not trained. So I have decided to organize a 30 days training and development session for them to improve their work, performance and abilities. In order to bring affectivity and efficiency in their trainings, I have called an expert (Mr. John Idicula). Thus you all are requested to come forward to organize the training programmes and make it successful as well as inform the joiners regarding this.

Thank You


Benjamin Francis (CEO)


Downtown Fashion Gallery

143 Laurens street

Beckenham, London

United Kingdom

14 November 2017

Ms, Eva Miriam

92, Peace valley

Blackfriars, London

United Kingdom

Dear Ms Eva,


We are delighted to inform that you are one among our 100 customers for whom there was a lucky draw organized and your name was taken out in the random selection. You have won a refrigerator. We are really happy in rendering our services and is requesting you to collect your gift from our store. Early reply will be appreciated. For more details you may connect with our outlet. Welcoming you on our establishment again.

Your Sincerely.

Hannah Susan

Director, Downtown Fashion Gallery

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From this report on communication skills for business it can be concluded that all organizations needs effective communication for carrying out their business operations successfully. Good communication helps the business function properly where the staff and employees can communicate with each other on any issues or operations. This helps in improved productivity and gain increased profits of the organization. The report discussed several medium of communication including verbal, non-verbal, visual and electronic methods. It also discussed different barriers to communication and principles to make it effective.


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