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Qualitative Portfolio for Interview

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2409
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TLH251
  • Downloads: 262
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the interview checklist.
  • What is research methodology?
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A

Qualitative Portfolio

Part 1: Interview Checklist         

Research project: To identify the perception of tourist while deciding destination i.e. Science museum

Main question



  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Current city

Interest in selection of a destination

  • Religion
  • Night life
  • learn new Culture
  • Best means of transport



  • Culture of UK
  • enhance knowledge
  • explore new area

Best experience during traveling

  • Warm welcome
  • Like to meet new people
  • Are the things different form other place

Factor that promote to visit UK

  • Adventure
  • Top festivals and event
  • Culture

Part 2: Participant observation

Research diary

The place of observation is park and length of observation is 3 hours. There I observe that lot of families were come to enjoy and also it was full of equipment to play with. There were lots of plants there. Such a beautiful place, where lot of people interact with each other. Further I observe a group of school student who visited the park, they enjoy a lot and one of them come to me and sat beside me. I asked him what happened, why are you not enjoying, then he did not replied. In the mean time, I observe that children went to a slide and t as a twisted slide and they all had lot of fun. One of them was sit in the single tyre on which he stand and swing. I feel so amazing while saw the movement of these children. Order Online Assignment Help from our team of qualified experts!

 At that time, the student who sat beside me ask do you like to play with me, I immediately say yes and start playing with him. It was such a good feeling when you are playing with small children and recalling all the childhood memories. At that moment I forget all worries and I only enjoy the company of that child. After some time, many people also join us and we all played a lot. Then I asked to a small child why you are not like to play with your friends. He told, he would love to make new friends and when I saw you sitting alone, I immediately come and sat. At that time, I realize that actually interaction with others help to let  go all things and learn new things which the park incident realizes me.


Yes, I participate in between and it did not creates any negative implication upon overall data because I was enjoying the company of that child and he also taught me a lesson to keep interacting with others. The setting of research project is open because I observe entire activity of the people who were in park such that many of them played cricket, flying disc, see-saw etc. Yes, some parts are also inaccessible for the information because I have shortage of time and I was not stay for so long to observe people entire day.

Yes, I negotiate access to the field because when I convince a children to enjoy with their friends but he did not want to enjoy. Then I leave him on his own way. Further, accessibility also creates implication for the research because this incident help to analyze that making new friends and everyone should interact with others in order to learn new things. Overall feeling during participant was good because I completely enjoyed with a child and then many other people also joined us to enjoy that movement. This feeling inspire my project is positive mode because I learn talking to unknown will help to let go things and also motivate me to visit the place again. Get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Part 3: Visual Methodology

The message of visual composition is Moxy is the place which provide range of fun activities to people and provide a feeling of home as well. Further, the image clearly reflect that when people stay for one time, they definitely come again because it provide a luxurious furniture with good customer service. The image are made for promotional purpose and there is a room concert at Moxy on 15th July with live music and singing.

Moxy use advertisement strategy which can be post on TV, Newspaper, social media such that Facebook, twitter in order to attract range of customers. The message is conveyed through social media where large group of youngsters may attract and it is consider one of the best way to draw attention of many customers.

This visual composition is made for the couples and youngsters who love live concert of signing. Also, it is also intended for the tourist who may also stay for a night may prefer Moxy. The prime audience for this advertisement are youngsters whose age is in between 20 to 35 and high class families, tourist so that they may easily attract towards the advertisement.

Yes the element of this image can be viewed as a signs but only for first picture where a girl listening a music. For that, mike set, sound system and headphones may used with a clear slogan of live concert that also present that Moxy is introducing concert. While on the other hand, no signs are evident for other images.

This image helps to draw attention of many visitors towards it because it is beautifully designed that helps to attract range of customers. Moreover, it creates positive effect upon the viewers especially to youngsters and families who want to enjoy their life and make memorable weekend as well. This visual composition clearly represent that Moxy introduce range of activities in order to experience good for their customers so that they will visit again and collect best memories through parties and fun activities. Even the customer service of Moxy is also unique which is presented in the image. Overall, it creates good effect upon viewers.

In this visual composition, a girl enjoy listening a music which signifies that people love to hear music and that is why, Moxy gave an promotional advertisement. On the other side, another human activity is related to fun which signifies that Moxy conduct many fun activities where people fully enjoyed and may also interact with new people. These images also attract families who want to enjoy a small tour with their children may come and enjoy a place i.e. Moxy because its slogan is such that its no place like home. On the other side, the image also shows that hotel also conduct different games for the couples and also for single I.e painting where they can explore their ideas through painting which a girl is also represent in an image.

Part 4: Interview coding

Theme 1: Idea of owing VW Capmervan

  • To go for the holiday with family
  • Provide comfortable journey
  • not like other cars

Theme 2: Any name of your VW

  • It did not have any name
  • Give a name of Ulysses
  • giving a name help with attachment with it

Theme 3: Idea of camping

  • Through school camp
  • insist of wife
  • Actually need a break

Theme 4: Views of camp or a holiday

  • Boys and girl totally think different
  • Mindset of camping is same for boys and girls

Theme 5: Purpose of Camping

  • for relaxation
  • family needs
  • ran from busy life
  • relaxation for others because I am busy with lot of task there

Theme 6: Feelings related to van

  • Love for the car from starting to end
  • Support to carry luggage
  • helps for George (their son)

Theme 7: Part of ownership

  • hire someone to drive
  • drive by yourself
  • feeling are the same for the duration of having a van

Theme 8: History of car and other

  • car did not need any improvement
  • no cultural history, it all imagination
  • now had affection with car

Theme 9: Comparison between car and yourself (features)

  • Van is the van itself, a person is person himself
  • Sometimes feel like a bus driver

Theme 10: Ambiance within a car

  • Ridiculous
  • relaxed
  • Campervan provide a area to chill out because it our domain

Theme 11: Feeling while driving

  • won't be Stressed and lose temper
  • Relaxed
  • like a nightmare come true
  • feel like a bus driver

Theme 12: Decision that took

  • it was not hard decision to sell
  • if we sell then definitely buy new one
  • going to owe decent car

Theme 13: Left an idea of traveling or camping

  • No never till I have a Campervan
  • Till children grew up
  • keep traveling because it provides a good experience

Theme 14: Reason to make a memorable trip

  • Children
  • Positive environment
  • Culture
  • Incident of midge flies which never happened  again

Theme 15: Reason to prefer VW campervan

  • Have own control
  • Helps to sort out the difficult situation
  • Person may enjoy themselves.

Part 5: Research proposal

Title: Which role is playing technology in Hospitality sector in UK in last 5 years?


The world is fully depend upon the advance techniques and in the same way, current research proposal also helps to determine the role played by technology in Hospitality sector of UK. Such that recognition technique that Is consider an emerging trend for hospitality that helps to smoothing the operation process of hotels (Sakthivelmurugan,  Vimala and Aravind Britto,   2019).


The reason of choosing this topic is such that it helps hospitality industry to identify the range of advance technique which creates positive impact upon hospitality industry. Moreover, the research proposal also assist to enhance the current knowledge related to digital techniques available for hospitality industry (Vella and et.al., 2018).

Research Aim and Objectives

Aim: The aim of this project is to identify the role of technology within Hospitality sector from last 5 years: A case study on UK


  • To identify advance techniques used in Hospitality sector.
  • To determine the impact of advance technology in hospitality sector.
  • To examine the challenges faced by company while adopting advance technology
  • To recommend some ways through which challenges ma overcome while adopting advance technology.

Research methodology

Methods: Qualitative research methods will be used by the researcher to determine the role of technology within hospitality industry. This method provide depth and detail analysis as compared to other method (Tuffour, 2017). But on contrary, it completely relies upon the experience of research which leads to wrong results. Therefore, it may also affect the results as well.

Research Philosophy: Interpretivism research philosophy will be used by researcher because it helps to determine the views of selected respondent and the current study is also integrates human interest into study (Cazeaux,  2017). Through this study, researcher exactly determine the mindset of the researcher while on the other side, study mainly relies upon the respondents responses and that is why, it may affect the results.

Data collection: Researcher will choose both primary and secondary methods in which questionnaire is used under survey method for primary data. Further, different books and articles are selected related to topic under secondary collection methods. Both method helps to determine the exact results but takes enough time for collecting data (Paradis and et.al., 2016).

Sample size: the sample size is 30 managers of top hotels who help to determine the views related to the topic and researcher will use simple random sampling method. The research is carried out in University of UK. Ask to write my assignment now!

In order to meet the aim and objectives of the research, scholar make proper planning and collect relevant information related to the topic i.e. used last 5 years published articles which helps to determine the role of technology within hospitality industry in UK.

Research Analysis

In order to analyses the result, researcher use thematic data analysis under descriptive data analysis in which research present the data using tables, chart and pictures that helps to answer the research question in better manner. Further, after collecting the information related to topic, and analyze them will assist to get conclusion.

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