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Unit 7 Global Ethics Assignment Level 3


There are various ethical and social responsibilities needs to be considered by a business or organisation in order to operate its business activities successfully and effectively. These ethics and responsibilities changes according to different areas or countries. The present report will analyse various theories related to sustainability, ethics and responsibility in global contexts. The report will also determine potential of leading and implementing governance as well as sustainability policies with regards to hospitals or healthcare organisations. Furthermore, the assignment will also identify effective stakeholders and strategic collaboration opportunities for hospitals and communities locally, nationally and globally. The impact of current organisational practices on sustainability development for future generation will be also determined in the report.

Task 1 : Ethical theories

Due to the complexities of dealing with human nature while determining a set of guidelines, rules and principles to follow within hospital and health-care organisation. The concept of business ethics tries to cope up with various solutions to handle problems and issues that arise in the business environment. Different ethical theories tends to provide guidelines and plans that justify an action to be wrong or right while resolving any conflicts. In order to ensure the business sustainability it is important for the new hospital to focus on ethical practices in the organisation. The Hospital needs to focus on business ethics and corporate social responsibility as it can help in achieving the following -

  1. Increasing the level of employee retention, making employees stay longer in the organisation. It helps in increasing productivity and reducing labour turnover.
  2. Attract new customers to the hospital's services and products that can assist top boos sales and profitability(Lesandrini and et.al, 2017).
  3. Helps in attracting new talented employees in the hospital which assist to reduce recruitment cost as well as provide skilled employees to the organisation.
  4. Attracting investors and enhancing company's share. Unethical behaviour can negatively affect the hospital's reputation making it less attractive or appealing for the stakeholders.

Types of ethical theories

  • Justice – The Justice theory refers to the significance of getting equality, fair treatment and rights. This theory states that each and every individual has a right to own a piece of property as long as its achieved with fair practices without hurting or damaging rights of others. There are two major principles of Justice theory – One principle states that if there is any economic or social inequality or injustice, the member of the society who gets maximum disadvantage should be benefited. The other principle states that each and every individual should get equal rights as well as there should be equal distribution of social services or good such as food, healthcare, education etc. The hospital in Dubai needs to focus on providing equal rights to their employees as well as patients without any discrimination(Greenhalgh and et.al, 2017).
  • Utilitarianism – This theory states that an activity or action is considered to be right or wrong on the basis of its effect or impact on an organisation or people. Utilitarian theory states that an action is right is it has a positive impact on people or business. On the hand it is considered to be wrong if its negatively affecting individuals or organisation. It concludes that this theory goes with a simple rule, an action is ethical based if it provides maximum benefits to a majority of people. Various tools such as risk assessment, cost benefit analysis are often depended on utilitarian theory for decision making. Organisations can utilise and adopt this theory of ethical business for improving organisational performance and productivity by choosing an ethical action. It can help in taking the best decisions for the business or organisation.

The Hospital should focus on adopting utilitarianism theory for business ethics and social responsibilities. Its should try to perform ethical actions which can be helpful for the organisation as well as stakeholders such as employees, patients etc. Good practices positively affect each and every individual linked with the organisation. Positive impact of the organisational activities can satisfy the needs of various stakeholders as well as help the hospital to build good reputation in the market. In global context, every organisation needs to perform its business functions or activities with respect to the ethical values and social responsibility of the country or society(Trotochaud and et.al, 2015).

Task 2 : The potential for leading and implementing sustainability and governance policies in hospital

The philosophy and nature of the health-care sector as an industry is different from any other industry. The main driver of this sector is humanitarian, that manifest itself through providing preventative, curative and rehabilitative service to patients. Hence, the sector's loyalty to high standards of principle- centrism is of utmost significance to make sure that no patient is discriminated and excluded. The humanitarian value is clearly reflected in bringing high quality health-care services to entire community regardless of religion, social class, race, political and gender affiliation. With context to this, the constitution in Dubai developed the idea of right to health for every citizen in the nation as a main element for a fair and just health-care system. There have been a various number of effective efforts taken in order to upgrade the health-care sector and a wide number of reforms put in action to improve health-care services.

Corporate governance in health-care sector

The main objective of corporate governance is to enhance the value of the Hospitals, for each and every stakeholder by improved organizational accountability and performance. Strong corporate governance practiced helps in developing the foundation for improve performance of the hospital. Properly governed health-care hospitals in Dubai with defined duties, roles and responsibilities. Government policies ensures that the hospital is utilizing healthy and fair practices in their organisation to provide effective health care services to the patients.

The Corporate Social Responsibilities alludes to the administration approach in which an association coordinate social and ecological worries in their business tasks and cooperations with the stakeholders(Walker and Kelly,2015). With a specific end goal to keep up a harmony between monetary, natural and social objectives, while in the meantime concentrating on the desires of the partners and investors. The new hospital Plc should center around the corporate social duties as it is vital for the association also the group it is working their business. It is critical to make a refinement between the Corporate social duties, which can be a key and capable business administration idea, philanthropy or sponsorship.

Corporate sustainable responsibility (CSR)

Advancing the CSR needs approaches that fit the necessities and limits of the new hospital and don't influence their financial suitability. CSR approach has been demonstrated fruitful instrument in the creating nations to help them in meeting social and natural principles without trading off their competitiveness. The Corporate social duties can assist the new hospital to accomplish the objective of economical worldwide improvement by giving a more viable arrangement of working goals than simply acquiring benefit. The viewpoint taken is that for the hospital gathering can create manageability, It can be monetarily secure, limit its negative effects on the earth and act in congruity with societal desires(Prince and et.al, 2016).

  1. Dependable Business Reputation – A mindful administration and CSR if embraced by the new hospital can enable it to assemble a positive notoriety as a capable business to can prompt upper hand. Organizations supports the provider who have mindful approaches as it thinks about how their customers sees them.
  2. Cost reserve funds – By embracing CSR the association lessens the asset utilize, waste and discharges, this can help the association to spare cash and additionally the earth. The corporate social obligation approach can bring down the service charges and accomplish the investment funds of the organization on straightforward and simple steps
  3. Finding and keeping gifted staff – The new hospital ought to receive the CSR as it can help them to draw in capable and talented workers for their business. Manageable business make it less demanding to select new representatives or hold the current ones. Representatives gets persuaded to remain longer in a maintainable business and accordingly it encourages the association to decrease the cost of enlistment.

Different advantages of a Responsible administration and Corporate Social Responsibility by acting in a maintainable and mindful way -

  1. Getting to fund
  2. Drawing in positive media consideration
  3. Recognizable proof of new business openings
  4. lessening administrative weight

Reception of a Responsible Management and CSR is additionally not all that simple for a little association as the CSR methodologies and practices requires a decent spending which can be an issue for private companies. Significant associations can bear to apportion a financial plan to CSR detailing, however it isn't reasonable for private ventures. Besides, Some faultfinders expresses that corporate social obligation can be an activity in futility. An organization's administration has an obligation to augment the hierarchical benefit, benefits for the investors however the Corporate social duty is direct inverse. CSR centers around natural maintainability, HR and morals for the advantage of the group or society. Consequently, the greater part of the association just examines and discuss the Corporate social duties however never embrace it. This is known as Green-washing. It moves an administration of an association from their target which was before to gain benefit to concentrating on the natural benefit and advantages(McLean and et.al, 2016).

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Task 3 : Appropriate stakeholders and strategic collaboration opportunities for organizations and communities locally, nationally and globally

  1. Framework Model: In the framework appear, a central component, every now and again an outside director, joins a consortium of providers to collaborate on watching out for consistent misery centers such as. readmission, calm duty, mind coordination. The central substance deals with friends around those distress centers, by then works with part relationship to recognize key execution markers and diverse traits expected of development organizes that will address the people's issues. The substance by then perceives potential stages, pilots an answer with people, contributes, and may at last help consolidate the courses of action. Prosperity structures by and large pay an enlistment charge for organisation.
  2. Enlivening operator/Incubator: Traditionally, advancement reviving specialists contribute a little measure of seed capital such as $10,000 to $20,000 for a 6% stake to a class of hand-picked new organizations. Despite financing, they routinely offer three to a half year of heightened instructing, which consolidates thing progression, attractive system change, sorting out, working together space, and colleagues with industry-based advocates. Various restorative administration's movement focused animating specialists are at present teaming up with academic, common, or possibly provider substances, which develop a closeness in the stimulating operator's space and work adjacent its portfolio associations(Stolt and et.al, 2018).
  3. Compelled Partnerships: Health systems can wind up confined accessories in meander and private esteem saves speak to significant specialist in social protection development and organizations. This approach has ended up being more regular over the span of late years as center authorities have been looked with enormous changes and weakness. Meander and private esteem obliged affiliations consider recuperating offices to accept an all the more unapproachable part in starting period advancement theory yet explore better ways to deal with investigation and search for improvement openings outside of their inside business.

Task 4 : The impact of current organizational practices on sustainable development for future generations

The organizational practices of the new hospital in Dubai plays an important role in order to ensure national progress towards sustainable development and these roles are not limited to treating sick people. The hospital work for improving nation's well-being by reducing environmental harm along with the work it also promoted healthy lifestyles among people. Health promotion is a primary focus of the organization but enhancing sustainability will assist to make sure long term benefits may be achieved from organisation activities which are already performed.

  • Environmental impact – Most of the hospitals are very large undertaking a wide range of organizational activities, attracts a huge number of visitors and utilize a huge amount of resources. Therefore, it is obvious that there environmental impact will be diverse and large. The hospitals make use of various resources in a optimum manner, it helps the organization to reduce wastage. The hospital focus on spreading awareness related to protection of environment by using picture and message within its infrastructure. This supports in creating a sustainable environment which is important for the present and future generation(Holmes and et.al, 2016).
  • Social impact – The hospital is highly responsible to provide health care to each and every individual in Dubai, it also focuses on offering employment opportunities for the people in the country. The health care organizations successfully developing job opportunities as it has a large organizational structure and health care industry is one of the biggest sectors. Therefore, it helps in development of the society and community.
  • Economic impact – Hospitals generally have a high profitability, due to the increasing diseases the number of patients is huge. The Hospital in Dubai also contribute to the growth and development of economy as well as economic conditions of the people such as employees.


Potential conflicts with government – As the hospital established in Dubai is private it faces a lot of issues related to government policies and regulations. The government policies changes frequently leading to change in organizational functions and actions. This develop a conflict situation when hospital is not able to follow the government policies or regulations related to health-care services provided to people.

Time management -

The hospital staff focus on utilizing various resources effectively and efficiently that helps in time management. In order to provide health-care services to patients efficiently the hospital uses digital technology and other software in organizational functions. This helps in saving time for patients as well as organisation(Ogunbanjo and et.al, 2014).

Sustainable development -

There are different favorable benefits of sustainable development regarding the new hospital which are specified underneath -

  • Better brand acknowledgment
  • Expanded deals and customer reliability
  • Great business notoriety
  • Better money related execution
  • Cost reduction
  • Hierarchical development
  • Capacity to pull in capable staff

Partnership in health care -

  • Unified model: In this sort of model, structure of the administration includes staffing, preparing for the specialists. Hence, there is no different structure exist for the distinctive exercises. Principle point of this structure and model is to circulate the coordinated administrations. Living arrangement mind likewise incorporated into this respect. Consequently, advantages of the structure comprises single framework for all administration's conveyance. It incorporates exercises of well-being and social care. Thus, isolate money related framework creates.
  • Coalition model: In this sort of model there are a few exercises related together to work independently. Thus, administration, staffing and preparing of the staff additionally related to each other. It serves to organization to work independently. Along these lines, it not includes staffing preparing of the workers. Fundamental advantages along these lines are exercises and administrations participate in the joint area. Besides, working in singular setting gathers the information from various exercises and make section in the precise way(Runciman and et.al, 2017).
  • Hybrid model: according to the name sign, this model consolidates two models. Along these lines, it incorporates both sort of models, for example, coalition and bound together model. In this manner, in well-being and social care work done by the circumstance. In some circumstance, bound together model connected in which benefits happens in the orderly way. Along these lines, parts and obligation not decide exclusively. Then again, according to the coalition show singular work done in the methodical way to considered points and goals to create powerful outcomes. According to the above discussion, it can be expressed that there are various types of model exist that received by the well being and social care as per their reasonableness. It is the orderly action which elevated to the methodical outcomes. Parts and duty considers singular work. To help for expel low quality of work and administrations, attendants need to focus on the half and half model through they can viably work and discover imagination at work environment.

There are a few elements exist that incorporate into the well being and social care. In such manner, procedural, monetary and proficient hindrances exist. In the organization business of well-being and social care distinctive administrations executed. Be that as it may, there are distinctive routes exist because of which negative components will be diminished and positive outcomes will be kept up. They are as per the following:

  1. In the well-being and social care it is the primary duty of the organisation to ensure that staff and patients likewise enabled to make speedy choices. These are exceptionally important to enable other to individuals.
  2. It is likewise helpful to make appropriate mindfulness that is partaken in various gatherings in the organization of well being and social care. With the assistance of shared mindfulness, individuals will effortlessly expand their insight towards well-being and social care. It incorporates distinctive arrangements and exercises in the precise way.
  3. Also, learning and mindfulness will be decided with objectives and targets according to the capability of individuals. Henceforth, appropriate preparing will be organized to deal with particular circumstance. It is additionally utilized as a part of suitable approach to determine issues and issues(Van and et.al, 2016).


The above report concluded that ethical and social responsibilities are very essential for an organisation in health-care industry. In order to ensure good and fair practices each and every hospital needs to consider ethics and corporate social responsibility in the organisation activities. The report determined various theories of ethical and sustainability responsibility the new hospital can adopt in order to provide effective health-care services to people in Dubai. The report also identified various impact of current practices of the hospital on sustainable development for the future generation.


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