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Unit 11 integrating new and innovative techniques

TITLE – To identify the impact of challenges while integrating new and innovative techniques at workplace. A case study on Maserati.


In present scenario, technological advancements brings diverse opportunities as well as challenges for business organisations. Most of corporate entities do not attach with optimal priority in order to sophisticated technology; it results slow down firm's growth. In current aura of business world, organisations who fails in adoption of technology are at potential risk of lagging productivity and competitively. In this relation, all corporate entities are needed to implement new and innovative technologies which supports to improve and uplift working activities and processes. Thus, digital technology is a central element which is associated with systematic operations management at workplace (Fitzgerald and et. al., 2014). It is expressed as a body of knowledge that is acquired in order to create effective tools, evolve skills and collect or extract materials. Every business association has used separate form of technology as per its nature or cultural which has a critical hindrance on design, structure and working styles. Although, the scope of digital technology is vast and supports management to accomplish its goals and objectives in a certain time period. On the other hand, complexity of digital technology is growing with fast pace, it results the rate of change is also get galloping fast. While implementing digital technology several challenges are being faced by firms which has harmful impact on business procedures or activities. It is the responsibility of managers to integrate new tools and techniques to boost up production level and handle employees in order to attain maximum efficiency.


P1 Research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis supported by a literature review

Background of the research

The present research describes various challenges which happens while implementing digital techniques at workplace. In this ever dynamic environment, it is essential for auto mobile companies to acquire effective techniques of products, such tools are costly in nature. Sometimes it is not possible for all companies to grab all digital techniques and implement them in its functional areas. It results, companies will not sustain for long run at marketplace, it eradicates their proficiency and sales revenues. The number of customers also goes down due to lack of innovations or inventions; it increases reduction in buyers satisfaction level of the company (Leeflang and et. al., 2014).

Furthermore, Maserati is the chosen organisation in this present assignment, its an Italian luxury vehicle company which was established in 1914. The brand's mission statement is to create ultra luxury cars in timeless and cost effective manner. In addition, the overall revenue of the company is €3.479 billion and its current operating income is €339 million. There are over 1200 employees are currently with Maserati.

Research aim

“To identify the impact of challenges while integrating new and innovative techniques at workplace. A case study on Maserati.”

Research objectives

  • To identify the importance of digital technologies for a business organisation.
  • To analyse the challenges which occurs while implementing new and innovative technologies at workplace.
  • Recommend some ways through which Maserati can cope with these challenges.

Research questions

  • What is the significance of digitalistion for Maserati ?
  • What are major challenges which are faced by firms while implementing new and innovative techniques ?
  • How firms can reduce the impact of these challenges ?

Further literature review has been conducted which are stated below:


It is a body of text which aims is to review critical points of present knowledge on a specific area of concern. Literature review is a summary of publications in a particular field of study so as to arrive at better conclusion.

Importance of digital technologies for a business organisation

According to Koen, Bertels and Elsum, (2011) digitization assumes a pivotal part in car producing. It furnishes the inside providers with fundamental apparatuses and causes them stay adaptable and applicable in this advanced time. With an expansion in client interest for esteem included vehicles, the car providers are confronting a gigantic weight in adapting up to the changing inclinations and necessities, while staying operational and beneficial. Digitization in car fabricating has influenced organizations to enhance their intensity while setting a solid establishment for the future development in a relentlessly advancing assembling scene. Brilliant, digitized generation arrangements are viably handling information to deal with the stock, while the superior administration instruments for supply-organize are currently empowering an unmistakable perspective of the stream of crude materials and produced parts, institutionalizing the plant activities and diminishing expenses. A few years prior, Lectra presented the cowhide cutting innovation for the car business with Maserati. With this mind blowing arrangement, the organization propelled one of the finest computerized cowhide cutting arrangements available, by conveying the best in-class quality. It was extraordinarily intended to cut calfskin without bargaining on the profitability, Maserati has one of the finest computerized settling frameworks for general changes in effectiveness. Hence, technology has been constantly evolving out and thus the auto-mobile sector has been embracing it .

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Challenges which are faced by firms while implementing new and innovative techniques

Several challenges are being occured while implementing digital techniques are stated as under: -

  • Cost effeciency – Implementation of new techniques requires higher amount of capital and it is not possible by every firm to have sufficent funds. It results they cannot obtain high competitive edge from marketplace.
  • Durability – Sometimes, digial techniques are not durable for long term period, it means they cannot provide long term efficiency to business processes (Fleisch, Weinberger and Wortmann, 2015.).
  • Assembling – New innovations cannot meet with traditional production style of the company; it results firm needs to various challenges in its production processes.

Justify the ways to manage the impact of these challenges at workplace

According to Rozenblum and et. al., ( 2011), there are many challeneges that a company can face while operating their business in an effective manner. Therefore, if employees are not provided a better environment at workplace than it can hamper the entire process of busienss operations. Some of the points are mentioned below:

Diversity: in an organisation there are many people who work collaborately for obtaining a common goal. Linguistic diversification is the main issue as people of same culture can form a group which is not good for business environment. Therefore, it is prime role of managers to maintain a good coordination so that mutual understanding can be developed.

Employees interaction: While performing a task it is important that employees communication with each other as it will help them in conveying the message in an effective manner. For this, superiors can conduct meetings where they can maintain a transparency this will give workers an opportunities to express their views and thoughts effectively.

Handling customers: Rapid change in customers is major issue for business organization in which company manage their manufacturing process. With the help of this manager of the firm easily understand customers needs and provide quality services accordingly. It helps in improving the performance level of the company at market place.

Motivation and productivity: Motivation is one of the important and appropriate way to improve the workers performance at workplace. If company does not provide better motivation to their workers then it negatively impact of overall performance of the company. For this manager of Maserati conduct better training and development programs to their workers to enhance their skills and knowledge by which the easily perform their task in appropriate way. Along with this, monetary rewards, paid time off and many more are also consider by manager to motivate their workforce at workplace.

P2 Appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research

Type of investigation

There are majorly two type of research used for the purpose of investigation such as qualitative and quantitative research and these plays an important role for collecting data which are valuable for the researcher. The qualitative method is based on the theoretical concept while the quantitative method is based on using statistical tools for collecting informations which are beneficial. In the current research the investigator have used qualitative methods for collecting informations which are valuable in integrating innovative techniques within organisation.

Research design

The research design is known as the blue prints according to which the researcher set the business goals and objectives. The research design includes exploratory, descriptive and experimental design as they are useful in collecting valuable informations and data. Researcher has used descriptive research design as they are valuable in achieving positive outcomes which are useful for emerging integrating technologies at work place (Rozenblum and et. al., 2011). This research design is useful for maximising overall business performance. This design is linked with qualitative methods as they collect useful informations which are useful in emerging digital techniques at business.

Research philosophy

This is also an important factor in which different views of authors are taken into consideration in order to know the benefits of implementing advanced technologies at work place. If the digital tools are executed then they are beneficial in achieving satisfied customer who will enhance their overall sales and profitability ratios. There are mainly two types of philosophies used one is known as intreprevistism and the other is positivism which are used by the investigator for drawing valid conclusions and reaching at effective decision which is useful for the whole research. In the current research intreprevistism philosophies are used as they are helpful in developing new ideas by which firms can achieve satisfied by enhancement in new technologies

Research approach

There are majorly two types of research approach used known as inductive and deductive research approaches which are useful for collecting informations which are helpful in executing all the operations related with the research in right directions so that effective outcomes can be achieved. The current research is based on inductive research approaches as these are based on qualitative methods in order to implement innovative techniques at work place (Matt, Hess and Benlian, 2015). Thus inductive approaches are the most beneficial method in order to order to achieve growth and success in the overall research operations.

Data Sampling

This is the most important factor which is focused towards selecting the most appropriate sample size from the total number of populations which is available in the economy. The researcher have used probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling techniques in order to achieve the set objectives. In the current research purposive sampling tools and techniques have been used as it helps in analysing the true and valuable information which are linked with the research. The sample size which is selected from the whole universe is 50 customers and they are randomly selected who are taking advantages of the offered products and services.

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Data Analysis

It is considered as an important factor because the information that is being collected are analysed under this. This helps an individual in evaluating the results effectively. Therefore, the information are gathered by using two methods primary: which is the best sources and provides authentic knowledge about research topic. Although it is very time and cost consuming but is effective and adopted by many researcher. Whereas the other method is secondary in which the information is collected using different sources like books, journals, reports and many more. Therefore, for conducting this research the seeker has used primary method that has helped him/her in getting a better outcomes (Lee and Kwak, 2011).

Ethical Consideration

For conducting a research it is important that researcher follows ethics that are required to be followed so that the research can be authentic. Morales and values are very essential and must be taken into consideration in order to conduct the research in an effective manner. There are many issues that a researcher can face. Therefore, while going through the entire process the main issues that was faced by an individual was of time and cost as this creates problem for the same.


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