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Staff Performance Appraisal System

University: Bradford College

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  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Introduction on Appraisal System
  • Elaborating Project Objectives
  • Project Team And Their Roles
Answer :
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Performance appraisal is a method of evaluating the performance of employees using various methods of acquiring the review of their contribution of the company. It is imperative that effective methods be chosen by the organisation to evaluate their workforce performance as it sets a base towards enhancing their productivity.

The report below is based on Tesco Plc, one of the most successful retail organisations in the UK. Its agenda is to introduce a Staff Performance Appraisal System in the company. To achieve this agenda, the report covers Project team and their roles in implementing this system as well as project stages and key deliverables. To effectively address the requirements, the report uses methods like Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, Budget, Quality plan and Risk Log.

Project Objectives

Tesco Plc is considered as one of the most profitable organisations in the UK. It has more than 6500 outlets in the country and more than 500,000 employees. The objectives which would be fulfilled by implementing a Staff Performance Appraisal System is as follows:

  • To effectively maintain and manage records to develop wage structure, compensation packages, etc.
  • To ensure that right tasks been given to right personnels to maintain sustainability in operations.
  • To enhance the productivity and efficiencies of employees working in the company.
  • To provide timely feedback to the workforce regarding their performance.

Project Team And Their Roles




Project Manager

The main element of Staff Performance Appraisal System is the Project Management. He is responsible for supervising the whole project. His role is to provide adequate resources to the team in effectively carrying out a proper appraisal for the staff at Tesco.

  • Effectively organising the project using Gantt Chart, Work Breakdown Structure, Budget, etc.
  • Assessment of risk and its mitigation.
  • Determining Project milestones for the staff members which would set the basis for appraisals.

Project Team Members (Top- Level Managers, Leaders, HR)

The role of team members in Staff Performance appraisals would be to effectively carry out the appraisals by setting standards and using methods provided by the project manager.

  • To effectively manage and monitor the process of appraisals.
  • Supervise the performance of each employee by the given standards.
  • Introducing challenges in order to make the process more effective and determine employee efficiency.

Project Sponsor

These are the personnels within Tesco that would be regularly associated with the appraisal system. These managers operate at senior level that undertake smooth running of the process at each stage.

  • Manage the risk and eradicate obstacles.
  • Ensure the overall quality of appraisal system process.
  • Develop the reporting structure of the appraisal system process.
  • Approve the budget to conduct the process effectively.

Executive Sponsor

The supreme leader of the appraisal system, Executive Sponsor undertakes the final decisions to be taken. The ultimate power to allocate budget, deliverables and other resources lies with Executive Sponsor.

  • Promotion of change and support in communication.
  • Building alliances of sponsorships to ensure adequate financial supply for appraisals.
  • Control and modify the system by implementing changes when necessary.

Project Stages And Key Deliverables

Before executing the process, it is required that project stages be drafted well and key deliverables are decided which helps in managing the process during actual execution. It is imperative for Tesco to develop these stages prior to actual execution of the appraisal process.

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This stage requires the management of Tesco to effectively understand the need of Staff Performance Appraisal System. The objectives must be clearly crafted and communicated to the senior management for approval. Moreover, the baseline and risks involved in the project must also be clearly articulated in the plan of implementing Appraisal System. In addition, a timeline for successful implementation and execution of the appraisal system must be clearly stated while defining the plan for the system.

Role of Leadership and Its Impact

Unit 8 Legal Aspects of Business M/508/0494 HND Business Level 4

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