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Communications in Business

Question :

This assessment will cover some topics which are discussed there under:

  • Discuss about the Process of communication.
  • Discuss about the Current trends in advertising and promotion including the impact of ICT
Answer :

Introduction to Communications in Business

In the current era of globalization, it is essential for each and every businesses to adopt effective promotional strategies so that products or services of firm could influence potential buyers. Marketing manager of business aims to adopt effective advertising and promotional strategies which results in focusing upon raising market share and profitability aspect of firm. Business needs to identify the needs of consumers and then implement appropriate decision making process in order to raise the performance of firm in market (Singh, 2015). Also, two way communication is being adopted by firm which results in developing effective communication among buyers and sellers. With the help of using effective promotional strategy, organization provides message and brand image directly to the consumers so that they get attracted towards the firm. However, the advertising and promotional industry is very wide in UK and each and every businesses uses the help of advertising agency in terms of carrying out marketing of products or services among target consumers.

Present report discussed about Marks and Spencer which is a British multinational retailer sells clothing, luxury food products and home products to consumers. Business uses effective advertising and promotional strategy such as social media channels in order to influence potential consumers and thus raises the performance of firm as compared to other retail businesses.

Process of communication that is applied to advertising and promotion

The term communication is regarded as the procedure that is two way which assist the sender towards sending the message to the receiver and therefore attain feedback or response. Therefore in the advertising as well as promotion it is important for the firm to maker utilization of effective channel of communication so that target market can be attracted. Marks and Spencer makes use of suitable communication channel in relation promotion of its apparel segment. Further suitable channel would assist in raising sales and profitability. On the other hand major aim of conducting the procedure of communication act as an aid in making delivery of message to receiver and therefore offers feedback in relation to addressing the problems. The process of communication that assist in application of advertising and promotion in the cited business is enumerated in manner as below:


Marks and Spencer is involved in sending the message to its target market through utilization of suitable advertising as well as channel of promotion. It act as an aid in encoding the message in the form of tag line and therefore promotes the apparel segment within the market. Here, sender sends the message in the form of communicating with each other and thus carry out advertising and promotion so that information could be delivered to individuals.


Also, receiver influences through advertising and promotion at the time when they get attracted towards products or services. It is regarded as another procedure that facilitates in conducting channel of communication and attains the message of customers by means of varied channels that includes Facebook, websites etc. Under this the role of customers is towards decoding the message and thus makes use of the information so that it can be informed with greater ease.


It is considered as another channel in the procedure that assist in attaining the responses of the customers as the offered product meets their expectations or not. Through viewing the advertising and promotion it helps individuals to respond towards the products or services so that sales could be enhanced.


In the channel of communication, feedback is regarded as one of the most suitable channel as it assist the organization in getting the feedback in relation with launch of new product. Therefore Marks and Spencer makes use of feedback from customers and therefore lay emphasis on the same so that enhancement can be made within the product in order to make delivery of quality product to the customers within the market. Advertising and promotion results in gaining feedback that helps businesses to improve their product or services in order to attract clients.


It is regarded as the final stage. Thus it reflects that as the noise occurs because of unplanned actions conducted out by some customers. Therefore devalues the products offered by competitors. Advertising and promotion sometimes creates noise and thus it affects consumers as they are influenced towards rivals.

Organization of the advertising as well as promotion industry

Advertising and promotion industry is being organised in regard to identify the way through which business could use one or other form of communication in order to influence customers towards firm. Such industry also helps in attracting clients and thus carry out attractive promotion to enhance sales of firm. Within UK the advertising industry is very wide and thus it assesses that business organises effective advertising and promotion techniques so that product could be promoted.

Advertising as well as promotion is considered as wider industry. Therefore it engage several centralize system that is comprised of several creative and innovative individual for the sake of promoting the organization within the market. It needs such individual who are engaged in making distribution of agency and therefore makes promotion and distribution of ptroducts and services of various firm to affect the target market. For example, company recruit advertising agency in order to promote the products of several businesses within the area of fashion, technology etc. Therefore Marks and Spencer hires agency that assist it in making promotion of its apparel segment. They make adoption of suitable ways of promoting as well as distributing in order make distribution with greater ease.

The major aim behind hiring of the agency is towards creation of the unique brand image of the firm that contacts business towards making their product famous. Firm makes utilization of several manner of promotion like organization of international events and therefore launching the products over the big platform. Therefore Marks and Spencer make preparation of budget for the sake of advertisement that assist in making satisfaction of the requirement of the target market. Advertising and promotion industry is considered wider and therefore it has the aim of spreading the information and knowledge to the customers in relation to the products and service. Marks and Spencer includes several creative individual in the team and therefore it spreads the message in relation with the apparel segment for kids. It is significant for the organization to includes such advertising agency as it has suitable knowledge of the market and develops promotion campaigns that assist in communication of the information to the target market.

How promotion is regulated

It has been assessed that promotion has been regulated in UK through protecting their interests and rights that compels businesses in regard to use fair trading regulations. With the help of this consumers obtain true and fair information regarding quality and usage of products or services. However, promoting products and services it helps firm to regulate and control the use of media so that it does not lead to provide misleading information to clients. Hence, it is essential that effective regulations need to be addressed that helps in regulating the promotion of products by firm so that appropriate information is being provided to clients. Advertising and promotion activities are being regulated by different regulatory authorities so that it does not impact the operations of firm in market. M&S advertisements are also regulated under such legislation so that it does not impact any individual, business etc. Carrying out regulation on promotional activities depends upon the level of risk and the factors that impacts the business operations in market. Business need to follow advertising and promotion regulation so that consumers interest could be protected as well as competitors could also be safeguarded (Galati, Crescimanno and Tinervia, 2014). M&S undertakes promotion regulation so that it helps them to identify the market conditions and then produce advertising campaign so that sales and profitability could be raised. Moreover, regulatory authorities undertake certain acts such as Consumer Rights Act, Advertising Standards Authority Act etc. which regulates the promotional campaign so that business functions could be carried out. Below discussed are the regulation that impacts upon advertising and promotion within firm-

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Committee of advertising practice

Within such regulation it regulates promotion in relation to broadcast the message to consumers. Therefore, it is essential for M&S to undertake such regulation so that it does not impact upon the promotion of firm to other rivals and

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