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Sales Planning and Operations


Sales and operational planning is all about a managerial process which promotes the integrated work culture so that goals can be accomplished in better way. In other words, it can be said that it is a collective action in which business executives and leadership team both work in collective manner so that business sales objectives can be achieved in an enhanced manner (BPP Learning Media, 2012). It provides better focus to all functional actions and enhance the effectiveness of alignment in order to boost coordination level.

This learning will have focus on work culture of automotive companies, plastic product company and electrical retailer in order to understand the concepts of sales and operational planning. It will focus on various factors of personal selling which can have impact on the overall marketing strategy. It will also spot light on the principles of selling process which can boost effectiveness of product and services. It will also provide information about roles and objectives of sales management. Furthermore, it will also focus on plan which can boost the sales of company.


1.1 Explain how personal selling at Enviro-Cars Ltd supports other promotional activities

There are number of marketing tools which can be used by adopted by management of Enviro-Cars Ltd in order to amend the promotion of its products. In this respect it can be said that the sales person of company can have improved focus on brand information, self manipulation skills and knowledge about product features so that he/she can easily convince its customers to buy Enviro car product. Business organisation is focused towards introduction of environment friendly cars so that they can have better sustainability in the market (Gray, 2007). Company product is not well known in the market that means it is necessary for business firm to have better marketing of products by using personal sales force. It will create awareness among people about environment friendly cars. Moreover, personal selling is all about creating a personal relationship with customers in order to boost business opportunities (Hayes, 2009).

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It has been identified that the personal selling plays key role in promotional activities as it provide enhanced level of information about product to its customers. It also have direct positive impact on the sales of Enviro car product. Moreover, it can also be said that personal selling also creates better opportunity for sales by adding better value to product (Maier,2012). It is one of most critically significant part of promotional activity which can easily manipulate the customer perception by using enhanced skills of sales person. It also provides better opportunity to improve communication with customer's which can also boost the sales (Mungall, 2009). For example, the person is selling products by approaching customers in personal way then he can easily attract customers towards products. It will also facilitate in providing assistance regarding problems and provide clear information about product. Other than his, personal selling will improve relationship with the customers and facilitate in providing better services to customers.

1.2 Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations with special reference to Environ-Cars Ltd

It has been spotted that the buying behaviour of the customers have great dependability on their wants and needs so it is necessary for business organisation to have improved focus on customer expectations. It also have great context of relation with decision making process so it is essential for business firm to have proper understanding of customer perception (Fleischner, 2014). The management of Environ-Cars is currently focusing on introduction of environment friendly cars so that environmental conditions can be boosted through proper use of renewable energy resources as compared to non renewable resources. This kind of action can be considered as revolutionary action to protect environmental conditions which can impact the customer perception in positive manner which will also have direct positive influence on decision making process of customer (Hayes, 2009). In the support of this, while considering the B2C the key necessity of the organization is to provide convenience factor and create awareness among common people regarding Environ car. It will also facilitate the business firm to attain better growth and generate more revenue with considering environmental conditions. On the other side, while focusing on B2B the organisation focuses on using renewable energy resources rather than non renewable resources such as petrol or diesel. It will attract more customers towards product and increase the sales in context of B2B.

In this it is necessary for business firm to create better awareness about car so that business can have advancement in revenue and boost environmental conditions. In order to influence the buying decision process it is necessary for management to understand needs and wants of customers. Moreover, the identification of functional and social needs will also impact the sales of Enviro cars. Company can also focus on most searched information by users to have better promotional design in order to influence the customers perception (Johnson, 2005). The proper evaluation of customer wants is necessary as consumer also focuses on features of car before making decision about purchase.

1.3 Analyse role of sales teams in overall marketing strategy for Environ-Cars Ltd

Sales team plays a key role in success of every organization as their working relates with overall marketing strategy. In other words, it can be said that the key motive of sales team is to increase the sales of product for better organizational success. Moreover the various functional planning actions also relates with the perception of organization sales force (Link, 2012). Sales team have day to day direct communication with users so they can easily provide better information about customers needs and wants. They also plays a key role in building better relationship customers so that company can have better suitability.

With an assistance of sales team the management of Environ-Cars can easily design better future of company by effective identification of customers needs. Sales team can provide detail information about customer needs, wants, perception towards product, marketing, features, etc (Tesone, 2005). It will facilitate in better designing of product which can meet the customers needs and provide them enhanced level of satisfaction. It will also provide information about the factors which can impact satisfaction level which is beneficial to overcome those factors for better opportunities.

The retention of current customers also depends on the skills and work nature of sales force. They also creates better relation between company and the customers so that business can have better opportunities (Bartle, 2005). Number of departmental strategies are also designed as per the review of sales team so that company can have better future and amend its sales. Marketing division also design promotional actions as per the information provided by sales team. In the support of this, Marketing department focuses on the effective planning of strategies as per the capability of sales force. Moreover, in order to boost the marketing strategy effectiveness the finance department will focus on financial charts so that marketing activities can be accomplished in proper way. Strategies also need to be design as per demand estimation curve. It will provide significant role in the growth of the company.


2.1 Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives

It is necessary for business organization to ensure that the sales strategies are effectively developed to have advancement in sales of products. It is also considered as action which leads business to better future and advancement in team skills. In order to have better sales of plastic disposals the business organisation can focus on modifications in design of product so that convince factor can be provided in better way (Grosse, 2000). It also relates with the planning of corporate objectives as business key motive is to bring differentiation so company can introduce unique design of plastic disposals in order to meet objectives. In this it is also necessary to focus on financial position of the company so that plan can be designed in better way (Kippenberger, 2000).

Moreover, the sales of plastic disposals is differ as compared to other as plastic use have negative impact on the environmental conditions. In general business, firm focuses on personal selling, advertisement and printed advertisement. In the context of plastic disposals sales company can reflect the weakness of plastic in positive way (Schneider, 2013). For example, plastic disposals are easy to use and it can be recycled in order to protect the environment. It will also facilitate in effective accomplishment of corporate objectives by having advancement in sales.

In order to boost the effectiveness the business firm can also focus on the masholow theory. It will allow business firm to allocate tasks as per the needs of employees. Once basic needs of employees are accomplished then management can focus on other needs so that goals can be meet in better way. The needs can be classified in diverse forms such as self actualization, esteem, belonging, safety and physiological. It will acilitate in effective accomplishment of corporate objectives by having advancement in sales.

2.2 Explain the role of an organization’s recruitment and selection procedure

Recruitment and selection procedure plays key role in success of organization as it is all about advancement in sales team so that company can have better sales and accomplish goals in better way. The highly skilled sales team can also advance the revenue of business organisation so it is necessary for management to ensure that individual hired in process is efficient and well skilled (Sheldon, 2006). In other words, it can be said that the recruitment process must focus on hiring loyal, knowledgeable, adaptable and confident member which can boost success ratio. The right selection of person also cut down the cost of company.

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Recruitment ans selection process also plays a key role in hiring of individual who have strong work ethic as it have direct positive impact on the organizational work culture. In process it must be ensured that the workforce is skilled and experienced so that standards of roles and responsibilities can be maintained in appropriate manner (Reuter, 2015). This indicates that hiring of skilled sales person will enhance the organisational success ratio. In the support of this, it can be said that the recruitment and selection of the business firm provides various improvement in sales force and sales manager skills. It is also beneficial for enhancing the overall growth ratio of operational actions which will impact positive on revenue of firm. Recruitment is also significant because it provides success in diverse forms such as hiring of loyal customers, improvement in knowledge of employees, assist in adapting various changes and improve morale and provide confident work force in order to meet organisational goals.

2.3 Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management

It has been identified that the motivational factor plays a key role in success of Plastic Product Ltd as it enhances the morale of employees which can direct positive impact on the performance of sales force. In the support of this, it can be said that the better future strategies can be developed with an enhanced level of morale among sales force (Pepe, 2015). Moreover, the employees motivation can also be enhanced by effective focus on financial incentives, recognition and rewards. In order to have better sales management it can be said that management can focus on training. Training have great impact on the skills of employees which is beneficial for advancement in sales (Kilger, 2015). Proper information about various time management skills also facilitates the firm to have advancement in sales management.

Effective motivational factor is beneficial for performance advancement of the sales force. The motivation and other strategies also can also assist in strategies formation and help in meeting future demand. There are number of elements which can encourage the employees and improve overall performance. It also provides financial incentives, recognition and rewards and chances for growth. Other than this, remuneration is considered as motivation element which can improve employee morale. It is also beneficial for better recognition, improvement in esteem . It will have direct positive impact on the factors of mashlows motivational needs.

With an assistance of motivation the management can enhance the employee's moral so that overall performance of company can also improve. The improvement in performance will also facilitate the workforce to manage the sales actions in effective manner. Remuneration is one of most critical factor as it have focus on recognition, esteem and employee status (Gray, 2007). If employee is well known with in organisation and market then it will also assist in appropriate management of sales actions.

Through effective motivational tools it is possible for company like plastic product Ltd to enhance motivation level of its workforce. Most effective tools can be monetary rewards through which sales team of company can take large number of initiatives for boosting overall performance of business in the market. In short motivation it is the key to success and can support in enhancing profitability of the company in the market (Sheldon, 2006). Apart from the remuneration is also effective where business can ensure whether fair remuneration is being provided to the employees so that they can effectively carry out all the sales activities of the business. At last, designing effective training program can also be effective through which skills and knowledge of sales team can be enhanced which can assist in managing sales of the firm in effective manner. In short, it can be said that providing fair remuneration along with training on continuous basis to sales team can support organization in accomplishing sales target.

2.4 Explain how sales management organize sales activity and control sales output

Sales management is all about managing the various sales actions which can assist sales team to accomplish goals and objectives which are beneficial for organization. In this management also focus on effective planning of sales actions which allow business firm to access a better control sales force. The improved focus on sales planning allow team to follow strategies in proper way so that objectives of the company can be accomplished in most suitable manner (Dougherty, 2006). In this respect the management also needs to focus on better allocation of financial resources so that sales activities can be designed in proper way.

Sales team also needs to have efforts as per the sales plan and scheduling of activities so that customer needs can be meet effectively with motive of better control on actions. For example, the management has scheduled some key hours for cold calling and email conversation so it is necessary for sales team to follow the standard time for better convenience (Gray, 2007). With an assistance of sales management the executive can also accomplish the task in desired time as it allows to have effective time management. It also forces executives to have working as per the consideration of objectives so that business can have better opportunities.

Structure territory design can be considered as one of the most effective way through which sales activity of organization can be managed easily. Further, business can divide activities on the basis of territory and on the basis of same targets can be allocated (Mungall, 2009). Segregation on the basis of territories can be fruitful for business in every possible manner and can assist in managing the key sales activity of the organization. Apart from this, for control target selling is beneficial where business can set targets which employees have to accomplish. Further, budget can be prepared by business which is also effective in control all the sales activities of enterprise.

2.5 Explain the use of databases in effective sales management

In order to have better sales management it is necessary for business organization to have improved focus on use of database as it provides concerned information about brand and strategies. It also assist in effective management of information in context of customers (Kilger, 2015). Sales person can record the preference of buyer while purchase and bill payment as it will assist in improvement of services for enhanced future. It can also assist in effective cold calling or door to door sales. For example, the sales person has visited one client for business opportunities and customer has asked about some unique benefits of product but sales person does not have knowledge about the subject (Pepe, 2015). In this situation sales person can access to database and gather information about the subject so that correct information can be provided to client. It will boost the trust ratio and enhance the sales opportunities.

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Sales database is the combination of information which is beneficial for effective arrangement of actions on the basis of a particular customer need. Sales team can have data regarding customers such as emails, phone calls, message and billing address. It is also beneficial for improvement in services.

Sales data can also be arranged in better way as per the preferences of customer perception. It will assist executive to understand the highest ratio of employee's preference and design strategies as per development (Reuter, 2015). Company can also manage sales data as per customers economic and social status which is also beneficial for effective development.


3.1 Develop a Sales Plan for Currys product-line

Company mainly sales its products regarding home electronics and household appliances so it is necessary for business organization to focus on women of all ages. It is because women play a key role in decision making process regarding home décor and appliances.

  • Mission: Mission of the present sales plan is to enhance sales volume of the business through effective promotional tools. Further, this mission can be accomplished through development of marketing strategies which are capable enough of attracting customers in the market.
  • Objective: Main objective of Currys is to enhance its sales volume by 10% in 1 year and this objective can be accomplished by firm through development of effective promotional tools.
  • KPI: Main KPI for the businesses are sales, profitability and market share which can support in knowing whether overall mission of the business has been accomplished or not.
  • Determination of mission and objectives: In this phase the management of Currys will focus on effective designing of sales mission and objectives (Sheldon, 2006). For example, to have increase in ratio of home electronic goods by 20 % till the end of year 2016. Another objective can be to build better relationship with customers.
  • Market condition evaluation: It is necessary for business organization to have proper information about the market condition so that plan can be designed as per market trends. In this stage management will focus on effective evaluation of demand and supply in context of electronic products as it will make understand about the customer perception (Schneider, 2013). It will also assist in providing better services by effective focus on new emerging trends of market.
  • Identification of key indicators: In this process the management of Currys will focus on effective determination of key factors which can influence the customer perception and lead business to impressive success. In this, company will focus on sales volume, profit, market share, quality, price, brand loyalty, etc.
  • Development and Implementation of strategies: In this section, management of Currys will design the sales strategies by considering various outcome and factors such as demographic and psycho-graphic segmentation (Kippenberger, 2000). It is necessary for company to ensure that the selected strategy is according to business needs and market trends. Company will also bring changes as per strategy so that business can have successful implementation. Number of small tactics will also used to have better implementation of strategies.
  • Outcomes: At last the results will be measured by observing various sales data, revenue changes, profit margin, etc. Plan also requires effective monitoring of activities so that goals can be meet in better way.

3.2 Investigate opportunities for selling internationally in emerging market

The modern era is having great opportunities which can amend the business of Currys. In this respect it can be said that the management of Currys can focus on business expansion in Singapore and India. Both markets are holding great opportunity which can facilitate business firm to have better growth in international market (Grosse, 2000). Singapore have strong infrastructure so it will easy for Currys to expand business as resources will be easily available. Moreover, India can also boost the opportunities as people basic need is high quality of goods at low cost. The pricing of company product is low which also boosts the opportunity to the foreign business.

Both nations have easy access to human resources which provide better development to business and help in gaining better cost advantage. The easy access of human resources and other resources reduced the operational cost in international market. It will also amend the profit margin ratio of company as compared to UK market (Bartle, 2005). India is also looking for technology advancement so it is also one of great opportunity for management of Currys.

With the motive to grab opportunities within the business environment it is necessary for Currys to identify the key issues at global level where local competition is one as business has to deal with its major competitors who are offering same type of products in the market (Tesone, 2005). Apart from this, logistics have to be managed where transportation have to be managed so that materials can reach to target market in small period of time. These issues can prevent business from grabbing the range of opportunities in the market. On the other hand, opportunities for selling internationally are rise in profitability level, market share, sales volume etc which can be beneficial for business in every possible manner.

3.3 Investigate opportunities for using Exhibitions/Trade-fairs

It has been spotted that the trade-fairs and exhibitions are one of most beneficial way to promote products and services so management of Currys can focus on it. Company can take participate in trade fairs to promote its products in India. For example, Trade India and India International Trade fair are two key fairs of India (Tesone, 2005). Company can exhibit its electronic and appliances at these fairs to amend the sales. In this company can easily provide demonstration of the product to customers and create awareness within market. For example: the Currys has participated in trade fair and exhibits number of products in Indian market. In this, company can also analyse the behaviour of customers towards products and observe their attitude (Link, 2012). It will provide information about their needs and perception which is beneficial for effective designing of strategies.

Moreover, company can also conduct sponsor some other exhibitions as it will also provide better opportunities to business. For example, organisation has sponsored a art event in Singapore then it will create awareness among people and attract them towards products (Johnson, 2005). It will also increase the opportunities for business and provide better success in international market. Through exhibitions and trade fair it is possible for business to demonstrate its products live and in turn can encourage customers to purchase it. In short these techniques can provide wide platform to business so that sales volume can be enhanced easily. It can have positive impact on the brand image of company and can assist in strengthening customer base. Main advantage of using exhibition along with trade show is that it can support business in interacting with its customers in appropriate manner and can enhance sales volume also (Sheldon, 2006).


As per the above study it can be said that the sales planning and operational planning both relates with each other. and you can also learn how sales management works. With an assistance of sales management the business organisations can easily manage sales activities and lead business to impressive success. It has also been spotted that motivation and skills development can also assist business firm to have advancement in sales ratio. It is also necessary for firms to have improved focus on sales plan for better sales management. Moreover, business organisations can also expand in international market by focusing on exhibition and trade fairs.


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