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Reflective Journal

University: Bradford College

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1872
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Introduction about Reflective Journal
  • Methods of communication
  • Reflection upon own interpersonal, communication and collaborative skills
Answer :
Organization Selected : Capri Holding Limited


Inter-professional learning like communication and collaborative working are considered as two main practices of a company. It delivers a high quality of products and services at marketplace by effective communication (Skinner, Hyde and McPherson, 2016). The present report is going to make a critical discussion on how communication affect collaborative working within a workplace. For this purpose, Capri Holding Limited (Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.) has been chosen, which is a multinational fashion company of UK. It incorporates business in British Virgin Island and offer a range of clothing, handbags, jewellery, shoes and other accessories. Under this essay, two main specific points are addressed viz. collaboration within team-work and effective communication like verbal and non verbal to reduce work-load pressure and lack of trust among workers.

1. Methods of communication and collaboration with a knowledge of core principles and theories

In today's business organisation, it is essential for associated people to develop their communication and collaborative skills. Especially for managers and leaders, as they lead a team towards achievement of business goals, they need to develop such skills. In context with Capri Holdings Ltd., it is counted as one of the topmost luxury companies in UK-based organisations. It has near about 1550 stores in UK and other countries where it offers a wide range of clothing, fragrances, eye-wear and other products. Among these products, Michael Kors Handbags are taken as most popular trend within teenaged girls. Therefore, in order to maintain its reputation and provide best quality of services at marketplace, it is essential for managers to develop own interpersonal skills (Seron and et. al., 2016). As a manager in this firm, my main role is to bring collaboration among workers and develop trust in them. For this purpose, I have to work on developing my interpersonal skills.

Negative poor communication among a team within Capri Ltd. may leads to arise various issues. It includes lack of trust, conflict, indiscipline and ineffective cooperation among workers etc. These factors impact on performance and productivity of employees on individual basis, which might impact on profitability of business also. Therefore, collaborative working refers to a process under which employees support each other and managers to achieve goals and objectives in desired manner.

Principles of communication:

Interpersonal skills refer as main key principles of effective communication. It is considered as the foundation for developing interaction among people (Stuart, 2017). In this regard, communication is defined as two-way process of receiving and giving information by using a number of channels. In order to make interaction with my mentors through conference meeting, writing a formal report or more, I have followed the given basic principles of communication:

  • Know audiences and purpose for interaction.
  • Anticipate objectives and provide a detailed information to audience to gain their efforts in achievement of same.
  • Achieve credibility with support of team-members.
  • Communicate and present information through several ways as well as use some effective techniques.

Communication theories:

For developing collaboration among staff-members, I have grabbed knowledge related to different business communication theories. This would help in balancing roles and sharing responsibilities within team-members, reduce workload pressure and lack of trust (Hallin and Kiessling, 2016). In order to give best performance under Capri Holdings Ltd. as a manager, I have used below mentioned communication theories:-

  • Communication accommodation theory: It consists motivational aspects which states managers and leaders of a firm to their communication styles either in convergent or divergence manner. I have analysed that people having ethnic background will always try to transfer their experience and knowledge by divergence. While demotivated people by convergence. Therefore, to bring skills of sharing of responsibilities among workers, I used to motivate people for transferring their knowledge by divergence.
  • Cultural approach to organisation: This theory mainly stresses on importance of culture at workplace. Therefore, to bring collaboration among workers, as a manager, it is essential by me to reduce cultural difference among employees.
  • Organisational information theory: In order to avoid ambiguity, this theory assists me to makes a communication in ambiguous way.

Methods of Communication:

Interaction among people within business can be done by using a variety of communication methods (Nurmi and Hinds, 2016). It includes interpersonal, non-verbal, written and oral communication. In Capri Holding Ltd., as a manager I have used all types of communication methods to convey messages to other people, as per business objectives.

  • Interpersonal communication: In the context of management, interpersonal communication can be defined as a process of interaction, whereby all members are engaged with minimal restricted dialogue. Therefore, using this method within Capri Ltd. I demonstrate my mentors that I am not only caring about accomplishment of business objectives but also concern on their benefits. By giving more values to workers, effective relationship between workers and management have formed. As it reduces barriers and increasing feeling of sharing responsibilities to complete a task (Tynjälä and et. al., 2016). Thus, easy flow of information can be formed using inter-personal communication method.
  • Non-verbal communication: It includes facial expressions, actions, body language, gestures and other phases of physical appearance to communicate a thing. In terms of management point of view, all these aspects are taken as managerial action. Therefore, to convey information through such actions, it is necessary for me a manager in Capri holdings Ltd. to have a command on non-verbal communication.
  • Oral and written communication: Ability to listen and convey information in business are critical for success. By face-to-face interaction I get opportunity to get immediate response from my team-members for completing a task. Similarly, for providing same information to large number of people, I use written communication methods like e-mail.

2. Reflection upon own interpersonal, communication and collaborative skills

Reflective practices allows individuals to improve their current practices through learning from own experiences and incidents (Tutwiler, 2017). Therefore, in order to measure my own inter-personal, communication and collaborative skills, I have used Gibbs model of reflection. I have been working on manager post from last three years in Capri Holdings Ltd. Therefore, within these three years, there are many incidents happen which provide opportunities to me, to enhance my inter-personal skills. This model helps me in systematically analysing about experiences where I had used some techniques to resolve difficult situations. In this regard, Gibbs reflective cycle generally starts with Description, then keep continue in clockwise manner which includes other phases like- Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action Plan.

Description: Last year for improving performance of business, Capri Holdings Ltd. Has changes organisational structure. This would impact negatively on working abilities of employees where roles and responsibilities of each has shifted (Treasure, Smith and Crane, 2016). Therefore, it arise negativity at workplace whereby position of all workers are shuffled. Therefore, to handle this situation seems to be very difficult for me. In this regard, under the guidance of my seniors I have used interpersonal communication methods. Through this technique, I have made personal interaction with my mentors to influence to accept changes. By taking their feedbacks and identifying their needs, I have tried to fulfil them.

Feelings: As under the mentioned situation, I was new at that time. Therefore, it increases inferiority and fear under mine due to language gap. Apart from this, I was also feeling unable to grab attention of my colleagues and influence them towards business objectives.

Evaluation: For handling such complex situation, I had analysed that I must work on my communication skills. By developing inter-personal and collaborative skills, I might influence workers to accept changes and give their contribution in achievement of business objectives.

Analysis: In addition to above situation, there are various conditions occurred within Capri Holdings Ltd. which assists me to work more on my managerial skills. It has given me opportunity to handle difficult situations more effectively. Therefore, through such experiences, after completing three years under the same company, I have become able to face any complex situation in future in better manner.

Conclusion: By analysing my past experience under Capri Holdings Ltd. I have concluded that to handle such difficult conditions, I could use some effective management techniques. It includes Administrative theory, Human relations theory and more, whereby I can define objectives and motivate workers to work in coordination for achieving business goals.

Action Plan: In order to take effective managerial decisions and develop trust among workers, I will work more on developing my inter-personal and collaborative skills. For this purpose, I will take some management classes from highly affiliated institutions. By working more on improvement of communication skills, I will reduce language barrier gap which may arise in future due to diverse culture at workplace.


It has been concluded from this essay that in order to run business smoothly, it is essential for managers and leaders of a company to have managerial skills. It includes inter-personal, communication and collaborative skills which aid individuals to work in coordination. By measuring level of knowledge and abilities, an individual can evaluate own experience in a particular field. They can become more able to determine how to deal with difficult situation miscommunication in real-time conditions. This would help in giving better performance and getting cooperation of staff-members to complete organisational activities. If you are worried about online homework help from experts at the best price.


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