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Development of Targets for Self-improvement

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0551
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Question :

This sample will let you know about the:

  • Discuss about the Key points of information from different sources.
  • Discuss about the Research plan aim & objective. 
Answer :


Academic skills is termed as development of key potential in academic career which is required for personal and professional development within enterprise. There are various kinds of studies needed to be carried out by individuals in their academic career in which they have to undertake the research (Adedokun and et.al., 2013). Research skills imply to attain knowledge and abilities of conducting research. Present report is based on analysis of own strengths and weaknesses to identify skills along with the development of targets for self-improvement. In addition to this, different skills such as note taking, paraphrasing and summarising skills have been determined which are achieved at the time of study. Further, an academic research project has been carried out by using various primary and secondary methods. At last, personal development plan has been made to demonstrate the findings and creating an action plan for improvement of skills.

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1.1 Own strengths and weaknesses

Personal skills are considered as the competencies which are necessary to be attained for achievement of personal and professional development. In this report, I have clearly determined by own strengths and weaknesses which I have achieved in academic career and key area which I need to improve for achievement of growth.

1.2 Setting targets for self-improvement

For development of skills and competencies, it is essential to analyse the ways for improvement of skills in an appropriate time duration.


Participation in different technical courses and practical training for 3 months in order to my technical knowledge and competencies to use different types of software. Further, I will also take guidance from superiors for taking interview and carrying out survey to be improved by research skills. In order to develop effective listening skills, I will participate in different seminars and conferences along with class room activities to improve my English language skills.


Target for improvement of technical skills will be completed within 3 months and I will achieve an appropriate score in my technical course.


Objectives of improvement of technical competencies have been achieved as I will make appropriate efforts to learn different software and systems. By analysis and taking guidance from colleagues as well as superiors, I will be able to improve paraphrasing and summarising skills (Devi and et.al, 2012).


Objectives of undertaking various computer course for three months is realistic as there are different institutions that offer computer courses for development of technical competencies among individuals. Carrying out research on different topics is also realistic and helps in improvement of paraphrasing and summarising. There is requirement of interpretation of findings in every research on the basis of data collection.

Time bound:

Target formulated to attain technical competencies will be achieved in three months. Further, paraphrasing and summarising skills will be improved within 2 months. Further, listening and understanding skills of English language will be improved by participation in seminars and conference in 3 months.


3.1 Key points of information from different sources using active listening skills

Note taking is an important skill which is required for collection of information and carrying out study in an effective manner. There are various methods through which new and academic sources have been used to carry out research. By using effective listening skills in class room lectures, I have developed skills for making notes as it helps in learning and analysing the information effectively. I have faced the speaker effectively and also kept proper eye contact on the speaker to gain crux of information which is provided in class room. For example: In class room lectures on leadership, there are various theories of leadership have been determined by speaker and I have concentrated on various key points of these theories which are presented. I have also noted those key points for further analysis. Proper organisational structure diagram has been made to analyse the flow of authorities and responsibilities in organisation. No interrelation has been made in between the lectures.

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3.2 Information from different sources using reading strategies

There are various reading strategies which can be applied by the scholar to develop effective note taking skills. Proper reading and understanding of important information is useful in carrying out research in an effective manner. I have applied various reading strategies in order to achieve expertise in note taking. First strategy is activation background knowledge about study which has been carried out in the class lectures. Research has provided information that better comprehension will occur when students are engaged in activities that bridge their old knowledge with the new (Bryman and Bell, 2015). For development of note taking skills, I have also participated in various classroom activities and made presentation to determine the key points of study. In addition, I have also framed questions before and after reading notes to improve my comprehension.

Another reading strategy is to analyse the structure of text which is books, articles and journals which are provided by speaker in class room activities. Further, understanding the patterns in which material is presented has allowed me to comprehend the information letter. Visualization is also an important reading strategy which gives stress on importance of visualizing materials (Laidlaw and et.al, 2012). For attaining these skills, I have made visual images while reading text which provided support in effective comprehension. Last reading strategy is summarizing which leads to improve and enhance the comprehension. Through this, it has become easier for me to analyse the concept and gain knowledge.


Research plan

In order to select target market for appropriate products and service, it is essential carry out research to understand demand and value of products in market. In this context, for carrying out research I will formulate an appropriate plan to determine different steps for successful accomplishment of objectives.

Setting aims and objectives:

In order to carry out research, first aim and objectives will be created which provided clear direction for carrying out study in effective manner


Pilot survey will be conducted to current trends and requirements of products in market

10 respondents will be interview from two different classes for identification population

in which products have more chances to achieve high demand (Miller, 2014).

Segmentation strategies:

Various segmentation strategies will analyse for selection of appropriate strategy which helps in finding potential customers

Customer preference:

Effective customer preference will be analysed to understand requirements of customers. Potential capabilities of target market to buy products will also be analysed for setting appropriate prices for products and services.

2.2 Process used for carrying out research from different sources of primary and secondary information.

There are various primary and secondary information which helps in accomplishment of research effectively. Primary method of data collection implies to gathering of fresh information to analyse demand of products and services. In this context, for collecting information about demand of products and services through primary methods.

Primary information

Questionnaire: A questionnaire is document containing various questions related to research topics and high academic skills. I will also make a questionnaire containing related to products requirements and substitute in market (Travis, 2017).

Interviews; These are also analysed primary source of getting information which implies to taking interview from selected respondents. In this research, I have selected 10 customers and I will also take their interview for getting analyse demand of new product in market.

Secondary information

It is also considered as information which is already gathered and provided by different scholar in their research which help in accomplishment of research effectively. For getting secondary information, I have studied various journal, article and books related to gather information and selection of target market for products and services. Internet surfing will be carried for collection of information directly.

First draft of research work

In First draft of research, I have carried out secondary research in order to get useful information, An structure of carrying out of research has been formulated in the first draft which back ground of study, aims and objectives, rationale and literature review. There are various market reports, online article, literatures, research paper and articles have been identified in context of targeting customers for products and services (Collis and Hussey, 2013). High product purchase will tend to raise recognition of customers within enterprise. I have also carried of analysed of different literature in order to analyse information about demand of products and service in market among customers. Appropriate research methodologies will be determined that needs to be used for carrying about this research.

Listing the sources used

There are various which I have used to carry out this researcher such as:

Primary sources: Questionnaire, interview and observation will be carried for gathering information. Along with this, Emails and company website have also been used to collect information.

Secondary source: Various journals and articles have been studied to gain information about different sources.

Final draft, produced to professional standard

The research project will be produced as per professional standard and all the information will present in an appropriate structure of research. Various graphs and charts will be used to provide visual presentation of data collected and analysed. Primary and secondary information will be determined in separately. Secondary information which is collected from literatures, books and journals have been cited properly (Arnold and et.al, 2012). Various important findings upon the demand of products and service will also be presented to management in the form of report.


Findings upon personal development plan.

Targets for personal development

Short terms and long terms targets

Ways to achieve target and activities required to perform

Analysis progress

Improvement of technical competencies (Personal skill)

3 months

Proper training sessions, computer course and practical session will be attempted to achieve these skills. Superiors helps will also be taken to understand use of different software.

Proficiency of using technical software and other technologies will be measure analyse the outcomes.

Paraphrasing and summarising skills (Academic skills)

2 months

Various research carried out by different scholar will be analysed to understand the ways of summarising the research project (Barrie, 2012).

Feedback from superiors will be taken to analyse the improvement in skills.

Listening skills (English language)

1 months

Participation in various seminars and conference which are organisation by university will be taken to develop effective listening capability.

Analysis of results and capabilities of note making will be analysed to understand the improvement.

Action plan, making notes for further actions required for improvement.

In order to develop competencies and skills I will also undertake an actions plan which involve various aspects such as:

  • Setting appropriate goals: Proper goals and objectives will be developed for improvement of these skills. SMART will also be effectively created for development of various important business concepts.
  • Making notes: Through effective listening skills proper notes have been prepared for learning and gaining knowledge (Lipnevich and Roberts, 2012).
  • Development of skills: appropriate skills will also be develop for accomplishment of stated objectives.


In this report, it has been concluded that there are various important academic and research skills are required to be achieved by professional for personal and professional development. Effective note making skills will be developed through proper recognition and attentiveness in class room activities. Technical skills will also be developed by undertaking various important courses and their various important skills have been developed effectively.


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