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MN5F13FB Work-Based Learning (Assessment 2)

University: London Metropolitan University

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  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: MN5F13FB
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Highlight your own future career role and also analyse what personal and professional training is needed for future career role.
  • State the difficulties which arises due to the underperformance of the staff and poor communications between them.
  • Produce a plan that will implement the improvement of the employee motivation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Asda


Roles and responsibilities at workplace

In an organisation there are different types of employees working. They all are engaged in performing different types of roles and responsibilities. However, roles differ according to job profile and specification. Also, by performing several roles personal learning is improved. Similarly, I have been working as a HR assistance at Asda since last few years. I have already having an experience of 2-3 as HR assistance. So, I know that there are many roles and responsibilities that are to be followed. Beside this, as HR it is necessary to get involve in decision making process and engage with top management. There were many types of roles and responsibilities which I had to perform. First is I have to involve in recruitment and selection process. Furthermore, I have to take interview of candidate that are been selected. In recruitment and selection, I played a vital role. So, it was a little bit difficult for me to manage my work but I did it. My second role in Asda I to provide training and development to staff. In that I provided them training regarding how they have to identify candidate abilities, how to take interview, what things are to be noticed, etc. in addition to it, I took sessions on professional development. In that I provided training to staff regarding their career growth and development. Through it, I gained knowledge about employee behaviour and attitude. I learn that how their behaviour impact on training and role.

Along with it, my role was to do performance appraisal of employees. For this I discussed it with my colleagues and took their feedback. I also set target and goals for individual employees for particular time period. However, I communicated that goals with employees by conducting a meeting. So, it provided a clear view to staff that what they have to do. Also, sometimes I gave suggestions to staff that how they could enhance their performance. Similarly, I provided feedback to them on their work and suggest measure for same. I also formed policy of performance appraisal. In addition to it, I also decided that what type of rewards and incentives will be given to staff. So, it that I served as an expert and set some criteria on basis of which rewards and incentives must be given. In that I have to analyse what trends are been followed by other companies in offering rewards and incentives. Therefore, I adopted that concept and made some changed in it. So, I learned about different HR concepts that can be applied and its importance. Thus, it will help me in my future growth.

Another responsibility that of mine is to resolve conflicts that occurred between employees. The dispute that remained unsolved for long term was solved by me. I act as representative of HR manager and negotiated issues. Along with it, I have to ensure that no conflict occurs between staff in future. So, I ensured that no discrimination is done. In that I investigated the overall issue and then solve it. I also took staff feedback on in order to maintain work culture. For this I did inspection of health and safety tools are implemented or not. Then I develop report and provided it to top management. I also ensured that all laws are been followed by HR executives in recruitment and selection. So, I drafted new policies and guidelines with change in any law or regulation. I studied laws and identified that what changes are been done. Additionally, I make sure that Asda practices are taken into consideration while drafting new policy or law. Here, I learned about various laws that is followed and what legal action are taken in case of any breach.

So, all these roles gave me knowledge on many things. I get to know about types of incentives and rewards, methods of performance appraisal, etc. I was able to work in team with them and make things easy. also, I learned how to talk with superiors and candidates. On what basis or criteria, they are analysed and selected. as HR assistance I worked under senior HR executive. He provided me training related to HR duties and roles.Need online essay help?Talk to our experts!

How to take responsibility of following at workplace

It is necessary for me to perform my duties in effective way so that I am able to grow and develop in future. Beside this, I will gain in depth knowledge related to HR. it will be useful for me. Moreover, I will get to know what other responsibilities are to be performed in HR. Thus, they are as follows :-

Staff manual – in order to take responsibility of developing staff manual, I need to improve my certain skills. This is because it will enable me to participate with HR manager and engage with it. here, first of all I need creative writing skills to write content of manual. In this I should know about laws and guidelines of various acts. It will be easy for me to develop handbook and include all details regarding employment laws and regulations.

Interviewing senior staff – For interviewing staff I am good at conducting interview. As I already possess some skills such as listening. But I need to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. In this I will evaluate various ways and types of communication like formal, informal, etc. what sentences are relevant, etc. then, I will select formal one and the follow steps required in it. I will try to work out on it by using internet. So, it will help me to take interview of senior staff. Another skill that I need for this is interpersonal skills. In that I must enhance my patience level. also, I need to be felt confident enough so that I can take interview of senior. Alongside, I should know how to control emotion, acknowledge others, etc. Thus, by improving my interpersonal skills I can take responsibility of taking interview of senior staff.

Survey customers – Now, I think that I am responsible enough to take customer survey. This is because I can apply my learnings in this. My creative thinking skills are weak. So, in order to survey customer, I must improve this skill. Another skill I think I require in this is team work. I have to work in team so that goals are attained. With it, I will be able to analyse my roles in team and perform my tasks in effective way. I must possess decision making skill as well. It is because it will help me to take quick decisions. through it, I will be able to undertake more responsibilities in HR field.

Seek feedback from colleagues and superior – I am capable enough to take feedback from my colleagues and superior. I highly possess interviewing skills. So, I know how to take interview of people, what questions are to be formed, how to analyse candidate, etc. thus, I can easily take feedback from them. But on contrary, in that I must know some professional knowledge. It means that I should know how it behave with superior, what body language is required, how to greet, communicate, etc.

Study magazines – In order to become HR manager, I need to study magazines so that I must know what HR trends and practices are been followed, how other companies are able to maintain culture, change in laws, etc. it will allow me to gain more knowledge of HR field. Also, I can also gain data about HR software and application been used, concepts and theories, etc.

So, it is essential that I enhance those skills that are required for my future growth. also, I will be able to gain knowledge and perform all responsibilities effectively. thus, I will develop a PDP which will enable me to fulfil my future needs.Get assignment help Now!

Personal development plan

A PDP is developed to set out aims and objectives of future goals. It includes strategies and action that needs to be taken to attain that goal. The PDP is as follows :-

Learning objective

Current proficiency

Target proficiency

Development opportunities

Criteria for judging success

Time scale

Communication skills

As HR executive I need to improve my communication skills. It will be useful for me to take more responsibilities and attain higher goals.

I must know what ae types and ways of communication and how to use it. through it I will be able to achieve success.

I need to attend seminars, conferences so that I will be able to gain confidence.

By taking feedback from others which will help in making improvements

4 -5 weeks

Time management skills

I am able to complete my task in time.

Still I need to improve it to increase my working efficiency.

By preparing time table and working accordingly.

Managing time frame with list of task prepared.

3-4 weeks

Leadership skills

I am not so good in leadership skill as I direct the colleagues to get desire result within framework. Although, I need to work towards making coordination within one another

Want to improve my motivation skills so that I can motivate people

I can to manage and handle team so that I can enhance my skills

Receiving feedback from others so that I can judge my work.

5-7 weeks

Interpersonal skills

My skills are not so good and I need to sharpen them.

I want to increase my confidence level, learn how to control emotion, etc. by this I can easily get involved in interview.

I must practice these all things with my friends. I must watch some videos.

By taking suggestion from HR manager, superiors, etc.

1 month

Team working skills

Sometimes, I get frustration due to work load and that cause to bring complex situation and this things affects my overall productivity.

I need to work in team so that goals are accomplished.

I will be able to work with HR executives and lead a team of it.

It can be improvised by having participation in workshop activities.

1 week

Decision making skills

I should improve this skill as it will enable me to engage in survey and take correct decisions.

I must be take effective decision which will help me in forming manual.

I will be able to take major decision with my HR manager.

I can solve case studies and read books.

2-3 weeks

Thus, the above PDP will help me to gain knowledge and improve my skills. It will be easy for me to review my progress in future. Moreover, I will measure my performance with set goals and standards. This will make it easy for me to make improvement in that and set new goals. Along with it, I will gain professional knowledge as well. Thus, my both interpersonal and professional skills will be improved. It will result in my career growth and development.

Task 2

Title - To apply different strategies to increase employee motivation


  • To increase employees motivation in upcoming 3 months.
  • To enhance employee satisfaction by rewarding them.
  • To motivate workers through various non-monetary and monetary strategies.

Activities to be undertaken

Review and analyze each strategy

Select one and apply it

Provide incentives

Monitor employee satisfaction level

Compare outcomes with set goals

Interpret results

Ghantt chart

Task Name




Review and analyze each strategy

1 wk

Thu 12/26/19

Wed 1/1/20

Select one and apply it

3 wks

Thu 1/2/20

Wed 1/22/20

Provide incentives

3 wks

Thu 1/23/20

Wed 2/12/20

Monitor employee satisfaction level

2 wks

Thu 2/13/20

Wed 2/26/20

Compare outcomes with set goals

1 wk

Thu 2/27/20

Wed 3/4/20

Interpret results

2 wks

Thu 3/5/20

Wed 3/18/20

According to the Furlich, (2016) Motivation for employees is very important for the company to gain huge competitive advantages for company. The employees of the company must be motivated time to time. So that they can work further for the betterment of company. Company can gain huge profits margin if their employees are motivated and work with the positive energy. Nowadays it is very necessary for company to motivate their employees. They can be motivated by the non-monetary and monetary strategies which can be used by organization for motivating them. The motivation of employees must be improved so that the company can render the quality products and service to their consumer and attract wide range of consumers to the company and its products. The quality product can only be achieved when the employees work in the company with positive vibes and thus company can grow significantly in the market. Different strategies for motivation are used by the companies and organization for motivating and encouraging their employees. It is useful for company in raising their profit and revenues. The brand loyalty among the consumer can also be raised. Company's brand equity can be enhanced if employees work for the betterment of company and renders the quality productions and service to their customers.

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Solutions for improving the issues-

Rewards and incentives-

The employees can be should be motivated and encouraged by providing monetary and non-monetary rewards & incentives to them. So that the employee feel appreciated by their employers and rewarded for keeping the good work ahead. Thus, employees can work for the betterment of company. Employers must use this strategies so that the quality of their product and services can be enhanced (Buck, 2019). If employees will be motivated they wants to work with the organization for long term and work for the company's growth and development. If company renders the high quality service and products to their consumer they can gain huge consumer's attraction towards the company. It directly impacts the sales and revenue of company that it could raise directly. The employee must be given bonus or extra incentives for the extra efforts which is being made by them for the growth and development of company.

Daily interaction with the employees-

The employers of company must interact with their employees so that good communication and interaction can be developed by company. The company can enhance and develop the employees work performance if there employees communicate with them on daily basis. The problems which is being faced by the employees can be easily solved if the employers and manager communicate with the employees. The quality of work can also be enhanced if employee and employers have good communication among each others. It is very necessary for company to maintain this for having and raising their sales and revenue (Boies, Fiset and Gill, 2015). If employees work for the betterment of the company and there is proper interaction with the manager and employees they will be, motivated to work for the growth and development of company.

Training and development-

It is the major part of organization which must be used by each and every firm. The employees of company must be trained time to time so that employees must be motivated. The performance of employees can be improved if they are provided with the appropriate development and training program. If employees performance can also be enhanced and they can render the high quality products and services to their consumers. The new skills and talent can be developed by employees through training and development program. And thus they can render their work on time and before time (Sukhbaatar, 2018). If employees are trained and developed they could work for the company's growth and development these employees are essential resource for the company. The company can gain huge profit margin and high sales through trained employees. The skill development is very necessary for company. The performance of staff can be enhanced and raised effectively and could render quality work for company. Thus, the loyalty of consumer can also be maintained and regained by the company by rendering high training and development to their employees.

Monitoring and evaluation of progress of project-

The monitoring of employees can be done by estimating their performance and quality of work which is being provided by the employees. Employers can attain the organizational goal. The manager must watch and evaluate the individual employee's performance and thus further than estimate their performance level and they are productive for company's growth and development or not if not then they should be rendered with the quality further development and training program where they are lacking so that there performance can be enhanced and they can contribute in the development and growth of the company (Kolarova, Bediova and Rasticova, 2016). The organization must monitor each and every employee's performance so that the best employee can be rewarded for keeping t heir good work ahead for the betterment of company. And they keep motivated and encouraged for moving ahead. The company must evaluate employees con the basis of their work quality and time of completion as these criteria is very appropriate for optimizing individual growth and development. It is very necessary for the employees also so that they can render that where they are lacking and further they can improve it by effective measures and strategies. The employees cab further be motivated and encouraged by the employers through monetary and non-monetary incentives and rewards.

The ranking can also be given to the employees on the basis of their performance so that they could be motivated and encouraged to give their best thus company can render the quality product and services to their consumers (Stam and et.al.,2018). If company provides quality products and services to their customers they can gain huge consumer loyalty base for the company. So the sale of company can also be raised effectively if the consumer had gain luge trust on the company's products and services. The employees can also be retain for long term if the performance of the employees are measured and further training and development program is being given to them by company so that their performance can be improved and developed. The employees can perform their work on the basis of target and achieve the goal and objective of company. The motivated employees are the valuable resource for the organization and so they can gain the company's objective on time.


The training and development is very necessary for the employees for keeping the good work ahead. Employees can raise their performance by developing new skulls and improving their existing skills. Thus, they can improve their employees performance. The selection and recruitment of the employees also plays a major role in the company and thus they can recruit the suitable talent for the company so that they objective and goal of the company can be achieved. The training & development, recruitment & selection is very necessary for company to focus on it for gaining the huge profit margin for the company. The HR manager must have the good communication skills so that they can easily communicate with their employees so that the performances of employee's can be enhanced and the problem which are being faced by them can also be easily solved by the HR manager. The HR manager must have a good leadership skills so that they can lead and assist all employee in correct manner. So the goal and objective of the company can be effectively gained by the company's employees. The good communication is very necessary for the company among the manager and the employees so that the employees can work for the betterment of company (Keerativutisest and Hanson, 2017). The company can have retained the employee for long term if they motivated and encourage their employee for keeping the good work for the company ahead and recognized by their employers. The high quality product and service can be rendered by the company to the customers thus the consumers are also satisfied. So the company can gain huge consumer loyalty base with this strategy. Company can improve their quality by rendering the training and development program to their employees and further they could learn new skills which is helpful for them in performing their task easily and effectively. The company can thus gain huge consumer's attraction towards company's product and services by theses strategies. And by monitoring the employee's performance rewards and incentives can also be provided to the employees so that they can be motivated and encouraged for keeping the goof work ahead.

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