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Comparison Analysis of the Impact of Vlogging on Males and Females

University: Wembley High Technology College

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Generate the impacts that vlogging makes on the customers that are willing to buy the products.
  • How vlogging helps in selling the products and services.
  • State the ethics which is needed to follow while selling the products and services.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Marketing is one of crucial activity that has become the necessity for the survival of business firms (MÅ‚odkowska, 2019). Consumer behaviour termed out as study of when, why, how and where people do or do not purchase the commodity. Additionally, price competitiveness, customer service, quality assurance has become the vital concept of marketing and this provide competitive strength within enterprise. Understanding the buying behaviour of the target market termed out as essential task of marketing managers in marketing concept. In the present scenario, the consumer preferences change rapidly and this are impacted by the multiplicity of the components at the given period of time.

The present report is based on topic as comparison analysis of the impact of vlogging on males and females buyer behaviour. Furthermore, assignment will cover the following things as literature review, objectives, research questions, methodologies and ethics will be define to conclude the research appropriately.


Literature review

Impact of vlogging on purchasing behaviour of male and female-

The vlogging popularity offers the prospective channel for marketers and vloggers to influence viewers. It present the varieties of the stimulus and this may affects the viewers to impulse the purchase. The one of the crucial advancement of the vlogging is that this aids to create the personal relationship with the customers ( Ramnarain and Govender, 2013). For the small, start ups and those generating income from the passion all are the core beneficial aspect that provides the human face the company. It can be defined as one of the effective plan of action that produce the advertisement for two types of the consumers one who read the blogs and other ones who watch it. Consumer provides significance to brand and relate their prestige with different brands. Different consumer shows different behaviour towards product and services. As per the view of BAYAZIT, DurmuÅŸ and YILDIRIM, (2017) stated that consumer behaviour is about how the individual make decision on the basis of available resources such as money, time and effort. In addition to it, Rahmi, Sekarasih and Sjabadhyni, (2016) stated that consumer involvement is termed out as consumer preferences change rapidly that are mainly affected by the multiplicity of components at a given point of time that is difficult to analyse. Thus, advertisement is one of the tool that externally affects the buying decision and make impulse purchase to customers. Get online coursework help from our experts!

According to the view of Kegen, (2018) stated that consumer behaviour turns into consumer motivation, attitudes, learning, perception, emotions and opinion is essential. Men and women do have different set of perspective towards to product and services. Advertisement has become great tool and it is emerging and has great prominence as the potent tool on the marketing good and services by both the industrial and non industrialised nations. vlogging, blogging, video and advertisement is defined as marketing concept that aims to influence the buying behaviour of the customers. Thus, it can be stated that behaviour is determine as the process and activity by which the people select, purchase, evaluate and consumer the commodities to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. In the past time, marketers used different sign and symbols to market their commodities and this also create the awareness for the customers. With the advancement in the technical advancement the organisation put their major focus on latest trends of advertisement that influence the purchase decision of the customer in vast manner. In this current era, the uncertainty of the organisation and industries are very crucial matter and with help of advertising the commodities and services the entity can develop the working enterprise effectively and efficiently.

Over the years, advertisement have been changed, adjusted, modified and re-defined the things effectively and efficiently. Video, blogs, advertisement has huge impact on the variety of social and culture factors. Advertising is defined as communication that encourage the audience for making the purchase decision about the product and services. These brands continually influence the purchase of customers with help of video about the product and services. Firms are mainly focused on video advertisement to get large number of audience. Good quality advertisement is likely influence consumers into buying the commodities and this attracts the customers effectively. As per the view of Kim, (2017) stated that consumer behaviour is defined as process in which the consumer buys. Select and consume goods and services for the satisfaction of the needs and wants. According to the research, it has been identified that female easily get influenced by the advertisement rather than man. There are lot of consumers that highly impacts the purchase of consumer like social, cultural. Demographic and personality etc. In contrary to stated that girls prefers more feminine qualities and they like collaborative conversation style of dialogue. In addition to it, consumer behaviour is mainly affected through locality and individual belong to different locality have different purchasing behaviour and this is inclusive of place, regions, localities, neighbourhood etc. Advertisement plays the crucial role in developing purchasing habits from customers. This aids to conduct the business practices effectively and efficiently as this helps to attract the buyers.

As per the advertisement, it has been identified that women are more driven emotion than the men attracts with the vlogging. There are certain buzz words that appeal to women that will quite simply fly over the health of their male counterparts. Men put their less focus on the advertisement tool to buy the commodities. In order to enhance the product sales, there are many businesses that promote their commodities through commercial advertisement and vlogging is one of them. In this modern era, many advertisement have shaped the men and women differently and this is also based on type of commodities. Therefore, advertisement attracts the women more as compare to they attract man. Advertisement assist the firms to create the awareness in the mine of customers and ingredients that shape the perception of consumers in positive and negative aspect. In market there are lot of advertisers who spends much amount of investment to advertise the product and this keep their focus on these components so that that they influence the consumer with help of advertisement. There are several components that highly influence the men attitude to shape the behaviour. It is inclusive of the environmental factors such are as socio demographic and economical factors. Get No.1 free grammar checker tool from expert 

As per the view of Ponte and Afonso, (2017) stated that consumer characteristic approach seemed to be in of powerful and explanatory tool that mainly focused on mental orientation of consumers in making decision. Males do not get easily influenced by the vlogging and any other advertisement about the product and services. Henceforth, female easily get influenced by video advertisement. Consumer give very significance to brands and relate their prestige with different brands. To satisfy the needs and wants of target customers is the main objective of marketing. In addition to it, Rahman, (2018) stated vloggers gives the clear idea that how consumer select, use, buy and dispose product, services and ideas to satisfy the needs and users. In the present era, the consumer largely dependents on brands and they try to develop their personality as per the brands. There are main three sections of consumer behaviour and this is mainly based psychological influences, socio cultural influences and situational influences. According to the view of stated that compare men and women for difference in affective and cognitive processes that associated with impulse buying behaviour and this aids to identify the gender differences in term of the impulse purchase that made from the variety of product categories.

Thus, purchasing behaviour of male and female are totally different to each other. Men are very vocal customers and they will go to great lengths to let them know that whether they like something or not. Women have much stronger buyer involvement than men in term of emotion involvement. Men put their major focus on the quality and efficiency. They choose to purchase the commodities on the objects of sentimental value. There are the various factor that influence the behaviour of people in the particular situation. This is based on age, income, education, taste and other components. In addition to this, it can be stated that the advertisement has more influence on the women as compare to men.

Thus, culture can be termed out as the one of the fundamental components that acquired through process of socialization with family and other key institution. In addition to it, Naik, (2018) stated that social behaviour is also get influenced by the social components as groups, family, status and social role. In the present era, the women enjoy browsing and looking through commodities and offer them user friendly interface that supports these activities and this include shopping functionalities, high quality visuals and customer reviews. For them online shopping aids to create the positive shopping experience. Women tend to be more comprehensive and take both subjective and objective information in the consideration while the men tend to favour the objective information. This is the main due to which their choices get influenced and they make purchase decision as per their choice and preferences. It is very crucial that at the time of using method of marketing in terms to build the personal relationship with the female customers at the time with marketing to men and this must highlight the advantage and benefits of product and service. Get assignment help Now!

Buying habits of the customer can be defined as the tendencies that uses by the customers at the time of purchasing the commodities. These are the tendencies that comes from the variety of the different components and this undertake the build the marketing plan that taps into the buying habits of the target customers. There are two type of the influence that significantly affect the buying habits of the customers and ultimate components that also sway the customer to purchase the commodities and services. Henceforth, the customer can get influence in the two manner as are-

  • Internal influence- It is defined as the component that affect the purchase of the customer that come from the consumer themselves. In addition to this, the need, wants, desires and preferences are the internal influence that drive the purchasing decision of the customers. Therefore, hunger, needs, desire and boredom all are the internal influence and this impacts the choices and preference of the customers in vast manner. Also, customer make decision on the basis of gender, age, religion, location, education level and family. These are the things that impacts the choices and preference of the customers in the huge context.
  • External influence- This is defined as components that impacts and influence the buying habit outside the need and desire. Thus, things as are Billboards, Facebook ads, customer testimonials and current trends these all the factors that influence the customer buying decision. This can be defined as one of the crucial tool that affects the choice of the customer in external manner.

Henceforth, it can be stated that marketing can be defined as the right way to teaching people and identified the things that influence the buying decision of the customers.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of vlogging on purchase of male and female. It aids to determine the influenced on purchasing decision of customers.

  • To determine the impact of advertisement of product and services on purchasing habits of Man women.
  • To identify the influence of vlogging on consumer buying behaviour.
  • To study the impact of consumer awareness and perception on buying behaviour.
  • To study the influence of income level of the respondents n consumer buying behaviour dimensions.

Research questions

The literature review of the present study is based on national and international research that covers volume and create influence in relation with the consumer behaviour. This literature disclosed that how advertisement with help of blogging, vlogging affects the choice and preference of the customers (Kaczorowska-Spychalska, 2018). This study is inspired by the analysing the affect of advertisement on purchasing habits of consumers. In addition to this, present research proposal offers to identify the view that aids to conduct the study effectively. There are the main two research question as Does vlogging differently impact the buying behaviour of men and women?, Do vlogging helps to enhance the profitability and productivity of the enterprise?, How does vlogging creates the awareness in consumers?

With the help of these research question this can be clearly identified that how vlogging impacts the purchasing decision of customers. Therefore, research problem of this proposal is linked with the direct observation customer behaviour and the analyse of the impact of vlogging on purchasing habits of customers. Henceforth, it could help the enterprise to bring improvement in the profit margins by enhancing the amount of sales that has influenced the consumer behaviour.To get online essay help please talk to our experts Now!


Research methodology is defined as the process that aids to collect the information and data based on the purpose of making the decision. It is inclusive of the publication research, interviews, survey and other technique that helps to ascertain the depth information about the topic. Henceforth, the methodologies are defined in following manner as are-

  • Research type- This is defined as the way that aids to collect the long term information so that things can be done effectively and efficiently (MÅ‚odkowska, 2019). Therefore, research type is classified as qualitative and quantitative. In order to obtain the research question, the mixed approach will be undertaken and this will help to provide the depth data about the research.
  • Research approach- This is defined as the vital tool and this is defined regardless of research area. It is termed out as plan of action that implements the plan to undertake the proper study to carry out the research effectively (Ramnarain and Govender, 2013). Thus, research approach is classified into the categories as inductive and deductive approach and in this research deductive approach will be taken as this concerned with developing the hypothesis that is based on the existing theory of the research topic.
  • Research design- It is termed out as the overall plan of action that helps to choose to integrate the different component of the study within the coherent and logical manner. This is one of the effective that helps to ensure about the problem relate with research. This is classified into the categories as descriptive, cross sectional and experimental. In order to gain the information about the research question, the cross section research design will be used.
  • Data collection- This is defined as process that is relate with the process of gathering and measuring the information that based on the targeted variables within the established manner. This is classified into the categories as primary and secondary. On the other hand, primary data collection helps to ascertain the information with use of first hand information and secondary data aids to information with use of books, journal articles etc. In order to identify the research of two above mentioned questions, researcher will have the use of both technique primary as well secondary.
  • Sampling- This is process that defined as act, process, technique and purpose that determines the characteristic of the whole population (BAYAZIT, DurmuÅŸ and YILDIRIM, 2017). Therefore, sampling is classified into the categories as random, systematic, stratified, cluster etc. In order to determine the information about the two above question the sample random technique will be used.
  • Data analysis- It is termed out as process that analyse the information of research effectively. Buying is termed out as complex process that involves the series of decision and important question to buy, when to buy and how to buy the commodities. Therefore, thematic analysis will be used to conclude the information effectively.

Access and Ethics

The research proposal taken into account the few difficulties that might be encountered in terms to accessibility and ethics. Therefore, this is crucial to understand the reliability and validity of research. It is need to maintain the authenticity of the research in effective and efficient manner. It does not allow an access to net intervention effect that helps to gather the information effectively. In order to conduct the ethical implication effectively there is need to focus on integrity of research. No information should be disclose without taking the prior approval of participants to research. Consumer are directly observed the data with use of amount they spent in shop. Integrity and ability of research is one the effective way to gather the information efficiently. This is crucial to adhere the standards of the ethics in human subject research in terms to gather the whole information effectively.


Hereby, it can be be concluded that marketing is defined as set of elements that helps to ascertain the information effectively and efficiently. Thus, this is termed out as business process that creates the relationship with and satisfying the customers. Marketing is term that must be used to attract the customers.

Henceforth, present report is based topic as comparison analysis of the impact of vlogging on males and females buyer behaviour. Furthermore, assignment has covered the following things as literature review, objectives, research questions, methodologies and ethics that helps to conclude the research appropriately.

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