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Mass production of Moussaka Zone

University: Imperial College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : Moussaka Zone


Interim Projects are organized to find out the best candidates for their job vacancies. The present report is also based upon this project. As internship projects are used to provide the best opportunity to learn from some executive leadership and give a final presentation in order to increase exposure to an environment. The report is also based upon some case scenarios that provide the CV of a candidate and then provide a covering letter for further requirements. Further, the report also provides the complaint to the owner of Moussaka Zone as taking feedback from the client and also provide some suggestions in order to overcome those problems. Moreover, the report also presents the meaning of mass production and explains the management structure and chain of the command.

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Presenting a CV for Leveret Freight

Curriculum Vitae is an written document which provide an overview of person's experience and other qualification for a job opportunities and another name of CV is resume. As the report is deal with the case scenario of Leveret Information Technology, who required a qualified candidate for their vacant position. As the the company is looking forward for a suitable intern who meet all objectives of a company and they also provide an opportunities to participate in some social and networking events.

John Doe

Career Objectives

To grab the opportunities to work under the guidance of an Executive leadership and interact with other interns and participate in some social and networking events to enhance my knowledge.


  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture

From Monash University, Caulifield in November, 2016

  • Completed 12th from Soumaya College, Spring-vale in April, 2013.
  • Passed 10th with a 9.8 CGPA.


  • Victorian Certificate of Education
  • Diploma in C++ programming
  • Pursuing O level course from a Kyneton University.

Skills Summary

  • Have good communication skills.
  • Experience in producing planning and presentation drawing utilizing sketch up.
  • Work efficiently in a team in both position as a team member or a leader.
  • Have some technical skills also such as proficient in AutoCAD, Auto desk.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft office word.


  • Have good experience of team management as I already done internship in Oxford Community form last 5 months.
  • Work as a manager in a recognized firm name TESCO from last 1 year


To work under your guidance to explore my capabilities in my future.

Hobbies and Activities

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • can make crafts from waste material.
  • Making different presentation
  • Make new friends
  • Talk to other

Personal details:

Name: John Doe

Address: 100, Andrew St, North cote, Attentive flat , United Kingdom.

Status: Single/ Unmarried

Date of Birth: 10th November, 1990

Mobile Number: 8106398420

Email- Id: johnd@hotmail.com

I want to work in your guidance to learn so many new things so that it will help me in my future and also assist me to grab some more new opportunities which I am looking for.

Thanking you,

John Doe


Presenting a covering letter

A covering letter is a kind of application letter that basically provide a short summary or overview of a candidate that must be include all academic experience which should also be included in this. This cover letter helps to provide and give an overview of a a candidate who is applying for a vacant job in a quoted company. John Doe also present its covering letter to Leveret Information Technology, which is mentioned below:

John Doe,

100, Andrew St, North cote, Attentive flat , United Kingdom.

Mobile Number: 8106398420 Email- Id: johnd@hotmail.com

Dear Mr. Melville,

Re: Project Management vacancy in Leveret Information Technology as advertised above.

I am writing this covering letter in order to apply the job in your organization.

As I Bachelor student, I read a positing in your company as a intern in order to complete my internship. As I completed my Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture from Monash University, Caulifield in November, 2016 and seeking to work in Leveret Information Technology under your guidance for three month. So that I can explore my skills in your company also. I am seeking to fill the vacant post of Project Manager and I am certain as I would make a valuable addition to your organization.

With more than 1 year experience of a recognized company named TESCO as a senior manager, I am applying to this job to complete the business specification. In past time, I also handle team of 30 person and can lead a brainstorming sessions and make the employees motivating and learn many things under your esteemed guidance. Moreover, while my on job experience has afforded me a well rounded skills set that includes following skills :

  • Have good communication skills which a leader have.
  • Managing and reallocating team workflow to maximizes productivity.
  • Designing and training the staff
  • Overseeing numerous projects and learn new things.
  • Also have some technical skills such as AutoCAD.

In addition to my experience and some personal qualities, I also have some achievements and a passion of open system management. I am also extremely enthusiastic to work in your company as it provide me an opportunity to learn more new things from an Executive Leadership, gain exposure to the environment and tour distribution facilities and many more. As I want to explore my skills by meeting some top leaders which further help me in my career guidance that is why I feel proud to work with your organization.

Please review my attached resume for some additional details regarding my further skills and some more career achievements. Moreover, I will follow up the request an appointment in order to discuss how my experience and my background will meets your needs.

Hoping for your early response.

Thank you for your time and consideration


John Doe


Presenting a formal complain to a senior management and also provide some recommendations

There are so many negative reviews are presented by the customers for Greek Restaurant chain which named as Moussaka Zone. There are so many issues which a company faces and some of them are as follows:

  • The quality of food which is served to the customers are not up to the mark. Therefore customers are not satisfied with the offered food.
  • The management of the restaurant is not proper such that many customers have to wait for sometime in a queue and there is no token system like first come first get.
  • The interior of the a restaurant is not so attractive and the quality of service is also not proper as per taking feedback from the customers. Many times as the customer ordered for the food it takes too long time to serve which creates negative impression upon customers.
  • Sometimes due to miss- communication, waiter serve wrong things to their customers which is also creates negative impression.
  • On the other side, as the quality of food is not appropriate and the food is served is cold and not properly well cooked. As a result many customers present negative reviews upon a restaurant.
  • The restaurant is also overcrowded such that many table are connected with each other and the serving food is raw and the drinks which are offered are sour in taste. The entire decorum of a restaurant is disgusting as the customers says.
  • The waiter behaviour is also not proper because they did not know how to treat with the customers. Therefore, many women and men feel so embarrassed to come here again.
  • The bill is also not properly made because some extra amount is also added to it, which creates negative impression upon them.


  • The restaurant must improve the quality of their offered products by appointing best chef so that it helps to make their company's reputation. Further, restaurant should not serve cold food to their customers, if some food left in a day then they should serve to those person who need food. Further, the accountant of a company should be well experienced so that they did not do any mistakes that cause harm to their brand image in market.
  • The entire management system should be redeveloped. If the management system is appropriate and proper then customers will definitely enjoy the food services and moreover, the owner must provide training to their whole staff regarding communication, treatment with others and how to present themselves in front of them.
  • The prices of their food should be low so that customers will enjoy the services. In addition to this, they can also offered some combo pack to their customers in order to enhance their customer base. The food which are offered to the customers must be checked properly that it well cooked and if not then they should replace it as soon as possible. In order to check the performance of their staff the management of a restaurant should also develop the performance management system in order to evaluate their staff performance.


I. Presenting Mass production

Mass Production is a simplest way to produce the things in large amount which further chooses out of many into the hands of users (Hindle, 2008). Moreover, it means that a dealer did not make or produces products of selling them in late date but they only manufacture when a dealer know they had a customers. It was first describe by the Adam Smith in 1776. Mass Production is a simplest method which is used by trained workers in order to design the products in the most innovative way while on the other side, those workers who are highly unskilled labour can also manufacture the products by using standard components and the combine them to produce best result for the customers. It is of diverse in field and generally it is based upon two principle such as :

  • The division and specialization of labour.
  • Use of variety of tool, machines and many equipments to produce high standard of item.

ii. Presenting management structure and chain of command

Management structure is a simple layout which shows that how a company is operates. Further it is also a set of policies and rules which help to determine how organization is actually controls and implement all new policies into a work area (King and et.al., 2012). For example it also includes flat structure, functional, product and geographical structure and every company has their own management structure. It is way which communication passes through the lower level to higher and vice versa.

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Different types and purposes of General Motors Operating

Chain of command basically describes the way in which a company operates. Or on the other side, it also refers to those different levels of command within which an organization work. For example the CEO of a company creates a chain of command in the order to flow the instructions so that every members of a company can easily follow this in order to attain all defined goals of a company (Wong, Wei and Tjosvold, 2015).

ii. Describing how management structure operates in a business with example

Management structure basically helps to operates well in a business function and also produces mass of production. As it helps to enhances the community participation as well as keep engaging employees to work in a better way. Through, management structure, entire communication will be proceed in an effective way such that it helps to produce best result for their customers. Through management structure, which helps to coordinate the entire activity of the component parts just to facilitate the company to attain their all goals and produce well products as per the need to their user (Shafritz, Ott and Jang, 2015). A better organization will further help in growth and diversification of all activities of a firm and through workers participation in a company will help to increases their efficiency and creative thinking that further help to produces the best products in mass. Having a strong management structure will assist a company to support their mission and determine every employee's responsibility which has to be completed on time. In order to introduce mass production in a company, a company must have well defined management structure which further helps to produce the best outcome for their customers. For such students, to take the burden of assignment writing off their shoulders, we provide the best oxford assignment writing service at affordable prices

For example, If a company follow flat structure then typically it has only 20 employees and in this structure there is no level such as management department, operational department. The biggest advantage of this structure is that there is no delaying in their decision making and as a result entire staff is cooperate or involve to take better decision for the welfare of a company and they also produce mass production which further assist to complete the needs of their customers.


By summing up above report it has been concluded that a CV should be in well defined structure which helps to provide all information to a reader. Further the covering letter is also in a proper format because it give an overview of a candidate that helps to take a decision whether to select a candidate or not for the vacant job profile. The report also concluded that the green restaurant is also faces so many issues as per taking feedback from the customers and hey all present negative reviews. Therefore, the project recommended proper solutions which help them to overcome from those issues. The report also concluded that there management structure have their own importance in every business because it helps to communicate well with their staff members and produces those products as per the needs of a customers.

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