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best resume writing formats of 2020

2020 Best Resume Format for Students! FREE Samples Included

25 Jul 2022



  • The average time spent by a recruiter in examining your resume is 5 to 7 seconds.
  • The rejection rate reaches to 88% when the resume contains your photo.
  • 93% of the recruiters wish to have a look at the social media handles of the interviewee.

The above facts clearly indicate the importance of choosing the top resume format for job interviews. If you are struggling to pick the right format in 2020, then the best resume writing service providers are here to end your worries. 

Hello, students! Welcome to the piece of information which highlights the professional resume formats of 2020. The different types of resume templates are shortlisted by the certified professional resume writers. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab a cup of coffee and start scrolling the page further!

What Are Some Attractive Yet Simple Resume Formats? Here’s the Answer!

The best resume writing service illustrates that there are majorly three types of resume formats- Chronological, Functional, and Combination. The choice of settling down with a particular resume layout depends on the experience and type of job applied. For a better understanding, the top resume writers have flashed a light on each of the layout one by one.

1. Chronological Resume Format: Also called as reverse-chronological resume, the chronological layout contains the listing of each of your work in a chronological order, i.e., starting with your recent work and then listing down the previous ones. As per the executive resume writing service providers, such format helps recruiters to understand that your work experience is in-line with their demands and expectations. Moreover, it also highlights that you have possessed a smooth career with no work gaps and terminations.

Such types of resume layout are a global standard and can be used for any kind of job. Moving on further, let us see which type of people should shortlist this format.

Who Should Choose Chronological Resume Format?

  • Candidates having a steady career path for a long time
  • Applying for a job in the current working field
  • A great pick for a fresher looking for jobs

Moreover, here are some of the categories that you must include in your resume:

  • Objective Statement/ Summary Statement
  • Experience/ Qualifications
  • Education

2. Functional Resume Format: This type of resume format is a good pick for the candidates who want to highlight the skills and abilities relevant to the job rather than listing tons of things that are nowhere related to the job demand. And this the biggest difference between the chronological resume format and functional resume layout. According to the best resume writing service experts, such resume formats concentrate largely on the working abilities while focusing on the fact that why you are the right candidate for this job.

Who Should Pick Functional Resume Format?

  • People with working gaps
  • Candidates targeting a particular position
  • Interviewees with no work experience

Furthermore, do not forget to include the following categories in your resume:

  • Objective Statement/ Summary Statement
  • Achievements/ Accomplishments
  • Experience/ Qualifications
  • Education

3. Combination Resume Format: As the name suggests, a combination resume layout is the amalgamation of functional and chronological resume formats. In simpler words, it includes the best of the two worlds, i.e., appropriate skills, qualifications, and qualification from functional resume format, and working history from the chronological resume format.

Who Should Shortlist Combination Resume Layout?

  • Candidates willing to switch from one industry to another
  • People having mastery in a respective field

Here are a few categories which must be present in your resume:

  • Objective Statement/ Summary Statement
  • Achievements/ Accomplishments
  • Experience/ Qualifications
  • Education

Reading so far, you must have known about the best resume formats of 2020. Now, pick the one which suits your expertise. However, if you still fail to draft an attractive resume, then consider seeking help from the best resume writing service. Read the subsequent section to know more!

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