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Managing Successful Business Project


The business projects can be termed in simple way as a set of various tasks which starts at a particular time and ends on a specific schedule. Most of the organisations use to divide their work on the basis of projects so that they can have an overview of all those tasks which they will have to do at a particular time. It is necessary to manage the business projects in an effective manner so that work can be accomplished in an appropriate way. The present report is based on managing a project which with the application of CSR activities so that a firm can be represented as a responsible and ethical business (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). For this purpose, chosen company is Ethicall which is a charity fund raising organisation headquartered in UK. The said firm have 62 employees and an annual turnover of 5 million GBP. The report will discuss about the project management with a major aim of implying CSR activity of the mentioned enterprise. Further, for the purpose on implementation of CSR activities, work has been planned by breaking down it at various stages. Finally, a recommendation will be made which can help in better development of CSR activities within the organization.


P1 Setting aims and objectives for Ethicall company

The Ethicall organisation is a charity fundraising enterprise who use to collect funds for various purposes with a good cause. The said enterprise is passionate about its goals where collection of funds are done through different campaigns (Eckerson, 2010). The firm gives a good performance by focussing on continuous development and improvement so that they can maximise the return on charity investments. For this purpose, the employees of organisation work on the basis of innovative ideas that can help in easy generation of funds and sound relationship with their charity clients. The sated entity is has raised more than £60m since its inception with the help of its good cause and succinct aims that are related with good cause. It also cares for its employees and give them a good level of job satisfaction through various means so that they can be provided with good experience and innovative works (Pryke and Smyth, 2012). The aims and objectives for mentioned company can be set in the following manner for conducting present research in context of CSR activities:

Subject: Implementation of CSR activities in company to attain sustainable objectives.

Background of the study

The Corporate social responsibility or CSR is an activity which is based on a process of undertaking various activities that can show a concern of business towards its society. It is apparent that an organisation use to operate within a society, so it is necessary to provide it something in return. This can also be understood as a cost paid by organisations for working in a society. This can be done by performing various activities like donating a certain part of profit for welfare of society, delivering quality services to the customers, generating employment opportunities, taking care of surrounding environment etc. In the corporate world, the concept of CSR and its application has become significant and mandatory so that the society can be developed with the contribution of various business enterprises (Turner and Zolin, 2012). Thus, the application of this concept is useful in presenting a better image of a business concern among society. Moreover, a firm with a positive recognition in society also have the competitive advantages. The quoted enterprise is established with an aim of raising funds for people with a good cause. Therefore, cited company can be presented as a business concern established with its CSR policy of serving people by giving them financial assistance. Besides this, the firm performs its CSR activity by performing their responsibility towards society to protect them. Advancing with this study, a deeper analysis have been made with the help of different tools which can aid in fulfilment of aims set for research (Trkman, 2010).

Aim: To implement the CSR activity for attaining sustainable objectives: A case analysis of Ethicall company.


  • To understand the concept of CSR activity in business organisation's context.
  • To analyse the role of CSR activity in attainment of sustainable competitive advantage.
  • To examine the CSR activities adopted by Ethicall company.
  • To recommend method through which CSR activities can be applied by organisation to gain competitive advantages.

Research questions

  • What is the role of CSR in business organisation's context?
  • What is the significance of CSR in attainment of competitive advantage?
  • Which CSR activities are adopted by Ethicall company?
  • What are the ways that can aid in attaining competitive advantage by business organisations?

P2 Preparing project management plan

The project management plan refers to the number of activities that are ascertained to be performed for accomplishment of set objectives. For this purpose, it is necessary that planning is done in a proper way to achieve various objectives. The planning activity designed in advance, help for managing the various tasks in a proper manner so that the work can be moved in a right direction. The planning process aids in managing activities with proper arrangement of resources and allocation of roles and responsibilities. This ensures better work without missing any significant task in hurry (Meredith and Mantel, 2011). A project planning takes into consideration a number of aspects like budget, time schedule, scope of study, required sources, tools and methods for communication and analysis of risks. Thus, the planning process make all these aspects in a systematic order for accomplishing the entire project in a desired manner. A risk analysis in all this process is a crucial activity which must be performed in a better way so that advance planning can be done to resolve it. Thus, a projection of risks and managing activities accordingly will help in effective completion of work. In present context, the activities of said business have been planned along with a proper allocation of time and resources.(Shen and et.al., 2010) As per the planned activity, the project management can be done in following manner:

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Title of various activities

Time schedule




Research study

96 days

Thu 3/2/17

Fri 3/3/17


Formulation and preparation

20 days

Thu 3/2/17

Tue 5/30/17


Searching out the topic for study

8 days

Thu 3/2/17

Mon 3/13/17


Formulating statement to identify the issues and problems

3 days

Wed 5/31/17

Fri 6/2/17


Allotment of resources and setting time frame for activities

9 days

Thu 5/18/17

Tue 5/30/17


Making plan for implementation

56 days

Thu 5/4/17

Fri 3/31/17


Review of literature

10 days

Thu 5/4/17

Wed 5/17/17


Deciding research methodology for study

15 days

Thu 4/13/17

Wed 5/3/17


Allocation of expenses

5 days

Mon 4/3/17

Fri 4/7/17


Data analysis along with interpretation

17 days

Tue 3/21/17

Wed 4/12/17


Evaluation of findings

9 days

Tue 3/21/17

Fri 3/31/17


Closing the project

20 days

Fri 3/10/17

Fri 3/3/17


Proposing findings and conclusions

7 days

Fri 3/10/17

Mon 3/20/17


Proposal of recommendations

5 days

Thu 3/2/17

Wed 3/8/17


Documentation delivery

6 days

Thu 3/2/17

Thu 3/9/17


Submitting final project

2 days

Thu 3/2/17

Fri 3/3/17


The above activity chart will help in proper accomplishment of activities so that entire project can be accomplished as per the allotted time and resources.

P3 Work break down and Gantt chart

The breakdown of various work helps in providing a better structure for different tasks according to which the work can be executed. The break down of work according to a particular system and structure will help in easy understanding of tasks. In current scenario, the activities and tasks of Ethicall organisation can be divided into small parts so that work can be done with less number of confusions and duplication (Storbacka, 2011). In addition to this, the work which is divided in a systematic manner also helps in determination of various activities along with specific time schedule under which it is completed. Thus, all work can be scheduled and managed in advance with proper management. This allocation and work breakdown can be best depicted with the help of Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is a representation of work and activities in respect of time duration that each activity will take to accomplish. Thus, an estimated time and resources can be ascertained in advance from this chart.


P4 Analysing the research method

The research project has adopted an analysis of collected data based on questionnaire. The research has been done on Ethicall company where a particular methodology has been adopted which is as follows:

  • Research design: The research design refers to a particular method or way of performing entire research. According to this, the research design is adopted so that study can be developed in a right direction. The research design can be of various types depending on nature and type of research topic (Winch, 2010). The various types of research design are exploratory, descriptive, experimental and exploratory. The present research is based on descriptive design of research has been adopted where views of participants and respondents have been depicted in a particular way.
  • Research philosophy: The research philosophy is a belief or assumption which presents the foundation and nature of study. It is of two types which are Interpretivism and Positivism philosophy. As per the current study, interpretivism philosophy has been adopted as the research attempts to make interpretation on the basis of conducted research. Thus, at the end of study, a particular observation has been synthesised about application of CSR activity (Ozcelik, 2010).
  • Collection of data: The collection of data has been done on the basis of primary and secondary method. For collecting primary data, questionnaire has been sent to be filled by 5 managers of mentioned company. In addition to this, the secondary data is collected by referring various books, articles and journals.
  • Data analysis: The analysis of data which is a crucial activity has been done with the help of qualitative method. In this method, collected data from respondents are analysed as per thematic analysis (Eckerson, 2010). This can be supported with various graphs, chart and tables as well.
  • Limitations: The research has been carried out in a best possible way, yet some of the limitation made the scope for study to limited. In present research, the major limitation was faced in the form of time structure which was very limited in which to conduct a study with broad perspective was not possible.

P5 Recommendations on the current study

The above study and research has shown that there is a considerable role of CSR in corporate business world. The present research has focussed on data collection and analysis which is arranged through managers of Ethicall company, the research study has shown some of the drawbacks and weak points where it is necessary to develop some key aspects which can be helpful in proper application of CSR activities (Turner and Zolin, 2012). Along with this, it is apparent that mentioned company is performing well in attainment of set objectives and aims with a developmental cause in society. The major issue which is evident currently in the said business is employment of women which is less than male workers. In addition to this, the implementation of CSR activities is not performed by HR in said organisation which is an appropriate department for this purpose. On this basis, some recommendations can be made:

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  • The cited firm must foster the employment of female workers within organisation with the help of HR. the HR department of enterprise can develop strategic campaign that can highlight some good features that are advantageous for female workforce so that they can be attracted for job.
  • The managers and owner of said company must make HR department responsible for application of CSR activity in entire department. This will help in better implementation of policies and activities. Owners and managers must be responsible for monitoring the activities of CSR.


P6 Reflective report

The report conducted on managing successful business project has helped me in understanding the CSR policy and its importance in current business world. In addition to this, the project has been made with the help of primary data in which questionnaire has been filled out from the mangers of Ethicall company. The project has also covered work break down and Gantt chart for which I have used the MS project software as well. Thus, it helped in enhancing my knowledge on a new software. Apart from this, I understood the significance of managing a project and various tasks involved in it for a better structure of plan and activities.

In addition to this, with the help of this report, I learned about CSR implementation strategies which helps an organisation for presenting themselves in a positive way.


The report on project management has covered a wide scope with inclusion of various areas like CSR implementation and its role in business environment. The present report has concluded that a business project must be developed according to proper time scale and work breakdown which can be done through application of pre determination of activities and allocation of resources. Apart from this, it also includes the assessment of risks involved in business which can also be predicted in advance helping in come out with a proper solution. The CSR activity is important to be applied by all organisations as it aids in representing the organisation's concern for society.


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