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Internet and E-Business

University: London School of Economics

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3606
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction to E-Business
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the type of business transactions in e-business.
  • Discuss about the main features of HTML.

Answer :

Introduction to E-Business

Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite to link billion devices worldwide (Napier,Rivers and Wagner, 2005). It includes millions of private, public, academic, government and business networks. On the other hand, E-business is applications of information and communication technologies that support the activities of business. The following report consist the information about internet and e-business. This focuses on external activities and relationship of business with individuals, groups and other firms.


1.1 Describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and business transaction types

E-business has become regular operating procedure for most of the companies. In retail firms e-business can be conducted for setting up and running smoothly as well as successfully. E-business environment can be conducted for making relations with competitors, suppliers, partners, customers and employees in retail company (Canzer, 2006). This helps to know the price of competitor product. For suppliers who want to purchase the product at preferred price and quality. Mostly consumers like to excess the product and services on a 24-by-7 basis and this is the easiest way to provide that by moving operations online. The retail firms that provide most reliable, functional, user-friendly and fast services will become succeed. The type of business transactions conducted in e-business is as follows:

Retail to customer: It involves the customer purchasing a product direct from retailers. Items can be purchased by going on stores as well as placing order online (Security aspects of e-business, 2013).

Wholesaler to retailer: Business transaction in which retailer buys a product from manufacturer or wholesaler. In this type of transaction order is placed in bulk ( Palmer, 2010).

Business to business: Many retail firms sell their products and services directly to other businesses. In this transaction both companies are benefited.

Wholesale to consumer: Some wholesaler sells products directly to consumers. This type of transaction is done online from website or over the phone (Fillis, Johansson and Wagner, 2004).

Consumer to consumer: Consumers also do business transactions with each other. Suppose someone want to sell their car and they give ads regarding selling product online or other mode (Brock and Khan, 2008). The other interested person will direct contact with him and the business transactions is done. This does not involve wholesaler, retailer or any kind of business transaction in it.

1.2 Explain the benefits and barriers considering an online presence

There are several benefits to business of having online presence. Some of the benefits for retail company explained below:

Cost effective: When any company does its online marketing then it is less expensive as compare to advertisement marketing. In online marketing they can show their all products with price to attract customers.

Cover mass market: When a firm does online marketing then it can cover more customers. Mostly people access internet in nowadays so it is easy to capture the mass market of consumers.

Minimum resources: In online business minimum resources are required to increase the business standards (Bodden, 2008.).

Increased sales: Selling of product is not easy. Online can make the customers throughout world.

There are some barriers in considering the business online. Those problems are as follows:

Lack of computer expertise: Mostly person do not have computer skills and cannot excess the internet. Those customers are not covered ( Palmer, 2010).

Difficulty developing relationship: Business on internet has difficulty in making relationship with customers. This lack the personal meeting and relation with purchaser.

Privacy and security concern: Even some companies take precaution in securing their payment details of their purchaser but then also system can be hack. By the customer band account detail or other identity are stolen which do not make trust of purchasing online (Brock and Khan, 2008).

Issues with copyright: Issue of copyright on internet is very difficult to control. This can make customers confused and spoil the brand image of company.

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1.3 Assess the security and legislative issues facing an online by retail company

For doing any online business organization has to face some issues regarding security and legislative issues.

Verifying the identity of person: Before doing any kind of transaction firm should verify the identity of person to whom they are dealing. While doing online business with other company also they should confirm the details regarding it.

Confirm about the send and receive message: While sending and receiving message from any person the company should first ensure about it (Bodden, 2008.). There should not have been any kind of damage or fraud consists in this.

Evidence about contract: As per security perspective the firm should obtain evidence of date, time and place at which contract was made between them.

Contracting on the internet: For doing contract online the firm should make some forms agree by purchaser on basic terms like price, quantity, delivery, arbitration clauses, limitation of warranties. Opportunity for care and like.

Privacy: The firm should maintain their concern regarding the privacy of personal data of their customers ( Schneider, 2011). While purchasing buyer give their personal details to company so they make it secure because it consist of bank account details of an individual.

1.4 State the modes of communication available to an e-business and their applications

The modes of communication available to an e-business and their applications are as follows:

Mobile devices: Mobile devices are very common and easily available device for communication as well as accessing internet. While using this customer can any do purchasing time and watch the website for offers (Aziz and Fady, 2013). This help firms in reaching mass of customers.

Social networking media: The use of social networking media is increasing nowadays. People access it mostly and any offer given through this become viral very easily and faster as compare to other mode of communication.

Email: The other most common mode of online communication is through emails. By this companies can directly aware about their offers and plans about new as well as existing product (Wiengarten and et.al., 2013).


2.1 Explain the internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful

For making an e-business successful the useful internet technologies and their importance for retail company is as follows:

Video: Video is one of the most widely adopted internet technology for making e-business successful. This helps in giving video information about the product as well as can aware about the quality of goods and services which they are providing to buyers (Pavic, Koh and Padmore, 2007).

Blogs: Many internet users are aware about the blogs and use it. On this internet technology user update the information regarding any field or product they like to use in retail company (Jones, 2009). This will help in increasing the market share of company as well as mouth publicity of product.

Social networking: Various social networking sites are available on which mostly people have account. This helps in making identity of product as well as brand image of firm. The company can make loyalty in between their customers and can succeed by earning profit (Why your Business needs an Intranet, 2013).

Twitter: Currently this technology is very popular among the people. On this the public follow the celebrities and believe their comments ( Schneider, 2011). If any product of firm is liked by user then this will increase the follower of company as well their domestic market share.

2.2 Explain the main features of HTML

HTML changes the way websites and users interact. The main features of HTML are explained below:

Video elements: This is a very attractive feature of HTML which makes designers easy to make their web pages without taking help of any third party proprietary. Already formed video help in making this more attractive and easy to use.

Canvas for images: The canvas element of HTML influence graphics and photos which make easy representation of images (Parazoglou, 2006). Now designers have no need to use intermediate technologies. This will save their time and effort.

Web workers: Web workers feature helps application to complete complex task without interfering the presentation of web page in actual time.

Application cache: By using this feature on the line of outlook now can store web pages more like emails locally.

Geolocation: The geolocation feature of HTML enables location identification using various technologies. This bound the system by privacy regulations and can be authorized by individuals before it can be utilized (Jones, 2009).

2.3 Analyze the functions of client servers and browsers, and the role of the search engine

The functions of client server system and browsers in Retail Company are as follows:

Centralize management: Client server system help in centralizing the management. One system can manage all the other systems successfully (Brock and Khan, 2008). For example if one system has download the antivirus update version then it will be easily distributed among the clients for whom it is responsible.

Simplify use: Client server and browsers makes every web page on the internet easily accessible. Web server maintain the same address where particular content can be found and make it easy to access anywhere in world for clients.

Lower costs: It consist low cost for creating client server and browsers. Everyone data can be formed by simply backing up the files on server instead of copying each client file individually (Rudall and Mann, 2006).

The role of search engine is explained below:

  • Search engine help not only help daily users but also to newbie of internet.
  • This help in knowing which website is trusty and best for use for various works such as shopping, search for appropriate keywords, etc.
  • Mostly people do not able to remember that the particular information is related to which topic but search engine can help in identifying that (Parazoglou, 2006).
  • Search engine helps in knowing the answer of any query fast and correct. By using this the precious time saves.

2.4 evaluate the use of intranets and extranets within business communication in Retail Company

The use of intranet for business communication is explained as below:

Internal communication: The word intranet itself means internal communication. It is used for communication of employees within organization for more success in terms of growth as well as productivity increases.

Understand goals: This is uses by company players in deciding long term and short term goals in upper management meetings (Bodden, 2008.).

Sharing information: Helps the staff member in accessing the required information by sharing with each other.

Extranets use within business communication is as follows:

  • Extranets help in exchange of billing and making online payments through electronic data interchange(EDI)
  • This is uses for sharing information of business with its customers, suppliers and vendors.
  • This is used for providing online services to customers and making them aware about the offers.
  • Help entering into joint ventures with other business.


3.1 E-Business model that can be used to generate revenue in Retail Company

There are two basic type of e-business model identified that can be used by Retail Company with an aim to enlarge its sales in an effective way. It comprises of following such as web catalogue revenue model and model. These both models are enumerated as below:

Web Catalogue Revenue model: It is being considered as one of the most simple and common type of e-business model that can be used by manager of Retail Corporation with an aim to generate sales in the business. In this model, various types of facilities such as electronic catalogue and shopping cart are being provided to the customers of an organization that operating throughout the world. With the help of this model an effective convince can be provided to the buyer which ultimately tends to result corporation in terms of increased profits and sales for Retail Company. Disadvantages of such type of model occur due to its lack services related option where online payment facility is not provided to the customers (Kotb, Sangster and Henderson, 2014).

Advertising- subscription revenue model: In this model, subscriber pay fee and accept some level of advertising. This model can be used by Retail Corporation by allowing some different organization in a way to post their ads on their website and in allowing such type of transaction manager can charge an appropriate amount of fees with respect to the same ( Schneider, 2011). This will leads to enterprise in terms of increase revenue and sales. This type of subscription has its limitation in their fixed price packages which tends to restrict other organization which are not able to afford the services of same.

3.2 Analyze each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue

The comparison is being done between both assessed models of E-business with an aim to analyze their capacity with respect to generate revenue within an enterprise. The aspect relating to the Web Catalogue Revenue model will be seems as most suitable and capable in generating income within retail enterprise (Security aspects of e-business, 2013). This is because, with the help of this model convince of shopping can be provided to the customers which can leads to corporation in terms of increased profits and sales. On the other hand, by complying with such type of model large group of customers can be targeted and attracted towards the goods and services as offered by an organization (Bordonaba-Juste, Lucia-Palacios and Polo-Redondo, 2012). Beside this, in Advertising- subscription revenue model this type of probability cannot be seen there that the manager of proposed organization will likely to choose their website only with an aim to post their advertisement on the website of the company. It is due to the presence of this aspect it can be said that Web Catalogue Revenue model is more capable in generating revenue within an enterprise as compared to the other approach named as Advertising- subscription revenue model (Sharma, Taiani and Sariteke, 2006).

3.3 Further development in E-business model

There are numerous kinds of development need to be carried out by the manager of Retail Corporation with an aim to improve the services of both assessed models in an effective way. In Web Catalogue Revenue model efforts needs to be made by the manager of an enterprise in terms of including more option in their existing services in Retail Company. This can be performed by them by allowing customers with respect to the making the payment of their services via online means such as credit and debit card (Chong and et.al., 2014). In addition to this, the subscription fees as charged by the manager of an organization must need to be set in a way that it is being afforded by all the organization that tends to shows their intention to post their ads in the websites of Retail Corporation. If all these things are performed in an effective way then it will ultimately leads to corporation in terms of increased sales and profits. Get online coursework help from our experts!


4.1 Key element of good web design structure

The good web design structure can be defined as aspect that clearly mention and convey the message as given by the manager of an enterprise with respect to its proposed customers in an effective way. In this respect, there are four basic elements of good web design structure identified that can be used by manager of Retail Corporation with an aim to give an attractive look to its websites. These are all enumerated as below:

Good visual design: The visual representation as showcase in the website of company must be of attractive looking. The website must need to be based on some kind of themes which can be changed as per the different type of occasions such as Christmas and Halloween etc. On the other hand, at the top of the page logo of company need to be displayed (Sharma, Taiani and Sariteke, 2006).

Relevant content: The information as posted in the website of company must be relevant as per the topic displayed on the page. Irrelevant and unessential information needs to be avoided.

Navigation: The website must contain navigation facility. However, such type of facility can be created by the manager of an organization by proposing the segmentation of varied type of information (Ifinedo, 2011). For example, one column can be created that showcases the information about company and in the similar way another column needs to be made that tends to displayed information with respect to the different types of product as offered by Retail Corporation.

Credibility: The website must not to be contained any kind of grammar related errors as well as it must displayed valid contact related information.

4.2 Impact of well designed website to an E-business

There is positive impact of well designed websites is being seen on the working of an online organization. However, the positive impact on the proposed consumer of an enterprise can be marked by Retail firm by complying with all these identified elements of good web design structure (Lucia-Palacios and et.al., 2014). By framing an attractive looking visual representation on the website of firm and effective information with respect to the products and services as offered by Retail Corporation in front of the desired customers can be displayed. In addition to this, by posting relevant information with regard to the services as offered by firm, buyer can be informed in an effectual way (Cegarra-Navarro and Martínez-Conesa, 2007). Overall, it can be said that with the help of well designed website appropriate information can be provided to the buyer of goods and services which will leads to corporation in terms of increased profits and sales.

4.3 Report on the issue concerning website usability

There are different types of website usability related issues identified. These are all enumerated as below:

Information overload: It is the basic type of issue that usually faced by the webmasters where they have direct their decision with respect to making the selection of the content of information which seems best for the website of an organization (Zhang and et.al., 2012). However, information overload type of barriers can be avoided by the manager of an enterprise by complying with all such type of extraneous elements such as rotating testimonials and banners etc.

Sense of place: This type of problem occurs especially with large, multilayer and thousand page sites that confuse user and result of it they looses track of where they are currently working on. This particular problem can be solved out by the manager of Retail Corporation that is planning for E-business by using the technique like Breadcrumbs (horizontal navigation links).


In the following report researcher has described the environment of e-business as well as type of transactions done in business to make relationships with suppliers, customers and other firms in Retail Company. This has included with security and legislative issues faced an online organization. Internet technologies, features of HTML and functions of client server browsers are also explained within report. This is followed with different present and future e-business models.


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