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Individual Critical Reflection

University: BIMM University

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  • Level: Diploma
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The most important step for a business organisation is to analyse, describe and develop business processes. Business processes refer to various types of business activities, which are required to improve the experiences of the customers. Organisations always try to make their business more competent and well organised (Vanwersch et al. 2016). Business processes involve different types of functions such as proper training, employee management, good customer care service, customer satisfaction, efficiency and so on. Over the years, the world has become competitive and many companies take the concept of business process improvement very seriously. The aim of the essay is to provide my perspective on the topic of designing and improving business processes.

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Designing, Implementing and Improving Processes:

A few year ago, I did not have any idea about business processes and their importance for the company. But after joining an organisation I understood the value of business processes. It is very important to create business processes and implement in a proper way. If a company does not follow efficient business processes it might face many problems such as frustrated colleagues, dissatisfied customers, missed deadlines, etc. If everything happens in a systematic way, the employees feel satisfied. All the business processes are created and implement in a way, which will ensure the employees do team work in an effective way. Management should follow several steps to improve the business processes, which will develop a good image of the organisation in the market. First, it is very important to decide which processes the company needs to design. Employees should discuss the processes with each other in detail to make sure that they do not miss or overlook any important information. Then they should examine the processes to understand the problems to their roots. They should talk to the people who face the problems (Nadarajah et al. 2016). The next step is to redesign the business processes to get rid of the problems which the employees identified. It is important to ensure that everyone involved in the processes understands them properly. Then they should address certain changes for the betterment of the processes. Impact analysis might help examine the opinion and the ideas of the colleagues. Then risk analysis is important to identify the problems and risks associated with the procedures. The fourth step is to assure the organisation have all the resources required to improve the business processes. Changing systems or creating new strategies might contribute to the development of the business processes. The company might need to hire new employees, buy new software or organise different types of training for the colleagues. Finally, it is important to review the business processes after the implementation of those processes. Therefore, the employees should check the performance of the business process frequently.

Without the implementation of good processes, it is not possible for the employees to work smoothly. Proper design and improvement of the business processes also ensure a company's growth. Business process design ensures the new processes are efficient and they meet the needs of the customers. There are several factors, which might not work in an organisation. So, business processes management is essential to address those issues. If a company identify the problems properly and improve the processes, it will be able to do time management, save time and reduce costs. Business process management provides a way to store important data of the employees. Documenting the information help share the policies, guidelines and rules and it also ensures the information remains confidential. Continuous improvement will not be effective if the company does not have the support of all the workers. Therefore, it is also important to create a work culture, which will encourage healthy participation of all the employees. The whole process is actually a long term approach which involves small improvements taken regularly. If the company decides to implement one major change at a time, it will not be a good idea for the company. The process method also supports the implementation of information technology systems. It creates a connection between the IT system and the rest of the business, which help overview everything associated with the business (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015). However, before the implementation of the new IT system, the organisation must understand the importance of the system for the business. This new system must support the needs of the organisation and should identify the problems before they occur. In some companies, the departments do not communicate with each other and they are not aware of their works. As they work independently and separately, it can create problems. Business process management will change the method of working separately. It will help connect all the departments with each other and encourage improvement and analysis.

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I have participated in several seminars and discussions related to business process management to understand the significance of the procedure. Good business processes determine a company's capability of providing the employees with a high standard of service. The business processes influence the performance, development, service delivery of an organisation. Every organisation has employees who execute business operations. To perform the business operations in an effective way, the employees need to use various resources and information technology support. The customers play the most important role in the system of designing and implementation of the business processes. If a company can satisfy the customers properly, it will create a good reputation of that company in the market. A group of different activities can be applied to improve the methods of business operations. Business process management is also a way, which connects the departments of the company and the IT department with each other. The system of the business process is to identify the problems, study them properly and solve them to improve the experiences of the customers and to make the work culture better.  The process creates a culture of working together, communicate and develop trust for each other. The interaction between the management and the employees is also crucial to enhance the process of business processes. Employees should have a clear idea about the organisation's goal. They must feel connected to the business strategies, mission and vision of the company. It is very important to inform the employees so that they will be able to contribute to the organisation. Improvement of the business processes also ensures that the senior management trusts the capabilities of the employees. They should show open-mindedness towards the new ideas which the employees offer. Therefore, the work culture remains interesting and creative.

After joining an organisation and attending several seminars, I understood the development or implementation of the business process is a complicated procedure. It involves the evaluation of processes, proper workflow design, strategy and optimisation. However, the procedure is necessary to make the organisation more efficient.  If it is implemented in a proper way, there can be many benefits. Many companies begin their journey in a small scale so that they will be able to implement the processes easily. Every employee needs to understand the objective of the processes. The management of the organisation should hire the employees carefully because they will provide ideas and perspectives to contribute to the execution of the business process improvement.  Before the implementation of the process, employees need to identify the problems and ask questions regarding those problems. They need to be clear about the advantages, which the business improvement processes will provide.

There are several other aspects, which one must understand to contribute to the procedure of the business process improvement. Managers should stay on the top of the procedure of business process improvement. Employees need to have a clear idea about the steps, which should be implemented to improve the process. The organisation must believe in a work culture, which will help the business process improvement in a productive way.  The procedure must not include the fear of losing jobs. If the management decides to fire an employee all of a sudden, it might create a sense of fear among the other colleagues. No one wants to lose his or her jobs, as security is extremely important for every person. If the managers think a particular employee is not doing his work well, they should transfer him to another department. He might prove his skills if he contributes to a different department. The organisation should develop an efficient channel of communication, which will also contribute to the implementation of business processes (Page, 2015). The business process management should not be exercised for one time. It needs to include a continuous examination of the processes and taking proper decisions to improve the business process management.


Companies implement the business process management for various types of reasons. The companies face huge pressure to maintain their good image and stay competitive. It is extremely important to make changes or modifications to stay up to date with the current conditions of the market. If the management and the employees perform the business development processes in a proper way, it will provide a positive result. The business process management also uses a few software programs, which keep track of the whole procedure. It also enhances the safety and security of an organisation. I feel glad that I came to know about the business process management in details because I joined a reputed organisation.

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