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Benefits of Implementing Technologies for Business

University: GSM London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: ICSK3005
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It is essential for learners to have good knowledge of computers. In recent times, many companies are hiring candidates that have strong computer skills. Individuals must have knowledge of Microsoft Office, spreadsheet, access, email, etc. In the recent technological era, companies are taking support of advanced technologies. The use of these techniques allows firms in raising their productivity and profitability. These are beneficial in order to minimize errors and improve operational efficiency. By implementing the latest technologies firms can make connections with potential buyers and can increase the demand for products and services in the market. The current assignment will describe the benefits of implementing technologies for businesses. Furthermore, it will explain the effectiveness of using technologies for students to improve their academic performance.

Benefits of using Microsoft office

There are some software or technologies that can be used by students during their academic time. Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. are some software that supports students in enhancing their academic work.

Microsoft word

It is one of the most commonly use application that aids in preparing corrects documents, official portfolio and colour brochures. MS words gives facility to students to edit their document, format it well. One of the main benefits of using this software is that this may help students in easy reading and writing. Edit option assists the learner in giving the document a professional look by involving texts, images, diagrams etc. When a student type any wrong spelling or use wrong grammar then MS word highlights these mistakes and give the person facility to correct it. Microsoft word software is beneficial in order to correct mistakes and improving self analysis ability of students. That makes them able to gain more marks in their academic exams (Henderson, Selwyn. And Aston, 2017). Need the best teaching assistant level 2 from experts. Contact Now.

Microsoft excel

Use of spreadsheet is essential and beneficial for students. This makes them able to use raw data in order to form meaningful information. Use of excel helps students in improving their data management skill. There are many companies those which are using hiring such candidates those who have good knowledge of excel. Thus, if people develop knowledge of excel then it may give them employment opportunities. One of the main feature of excel is that it helps in making calculation in faster and accurate manner. By learning this application students can know the formula of addition, division, percentage and can apply all these formulas to calculate the profitability ration or other ratios of organisation. This has benefits of using charts, pivot table, if, not etc. formulas. Excel helps students in developing their analytical skills. Excel aids individual in building strong financial thinking skill, by this any people can get to know about process of managing data and making daily financial calculations. By using spreadsheet, learners can also calculate their performance in class and can make strategy to raise their performance(Voogt. and et.al., 2017)

Microsoft power point

This is another software that is used by companies, it is essential for learners that to learn this application. This may help in improving presentation skills of students and can make them able to give an effective presentation on any topic. One of the main features of this software is that it makes people able to add visual effects, images and present in appropriate manner. This is beneficial for students in order to increase their visual skills. This is the best software in order to enhance academic working efficiency of learners and teachers. In most of schools teachers use power point to make people aware with topic, its significance etc. All these things help the person in presenting themselves in efficient manner.(Ibáñez, Di-Serio. And Delgado-Kloos, 2014)

Technological advancement within industry

Technology help in improve efficiency and quality of work. Technology in education provide so many options to learn things in place of traditional learning styles. For instance now student can avail required information on one click, leaning without occupied physical space, acquire international exposer and learning experiences etc. Business industry heavily depend upon the latest technology because this industry has wide scope, it has to deal with machine and human both(McCoy, 2016) There are some popular software that are using by almost every business organisation, which are as follows:

Integrated information system:

Integrated information system used by organisation to effective manage and smooth supply and share of required information among organisation department. It ensures that required information is available on right time to right person. For instance share holder of XYZ company demand increased profit by 10% for particular year , then marketing department set its sales target accordingly and team put its sales target on organisation information system, finance department see the sale target of team and allot budget as soon as possible,, where human resources' department facilitate more employee and training required to increase sale, production department increase their production quality so that marketing team can get product on time to offer to customer.

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Advantages of integrated information system software:

  • Quick decision making with accurate information.
  • It helps in create accountability of actions.
  • Quality of information is not affected by its volume.
  • Facilitate easy and open communication.
  • Transparency in information and decision is the main advantages of this software.(Furrer. and et.al., 2015)

The disadvantage of integrated information system software:

  • High installation and operational cost.
  • Data security is a major issue associate with it as thieves and hackers can steal the integrated information which can cause huge financial loss and theft of sensitive customer information.
  • It can not be access by employee who have less computer literacy.
  • Training cost also attached with it, as organization has to give training and to use the graphical user interface of software(Cassidy, 2016.)

Office 365:

It is an awesome document sharing software for an organisation, it offers 50 GB mailbox capacity. Its share pint online help employee to sync information on real time. For instance finance and marketing department perform calculation on like sale target reports, different ratio at same time.

Advantage of Office 365

  • seamless sharing input and output
  • single sign on which help in minimise individual sign in constraint
  • Information can be access from any time and anywhere.

The disadvantage of office 365:

  • required high speed of Internet
  • Demand sound information technology skills.
  • More dependency on technology make employee dumb in problem solving skills.3D printers:

3D printer is mostly used by production and manufacturing desperateness of organisation, it enables production team to create an object digitally. For instance car company design appearance of car digitally so that team can check the attractiveness. It allows alternation and improvement without wasting physical resources. 3D design activities performing after scan the object. That object get appears on computer after scanning. 

Advantages of 3D printing:

  • It lowers the cost of research and development.
  • Save resources wastage.
  • Complex calculation and design can be done.
  • Enable prototyping
  • Bring imagination into reality on some clicks.
  • Hep in Customisation of product(Martelli. And et.al., 2016)

The disadvantage of 3D printing:

  • Costly machines and set up.
  • It consumes high energy also emit harmful rays.
  • It has ethics issue as one can produce dangerous weapons by using it.
  • Machine is not user friendly, it demands specialised Knowledge to use the 3D printer.

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From the above study it can be concluded that computer skills play significant role in growth and development of individual. Now almost every business organisation take help of technology which enable them to maintain productivity, reduced cost and grab the competitors advantages. If a student wants to utilise technology for its career growth than he has to focus on his computer literacy because all hardware and software have uses computer aid. An individual can get instant confidence and accuracy by using the computer software. Apart from skill enhancement student can get wide exposer in education process which help him after accomplishing the study. Student must choose to learn tools as per his learning capistiy and with step by step process. For instance student who is poor in mathematics must avoid start practice on excel. First he has to clear his basic mathematics concepts than only he must go to basic excel and advance excel otherwise learning process become headache and uninteresting activity. All the software like excel and power point help student to make himself fit for market competency. Business student must have all the latest technology which are currently practices by organisation so that student have opinion, perception and knowledge about these technologies, so that student can easily identify suitable technology as per different organisation situations.

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