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H/616/2698 Organizational Behaviour in International Contexts - Gulf Hotels Company WLL

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1986
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: H/616/2698
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Organisational behavior examines how an organisation gets influenced by the activities done on an international level. Apply organisational theories to the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Organisational behaviour impact the performance of the workforce and the organisation in the context of this assessment the performance of the Intercontinental Doha in Qatar in context to the external environment and internal structure.
  • Organisational behavior examines organisational performance from an international perspective. Evaluate cross-cultural management trends and enhancement in their implications for the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Elaborate development in international human resources management and their implications for organisations in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Gulf Hotels Company WLL


Organisation behaviour can be elaborated as the human behaviour in the organizational structure of a company. Organization behaviour sets the link between human force and the organization. In this report, Intercontinental Doha in Qatar is taken as an organisation. Intercontinental Doha is a luxury Five star hotels located in Doha, Qatar. The hotel is owned by Gulf Hotels Company WLL and the hotel is managed by Intercontinental Hotel group. In this report all the description related to the organizational behaviour will be elaborated in brief. This report also analyse about the performance in an international context. All the development in human resource management will also be reported in this report.



AC 1.1 Models of Organization Behaviour

Autocratic Model: Autocratic model is largely functions based on the strength, power and formal authorities of the senior management in the organization structure (Shamim, Cang and Yu, 2019). In such an organization structure all the senior management controls the entire work force in the organization with the support of formal authorities that are sufficient to complete all the operational tasks of the organization.

Custodial Model: Custodial Model more emphasis on the employee securities and its associated growth in the organization. The company management provide maximum possible benefits to its work force to give the proper amenities and also to improve the standard of living of all the employees.

Supportive Model: Supportive model is more based on the leadership approach in the organization. The hotel management try to improve the leadership skills in all its employees with the supportive model structure. This model emphasis more on leadership development rather than focus on control and authorities related to the daily operations of the hotel.

Collegial Model: Collegial model encourage the team work in the organization structure. Collegial Model enables all the employees of the hotel to work as the team and conduct all the operations with the support of all the employees in the hotel (Xu and et.al.,2018). Big hotels apply this model to improve the work efficiency in the operations of the hotel. Management of the Intercontinental Doha also follow the practice of Collegial model to improve the working culture of the organization.

AC 1.2 Objectives of Hospitality Organization

Objectives of the Hospitality organizations can instruct in a following way.

Customer Service: One of the top priority objective of hospitality and tourism organization is to provide the quality customer service. Hospitality and tourism is a service sector organizations so all the growth of the organization is largely based on the quality services that uplift the customer's experience. The management of the Intercontinental Doha focus on the quality services and consumer experience with all the amenities.

Quality Product: The hotel management of Intercontinental Doha has a strong focus over the quality of all its products and services (Goh and Lee, 2018). Quality of product has the big contribution in the growth and development of the hotel and tourism sector organizations. Quality products improves the consumer's experience while travelling and all the organizations focus on the quality products and services as the prime objective.

Improve Customer Volume: Improvement in customer volume is also a part of priority agenda or objective of all the hospitality and tourism organization. This is among the major objective of the hospitality organization to improve the customer volume with the quality services of the organization.

AC 1.3 Contribution of organisation structure in achieving objectives

Productive Work Culture: Well suitable organization structure in the hospitality and tourism sector improves the work culture with the systematic flow of operations. Organization structure gives the proper shape to the operations of the hotel that shape the work culture of the organization.

Value Addition: Well structured organization structure smooth the operations of the hotel that contribute as the value addition in the operational process of the hotel (Kumar and Passah, 2019). It also improves the quality of all the services associated to the hotel. Value addition improve the brand image of the hotel and that result into increasing profitability of the hotel.

Cooperative Environment: Organization structure improve the work efficiency in the operations with an cooperative and supportive working environment. Work efficiency in the hospitality and tourism sector improve the customer satisfaction and that also result into better brand image of the hotel in the hospitality industry.


AC 2.1 Modification of organization structure to improve profitability

Organisation structure play the crucial role in the performance of the organisation specially in the hospitality sector. Management of the Intercontinental Doha can modify its organizational structure in a following to improve the profitability of the hotel.

Building Trust: Management of the Intercontinental Doha can improve the work efficiency of all its man power by building the trust factor in all the employees towards the hotel (Dewnarain, Ramkissoon and Mavondo, 2019). The hotel management can implement the better communication channels in the operational structure. Communication channel will create a suitable base for the management of the hotel to solve all the grievance related to the employees.

Give Ownership: Empowering ownership to the work force of the organization will improve the work efficiency and it will also impact the authorities in the operation team of the hotel. Intercontinental Doha management can give more ownership to all the senior and experienced employees of the hotel to improve the productivity of all the employees. Ownership will also evolve leadership qualities in all the employees in the hotel.

Think Lateral: The management of the Intercontinental Doha can a lot more power to all the employees in the organization. This will lead to decision-making approach with more power in the hands of employees. This approach also improve the bond between senior management and work force of the hotel that result into better work culture of the organization.


AC 3.1 Emergence of cultural diversity concept

Cultural diversity can express as the people from multiple cultures and beliefs. With the emergence of internationalization the concept of cultural diversity has introduced aggressively in the organizations. Specifically in the hospitality and tourism industry where people from all parts of the world come together and work as a team (Lu and Kandampully, 2016.). Hotel industry has the huge involvement of cultural aspects as the hotel don't just employee people form all over the world but it also serves all its services to customer's from various cultures so the concept of cultural diversification is highly implemented for the hotels. Cultural diversity concept play a role of bridge between employees from multiple cultures and the management of the hotel. The concept of cultural diversity also shape the bonds between employees from different culture and that also improve the team work in the operational structure of the hotel.

AC 3.2 Models of cross cultural human resource management

Models related to the cultural aspects of the human management in the hospitality and tourism can be specified in a certain way.

Hofstede Model: This model focus on various aspects of cross culture human resource management. This model play special attention on distribution of power, individualism, masculinity and long term orientation in the context of the employees from different cultural background in the hospitality.

Trompenaars Model: Cross culture is a very sentimental aspect in the organization structure. Trompenaars model focus on improving the communication between employee from various culture. This model strongly emphasis on universalism, individualism, neutral, specification, achievement, multitasking and internal control in the operational structure of the hotel.

Hall Model: Hall model of cross cultural aspect is well diversified model in the organizational context. This model is based on high context and low context. High context focus on communication in non-verbal format. Indirect mode of communication is use under this context. Low context emphasis more on verbal techniques of communication. This model provides the suitable base to the operational structure of the hotel to run all the operations in the well efficient manner.


AC 4.1 Emerging functions of international human resources

Emerging functions related to the human resource management in the international context can be defined based on the certain factors.

Skilled Labour: Human resource play the key role in the operational functions of the hospitality industry. Skill employee base is the primary requirement of the hospitality sector as it contribute majorly in the consumer satisfaction. Human resource management is well sufficient to provide all kinds of skilled labour for the better operations of the hospitality and tourism organization.

Efficient Work Culture: Human resource management could contribute in the hospitality and tourism industry by maintaining efficient and effective culture for the operational aspect of the company (Duman, 2019). Human resource management could sufficiently deal with the cross cultural aspects of the hospitality sector.

resource management of Intercontinental Doha could make a reasonable environment in the hotel for all the people from different cultures and society values. This helped into providing suitable base for multi culture people to work and grow together in the hospitality sector.

Resolving Issues: Human resource management of Intercontinental Doha played the huge role in solving all the issues associated to its work force. Hotel industry is well diversified industry and people from multiple culture come together and work in the industry so to solve the cross cultural issues between the employees create a suitable and friendly working environment and the human resource management has contributed immensely in such a context.

AC 4.3 Models for motivation and team work in hospitality industry

Tuckman's FSNP Model: This model of team work is well-structured in the context of the hospitality sector. This model involves forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. This model focus a lot on the cross cultural aspect of the hospitality sector.

T7 Model: The T7 model is an effective model for the team work and its management related aspects. This model involves multiple actions like thrust, trust, talent, teaming skills and task skills. This model give all the suitable bases to the management of the hospitality to manage all its work force effectively.

Model of Motivation: Model of motivation in the hospitality sector can be specified in a following way.

Need: As per the needs of the employees the management of the Intercontinental Doha should identify to provide the better working culture to all the employees.

Behaviour: The senior management behaviour of the Intercontinental Doha is friendly in nature that give the proper confidence and a friendly work culture to all the work force to work efficiently in the hotel.

Rewards: Based on the satisfactory aspects the management of the Intercontinental Doha give rewards as per the productivity of all the employees.


This report conclude about how organisational theories work in the hospitality and tourism sector. All the objectives of the hospitality and tourism sector are concluded in this report. This report also concluded about the performance of the hospitality organization and its related aspects. All the factors associated with the cross cultural factors and its effects in the hospitality organization has concluded briefly in this report. All the implications of the human resource management has also concluded in this report and its emergence in the hospitality industry.

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