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Essay on Jesus Christ

University: SOAS University of London

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  • What is Essay?
  • Discuss Fair in justice.
  • Explain God judgement for enemies.
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In simple terms, Christianity is all about practising and following the teaching of Jesus Christ the Son of God. The core symbol and element which is used to signifies an individual a Christian is 'cross' and 'The Holy Bible'. Along with this, the Bible is a consider as the combination of 66 books which is has been classified into two categories such as Old Testament and New Testament. Moreover, Bible is organised into three main sections that are Torah which means 'Teaching', Nevi'im that demonstrates as a Prophetical books, and finally Ketuvim that states Writings which is poetry and drama (Hjelm, I. and Thompson, T.L. eds., 2016). However, in relation to this report, it centres the idea over what can Christian learn from the Book of Psalms about God (VanGemeren, 2017). The Book of Psalms is a collection of hymns, poems, songs, prayers and also it is one of the most widely used section by Christians. However, the Book of Psalms enable Christian to understand God's greatness, mercy, love towards humans beings. In context of this study, it highlights the content which states what Christian can learn from Psalms about God's character.

In the Bible, The Book of Psalms is also termed as Hymn-book of Bible that is part of Old Testament as well as identified as the longest book in Bible as it is categorised into five sections that is a collection of 150 psalms. Apart from this, the Book of Psalms is written in the year of 1000BC (Gillingham, 2020). Along with this, this book is written by five authors such as Moses, David, Solomon, Asaph, Korah. As per overall analysis of Christian faith, it has been demonstrated that Psalms is a book which express that God is not only the gravitational centre of history and creation but also the human life and wisdom (Allen, 2018) . According to this analysed it has been determined that Christians believe that there is only one God who has related the earth or heavens. Christian faith is majorly based in four major pillars such as the existence of the God, Jesus is divine, fact of resurrection as well as God is both all powerful and all good. In addition to this, with the help of Psalms it enable individual to recognise the importance or value of worshipping God and also recalling the God's love, his wondrous deeds towards them. To this regard, there is a verse which proves that God pleases in thanksgiving rather than any sort of sacrifice i.e. ' Bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not his benefits' (Keller, 2019). Additionally, in relation to Psalms, it contain different kinds of themes like praise, lament, thanksgiving and wisdom which summarises the songs of praise to God. Moreover, it is difficult to identify the key idea or aspect of Psalms as each book or verses reflects the uniqueness of God character. This is because, every chapter of Psalms are based on some historical facts that allow person to understand God's concern and compassion towards his people.

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Excel in Mercy

As mentioned above, Psalms has been written by five writers that are David, Solomon, Asaph, Korah and Moses. In perspective of David, it can be identified that most of his hymns are mainly documented about events of his life that comprises God's mercy, grace, the degree of God's compassion towards David. For example, in Psalm 59, it is connected with 1 Samuel 19: 11, Psalms 56 is linked with 1 Samuel 21: 10- 15, Psalms 34 is related with 1 Samuel 21: 10- 22 and Psalms 52 is associated with 1 Samuel 22:9. However, one of the major incident which happened in David life, through which it can be he suffered loss of anxieties and problems in his country and over family (Psalms, 2020). Hence, Psalms 59 helps Christian to know the deep love of God towards his people. In addition to this, it also states that if a person confess his\her sins then they can be able to taste God's compassion or grace over their life.

Fair in justice

Apart from this, in Psalms 42, which is written by sons of Korah as it is connected with the Book of Numbers in OT. To this relation, it reflects that the rebellious and judging nature of Korah, Abiram and Dathan against Moses and Aaron who were the leaders of Israel. Therefore, when Korah continues to stand against Moses, God let Earth to opens its mouth and swallow them up together. During the time, Korah and his friends were the most cursed persons in Israel but when they got swallowed by Earth, their children were ran for the place of study that is synagogue and seeks for God's shelter towards them However, in Psalms 42, it can be demonstrated that how God accept and respect the purity of Korah's children and also made them as a singer for Israelites synagogues (Anderson, 2018). Therefore, from this chapter of Psalms, God's character has been determined as a loving and impartial environment that enhances Christian to build their relationship with God in an improved manner.

Refuge and Creator

In the chapter of Psalms: 90, it is written by Moses who was represented as saviour and leader for Israel in Old Testament. Moreover, he was the man who redeemed Israel from the captivity of Pharaoh in Egypt. However, this verses was written when God helped Moses to bring out Israel from the captive of Pharaoh safely and securely. So, this chapter mainly centres over the God protection and safety towards the people in an impressive way. Along with this, the major focus of this chapter is that God desire and his will towards his people so that they should always be thankful and delightful from God ways. In relation to present day Christians, it is consider that God is an amazing creator of the world and individual lives. Gods character is also a refugee who holds the authority of human lives from is birth day till death (Commentary on Psalm, 2020).

God judgement for enemies

In the book of Psalms, there was another important character I . e. Asaph who highlights God reaction or behaviour towards those people who plot evil desire against hi people. However, the chapters which was written by Asaph are Psalms 50 and 73 to 83. Hence, the detail overview about Asaph is mentioned in the Book of Chronicles as they were represented as a Levities that means God chosen tribe among twelve tribe of Israel. Moreover, the King David was assigned Asaph as a worship leaders for the tabernacle choir, and also in another place they were also represented as a 'seer' that is prophets. However, from the Asaph's Psalms, it can be be analysed that God always care for their children as well as destroy the enemies who are against of his people (Asaph and the Psalms, 2019). Furthermore, by the evaluation of Psalms 83, it can be identified that it is written in the remembrance of God's judgement against Israel enemies who are Edom, the Ishmaelites, Moab, the Hagarites, Gebal, Ammon, the Amalekites, Philistia, Tyre, and Assyria. However, from the overall analysis of Psalms of Asaph, it can be clearly identified for Christians that God is always against those individuals who desire to harm or destroy other people. Along with this, it also involve the prayers or demand of people during any kind of particular situation with an aim to obtain rescue or relief in an amended mode (Fewster, 2018).Take Examples of Assignments Now!

Greater than disappointments

The determinate of disappointments is very much familiarise in all human life cycle. However, most of the time it just happens because of human own faults, mistakes foolish choices and many more that impact over individual in a positive or negative manner. For example, as per the life story of Asaph, during his state of disappointment, he felt the God ultimate source of hope which aid Asaph to come over that difficult situation in n amended manner.

Henceforth, from the above explained character of God, it has been stated that even though human beings forget him and follow behind their own heart desire or dreams but still God is the one who never leaves them alone and orphan. Rather, God make an initiative in providing impartial judgement and also safeguard them all kind of evil practices and attacks in an effective way.

Analysis and Discussion

On the basis of above discussed content, it has been demonstrated that the Book of Psalms is a religious poem which was attempted by several authors like David, Asaph, Solomon, Korah, Moses. Along with this, each of the hymns that is presented in Psalms contains unique set of ideas or attributes that reveals the different characters of God. Moreover, some hymns are sung in the congregation and Song of Ascent is mainly associated for pilgrims who approached Temple or synagogue to worship God (Gordley, 2018) .

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Overall, the Book of Psalms encompasses hundred and fifty songs or poetry which describes God kindness and ways for people who seek him with their whole heart, mind and soul. Moreover, in the Book of Psalms, it is consider that the God in several ways such as my glory, shield, shepherded, support, horn of salvation, stronghold, defence, hiding place and many more. Furthermore, in every individual life, their main duty is to praise and pray to God because prayer is regarded as myrrh and praise is frankincense and both of these are pleasant and delightful sacrifice for God which human lives can offer towards their master in a more fearing and better way. Apart from this , the another aspect which a Christian acquire from the Book of Psalms is that the concept of Trinity that means God is three in one i.e. God, Son and Holy Spirit. However, some more other character that Psalms reveals such as Son of God come again, pure heart prayer opens up the door of heaven and so on (Ho, 2019) . Apart from this, Goodness is one of the most intrinsic attributes as god it is not good because it is attractive. As god is source of goodness as he is truly know to be good. For Christian, lord and its goodness is security as they know well that he has vessel in the resurrection of Christ. Romans 8:28 tell that god is reason of all the things to work together for good those who love god. This is the believer rest and assurance who give path towards all the circumstance to work together for the bad. He will manifest itself under a wrathful justice against those who are characterized of holiness towards true goodness cannot abide evil (Maas, 2018).


It has been concluded from the preceding report that the core goal or purpose of Christian is to please and obey all his commandments with an aim to obtain abundance of blessings from God. In addition to this, one of the unique feature of Bible is that each and every verses or chapters are interlinked and connected with each other that help individual to gain the knowledge regarding leading their life in an improved way.

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