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Impact of Significant Life Events

University: UK college of Business and computing

  • Unit No: 210
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Significant life events are those happenings which are not come before calling to anyone. Any individual can suffered with such as events whether health and social etc. It is required to be awareness about al such events and be educated how to prevent self. This report will be carried on my own case, when I was suffered with Health issue. This assessment will tell about impact of significant life events on an individual and also possible group response. It will put light on various organisational policies and procedure to prevent such events. It will also discuss possible organisational responses to support individuals experiencing these all events(Donald, 2016).


1.1) Impact of significant life events on individuals.

Significant life events in context with any medical case when any individual person suffers with the issue or problem and that events impacted his/her life a lot. In my case, I was suffered with typhoid when I was 15 years old. Such kind of events are not expect from the life and even they are not the man made. Its natural. That event has impacted me a lot in both physical and mental ways. As it also affected my morale to doing things, play and create a fear in my mind. It has created both social and psychological impact in my life: people start caring about me, I learnt how to deal with all such consequences. Such event has left both social and physical impacts on my life(Williams, 2017).

Most positive impact was that I realized the importance of life and understand that events such as medical or social issues can reach near to you anytime. In order to beat such events, I started doing several things like: daily exercise, health precaution and better knowledge about any medical disease or any social misshapen etc.

1.2) Analyse possible group responses to significant life events.

It has been analysed that groups are meant only to response(taking proper care). Groups mostly include: peers, friends, community, colleagues etc. whereas parents comes under the special category. If the group would get aware about any uncertainties or issue happening in the life, there will be chance that such issues or problem will get solve in most suitable and early time. In mine case, when I was suffering with Typhoid, my parents, friends, peer and relative have supported me in the difficult time. It was realized that every person have support through out their life. An individual needs to realize the importance of how and why they about you.

It needs to be taken care that not every person is very much caring and dedicated. I was realized that school in which I was studied not support me and hence, they failed me in two subjects. It was the most disappointing thing happened in my life. From that period, it was realized that not every group response have positive impact on your significant life events.

Lastly, it was noticed that trust, belief and good relation are required for having the effective group response in any critical situation(Ware Jr, 2017).

1.3) Analyse of the impact for others in health and social care.

There are several factors such as physical, social, emotional and psychological which plays the significant and crucial role in individual's life events. In context with Health care services, nurses and carer can help individual through serving them in their any significant life events. On the other side, carer can enhance the confidence and morale of an individual for a speedy recovery. Social and support workers can help an individual in monetary and non-monetary terms. They would help by bringing most appropriate and suitable health support systems from any other places in case of need. Apart from these, health care centre also very effective various situations such as providing support system, infrastructure in case of urgency, care facilities and full supervision etc. Managerial persons  are hired their as most trustable and guiding who come to every patience to enhance their morale and to know their well-being. 

In my case, I was admitted in the health care centre for almost two weeks, there I realized that administration and doctor were well-managed and very caring. The key medical person was taken care of me on 24*7 hours basis. Even my parents and peer were their with me and take care of my food, medicine, water and other comfort etc. (Shrout, 2014).


2.1) Evaluate the effectiveness of organisational policies and procedures

When an individual is suffering with any health related issue, it should be recommended to organisation for implementing policies sand procedures for the well-being of the individual suffering with significant life events. If any individual such as kids, young, college going or any working person, the related organisation should implement well-structured and formulated plans and procedures to compensate their loss in format to provide leaves and holidays for the stable recovery. It is important to create policies and procedure so that an individual should feel comfortable and relax in order to get speedy recovery. Such policies and procedures are an enhancing factors in context with an individual who is suffered with significant life events.

In my context, I was studying in the 10th standard. The behaviour of my class-mates towards me was caring and pleasant, but response from the school was negative and disappointing. There policies were not up to mark to provide the relief to any sufferer. Organisation can implement certain policies such as urgent leaves and compensatory leaves policies where they can benefit an other individuals in such contexts( Dohrenwend, 2015).

2.2) How others in social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing significant life events

Others like colleagues, family, neighbours, peer and friends can provide relief and support to the individual person by providing him/her:

Motivation:Individual can be support by providing the huge ways of motivation from “other” person. Such motivation can enhance their will power to be recovered in the shorter period of time. If an individual is suffering with the high life event, it is advisable to stay along with them.

Gifts:It is the most effective way to support an individual by giving their favourite thing or gifts. If an individual have any wish which has not been fulfilled, it is advisable to fulfil that wish, so that person should start feeling supportive from their peers, colleagues, friends etc.

Understand their feelings;If an individual is suffering with any life events in context with health related issue, it is suitable and relevant to understand their feelings and emotions to make feel them comfortable and relax in the worst life situations.

In mine context, my peer, friends, colleagues have supported me a lot in Typhoid. They were very caring and effective towards me. After that, I realized that it is important to have social network around you for the betterment and safety(Dohrenwend, 2017). 

2.3) Evaluate the suitability of external sources of support for those affected by significant life events.

There are various suitable external sources for the support of an individual affected by significant life events. It is required to refer primary care physician to the patient for better and effective treatment of the disease and health care issue. External resource is the survey through which best and suitable doctors would being found. Other external sources may include health care referral by the peer, friends, relative, colleagues to an individuals. Such external sources will be for long  period of time. Suitability depends on how referral is being treated by others. If person who is giving the referral is aware about the facts and reality of the primary care physician, in that case, referral would be suitable and relevant. External sources is required to get better facilities and scope of treatment of an individuals(Martin, 2013).

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In my context, my family members recommend me with well-known doctor with almost huge experience in the critical treatment of the disease. Referral was given the personal satisfactory basis and recommendation. If referral were not suitable, result would be anything. If you are worried about nursing assignment help UK from experts.


3.1) Analyse possible organisation responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event.

It has been noticed that there are huge number of organisation in the UK that are continuously helping the needy people who are suffering from health issues and cases. On the other hand, government also took several initiatives such as insurance policies and hospitals etc. On the other hand, government can provide facilities to different department of an organisation. On the other hand, there are various strategies and plans to reduce happenings of typhoid. Some of the policies and procedures are required to treat individual in the most appropriate manner:

One to one approach:in this approach, carer and physician can treat an individual. Medicine and regular supervision will be given on time and suitability.

Reflect on own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life event.

If talking about own scenario, as I am not a doctor. During my unusual happenings, I tried to get suggestion from my doctor. Apart from consulting doctors, I used my own motivation such as exercise, mental practice to get relief from the health care issue. Finally, I found that motivation is the best contribution from my own efforts. On the other hand, I also realized that convincing power is mostly used strategy to get relief and benefit from any significant life events. In my personal context, my belief and trust comes into the most positive manner and way to the removal of life events such as social or health case. Every personal contribution would result as far as possible when you believe. My personal contribution has been contributed in recovery of this life events which has shown certain power of efforts and abilities(Sugden, 2017)

3.3) Make recommendations for improving the support available

It is necessary that neighbours, family, peers, friends and family should provide an effective support to an individual who is suffering from the disease of typhoid etc. Proper supportable system should be available in context with the medical, government health care policies and health welfare schemes. It is the pre-requisites for enhance technology, manpower and finance in the removal of any disease of an individual to enhance the proper and efficient health care system or social welfare(Eaton, 2018).

But, it is required that parents and family should support an individual to get motivated and enhanced to faster recovery and development. It is recommendable that supportable service is required to enhance the recovery time of an individuals.


From the above report, it is concluded that significant happening of life event can be happened any time. It is also summarized that person with the serve diastase needs to be treated on time and with the accurate purpose. Apart from this, it is necessary that neighbours, peer, friends and family take care of an individual who is suffering with the issue related to social and health care issue. It is important to reflect our own contribution for maintaining the well being of self and individual.

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