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Contemporary Business Environment

University: LSC London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
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Question :

The assessment covers following questions:

  • Provide an understanding of elements of internal environment of Bullitt group Ltd. and how it cooperates with external environment.
  • Examine the functioning of market economy and what role does government play in this.
  • Analyse the economic environment in which the Bullitt group Ltd. operate in United Kingdom.
  • Describe the reason of benefit that country gets when trading with other country.
  • Aware the students on increasing impact of European Union on British business.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Bullitt Group Ltd.


Business environment consists of various internal and external environmental factors which is affecting the functioning of overall company. These factors are those which consists of various stakeholders such as government, customers, suppliers, managers and others. They all affect a company in both positive and negative manner. Such all factors are very important for considering business activities in the organisation (Ghadafi, Toha and Setiabudidaya, 2017). In this report Bullitt group Ltd. Us the company which has been chosen for analysing its operations by usage of various tools. This company was established in the year 2009 and its headquarters are present in Berkshire, UK. This company provides various product & services which can help them in satisfying needs of their customers. This report is based on usage of certain factors such as PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis and various other techniques which can be used by management team of this company.


Business Environment & Microenvironment

Background of company: Bullitt-group Ltd. Is a well established brand having presence in UK. They are mainly providing services which helps in establishing a strong base of customers (Sriminanggaand Samopa, FSundarapandiyan. and Babu,2016). This company provides services at affordable prices so that they are able to capture a huge share in market. They operate around 75 countries across world.

Internal Audit & Strategy

There are some factors in internal environment as discussed below:

Mission & Objective of the company: The major mission of Bullitt-group Ltd. Is to do regular improvements based on their service level which can help in conducting of work in a more ethical manner (Rastogi, N.I.T.A.N.K. and Trivedi, 2016).

Financial Resources: It can be said that there are some of the key resources which can help workers in performing their work in an effective manner. All such have effect on overall working of the organisation. In Bullitt-group Ltd. Company suffer from availability of sufficient amount of financial resources which affects their growth & development.

Physical & Human Resources: For carrying down of the whole work in an effective way. This is essential for Bullitt-group Ltd. so that they are having sufficient physical and human resources which can help in effective functioning of company.

Management Structure: A company has to adopt a collaborative structure. In case of Bullitt-group Ltd. There is a hierarchical structure which can help in conducting of work in an appropriate manner (Widya Yudha, Tjahjono and Kolios, 2018).

Work Environment: It is defined as the business environment in which employees perform their functions. A positive working environment is very necessary in Bullitt-group Ltd. So that overall performance can be increased.

Business Environment

Business environment is sum of internal and external factors which influence function of a business in the competitive environment. Business environment consists of factors such as financial changes, client requirements, technological advancements, government exercises and many others (Sarwar, Ramachandran and Hosseinian-Far,2). It is important for every organisation to lay emphasis on their business environment so that they their overall impact can be identified in the overall business environment. In external market there are some factors which impact function of a business in positive & negative manner.

Internal Environment this is the environment which is inside a organisation and this can be managed and same time controlled by management of any organisation. this consist of factors which are available with the organisation (Gürel and Tat, 2017). in case of Bullitt-bunch Ltd. Various internal environment factors include hierarchical culture, investors, generosity of business and many other such factors. In present business organisation, there are 130 representatives which posses a very high affect on functions of Bullitt-bunch Ltd.

External Environment it can be defined as those factors which cannot be controlled and ate out of the premises of the organisation. Such elements are out of control of any business organisation. In case of Bullitt-bunch Ltd this company has to perform their business functions in the hardware industry which is influenced by all the external forces. Some of external factors present in external environment are legal, social, technological, economic factors all such posses a high impact in the internal functioning of any organisation.

Market Structure is defined as that feature of market which is organisational and also competitive at the same time. Market structure is very helpful in identification of the overall level of competition in the market. There are different types of structure in market such as Monopoly market, perfect competition, Monopolistic competition and oligopoly market (Abdel-Basset, Mohamed and Smarandache, 2018). In context of UK situation of market it can be said that there is presence of Oligopoly market as there are few big marketers present in this country. There is also a situation where there are sellers who are covering the huge segment of market and the main reason is they are having business operation on large scale. In Bullitt-group Ltd, it is identified that company is operating at a small scale and then also they are experiencing a very high competition level as they are no having capacity to take high amount of risks.

Laws of Supply & Demand: According to this law there is always a relationship which exits between buyers and sellers. This is a law which has a emphasis on relationship of a commodity with its demand in market. In this law It has been said that when a product has high demand then supply is less and this results into increase in its prices of the products & services in the competitive environment (Shi, 2016). In this law it has also been said that demand of a product reduces when prices is increased and in this customers generally avoid buying products whose prices are rising.

According to law of supply, the higher prices of goods seller can help in strengthening of economic system but there will be less of customers who are willing to purchase those products. In present scenario, this law will be applied on Bullitt-group Ltd as this company can provide innovated, improved and enhanced services to their users in the oligopoly market (Engmann, Benadiva and Humaidan, 2016). It is important for every organisation that they are offering something unique which can help thiphem in their survival in the market for a longer period of time.

From above graph it can be identified that business organisation can earn maxi mum amount of profits at point where MR=MC. If there is any type of modification or changes taking place in Mc then this will not be having nay effect on the market price.

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Concepts and models of Micro economy

Micro economic can be defined as science which can help in identification of how people can make various decision (Niu, Song and Xiao, 2017). It is referred to as science which can help in identification of behaviour of a individual so that decision can be taken according to wants and needs. Some of theories and models are discussed below:

Few models and theories of microeconomics:

Production Theory:Production us referred to as a procedure for combing various inputs and raw materials so that required output can be produced for consumption purpose. This is a process where inputs can be effectively converted into outputs so that needs can be satisfied according to their customers. Production function is very helpful in identifying a technical relationship between input & output of a organisation.

Q= f (a,b,c,....z)

In this, a,b,c,..z are various inputs elements such as equipments, labour, land and capital.

Q is level of output.

In present scenario, Bullitt-bunch Ltd, it is said that managers in a company are using generation theory so that they can identify the level of output which they have been able to attain with deployment of various resources. Assistance of this theory will be helpful for the management team so that rewards can be associated with their inputs. In context with creation and manufacturing of mobile phones managers will be examining all the available resources which can help in reduction of cost of company (Yan, Xiaand Bao, 2015).

Utility theory: It is said that utility theory is based upon belief of individuals and their preference. According to this theory buyers consume this products which helps them in improvement of their satisfaction level. They provide a structure which can help in measurement of elective decision which have been made by various individuals so that their needs can be satisfied. Utility theory is a positive firm of theory which is useful in identification of choices and individual behaviour (Gupta, and Mishra, 2016). In general sense it has also been said that utility is the amount of satisfaction level which is attained by a individual when they are consuming a product or a service. In case of Bullitt-group Ltd this company is selling mobile phones at same time they are also analysing customer loyalty and inclination so that they are able to maximize the level of satisfaction of their customers. Hypothesis will be very helpful in investigating the customer's tendency so that various modifications can be made according to their target segment of customers only.

Examining the reasons and ways a Mobile Phone company has to audit their External & Internal Environment of a Business

The techniques used in order to examine & audit a business environment

Auditing is a process of studying if various external and internal factors which have a impact on various business activities and functions of a organisation. In Bullitt-group Ltd, manager will be using SWOT analysis to make a analysis of internal factors. This analysis will help in understanding such factors of a company which is having internal as well as external effects.



  • Bullitt-group has a competent and skilled staff who is able to handle all the issues which arise in the course of business. This is very helpful in increasing their productivity & profitability level of company (Ng and Bloemraad, 2015).
  • This brand is famous for their high quality products which is helping them in serving in era of high competition.
  • This firm is having very intense generic strategies which is helpful in launching of new and innovative technology which helps in having a competitive advantage.
  • Bullitt-group is having a strategy which is if fixed price this leads to rigidity and sometimes affects the choices of their target customers in a negative manner.
  • Overall channels of distribution is very less in company which leads to limited presence and declined in their overall sales.
  • Bullitt-group Ltd. has a less reach in countries which are developing state or are not at all developed which again leads to less share of market. This leads to increase in opportunities for their competitors and is a big weakness for Bullitt group.



  • Bullitt-group has a chance that they can expand their operations across various markets at international level by increasing their distribution network.
  • Usage of growing technology such as digital media platforms are very helpful in increasing sales and attracting more customers.
  • The overall brand image of Bullitt group is very high which makes to feasible for them in attainment of high profitability percentage as they can save their cost by investing very less in marketing and promotional activities.
  • One of biggest rival firms of Bullitt group is Fierce which is affecting position if Bullitt group in a negative manner and also has a adverse effect on their overall sales (Nagarsheth, Wicha, and Zou, 2017).
  • This company is facing many challenge as they are using a price penetration strategy but then also they have not been bale to keep their prices competitive enough with their other rival companies.
  • They are facing lot of problems because of many legal formalities which they have to comply with so that they can survive in the market.


From above analysis it can be concluded that Bullitt-group is willing to expand its market globally and this will help them in having a larger share of market and more sales. The overall bard reputation of this company will also increase if they are launching new and innovative products with time (Turley, Cremasco, and Astarita, 2015). They are using PESTLE analysis so that they can analyse their external environment and then make changes accordingly.

Political: This is the factor which is concerned with various elements which are present in external environment of the company such as political stability, bureaucracy, market lobbing, corruption etc. all of these have a impact on a company and its operations. In present case of Bullitt-group Ltd. Managers of this company has positive response which is helping them to conduct their business functions in a more effective manner. Various rules, regulations, Laws which are made by the government of their country has to be adhered compulsorily by Bullitt-group Ltd. Also, for getting long term benefits managers have to make strategies & policies after political condition have been examined.

Economical: UK is a country which is having a very strong economic conditions across all the countries in the world. There are many types of modification such as exchange rate, inflation rate GDP percentage and employment rate which are having a direct impact on the overall economic stats of this country. In case of Bullitt-group Ltd, any modification has a major affect on the performance of whole company. This results in to increase in cost of their raw materials this leads to negative impact on overall mindset of employees as they are not willing to accept very frequent changes. Company has to make strategies so that negative impact can be reduced or minimized (Joyce and Fearon, 2015).

Social: This factor is concerned with the social behaviour of people of UK. Every individual has its own set of preferences, taste which changes with person to person. It is necessary that every organisation is developing products and modifying their service accordance with such preference of their target customers. In Bullitt-group Ltd, it is analysed that management will have to make various changes which are required to be done according to their target customers demands and requirements. This can help them in increasing their sales by attracting more customers.

Technological: In UK it is analyses that technological advancements are very high and this country is always ahead in accepting new technology at a very fats speed. In Bullitt0group Ltd there is a workforce which consist of highly skilled managers who are continuously involved in bringing innovation in their products by adopting the latest technology (Williams2015) . This has lead to having a competitive advantage by this company.

Legal: This factor consists of various legal laws and regulations of a country. In UK there are many legal laws which have been made by the government,. In case of Bullitt-group Ltd this brand also has to compulsorily adopt such type of laws in functioning of their business operations. Also, if there is any modification in such legal laws and regulations then those also have to be done so that they do not have to suffer from any penalty or fine.

Environmental: It is said that each individual is concerned about their surroundings in which they are operating. There are some resources which are used by management team in their production. Government of UK has banned usage of resources like dominated flame retardants, cadmium,leads,and many other chemicals which is effecting the external environment in a negative manner (Jiang, Li and Zhu, 2015).

Needs for auditing business environment

Over the years, auditing is said to be one of the crucial element that helps a company in looking into different range of aspects that are linked with both external along with internal factors. With the help of this, different number of strategies could be developed to sustain within the market for a longer period of time. In present context, if it is talked about internal audit then, SWOT analysis is being performed by the business organisation i.e. Bullitt-group Ltd. This is where, management team has got to know about both the weaknesses along with the strengths as well. Here, it can be said that in order to overcome different weaknesses that the company is having, then there are various strategies, that can be developed and policies as well for sustaining within the market in a short span (Sart, Agathos and Ma, 2016). On the other hand, if it is talked about external auditing then there is particularly an analysis that has been performed and i.e. Pestle analysis by management department of Bullitt-group Ltd. Here, it can be said that for a business organisation like Bullitt-group Ltd., company has maintained developed various strategies so that it could effectively sustain within the market for a specified time frame. Considering both the type of audits in relation to business environment, where management of Bullitt-group Ltd. will become able to get different types of benefits in relation to profit margins, sales and productivity as well (Pelto, 2019Maqin,and Hendri, 2017). On the other hand, considering this audit all the goals and objectives can effectively be attained in specified time frame.

Insights about Micro Economic environment within which mobile phone business operate.

Based on a particular investigation, UK's business environment has specifically scored around 78.9 and this has helped them in getting a good position within the strongest economy practice in the year of 2019 (7th Position). Along with this, it is also said that United Kingdom is particularly a nation that consists with free international trading, developed various economic system and also maintained independent working conditions for the businesses at both small and large scale (Aran, Sirota and Butte, 2015). On the other hand, it is also said that United Kingdom is holding 6th position among all the global economic conditions i.e. enclosed with approximately 3.3% of GDP. Away with this, there are some of micro economic condition that Bullitt-group Ltd's management team is required to focus so that it could effectively manage consider different observations, perform various research methods, conduct interview, develop survey techniques so that to pull out favourable outcomes.

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With the help of above mentioned report, it is being summarised that for a business organisation it is much required to manage both external along with internal factors. Including this, it is said that there are many ways that can effectively be considered as strategies or the tools like Swot Analysis or Pestle, which directly aid in meeting the needs and requirements of customers through pulling out favourable information in specified time frame. Along with this, considering an effective supply chain management, a firm may directly reach to the next level through developing effective working conditions. We provide the best online assignment help to students who are struggling with their academic writing. Our expert team of writers, editors, researchers, proofreaders and quality analysts make sure that your work is completely error-free, authentic and of the best quality. If you want to score the best grades in your academics without undergoing the stress of deadlines, plagiarism or missing any guideline, then turn to our experienced writers.


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