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Business Skills Argos company

University: University of the Arts London

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


The company have to use proper skills in maintaining their activities which are performing by employees. Through this the company can attain there goals in time period (Bachynsky and et. al., 2013). While using the different business skills properly the company can lead in competitive market. In present report various organisation has been discussed their business skills. Argos is a retailer and subsidiary company of Sainsbury who trades the products and services through online as well as physical also. Along with this the manager of Mexican restaurant has taken the feedback on trip advisor. Further the use of social media and unique sell proposition has been discussed in order to fulfil the business objectives with in time period (Crook and Waterhouse, 2013).


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae for applying internship at Leveret Hardware. With the help of curriculum the company can easily find out that who is most suitable for the internship in this organisation. In CV it contain the information of particular person that he/she have been done in their life. About their qualification all the things are coming.

Curriculum Vitae


Cover Letter

Cover letter is a document which is sent along with the CV while applying for the jobs. In this the personal information of candidate are given and it gives the opportunity to candidate to explain about their experience of job in that letter. It also tells that why the candidate is best for this job.

Covering letter of B Jain to company.

Cover Letter


The management of the Mexican restaurant chain, from last few days the services given by the restaurant staff was not good (Field, Jayachandran and Pande, 2010). The worst situation of company are declining their profits and it become difficult for them to retain in market for a long period of time. the It affects the customer and also the growth of the restaurant. It made a negative impact and aggression over in the customers and it is not good for the restaurant survival.

Firstly, the customers complaint about the food smell. They said that the food smell was not good and it become hard for them to ate that food. The services is poor food got squished when it reaches with customers. For this concern, the management have to appoint the staff who is good at cooking and also give their best services to them. So the customers get satisfied as much as the restaurant can.

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The another thing is that the food is costly for the customers. The customers thought that in the restaurant rates they can go somewhere else and can eat food. It become big problem for the organisation to survive in this market due to the price of food are very high. So this become again a big problem for the survival so the management should have to take care about the rates of the so, the price determination can not become a big problem for the survival (Gardiner, 2012).

The menu of restaurant was also not good because it doesn't match with the requirements of customers. They thought that the cost for special menu is also high and the special menu items are also not so much attractive for them. The customers start making assumptions like that the restaurant is a fake franchise of the Mexican restaurant. The clients made many complaints against the cooking they said that the chef does not know how to cook Mexican food. The higher authority have to take a strict action towards while preparing the menu again. They have to change their staff team in providing the delicious food to customers.

The clients are also not satisfied with the management of the restaurant. They are getting dissatisfied with the mangers behaviour with them (Geringer and Pendergast, 2010). The manager made a unnecessary behaviour with the customers and this made a large aggression in the clients. The manager just for the profit made invalid items addition in thebills and also not accepting his mistake for that. So the management also have to change the manager and made some strict action against him.

The manager has to use different tools and techniques in order to provide quality of food and services to customers. There should be proper training and development session so that it will improve the skills of employees. The services should be provided according to the requirements of customers. The manager has to conduct proper markhttps://www.instantassignmenthelp.com/management-essay-writing-helpet research in which they can easily find out the needs of customers. The employees have to behave properly with clients while taking any order (Gorman, 2011).

Hence, the consumers are not getting satisfied properly and it decreases the customers. The main part for this is that the prices are too high and the customers are not get fully satisfied with the hunger and they are just paying double. It made a big impact and also they are dissatisfied with management behaviour with them. As a advisor, the management have to made such suggestions related to those situations. It is responsibility of manager to take continue feedback from the customers so that they can also take appropriate action in providing quality of services to customers. The company have to see the prices at reasonable. So that they make the customers base strong. Along with this the company has also to find that what the techniques which are using by the competitors in order to attract large number of customers.


I. Unique selling proposition

Unique selling proposition is one of the fundamental piece to sell the products in competitive market. According to this Alyssa Gregory (2017), it provides summary of the organisation value that provides the unique products and services and target the valuable market. With the help of these it distinguish the organisation from their competitors. The organisation have to analyse proper strategies are used by the company in attracting large number of consumers. (Grene, 2011). This is also a marketing concept where the manager propose to explain a pattern of successful advertisement.

The best quotation for best unique selling proposition is “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” For example, if any organisation adopt this method then it will be beneficial to them in order to achieve the targets. Through the reputation of company will become strong and can attract large number of customers. The customers will able to became to know about the company products and services in unique manner. This concept is using marketing because it helps the manager to design their services in appropriate manner.

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II. Social Media

Now a the use of social media are very important to convey the message of company. There are various techniques of social media which help the organisation to attract the customers and to sale the products online also. Social media allow the organisation to behave in good way and get the frank recommendation from the customers to face the competitors. Social media include like Face Book, you tube, twitter and many more (Mbogo, 2011). The organisation can use the quotation for social media is that “Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, but they are the challenges for organisation”. Through this quotation the company can accept the challenge to retain in market for a long period of time. Sometimes it is not an improvement for the organisation to take the good decision for the customers but they faces some challenges to gain the competitive advantages. While using the social media techniques the company can make the strong position in market also (Robles, 2012). In modern era, the use of social media are increasing day-by-day. It will give advantage to organisation in order to target new customers. With the social media, the company can easily promote their brand name. As it is best technique because it save their time and cost. But sometimes it give disadvantage to organisation because the manager have to retain online 24 hours to resolve the issue of customers.


There are many social media websites on which company post their advertisement and it make the strong brand position also. Hindle and Albarran has used the department of media arts. As it includes the radios, television etc. these things can not be use as social media. The most suitable website for the social media is you tube, face book, twitter. In you tube the company can give their job advertisement for the potential employees. Now a days most of the people are using face books, twitter (Rue, Byars and Ibrahim, 2012). Through this they exchanging their photos, videos and can talk anytime with their friends. There are many advantages and disadvantages which can be face by the organisation or a person.

In Face Book the people can start do chatting with their relatives, friends at any point of time. In this the company can also post their advertisement in order to convey the message. Through this the organisation can easily provide information that what services are provided this company. It allow the users also to connect with the business and this can be a advantage for the company to maintain the relationships with customers. Through this the company can sale and promote the products to the targeted customers. The using of face book sites have some advantages and disadvantage\ which are facing by the companies and users (Saunders and Lewis, 2014). The advantages are it is the best source for updating the latest news and information about the company objectives. The disadvantage of using this website is, it is most consuming time process. It generally waste the time of users as well as organisation. On other side, in modern era, most of the users are not using the feature of Facebook because in this privacy of user can be published publicly at any point of time. The company cannot easily attract with the customers. So it shows that lack of communication take place. For making strong communication with customers then the organisation have also to use different techniques in which the communication can be made easily with them.


It has been concluded from the above report that B Jain has applied in Leveret Hardware company for the internship. With the help of covering letter the company can easily know about that what is the skill of employee. The manger of Mexican restaurant is taking the feedbacks from the customers so that they provide the quality of foods and retain them for a long period of time. Along with this, the company have to make a unique selling proposition in market to attract the large number of customers. The use of social media are using by many organisation. One of the technique is Facebook where the company are updating their basic information in social sites.


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