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Business Communication Individual Report

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS004
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Current barriers and challenges in organisation.
  • Discuss about the Principles of communication
Answer :
Organization Selected : Go Travel


Business communication is the main process of sharing information between people, in and out of organisation that helps to increase the productivity. Effective communication is important because it improves organisational practices and reduce errors (Belyaeva and Rubtsova, 2020). To understand about importance of communication and know about barriers Go Travel has been chosen that is UK based travel company providing travelling services to customers. It has operations in many countries and wants to operate its business in Europe. In this organisation manager held a Skype meeting for all members in order to address some serious issues that are impacting in productivity. This report discusses about current barriers and challenges that can be overcame by maintaining effective communication.


Current barriers and challenges in organisation

In present era, communication is highly important which is used to run a business by affecting employee engagement, customers satisfaction and overall public perception. If people are not able to communicate effectively that means many challenges are faced by them which are impacting overall operations. Go Travel company has set up a new office in Europe and hiring local people who are well known from English language and their culture in order to increase their operations. The culture, language and lifestyle of people in other countries are different due to which Go Travel is facing many challenges in communication that are as defined:

Language barrier: According of Gray (2010) This is important part at the time of sharing information and communicating with other. If people are using different languages in transmitting the thoughts then there is chance of occurring misunderstanding that limits the accomplishment of goals. For instance, the members of Go Travel held a Skype meeting to communicate and share the important information but there is a language problem which is affecting the business negatively. As some people of Europe are not able to communicate in English due to which they do not understand it which is affecting business negatively.

Cultural barrier: A per Malyuga and McCarthy (2018)Accents is also a barrier to listening, since people interface problems in ability to understand meaning of words which are pronounced differently. This can affect the operation negatively because people are not able to understand feelings and assents of other country. Moreover, many people are working in Go Travel who are from different culture, creating problems to complete the task due to to different understandings and ways to work. Due to this barrier the productivity and profitability can be reduced.

Challenges of communication: There are different challenges which are faced by Go Travel company while communicating and all of them are as follows:

Not understanding audience and lack of feedback: This challenge is faced by Go Travel organisation because its staff members are not able to understand what people want and how they can be satisfied. Due to language barrier employees and customers are not able to communicate effectively so they did not fill customer's requirements.

Poor audience engagement : As per opinion of Sless (2019) To attract customers and getting business success there is require to have good relations with customers so productivity and profitability can be increased. Go Travel is facing poor audience engagement due to cultural difference which is affecting the organisation negatively. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


Strategies to overcome the barriers by enhancing communication between different offices

Acceptance of difference: This strategy is important for organisation that states there is a need to accept the changes so that a business can grow. Go Travel is required to accept the English language and new culture of different country then only it can overcome the language and cultural barriers which are affecting business negatively.

Listening skills: The staff, management and other people in Go Travel is required to improve their listening skills by asking for clarification, getting feedbacks from customers. Apart from this paying attention on activities, responding appropriately to customers and maintaining eye contactwith all that will help in enhancing the communication between different offices.

Regular meeting: In Go Travel members are required to conduct a regular meeting that will help to overcome the challenges and increase productivity. With the help of meeting on regular basis, chances of errors can be reduced (Lauring, 2011).

Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

The purpose and principle behind different forms of organisational communication

Business communication is considered as process of sharing ideas and information that helps to take a corrective action. This is important for companies to have a good coordination so functions and performance can be increased. In Go Travel, people are needed to have good communication so problems can be overcome and profitability can be increased. The purpose and principle in relation to different organisational communication forms are as defined:


Internal operational communication: This is the internal form of communication that arises in organisation to carry out all operations and practices of company. In Go Travel, management is required to follow internal communication principle that will help to maintain good relations with employees. This principle is related to consistency, genuine, transparency and visibility which are important to run a business and increasing profitability.

External operational communication: This means organisation should have good relation not only with internals but also should have from external that can help to improve the organisational performance. In Go Travel, managers are going to start operation in Europe then it required to have good relations with external parties that can help to enhance the profitability. Moreover, this principles is related to clarity, confidentiality, promptness and conciseness that helps to maintain good relations and increases trade practices effectively.

Personal communication: The main purpose of organisational communication is to improve the own ideas and thoughts so task can be completed in effective time period. In Go Travel, the main purpose of personal communication is to enhance own skills, ideas and thoughts so task can complete in effective time period (Bormane, 2018).

Principles of communication:

Principle of clarity in ideas: This principle states that all information which is provided by one person to another should be clear. It involves what is to be decoded in message and how to give a proper feedback. In Go Travel, management should implement this principle in order to maintain effective communication that involves “firstly to fully inform oneself”. It helps to improve and maintain good performance (Principle of effective communication, 2019).

Principle of attention: To make the effective communication, receiver's attention should be drawn towards messages. As all people are different in behaviour, emotions and attention that increases the ability to understand things effectively.This principle is applied by management of Go Travel as they are very punctual to come office then all subordinates are also developing such habits by paying attention. In other words, action speak louder than words.

Principle of consistency: According to this principle, communication should be consistent with the policies, plans and programmes that helps to attain the business goals. In Go Travel, this principle is important as it helps to reduce the conflicts with the policies and programmes that helps to maintain good profits.

Principle of Feedback: This is very important in effective communication that states a sender should take the feedback information from the recipient in order to know what that person has understood. It helps to know that whether a receiver understood a message in same manner in which sender has meant it or not. In Go Travel, staff is required to follow this principle in which they need to get feedback from its customers that helps to manage the operations (Cucchi, 2019). Order assignment help from our experts!

Evaluation of communication practices

From the above it has evaluated that the communication practices of Go Travel company is very weak because staff members of such organisation are not able to communicate with others due to language and cultural barriers. This barriers affecting the operations negatively and created a challenges for management. For overcoming challenges and barriers management is required to follow the communication practices such as clarity, getting feedback and consistency that will help to communicate effectively and increase profitability. Moreover it shold use effective strategies like proper planning, sharing information etc. that can help to remove the challenges.


From the report it can be recommended to Go Travel to maintain effective communication management should provide training and development to its employees that can help to understand needs and wants of customers. It should use communication principles such as clarity, consistency, feedback and attention that will helps to understand right message which has given by sender. Moreover, organisation should accept the challenges and changes in cultural difference that can helps to deliver new products and services to customers and increase organisational profitability. Ask for Academic Writing Services from our experts!


From the report it can be concluded that to run a business and increasing it effectively communication is important that helps to carry out the operational activities systematically. To strengthen the communication practices organisation ensures that cultural barriers are accepted by management properly and language barriers are resolved properly. The structure of company is needed to bring changes so can deal and interact with members effectively in other country.

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