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BMP6001 A case of study for TKMAXX

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BMP6001
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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Background to Research Topic
  • Background to Research Organisation
Answer :
Organization Selected : TJ Hughes

Background to Research Topic

Globalization is determined as the integration of two or more nations, businesses, government and people across the world with the motive of mutual growth. Changing expectation of individuals across the world has initiated this concept and influenced businesses to execute their business activities at international scale so that they can easily become successful (Clark, 2014). The term globalisation has also enhanced access to the foreign market which ultimately maximises capability of the businesses as it can easily access to several resources which are essential for their business growth. The main concept of globalization has not only provided benefits to the businesses but at the same time it has open up range of options for the customers too as they are able to approach their favourite in international market too. Additional it also enhances availability of cheaper products across the world. Along with this, it also creates huge job opportunities for the employees too as they are getting variety of job options within their local area as well as international marketplace. This directly reduces unemployment rate worldwide as it is increasing quality of jobs for candidates which also leads to enhancement of standard of living as well as environment quality.

The term globalization is also providing opportunities to business association which leads to enhancement of businesses opportunities as well as profitability at international market scale in rapid manner (Arman and et. al., 2015). Along with this benefits and positive aspects the term globalization has its own drawback as well as challenges too which directly placing negative impact over the business performance of the company. The main issue which creates lots of issues for businesses is increasing competition at marketplace. Also, expectations of the customers are also increasing from the localise businesses as customers thinks that these companies also offer products which are offered by international brands. This is directly creating huge difficulty for the local companies. Take dissertation help to get better grades!

The present investigation has been conducted for TKMAXX a large-scale subsidiary company of TJX companies. The respective company belongs to retail sector and headquarter in Framingham, Massachusetts, US. Operational activities of this company are being operated at international market place. The top management team of this enterprise has analysed that its business managers are not able to handle their work performed with the interaction of international countries. In order to improvise their understanding over the same, its top management team has planned to conduct research on the globalization and how it contributes in the success of TKMAXX while they are executing their work at international market scale in effective manner. Along with this, the top management team of this company is aiming to focus on exploring overall globalization associated information in order to utilise it effectively while executing business activities in international marketplace. In this regard, it has been prepared the aims, objectives, and questions of the present research.

Background to Research Organisation

TK MAXX has huge customer base within local as well as international marketplace too. The respected company has opened its very first international store in Bristol in the year 1994. Founders has modified its name from TJ MAXX to TK MAXX in order to avoid confusions with the British retailer TJ Hughes settle down its store within the United Kingdom effectively. In the year 2007, the respected company has focused opening its new stores within UK. The main motive behind this to convert the image of this store as the larger department which offers product range to its customers in rightful manner. It mainly deals in apparel and home goods which are being offered in all its stores throughout Australia, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Poland and the Netherlands. Later the company has also entered e commerce site where it has initially focused on offering handbags to its customers but later it has enhanced its product range with other accessories items too. With the passing time business of this company has been extended towards in many countries. At present stage, it owns almost 515 stores across Europe and around 38 stores in Australia. The company is now aiming to expand its business and other leftover regions too in order to maximize their profitability as they are getting opportunities to approach more number of customers at international scale. Along with this, TK MAXX is also getting opportunities to develop their relationship with the other firms too that will directly provide them support in improvising their business performance with effective collaboration with them.Get help from our essay writing service experts!

Research Rationale

The major purpose of choosing present subject as this research theme is the personal interest of investigator towards this subject as it is one of the emerging topics worldwide. Along with this, by conducting research on this subject investigator will be able to improve his/her research skill, communication skill, analytical skill and many other skills which will directly help them out in conducting more effective research soon (Partake, 2015). In context to TKMAXX, it can be said that this investigation will develop knowledge of managers as well as other readers about the concept of globalization and how it supports businesses in attaining success in quicker manner. This will directly provide guidance to businesses to make use of these knowledge and attain success in their respective field by implementing rightful strategies. This will also support them in improving their business performance.

Research Questions

  • What are globalization and its importance for businesses?
  • How globalization influences business performance of TKMAXX?
  • What are the various challenges experienced by TKMAXX while globalising their business?
  • What are the different strategies by which TKMAXX can attain success?

Research Aims and Objectives

Research aim

The research aim for proposed study is “To analyse role of globalization in the success of large-scale multinational organisation.” A case of study for TKMAXX.

Research objectives

  • To develop understanding on the concept of globalization and its importance for businesses.
  • To analyse influence of globalization over the business performance of TKMAXX.
  • To determine various challenges experienced by TKMAXX while globalising their business.
  • To explore different strategies by which TKMAXX can attain success.

Research Methodology

This section provides detailed knowledge on different methods that has been adopted by investigator for conducting presentation research in adequate manner. In order to conduct this study in detailed manner researcher has made use of range of methods for obtaining valuable outcomes towards the same (De Vos, 2012). Few of the main terms used in this section are described as below in detailed manner.Get assignment help Now!


This simply specifies the actual time limit that is taken for performing research in adequate manner. In order to conduct present research effectively researcher has made use of Gantt chart which is mainly used to represent overall activities of research along with its starting and finishing time. This specifies overall work in the pictorial format. Usage of this Gantt chart helps investigator in completing overall research in the timely manner.


Data collection is considered as the method through which investigator gathers desired information from different sources. Main data collection methods are primary and secondary. Primary method of data collection effectively provides raw information to researcher which is completely fresh and authenticate (Findlay and et. al., 2012). This is so because investigator can easily gather primary information by directly communicating with the targeted people. Main sources of primary method are questionnaire, survey, focus group, observation etc. On the other hand, secondary method of data collection is the one in which investigator gathers information from already conducted researches or published data. This is method is suitable for gathering bulky information in lesser time frame. Main sources of secondary method are books, journal, online article, newspaper and other published data. For performing this investigation effectively, researcher has made use of both the primary and secondary method of data collection. In primary method investigator has used questionnaire whereas in secondary method books, journal and articles has been used for completing literature review section effectively.

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